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The Demerit System, part 2

The girls return to Pete's house for their Sunday evening discipline
Pete was on his back porch watching the sunset. It was Sunday evening at 7:30, a week after the last time he had been here. As before, he was sipping a scotch and soda and smiling at nothing in particular. He still could not quite believe that the three prettiest girls he knew had accepted him as their personal disciplinarian.

In the week that followed after their initial introduction to the hairbrush, Pete had, indeed, detected a reduction in the amount of drama he could hear coming from his three tenants next door. He managed to catch a glimpse of his system in action early one morning. He was picking up the morning paper, when he saw Laura and Lana through their kitchen window trading words about something. But instead of it turning into a shouting match as in the past, Lana stormed out of the room and dragged Linda in. She stood and listened with Laura and Lana went back and forth for a minute, and then spoke briefly. When she was done, Laura frowned and Lana smiled and walked away. Laura walked to the fridge and wrote something on a piece of paper stuck to it and then walked away herself.

Pete remembered feeling quite proud of himself that it appeared that not only were the girls putting his system into practice, but that it was having a real impact on maintaining order and civility. He wondered which of the girls was going to be the one over his knee this evening. All three of them were adorable and had very spankable bottoms, and all three of them had been remarkably compliant during their first appointment. Pete could still hardly believe it.

The sun dipped below the horizon and Pete headed back indoors to set up the front room for the coming appointment. As before, there were four chairs in a circle around a small table. Three of the chairs were kitchen chairs, and one of them a large oak sitting chair. The table had the box of tissues and the hairbrush on it.

This week, the girls were punctual - the doorbell rang at 8 pm almost exactly. Pete opened the door and ushered the girls in. Linda led the way, with a little spring in her step. She was holding a small notebook in her hand. Laura and Lana both followed behind, their looks both much more dour. Pete was a little puzzled. He had said that whoever had the most demerits would be spanked, but then why were two of the girls looking like they expected the worst? Still, he ushered them to the circle of chairs. The girls took their seats, and Pete took his.

"Hello, girls. Thank you for being punctual. I'd like to say at the outset that I'm proud of all three of you - from what I can hear, you seem to be living together more harmoniously than you have in the past. What do you girls think?"

All three girls nodded. Pete continued, "Now, as I said last week, whichever of you has the most demerits knows what to expect. Linda, is that the demerit ledger?" He held out his hand and Linda handed it over. Pete said, "Let me just take a moment and see how the past week went."

He opened the ledger. He could see dated entries written in three different sets of handwriting. He asked, "So, Laura, can you explain how you've all decided to organize this?"

Laura cleared her throat, "We decided that whoever loses should make the entry. The entry has the date, who lost and why."

Pete continued to read as he listened. There were 3 pages of entries for the week - 30 demerits in all. Pete added up the totals, Linda had 6, and Laura and Lana has 12 each - a dead tie. No wonder they both looked upset.

Pete raised his head from the book, "I see this week we have a tie. I can see from the looks on two of you that you have already realized what that's going to mean, haven't you?" Laura and Lana continued to look down while they nodded.

"I also think that 12 is a fairly high number. I expected that knowing what was going to await you would have lowered that number. Lana, do you have any explanation?"

Lana looked up at Pete and said, "I dunno. I guess I didn't think I was that bad."

Laura and Linda both looked at her in shock, Laura spoke up, "Really? You keep leaving the living room a mess and you know it!"

Lana glared back, "Well, maybe if I wasn't busy cleaning up your messes in the kitchen..."

Pete raised a hand, "Stop. Both of you. The entire purpose for this is to help you live more harmoniously. You're supposed to think of others and reduce tensions. I think what's going on here is that each of you is using your roommates' demerit counts as an excuse to not do your part, am I right?"

Laura and Lana both stared at him and the color drained from both of their faces. When he was done talking, they both looked at each other, then back at Pete and nodded.

"I think it's clear that we're going to have to make these sessions more meaningful. So Laura and Lana, you're both going to take down your pants and panties. You are going to be spanked over my knee on your bare bottoms. And you're both going to get 30 tonight. Is that clear?"

As he said this, all three sets of eyes popped wide open. Laura and Lana looked like they wanted to say something, but couldn't think of what.

"Alright. Let's begin. Lana, step over here in front of me."

Lana looked at both her roommates, almost as if she expected them to jump to her defense, but they just looked back at her. She slowly stood up and slowly walked over to Pete. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Pete reached up to her waist and roughly unsnapped and unzipped the pants, then hooked a thumb on each hip inside the top of the jeans and panties and tugged both down to her knees. Lana stood frozen, rooted in place like a tree, shivering slightly. Her pubic hair was thick and black, like her hair, but trimmed neatly into a stripe, ending just at the top of the notch of her pussy. Her face turned beet red as she was exposed in front of her landlord. He didn't pause, but took her left elbow and led her over to his right side and tugged her down over his lap. She had been the tough girl last week, but he could feel her shivering as she laid over his knee. He reached over to the table and picked up the hairbrush. He patted her ass lightly with it and then asked, "Are you ready?"

Lana closed her eyes and half-whispered, "Yes."

As he did last week, he brought the hairbrush down on her naked cheeks firmly and quickly, establish a quick cadence as he paddled her. He meticulously spread the spanks over her bottom. She wasn't as brave this week as the week before - she started moaning after only a couple of spanks, and quickly started sobbing before Pete was even half done. Still, he scrupulously counted out 30 swats and then stopped. Lana was sobbing freely and continued to cry over his knee. Pete looked at the rosy color he had brought to Lana's posterior. As he did, he saw also see the glistening of her pussy lips. He thought to himself that clearly she'd remember this evening in more than one way.

After she calmed down a bit, he helped her to her feet and held the box of tissues for her. She took one and blew her nose, her pants and panties still around her ankles, her nakedness still on display. Finally, she reached down and pulled her panties and pants up, gingerly moving them over her hips and fastening them before returning to her seat.

Pete turned to Laura and spoke, "Alright, Laura. It's your turn."

With that, Laura's face turned white as Lana's did before her. She didn't bother looking to her roommates. She simply gulped and rose to her feet. She was wearing a knee length skirt. When she stood in front of Pete, he grabbed the hem of the skirt and raised it up to her waist, then ordered her to hold her skirt up while he lowered her panties. She did so and blushed as he exposed her. Her pussy was shaved completely bald and she too, went from sheet-white to beet-red when he exposed her. He then led her to his side and placed her over his knee as he had Lana. He flipped her skirt up over her back, exposing her bottom for punishment, her panties a pink froth around her ankles. He took up the hairbrush and, again, patted her bottom with it and asked, "Are you ready?"

Laura answered, "Yes."

As he had with Lana before, he thoroughly paddled her entire ass in exactly the same way. She too started crying much more quickly than she had the week before. As with Lana, he gave her exactly 30 swats and then stopped while she cried over his knee. She too showed signs of wetness on her pussy lips when he was done. He helped her to her feet. As Laura blew her nose, Pete looked at Linda. Her face was still white, and she held both hands together in her lap. She squirmed a little in her chair, keeping her knees together and her hands clasping each other over her crotch. Laura reached down and pulled her panties up and arranged her skirt before taking her seat again.

Pete said, "Linda, you've clearly been the best behaved of you three, but I do see you had six. Did you learn from the punishment your roommates have just received?"

Linda looked back at Pete and bit her lip and nodded.

"Alright. I hope to see the counts lower next week, girls. Is that understood?"

All three of them solemnly looked back at Pete and nodded. He stood up and ushered them all into a group hug, as he had done the week before, before sending them back home.

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