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The Caning of Gina - Part II

Gina returns for more of the cane
Gina sipped her coffee as Jim looked on. As on her previous visit to his home she was very nervous. There was no feeling of nervous anticipation this time because she knew what to expect, but she was going to experience pain and, of course, someone else would be present. It had been an ordeal letting Jim see her nakedness last time and it was going to be a bigger ordeal letting another stranger see her intimately.

“Well let’s get it over with then” Gina said as she stood up.

Jim smiled. “Is it that much of an ordeal?” he asked her.

Gina returned the smile. “Of course it is”.

“You can always pull out” Jim told her.

Gina shook her head. “You know that I can’t” she told him.

He reached and stroked her cheek. “Yes I do”, he said as he touched her fondly.

Gina made her way out of the room and Jim called after her. “Bye the way” he said, “I have had a little bet with my friend that you will use the safe word early this time!”

She smiled nervously at him before turning to go upstairs. Once again the clothes were laid out on the bed, the blouse and skirt neatly pressed and the socks and knickers clean. She had contemplated bringing her vibrator with her, last time she had been so horny that she was quite wet by the time she got home, but she decided against it. She would never enjoy her own orgasm as much as she would have in the privacy of her own bed.

Once again she put her hair into a pony tail before taking that walk back downstairs to receive her punishment. She knocked on the door and waited for Jim’s voice to call out before stepping into the room. Jim was sat at his desk again and another male was sat on the settee. He was about the same age as Jim but he was quite overweight with thinning hair. He smiled at her. She noticed that the coffee table had been moved so that it was pointing towards the settee. “Corner, Jones!” Jim told her.

Gina stood in the corner waiting for Jim to call her to his desk. Once again she contemplated what was to come; the pain; the humiliation and indignity in front of a stranger. “Come here Jones!” Jim called.

Gina turned and walked to his desk. “I see there has been no improvement in your work or behaviour” he told her.

Gina looked down at her shoes and shook her head.

“She obviously hasn’t learnt her lesson!” the man on the settee said.

“Apparently so”, Jim added.

“How was she punished last time?” the man asked.

Jim told him.

“Waste of time caning over clothing” the man said, “The cane should always be given on bare flesh”

“It would be too humiliating for her though” Jim responded. “Having this done in front of one of the School Governors!”

“Perhaps that’s what she needs Headmaster!” he said.

Jim looked at her. “Maybe you are right!”

“Please Headmaster not that”, she pleaded, “I will change this time I promise”

“I thought you would have changed your behaviour after the last punishment but evidently it didn’t work!” Jim responded. “No the punishment has to be administered” he added as he picked up the can from his desk.

“Please Sir!” she pleaded. “At least let me keep my knickers on”

“Take off your skirt and knickers now Jones!” Jim ordered ignoring her pleas.

For a moment she just stood there. “Do I need to get the School Governor to help me strip you?”

Gina shook her head and reached for the buttons of her skirt. She could feel the man’s eyes upon her as she stepped out of skirt. She caught his eyes as she folded it and put it over the back of the settee, they were wide and leering. Glancing away, she took the waistband of her knickers and pushed them down. She heard his gasp as she pushed them past her thighs. As she placed them on top of the skirt she caught his leer again. He was almost salivating!

She stood for a moment with her hands together over her crotch while Jim put a couple of cushions down on the table. “I want you on your back on the table” he told her.

A little puzzled she lay on her back. Moments later she understood why when he took her ankles and lifted he legs in the air. “Grab the back of your knees” he told her.

Gina understood now as she pulled on her legs. Her bottom was raised and she was also very exposed. She also realised why the table had been moved and changed around. She was directly facing the other man, who was no doubt feasting his eyes upon her pussy.

“You know the routine Jones” Jim told her “Count and say thank you. By the way I am leaving it to the Governor when I should stop”

Jim moved to the side and rested one hand on her feet while the other held the cane against her bottom. Taunting her he ran the tip of the cane over her flesh. She even felt it brushing against her exposed labia. The first stroke when it came was sharp. She yelled and almost let go of her knees. “If you let your legs go the stroke won’t count” he told her after she counted and thanked him.

Jim struck her again catching the tops of her thighs instead of her bottom. Gina yelled again from the pain and as she counted the other man got up and took hold of her ankles. “Let me help” he said.

Gina looked up at him as he held her ankles and pulled her legs back further. His intervention pulled her bottom higher and enabled Jim to hit her more cleanly this time. It also gave him the opportunity though to see more of her. His excitement was plain to see from the bulge in his trousers. Jim caned her three more times in quick succession bringing her close to tears. All the time the man looked down at her, staring into her eyes. There was a sadistic leer in his eyes. “Bet you’re enjoying this you bastard!” she said to him.

“You bet!” he grinned.

Jim brought the sixth one down harder than the others and Gina let out a loud scream. “That’s for your insolence!”

Gina started to count but Jim stopped her. “That doesn’t count!” as he hit her again but softer this time.

“Let her go to stand in the corner!” Jim said as she counted the sixth stroke.

The tears ran down her cheeks as she walked to the corner. She felt a prominent stinging on her bottom as she stood this time. The cane across bare flesh had come as a surprise. She had expected six strokes across her bottom with a skirt on like last time, followed by six over her panties, before facing the ordeal of cane on flesh. Then of course was the humiliation from the other male. Gina didn’t know how much she could take; even so, she could feel her own wetness.

“Back here Jones” Jim called out.

Gina walked back to the table. “Take your blouse off” Jim told her, “The Governor wants to see you fully naked”

She opened her mouth to speak. “That’s an extra stroke!”

Gina’s fingers quickly reached for her buttons. As she laid the blouse over her knickers and skirt Jim motioned to the settee where the man was sitting. “Over the Governor’s knees” he told her.

This was the last thing she wanted. She lay across his knees but he pulled one leg free and put it over the back of her thighs pinning her down across his knee. His other hand quickly went across the back of her neck, pinning down the upper half of her body. She felt the cold cane across her hot buttocks as Jim gave her couple of taps as if measuring up where to hit. Suddenly the cane came crashing down. Her body automatically tried to leap upwards as it reacted to the sudden pain but the man held her tightly. She screamed out before sobbing out a thank you and a hit count. Jim then hit her twice more in quick succession. The pain was too much this time and Gina called out the safe word.

The man released her and she quickly got up and sat on the armchair opposite. Jim took across a box of tissues across to her. “You okay?” he asked as he knelt down by her.

She nodded. “Yes…..a lot sorer this time without the clothes”. She told him as she wiped her eyes.

“Sorry about that” the man said.

“Don’t worry about it” Gina told him.

Even though her buttocks stung she still felt horny. Her legs were parted and Jim could see the wetness on her pussy lips. “Still horny though hey?” he said.

Gina closed her legs as she realised he was looking.

“You know Gina they say that being caned while someone is tonguing you brings a shattering orgasm” Jim told her.

Gina smiled.

“It’s been a few months since we did it last but she really screamed her head off didn’t she Peter?” Jim said turning to the other man.

“She sure did. It was almost a gusher” he added.

“You mean you two have done it to someone?”

Jim nodded. “She used to be quite a regular but we don’t see her so often now. Think she got involved with someone”

Gina said nothing.

Jim’s hand suddenly landed on her thigh. “Peter has an excellent tongue, so they say. And you know I am very competent with the cane!”

Jim’s hand slid higher and Gina reacted by opening her legs slightly. “Come on Gina” he said quietly “Let’s have you over on the settee standing up with your pussy in Peter’s face” he added as his fingers touched her.

Gina found herself walking across the room. Peter stood up and took his jacket off before sitting back down and sliding forward. Gina climbed on, straddling his body and pressed her groin into his face. His hands clasped the backs of her thighs and his eager tongue quickly found her clitty as she rested her hands on the back of the settee. For a few moments she forgot all about Jim as Peter’s eager tongue probed her opening. Jim was right; he knew how to use it well, pushing deep inside her and bringing out lashings of juices as it made its way to her clitty. Gina groaned as he repeated the process and began to grind her pussy into his face.

Suddenly she heard a swish and turned just in time to see the cane coming down. She screamed as it hit her sending a searing pain through her body but Peter’s fingers were already sliding inside her vagina negating the effects of the blow. Not only did Peter know how to use his tongue he was also adept in the use of fingers. They found her g-spot and they brought wave after wave of pleasure. With each of cry of pleasure that flowed from her lips came a cry of pain as Jim hit her with the cane. She lost count of the number of strokes he gave her as she veered from heaven to hell. The heaven from Peter’s tongue and fingers and the hell from Jim’s cane. Her final climax when it came was like no other she had ever experienced, leaving her in a state of collapse on the settee.

When she recovered a short while later she looked at her bottom and saw the bruises already starting to form. “You certainly gave me a pasting this time” she told Jim.

“I told you I was good” he grinned.

She looked up at Peter and thanked him. “You could thank him properly!” Jim told her.

He held no physical attraction for her but Jim was right he did deserve a thank you. He looked surprised as she moved closer to him and began to unbuckle his belt. At first she intended just to masturbate him but when he put his hand around her neck she gave way and took him in her mouth. It wasn’t long before his seed was filing her mouth and from the amount of cum there was she knew that it had been a long time since he had had sexual contact with anyone.

Wiping her mouth as she looked up she saw Jim sat in the armchair. He was naked from the waist down and sporting a large erection. He pointed at his cock “I’ll have some of that!” he said.

Gina laughed as she crossed the room and climbed on to the chair and straddled him to sit across his thighs. “Are you sure that’s all you want?” she said as she pressed herself against him.

“You’re teasing me” he told her.

Gina raised herself up and moved so that the tip of his cock was pressing against her pussy lips. “Is this what you want?” she asked him.

He attempted a thrust but Gina moved away. “Beg me?” she asked him.

“Please let me fuck you!” he pleaded.

“No beg me to fuck you!” she told him.

“Fuck me Gina, please fuck me!” he pleaded.

She could almost hear the agony in his voice as she began to sink down on his erection. He groaned as she took him fully inside her. For a moment she just held her position and he responded by thrusting at her but she stopped him. “Stay still please” she told him.

They remained still for a few more moments and then she began to move slowly up and down. As she continued to grind her hips into him he took her breasts in his hands and tweaked her nipples. Jim had found one of her weak spots. Gina had very sensitive nipples and his touch sent her into orbit. Her thrusts increased and she began to moan louder and louder. Then Jim found another weak spot; a slap on the bottom and being called a whore. Gina once had a boyfriend who would slap her bottom and call her a whore. It always brought her to climax quickly. Jim was bringing her to another quick climax.

Gina’s reaction however also touched on one of Jim’s sexual weak spots; spanking someone during sex. His slaps got harder and harder; Gina moved faster and faster and his cock was soon spurting his seed inside her.

A little while later Gina had showered and dressed and had joined the men downstairs. “So Gina” Jim said “Where to next in your development?”

Gina shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t know!”

“A larger audience perhaps?” Jim asked her.

“Maybe” she responded “I’ll think about it and let you know”

“I don’t think you want to stop at just the cane do you Gina?” Jim said to her.

Gina smiled and then gave Jim a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be in touch” she told him, knowing as she walked away, that even she didn’t know where she was going to stop at!

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