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The Demerit System, part 3

Tags: otk, nudity, d/s
Linda requests a private session with Pete, which leads to a new arrangement.
Pete noticed a subtle change in the girls' demeanor after their last discipline session. He saw them come and go as they always had, but when they saw him, they all three seemed much more shy then they had been before. He attributed this to the fact that he had bared Lana and Laura's bottoms and paddled them with his hairbrush until they were crying. But Linda had not been spanked, and yet she too seemed to avert her eyes when she saw him. He was working in the front yard, weeding the flowerbed by the fence Wednesday afternoon when he heard voices on the other side. He stopped working and listened. It was Laura and Linda. One was arriving, and the other leaving for class (he wasn't sure which) and they had struck up a conversation.

After some smalltalk, Linda asked, "So, how are you feeling? I mean, after... you know..."

Laura answered, "Better. It hurt for a day or two."

"Was it worse this time? I mean... on the bare?"

"It was embarrassing." Her voice trailed off. Like she was leaving a thought unfinished.

"I... It was... I mean... watching you get spanked was..."

"Yeah. It hurt getting paddled... but..."

Pete felt a thrill at listening in on this conversation. He had seen the unmistakeable wetness on both Lana and Laura when he was done spanking them, and he had seen Linda squirm in her seat. They were admitting to each other now that they enjoyed him spanking them!

Lana came out of the house and joined them briefly, changing the conversation abruptly. Lana and Laura headed off to class and Linda went in the house. With that, Pete was alone again, and returned to his weeding chore.


Later that afternoon, Pete was sitting in his living room reading the paper when he heard a knock at the door. He answered it to discover Linda standing there. He invited her in and offered her a chair across the coffee table from his. He asked, "Can I get you something to drink, perhaps?"

"No thanks."

He sat down and smiled, "Well, it's always nice to see you. What's on your mind?"

Linda blushed and looked nervously away from Pete. She started to fidget a little as she began to speak, "I want to talk with you about... um... Sunday...." She bit her lip as her voice trailed off.

Pete put on his warmest, most patient smile, "About our weekly sessions?"

Linda nodded. Pete continued, "You escaped being spanked, Linda. You should be happy about that."

Linda smiled weakly and spoke, "I am... sort of..." She shifted in her seat as she continued, "I want to tell you a secret. I know I can trust you."

Pete nodded, "Of course, Linda. What is it?"

"I... I look forward to Sunday. I think the other girls do too. I am not sure, but I think maybe Lana and Laura were trying a little to get demerits last week..."

Pete smiled and said, "I know, Linda. I could see their reaction last week after they were spanked. And I saw you squirm a little too, Linda. Now, tell me the truth, Linda. Did you... do something about it when you got home afterwards?"

Linda blushed deeper and looked away and nodded.

"That's why you're here now, isn't it?"

Her eyes shot back to Pete in shock. She bit her lip and nodded again.

"Well, I think I can help with that, if you like, Linda. Now. I want you to stand in front of me."

Linda slowly stood up and walked over to Pete, standing with her hands in front of her. Pete could not quite believe his luck. He counted himself lucky that he managed to become the house disciplinarian for his three young tenants. And now one of them had come to him practically begging for a private spanking. He decided to go for broke. In his calmest, kindest voice, he said, "Now, Linda, I want you to take off your clothes."

Linda blanched and asked, "Everything?"

"Yes, Linda. Everything."

She stood there for a moment not moving. Pete wondered whether she would comply or not. Finally, she moved her hands slowly down to her waist and peeled her T shirt up and over her head and tossed it over to her chair. She kicked off her shoes and paused again. Her hands moved practically in slow motion down to her waist and she unsnapped and unzipped her pants, and then peeled them down past her hips down to her ankles. She bent over and pulled each pant leg and sock off her legs in turn before picking the jeans and socks up and tossing them too over to the chair. She stood in front of her landlord in her bra and panties for another moment before she bit her lip and reached behind her back to release the catch on her bra. It sprang free, and fell down her arms as she brought them in front of her again. As it fell, it freed her breasts. Pete could see the nipples were already hard. She tossed the bra on the chair and then reached down and peeled her panties down and off.

She stood in front of Pete, completely naked. He smiled and said, "Now come here, over my knee."

She stepped to his right side and lowered herself over his lap. He adjusted her until she was positioned just so, with her bottom perfectly placed just off his lap. Her toes and hands resting on the floor on either side of him. He patted her bottom with his right hand and asked, "Now, are you ready, Linda?"

Her voice quavered slightly as she replied, "Yes."

He began to spank her with a quick cadence. Not too hard, but hard enough to have her full attention. Her head shot up with his first spank and she started a rhythmic series of "ooh," "ouch," and "aagh" responses after each. She kept this up for only a few seconds before she started to sob quietly as he continued raining fiery spanks down on her bottom, coloring it pink. He kept spanking her until her cries were more or less continuous before he stopped. He started running his hands over her burning bottom, feeling the fire that he had kindled with his hand. He could see her feminine treasure between her pink ass-cheeks and could see the unmistakable signs of wetness between her nether lips. He dipped his fingers between her cheeks toward her steaming sex and she spread her legs in response, inviting him in. He ran his finger inside her lips, between her clit and sopping wet, warm cunt. She started to moan between sniffles. She started to rock with the rhythm of his fingers as he started concentrating on her clit, running tight little circles around it. Her moans started to take on a more urgent tone and began to be punctuated with breathy gasps. Pete finally stuck his thumb inside her, and flicked her clit with his index finger and she closed her eyes and clamped her thighs around his hand, crying out as her orgasm overwhelmed her. As she relaxed in the afterglow, Pete pulled his hand away from her sex.

He brought his hand to her shoulder and urged her to stand. She did, her hands automatically reaching back to rub her tender bottom. Pete stood after her and wrapped her in a hug. She buried her head in his shoulder, her naked breasts pressing into Pete's chest.

Pete broke away from her and said, "Now, is that what you needed, Linda?"

She looked in his eyes and nodded and said, "Yes. Thank you."

He said, "You're welcome, Linda. I'm always ready to help any of you girls any time." She turned to her chair with her clothes and got dressed. When she finished, she looked back at Pete and gave him a smile. Pete turned and walked her to the front door, watching her walk back home.

The rest of the week came and went and Sunday night arrived once again. Pete arranged the living room as he had the week before and waited for the doorbell to ring. It did right on time. Pete answered the door and to his surprise, the girls were standing there, each in a robe. He ushered them quickly in to the circle of chairs and after they took their seats, he spoke, "Girls, clearly something is up. Laura, why are the three of you dressed like that?"

Laura cleared her throat and the other girls gave her their attention. She said, "Well, a couple days ago, Lana and I got into an argument over the living room, so we called Linda. She stopped us and told us she knew that we were just picking fights with each other to rack up demerits. She said if we wanted to be spanked, we could just come over here and ask for one. And then she told us that she had done just that. And then, well..." At this point she looked at Linda.

Linda took over the story, "I told them that I was going to come over here in my robe and ask to be spanked regardless of the demerit counts. And I dared them to do the same thing. So, here we are."

Pete just sat there for a moment. He could hardly believe his good fortune. He quickly recovered, intending to regain command of the situation. He said, "Alright, but I think it's important to dispense a proper punishment to the girl who has the most demerits. And because it's become clear that spankings are not entirely a punishment for the three of you, I will have to make a special effort for the one with the most demerits. All three of you will get a hand spanking, and whoever has the most will get a strapping." All three girls looked at each other for a moment. Pete continued, "Who has the ledger?" He held out his hand and Laura produced it and handed it to him. Pete opened the ledger and went through the list. When he was done, he said, "By my count, Lana has 10, Laura has 8 and Linda has 5. Lana, that means you will go both first and last. Come here."

Lana stood up and walked over to stand in front of Pete. He spoke again, "Now, drop your robe and get over my knee."

She reached for her waist and untied the tie that was holding her robe closed. She peeled it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stood nude in front of Pete for a moment before she stepped over to his right side and bent over, lowering herself down to rest on his lap.

"Are you ready?" Pete asked.


Pete looked behind the girls to the clock on the wall, and when the second hand passed through the 12, Pete started spanking Lana hard and fast. She screwed her eyes shut and tried to hold out as long as she could, but it was only a few spanks before she began to moan, and then a few seconds longer before that moan morphed into open sobbing. Pete kept up the spanking for three minutes before he stopped. Lana's bottom was a uniform shade of pink by that point. Pete said, "Alright Lana. Your punishment will continue after the other girls'. I want you to stand in front of your chair with your hands behind your head and wait."

Lana picked herself up from his lap and walked over to her chair and put her hands behind her head. She had visible tear tracks running down her cheeks and sniffled softly as she stood.

Pete spoke again, "Linda, you're next. Come over here and get into place."

Linda stood and repeated Lana's preparation, standing in front of Pete and dropping her robe, then moving to Pete's side and arranging herself over his knee. Pete noticed that she seemed to have recovered from the last spanking he had given her.

"Are you ready?" Pete asked.

"Yes," Linda replied.

Again, Pete waited until the second hand reached the top of the minute and then began spanking Linda as closely as he could to the way he spanked Lana. As usual, Linda did not hold out as long as the other girls tended to, beginning to cry right away as her bottom started to turn pink. Pete spanked her for the same 3 minutes as she cried over his knee, her tears dripping on the floor. When the three minutes was up, Pete stopped. He allowed Linda to relax for a moment and then allowed her to stand and retrieve her robe from the floor. She picked it up and put it back on before heading back to her seat and gingerly sitting down.

Pete said, "Alright Laura." She didn't need to be told anything more. She stood up and did as the other two girls had done before her. Three noisy minutes later, her ass turned the same shade of pink as her roommates had done before her, and her cries similarly filled the room. Pete allowed her to stand and reclaim her robe from the floor and return to her seat.

Lana stood nude in front of her roommates and landlord through all of this. When Laura's spanking was finished, she bit her lip nervously, knowing that it was time for her to be punished for her demerits. Pete stood up from his chair and said, "Now, Lana. Come here and bend over this chair. I want you to rest your elbows on the seat."

Lana walked over to the chair almost in slow motion. She stood in front of the chair and bent over, resting her elbows on the seat, her breasts swinging heavily beneath her.

"Spread your legs further apart," Pete ordered. Lana did so, now knowing that she could not hide anything from her audience.

Pete unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the loops of his pants. He doubled it over, making himself a makeshift strap. He walked over to Lana's left side and tested the belt against Lana's bottom, making her flinch slightly.

"Now, Lana, I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget. You must remain perfectly still and in position. If you move, we will start over from the beginning. Do you understand?"

Lana's voice sounded high and unsteady as she answered, "Yes."

Pete brought his arm back and lashed sharply at her ass with the belt. The meaty splatting sound of the impact filled the room, followed shortly by an anguished squeal from Lana. Her hands opened and her fingers splayed out, but she managed to stay in place.

Pete paused only a second before he brought the belt down hard on her ass a second time, lower than the first stripe already forming where the first impact had landed. The splatting noise was closely followed again by another cry from Lana, which morphed into open sobbing. Pete kept up his scorching punishment of Lana with the belt, moving up and down randomly, insuring complete coverage over her entire ass and the tops of her thighs. After completing an even dozen strokes, Lana was reduced to hard crying, her sobs punctuated occasionally by hiccups. Pete rethreaded the belt onto his pants while Lana remained in place, allowing her to recover. He helped her to her feet and wrapped her in a hug, allowing her to cry against his shoulder for a few moments. She held him tight, her head buried in his shoulder as she sobbed and sniffled.

Pete broke away and spoke, "Alright, Lana. You may put your robe back on and go back to your seat."

She picked up her robe and put it on and tied it closed and returned to her seat.

Pete said, "Now, Ladies. All three of you have been spanked, and I think you've all learned from the extra punishment that Lana here received, haven't you?"

All three of the girls nodded. Pete continued, "Now, I intended this system to be a way to reduce tensions between you. It's not fair to your roommates to try and rack up demerit counts in order to get spanked. If you want a spanking, all you have to do is ask for one. Is that clear?" Again, all three heads nodded in unison. Pete bade all three of them to stand and, as always, end the evening with a group hug before he walked them to the door to return home. He watched as they went, all three of them rubbing their bottoms through their robes as they walked.

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