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The Caning of Gina - Part I

Gina finds a man to introduce her to the joys of the cane
Gina sat nervously, holding onto her mug of coffee as if for dear life. Jim sat opposite her relaxed and waiting patiently.

“So how do you feel about things now?” he asked her, in a soft spoken voice.

She smiled nervously but said nothing.

“You can leave it for another time”, he told her, “There’s no pressure”

Gina took a sip from her mug. He was wrong there was pressure. Though the choice was hers and hers alone she knew that if she walked away now she would probably never come back and would always regret not going through with it. “No, I want to do it” she said putting her mug down as she stood up.

Jim stood up as well and as he did so she noticed the bulge in the front of his trousers. “This way” he said.

Gina followed him out of the kitchen, into the hallway and up the stairs to the bedroom. She glanced down at the double bed and saw the clothing neatly laid out, white blouse; grey skirt; tie; white knee length socks and a pair of white cotton knickers. “I think you will find they fit” he told her.

Gina smiled nervously.

“Well I’ll leave you to it then” he told her “I’ll be in the lounge when you are ready” he added as he closed the door behind him.

For a few moments she just stood there looking down at the bed. Her emotions were in turmoil; feelings of nervousness and sexual excitement tore at her as the realisation that her fantasy was about to become reality sank in. O how Gina had longed for this moment! Ever since the age of eighteen when an uncle had put her over his knee and caned her for staying out late, she had wanted it again. His cane made her bottom sting, even through the thickness of her jeans. She had cried when he had done it; the pain and the humiliation of it all, but as she lay on her bed afterwards a warm feeling of sexual excitement filled her and she found herself sliding her hand inside her panties to bring her release.

That was five years ago and during those years she had yearned for someone to come along and punish her again. She had seen a few caning videos on the internet and they had excited her. Girls bent over a table; skirts around their waist; knickers around their knees or ankles and an older man standing over them cane in hand. O how she had wished it had been her there! Of course she had actively pursued this fantasy with her boyfriends over the years. Some had thought she was weird and some had actually spanked her. But no one had caned her. No one had had the leanings or the courage to take the cane to her bottom and given her what she really wanted; what she really craved for, what she really needed. Until now!

She had met Jim on a BDSM website or rather she had met a girl that Jim caned regularly on the website. Idly looking through member profiles one night she came across a girl her own age who liked to be caned. She was bisexual, something that Gina wasn’t, but all the same she contacted her and they soon gained a rapport. What was even more exciting was that not only was she local but she also had someone who caned her regularly. Gina was introduced to Jim, a former school teacher, and she began to chat to him on the internet. She explained her desires to him, something she had never been able to do with a man before (although it is always easier talking to someone you can’t see). He not only understood but he was also experienced and could help her. Jim had been spanking girls for over twenty years and currently had six women that were regularly customers.

As eager as she was to meet him she took her time. Cautious by nature, she knew the perils of the internet. Even when she spoke to him by phone she still remained reticent about rushing into things. It was almost six weeks before she met up with him for coffee in a busy shopping centre, and it was now two weeks on that she finally brought herself to meet him for her caning. They had discussed the scenario, the type of punishment and the administering of it, and they had agreed on a safe word to be used to call a halt to proceedings. They had also agreed that no sexual activity would take place between them. Gina had been adamant that she didn’t want sex and that inappropriate touching was also out of the question. Everything had been well planned in advance and now the time had finally arrived.

Gina took her time as she undressed out of her own clothes and slipped into the school uniform. The uniform had been Jim’s idea but one she whole heartedly approved of. The naughty schoolgirl scenario excited her and Jim had gone out of his way to get things down to the finest detail – even to the white cotton knickers, which she now found herself stepping into. For final effect she brushed her long dark hair and put it into a pony tail.

For a few moments she stood in front of the mirror and smoothed her skirt and blouse down. The sexual excitement was beginning to get the better of her nerves now. She could feel the moistness between her thighs as the tension built. With a final twirl for the mirror and a deep breath she opened the door and made her way to fulfilment.

Gina took a further deep breath as she raised her clenched fist before knocking on the door. “Come in” a voice called.

Gina stepped inside. Jim was sat at a bureau in the corner writing, with his back to her. “Stand in the corner. I will be with you when I am ready”

Gina stood in the only available corner facing the wall. Behind her she could hear him writing, breathing heavily. The near silence and the wait built up the tension and her emotions began to race into turmoil again.

“Come here Jones” his voice called out, after about ten minutes.

His voice had startled her and she walked across the room nervously. As she stood by his desk he looked up at her and then looked her up and down. “I’ve just been reading your reports Jones”, he said as he looked at the papers “Your work is appalling!”

“Sorry Sir” she said quietly.

“Your attendance is also poor and I see you have a problem with authority as well!”

He looked her in the eyes and she glanced down. “I can’t allow this to go on unpunished any more Jones!”

“Yes Sir” she said with resignation.

Jim turned and picked up the cane that was resting against the wall behind him. “I’m afraid your behaviour calls for this Jones “he told her as held it out, menacingly, in front of her.

“Please Sir not that. I won’t do it again I promise” she pleaded.

Jim shook his head. “You said that last time we had this discussion. No, I am sorry. It is either the cane or expulsion” he told her.

“Expulsion!” she exclaimed, “You can’t expel me. I have exams soon!”

“The choice is yours!” he told her.

Gina bowed her head.

“So it’s the cane then!” he said as he stood.

Gina gulped and felt a surge of excitement run through her as he pointed it at the large coffee table in the middle of the room. “On the table on your hands and knees!” he told her.

She walked slowly over to the table and climbed on. For a few moments he just stood by her side looking down at her. She noticed the bulge in his pants had grown larger, but she also noticed that she was getting wetter too. As he stepped closer and placed a hand on her back she looked away and closed her eyes. It had already been agreed that she would receive six strokes of the cane over her skirt; six strokes over her knickers and the final six with her knickers down.

“You will count each stroke and say ‘thank you sir’ after each one. If you miss any it won’t counts as a stroke. Understand Jones?”

“Yes Sir” she responded as she pulled her bottom muscles in awaiting the first stroke.

She felt the cane resting on her bottom and then as it pulled away she tensed herself expecting the stroke to come but it just came down to rest again. He repeated this a couple more times and then suddenly just as she relaxed he hit her. She felt the blow even though dulled by her clothing. It was painful but the sexual excitement from it was much stronger. “One, thank you Sir” she said.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth he struck her again with about the same degree of strength. Once again she counted and thanked him, and once again he struck her. By the time the sixth stroke came her bottom was beginning to burn.

“Okay take your skirt off and stand in the corner” he told her.

“Sir!” she exclaimed.

“Do it!” he snapped.

Gina quickly stepped out of skirt and stood in the corner. Jim had told her about the importance of contemplation time. Making someone stand quietly thinking about what had already taken place and what was to come next. Gina could feel her bottom burning and she knew that it would soon be hurting even more. The polyester material of her skirt had softened the blows but the thin cotton material of her panties would offer no such protection. Then there was the fact that a male stranger was seeing her in her knickers. Gina had slept with a few guys in her time but she was no slut. They had to be someone special to get into her knickers.

Suddenly she heard a stir behind her. “Come here” she heard a voice say.

She turned to see Jim standing by the table. He had placed a small cushion in the middle of the table. “I want you lying across the table with your groin over the cushion” he told her.

He helped her lie face down with her arms and legs stretched out. “Same procedure” he told her, “But this time you keep your legs and arms stretched out, and if you try to cover your bottom with your hand you get an extra two strokes!” he added.

Gina lay there waiting as he tapped her bottom with the cane, her muscles taut and her body tense. The first blow when it came made he jump slightly and she also cried out. This one stung. The material of her knickers was useless as a buffer to soften the blow. She thanked him and counted seven, and waited for the next one. The whole thing was getting serious now.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of the cane being raised to shoulder height and as she tensed her self it came crashing down again. “Aargh!” she cried out.

Amid the pain she thanked him and counted. As she finished another blow came crashing down followed by another one almost immediately. This time she screamed. She managed to thank him twice and called out the numbers again. Now her bottom really stung and she could feel the tears welling in her eyes. She was still groaning as the next stroke came and the groan quickly turned into a yell. Still she managed to say thank you and count out the number of the stroke. As she waited for the next stroke she sobbed quietly. After it came he helped her to her feet. “You can always use the safe word” he said quietly.

She shook her head. “Thanks but no!” she told him, “I’m going all the way!” she told him.

“Okay” he replied. “To your corner” he ordered.

Gina walked, unsteadily on her feet, across the room. In quiet contemplation she felt the pain and heat from her stinging buttocks. She knew the pain that came from the cane now but she also knew that more was to come. This time it would be worse because this time there would be no material between cane and flesh. As she sniffled Jim came up to and handed her a tissue. She smiled and thanked him before drying her tears and blowing her nose.

“Its knickers off this time!” he told her.

She hesitated for a moment and then slipped her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and pushed them over her hips. She felt his eyes burning into her crotch as she stepped out of them. She had recently starting waxing and she was still conscious about her lack of pubic hair. Having Jim stare at her made her even more conscious of it. “Let’s get it done then!” he told her as he moved away.

She stood by the table as he put two cushions on the table this time. “I want you straddling the table this time” he told her “You can use your hands to grip the table legs”

He helped her straddle the table and lay down. He bottom was raised higher now and of course, with legs wide apart, she was fully exposed. As she felt the tap of the cane on her bottom she gripped the legs of the table. “How many strokes so far?” he asked her.

“Twelve!” she responded.

Suddenly he brought the cane crashing down on her bottom. She screamed out as the searing pain shot through her body. The safe word was on her lips. Her head told her to scream it out but her heart told her ‘no’. Instead she said thank you and reeled off the number.

The next few minutes were a blur to Gina. The last five strokes were administered quickly but painfully, each one bringing a loud scream from her mouth and the safe word to her lips. Four times she resisted the sense to scream it out but on the fifth stroke she screamed it out without realising that it was the final stroke of her punishment. Sobbing profusely Jim helped her to the settee and comforted her. The cold leather cooled her bottom but she could also feel wetness there. At first she thought it might be blood from cuts but when she checked she found it was her own juices from the sexual excitement of being caned. Sure her bottom was marked and it stung like hell but the exhilaration from it all was well worth it.

“You okay now?” Jim asked her.

Gina suddenly realised she was still half naked and grabbed the knickers resting on the arm of the settee and held them against her groin. “Yes thanks” she said.

“So was it what you expected?” He asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders. “I didn’t know what to expect, but it was good” she admitted.

“Feel horny?” he asked her.

She blushed.

“Some girls bring their toys with them and go for a lie down afterwards!” he told her.

“You’re quite welcome to use the bed for a little while!”

Gina shook her head. The thought of lying on a stranger’s bed and relieving herself did not appeal to her.

“You will probably have a few bruises for a while” he told her.

Gina nodded. “I know”.

“I’m sorry” he told her.

Gina smiled at his tenderness. “That’s okay. You did what I wanted you to do. Thank you!” she told him.

“So will you come again?” He asked her.

She felt sexual stirrings. “Is Sir saying the punishment isn’t finished?” she asked.

Jim turned to her. There was excitement in his eyes. “If your work and behaviour doesn’t improve Jones you will be punished again and this time it will be even more humiliating for you!”

“Oh!” she responded.

“I may do it in front of other members of staff”

Gina was startled but also her imagination began to run riot. “You mean you would have other people watching?”

“I have a few friends who like to sit and watch”, he told her.

“Just watch!” she said.

“Just watch” he repeated.

Gina thought about it for a few moments.

“Those, like you, that I have caned before have said it was very humiliating but also sexually electrifying!” he told her.

“I can imagine” Gina responded.

“I would like to stretch your limits and I think you want them expanded too!”

“No touching though!” Gina told him.

“I always respect limits” he told her.

“Then I’ll do it” she told him, “Once these bruises have gone down though”

“Of course” he told her.

Gina glanced at the bulge in his trousers. “Do you go for a lie down afterwards?” she asked him.

He laughed. “Of course” he replied “Not unless someone obliges me with hand relief!”

She thought for a moment and then reached for the buckle of his belt. “Well you did do a good job!” she told him as she undid his trousers.

He groaned as she reached inside his briefs and took hold of his erection. He was already quite wet with precum and more started to ooze from him as she moved her hand up and down his shaft. She watched his face as she masturbated him; the closed eyes; facial contortions and lips moving as he softly groaned. Soon the groans would get louder as he neared his climax. His body would start to twist and his cock jerk. Then with one final loud groan his cum would start to spurt from the opening in his penis. Gina held the white knickers at the ready.

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