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The Chorus Teacher

Halle is spanked by Ms. C then goes home and masturbates because of it.
I was on my way out of the chorus classroom, trying to avoid Ms. C's gaze.

"Halle, I'd like to see you for a moment," she said.

Oh shit, I thought.

I walked up to her desk. It was the end of the school day, so she didn't have another class coming in.

"I just received word today that you didn't make it into the choir that I had you audition for on Saturday. You know? The one we spent hours rehearsing for every day last week?"

I nodded, shifting my weight nervously.

"Look, Halle. I worked really hard with you for this audition and then for you to not even get in makes it a complete waste of my time. You were sliding again while you were singing; weren't you? That's why you didn't get in?"

I nodded again.

"I told you not to do that!" she exclaimed exasperatedly. Then she sighed and rubbed her temples. "Look, I think you need to be punished for this. You can't just waste my time like that and expect to get away with it," she continued.

"What do you-" I stopped short, for she had pulled out a long, heavy looking yardstick.

"Um...what's that for?" I asked nervously, backing away.

"Take a wild guess," she said as if I were too stupid to realize what was about to happen.

"Bend over the desk. Now," she said as she got up and walked over to the side of the desk I was standing on.

I backed away. "No! No, please!" I begged.

"Halle, right now, it's just going to be over your panties, but if you keep protesting, it'll be on the bare. Now, I say again...bend over," she commanded.

That was when I made a decision I now regret. I ran for the door. Of course, it was locked. Ms. C came over and, with a sigh, dragged me back over to the desk. I was too scared to resist. She bared my bottom and bent me over. Then she raised the heavy yardstick and brought it down with a SMACK!

"Ow!" I cried out, fighting back tears.

She delivered five more smacks to my sit spots causing me to begin crying.
"Ow! Stop! Ouch! Please! Ow! No more! Ouch! I'm sorry!" I cried.
She just ignored my pleas. She gave five more swats then stopped.

She put a hand on my back as I sobbed. I reached back and touched my throbbing behind. The skin felt hot and tender, and I was sure I would never sit again.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," I kept repeating.

Ms. C helped me stand up and gave me a hug, my face resting on her large breasts.

"Sh. It's ok. I forgive you. Just try harder next year.Ok, Sweetie?" she said.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'll try harder next year."

"Good. Now go on home and get some rest. You'd be surprised how tired a spanking can make you feel," she said.

I smiled and redressed my lower half then went home.

Once I got there, I headed straight to my room. The whole ordeal with Ms. C had really turned me on since she was such a beautiful lady to begin with. I stripped naked before taking out my vibrator and turning it on.

I slowly inserted it into my vagina, moaning loudly once it was all the way in. "Oh god, yes!" I cried as I got close to cumming. I rubbed my clit as the vibrator did its job.

Not long after that, I came with a loud shriek of pleasure and then closed my eyes, picturing myself bare bottomed, bent over the desk in Ms. C's classroom.

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