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The Client

Krystenah must submit to her boss and prove her worth to the new client
The thunder woke me up, a deep sudden boom that shook me into the reality of Monday morning. I groaned as I looked at the clock, which was blinking 12:00. I reached until I found my phone on my side table and brought its face to mine. It told me what I suspected. I was late again.

I arrived to work soggy and grouchy, but my mood plummeted to panic when I saw the stickie stuck to my monitor. “Mr. Villalobos. Conference Room 4. Monday. 8 O’ clock. DO NOT BE LATE!” It was written by my boss, Brian, who I had assured I would be on time for the presentation with our newest client. I looked at my phone again. 8:25. Still in my raincoat, I ran up the two flights of stairs to the conference room and pushed my way in. The presentation had already begun. My presentation. Gary from down the hall was giving it. Gary was a good guy and I knew that giving this presentation would give him the boost he was looking for at work. I ducked my head and made my way to the only free seat at the table: next to Brian and across from who I assumed was Mr. Villalobos.

Brian turned away from me and toward Gary, and I could feel the waves of anger radiating off my boss’ back. “I’m sorry, Brian!” I whispered and saw him give his head a terse shake as he held up a hand to silence me. I bit my lip and sneaked a look at Mr. Villalobos, who I found was staring at me.

I drank in his face. “Handsome and intelligent”, I thought. His rich brown eyes examined me without emotion. His skin was a deep nut brown and his cheekbones were chiseled. It was his demeanor which impressed me the most as well as his somehow rigid and relaxed posture. He looked like a man who appreciated quality. I felt unkempt and inadequate. I began twisting a strand of hair that hung below my right ear and felt my face flush as I looked back at Gary.

I flashed Gary a smile in encouragement. He had been thrown in front of the department and Mr. Villalobos at the last moment and seemed to be taking the challenge in stride. He nodded in my direction and carried on. I was glad there were no hard feelings. In contrast to Gary, I felt like the supreme fuck-up of the department. I had let Brian down and I knew he would paddle my ass for it later. I smiled at the thought and squirmed involuntarily in my seat because although Brian considered our sessions “necessary performance enhancements”, they always made me wet and I often had to steel away to the bathroom to bring myself to orgasm after a trip over his knee.

I felt Mr. Villalobos’ eyes on me and I had a frenzied thought that he could somehow read my thoughts. I erased the smile from my lips and glanced at him again. He leaned slightly forward. I ran a hand over my nose and down my neck as naturally as I could, checking for something that would invite such scrutiny from a stranger. I looked down at my blouse and found that it was indeed buttoned appropriately. That’s when the applause broke out and I saw out of the corner of my eye that Mr. Villalobos had turned his chair to the front of the room. Gary exhaled and laughed nervously, but he knew he had nailed it.

My colleagues, Brian and Mr. Villalobos congratulated Gary. Now that I could see Mr. Villalobos standing, I noticed that he was fit. He moved with an easy grace and clasped Gary’s hand in both of his. I stood up and smoothed my jacket as I moved to the front of the room. I congratulated Gary, who leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “thank you, Krystenah.” I nodded awkwardly and stood behind Brian. I knew I had disappointed him and I wanted to wait to see if there were any way I could smooth his ruffled feathers.

He turned to me and pointed to the chair behind me. “Sit,” he said. I lowered myself into it and chewed the inside of my lip. I heard Brian talking in low tones to Mr. Villalobos, who was the only remaining person in the room. Brian was apologizing and Mr. Villalobos was saying it was okay. “I need to discipline her. She embarrassed me and she embarrassed the department.” I heard more low murmurings and kept my head lowered. Finally, Brian said to Mr. Villalobos, “Sure! If you’d like.” To my horror, Mr. Villalobos walked up to me. I stood up suddenly and looked him in the eye.

He held out his hand and I took it, tentatively. “Krystenah, I wanted to make your acquaintance before I witnessed your discipline session. I only regret I could not have seen you deliver your very fine presentation. Brian told me that I would not be disappointed today. He released my hand and placed his on my shoulders. I tried to avoid his gaze because my shame was growing immeasurably. I mumbled an apology under my breath. “Look at me,” he snapped and I looked into his eyes, my heart racing and a familiar tingle growing in my pussy. “But you did disappoint me, Krystenah, just as you clearly disappointed your superior.”

“I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Villalobos,” I said in a small voice. I licked my lips involuntarily.

“All right, Krystenah,” Brian said. “Let’s get this over with. I was hoping we could go a week without a discipline session, but I guess that is just beyond you, isn’t it?” I knew better to answer him. The lecture was a part of my punishment and it commingled in me a strange mixture of shame and anticipatory excitement. I pushed my knees together and looked up at him, shyly. He was rolling up his sleeves, which turned me on, as well. It meant he was getting prepared to go to work on my ass. “Mr. Villalobos, please make yourself comfortable,” Brian said in a soft, conciliatory voice. To me he said, “Strip from the waist down, Krys.”

I took off my raincoat and unbuttoned my skirt and laid it across a chair. I lowered my panties unceremoniously and tried to avoid Mr. Villalobos’ gaze. I noticed that he was watching the ritual with a gleam in his eye. I had been naked many times in front of Brian and in front of many of my coworkers many times. I should have been embarrassed, I knew, but I had become accustomed to these sessions. In front of a new client who I had been instructed to impress and for whom I was starting to feel a strong attraction was something else.

Brian didn’t think of the spankings as sexual. He knew that they made me wet, but he also knew that if he was harsh enough with me that my behavior would improve, even if for a short period of time. “Come over here,” he said, somewhat impatiently as he sat down. I walked over to him and he looked into my eyes. “Tell me why you are going to be spanked, Krystenah.”

“I am going to be spanked because I didn’t make it to work on time this morning.”

“Even though…,” Brian prompted me.

“Even though you specifically instructed me to, Brian.”

“You have embarrassed me, the department and Mr. Villalobos, as well, Krystenah, and I am very ashamed of you,” Brian said. I felt a lump in my throat and I felt my body start to get warm even as my thighs tightened. I was started to smell my arousal blooming.

“I’m very sorry, Brian. I want to do better. Please punish me. I deserve it and I need it.”

Brian nodded curtly and pulled me gently across his knees. I grabbed the chair leg, but I knew at the end of the session, I would be grasping at Brian’s calf. In this all too familiar position, I couldn’t help but grow ever more aroused. I have always craved this vulnerability and this submission even as I have risen through the ranks at work. I exhaled as Brian landed the first blow. It was very harsh, harsher than usual and I tensed immediately. Before I could catch my breath, he landed another blow and then another. I squirmed a little under his hand, but he grasped me around the waist and pulled me roughly into him. I felt a little panicky as my ass was starting to glow and I knew he had only just started the spanking. I grasped the chair leg tightly and began to moan and grunt as the blows came on my ass and thighs.

“I COUNTED on you,” he was saying. “I NEEDED you to be a GOOD GIRL today, Krystenah, but you LET. ME. DOWN. AGAIN. What do I HAVE TO DO to GET THROUGH to you?” he asked me as he pounded my ass in emphasis of his words. The pain was growing faster than I could register it, the blows coming so strongly, they were not only reverberating in my asshole and pussy but they were pressing the air out of my lungs. Suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’ll be good, Brian!” I started screaming, trying to catch my breath around the tears that were choking my throat. “I swear I’ll be good! Please give me another chance. Please stop, Brian, it stings! It burns! Please! I’ll be good. I’ll be a good girl. Please stop, Brian! I’m sorry!!! I’m SORREEEEEE!!” Tears broke past my clenched throat and gritted teeth. I sobbed with abandon and hugged Brian’s legs to me. He had never spanked me so intensely before and I felt truly sorry. The sting kept growing and re-echoing even after I realized he had stopped. He patted my ass softly and told me to get up. I stood up on shaky legs and as he opened his arms, I crawled on his lap and hugged him. He had often told me that he thought of me like a daughter and today I felt that way, as well. I had a renewed desire to do well for him and to make him proud of me again. He stroked my back and “shhhed” in my ear. He smoothed my hair and rocked me back and forth until I got my breath back.

He told me to put my skirt on but to leave my panties off. I had no idea why he was asking me to do that, but I was beyond caring and I followed his instructions. He told me to go wash my face and to report back to the conference room when I was done. I did what he said. I had a new respect for Brian and all I wanted to do was comply. I knocked softly on the door when I had cleaned up and Mr. Villalobos stood up when I walked back into the room. “You may sit, Krystenah,” Brian told me. I winced even before I sat down. I knew this wasn’t an offer, but a veiled command. I lowered myself and felt the glow burst again in my fiery ass and thighs. I believe I heard Brian murmur, “Good girl,” under his breath, which heartened me and I smiled goofily, high on the endorphins and desire to please.

“Krystenah, you took your punishment well and I forgive your indiscretion, but you are not allowed to return to your office until you have made it up to Mr. Villalobos, as well. You almost cost us his partnership, you know. It is up to you to reassure him that he is making a good investment in us. Understand?”

I was still stinging physically and emotionally and I wanted to give Brian whatever he wanted. “Certainly,” was what I said.

Brian slapped the table and stood up. “Good,” he said and stood up. Mr. Villalobos joined him at the door and the two of them shook hands before Brian left the room. When Mr. Villalobos turned back to me, I saw the glint reignite in his eyes. He looked hungry behind his soft eyes.

“Krystenah,” he said. “You took that punishment very well. You are a strong woman.”

“Thank you, Mr. Villalobos,” I said. “I am sorry you had to see that.”

“Not at all,” he said, as he walked toward me. “I have to admit I enjoyed it.” He smiled. I smiled back. He sat in a chair next to me and pulled my chair toward him so we were facing each other. “I’d like to show you how much I enjoyed watching you get your ass reddened,” he said. He began stroking my face and I closed my eyes against his touch. I detected the faint scent of a citrus and musk.

“I’d like that,” I said, and looked into his eyes.

“Good,” he said. “Place your hand on my hard on, Krystenah.” Without breaking his gaze, my hand found his hard on and I squeezed it lightly. I chewed on my lower lip. It pleased me that he was hard after watching me. I longed to rub my face over his bulge, to drink the contours of his erection and his private smell. “I want to fuck you, Krystenah. You have aroused me and I need to be satisfied. Your boss has already assured me that you will comply with my request, but I would like to hear it from your lips.”

He moved his hand from my cheek and placed two fingers on my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and He pushed his fingers into my mouth a fraction. “I would love to get fucked by you, Mr. Villalobos. Please use me.” He smiled and ran his fingers down my chin and along the neck of my blouse.

“Lose this,” he said and I unbuttoned it and shed it. I took off my bra and let it fall to the floor. I stood up and started to undo my skirt but he stopped my hand.

“No, I want you to keep that on, Krystenah.” I smiled at him. He stood up and stood behind me. He began kissing my neck and licking it, nipping it. I sighed at the sensations and my pussy began to flood as he placed his hands on either side of my hips and pulled me into his hips. He placed his hand on the back of my head and began lowering me to the table until my face and tits were resting on the conference table. He rubbed his hard on over my ass and I started to hunger for it. I heard him lowering his pants. “I should spank you for making me doing this myself,” he said and I stiffened and turned toward him in alarm. “Lie back down,” he ordered. I did. He pushed his cock in between my legs and I pushed back against it, instinctively, as I tilted my ass up.

He drew his body away from mine and I felt the absence with a new, pointed hunger. “No. You don’t get it that easy, Krystenah. I heard you beg before when you were over Brian’s knee. I want you to beg now, for my cock.”

I smiled at this and cooed. “Please?” I said, playfully. But Mr. Villalobos wasn’t playing. He slapped my ass hard and I squealed at the brightening pain.

“Be sincere. Sincerely BEG for my cock,” he hissed in ear. I swallowed.

“Please, Sir. Can I please have your cock in my pussy? It is so wet for you. I want you so bad. I want to feel you pushing yourself deeply inside my cunt.”

He threw my skirt up over my back and thrust his cock deep inside me and I felt his thighs slam against my stinging ass cheeks. I groaned with pleasure as he filled me. But he pulled himself all the way out again and I thought I was going to lose my mind.

“PLEASE, Sir. Please let me have your huge cock inside my unworthy pussy. I need you. I need your cock deep in—“

He thrust it inside me again and I lost my breath as a wave of pleasure washed over me. He picked up a rhythm and started slamming into me. I felt relief as the pleasure mounted in me and I felt like I was close to coming. My vaginal muscles squeezed around him, but he pulled himself all the way out of me and spun me around.

“Kneel,” he said, and I fell to my knees. I took his cock into my mouth and tasted his pre-cum mixing with my juices. I licked and sucked his rod and moaned with joy as he began to fuck my mouth. I looked up at him and saw his eyes filling with pleasure. As I developed a rhythm with him and felt like I was close to milking him, he pulled me up and spun me back around. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them. His fingers were strong and I grunted against the pain as he thrust his cock deep inside me once again. “Too bad your ass isn’t worthy to take my cock, slut,” he growled. “I will claim that as my own the next time we meet.” I melted under his promise.

He made me beg bent over the table and kneeling at his side for what felt like hours, and when he finally came in my mouth, he came in rivers of thick cream that escaped my lips and blessed my tits. I looked up at him with gratitude and he stroked my face and pulled me into his legs. I kissed them until he knelt next to me and pulled me into his arms.

“You’ve done well, Krystenah…For now,” he said and I heard a smile in his voice. I moaned in pleasure at the promise his words implied. I would have a chance to prove myself again to him. I hoped it would be soon.

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