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The Demerit System, part 5

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The girls move in
Pete spent most of the next couple of days wondering how the girls would react to his overture. He spent so much time thinking about it he began to chide himself for obsessing over his college-age tenants. "Surely," he thought to himself, "They'll never go for that sort of arrangement." For fear of overplaying his hand, though, he stayed to himself. It wasn't until Thursday when he had a knock on his door.

It was Lana. He answered the door and invited her in. Pete sat down in his chair in the living room and Lana stood nervously in front of him.

"What can I do for you, Lana?"

"We've talked a lot about your offer. And at least speaking for myself, the idea of living here rent-free just by itself is a pretty enticing one. But..." She bit her lip. Pete willed her to go on, but said nothing. He felt she had to do the talking.

"I mean, I like... I like you a lot... And I like it when you... When we..."

Pete smiled, "I think I know what you're trying to say, Lana. I like it... No, I love it too."

Lana blushed, "I think the others feel the same way. I'm just not sure we want to admit it. But we are just all nervous about changes. How would things be over here?"

Pete put on a thoughtful look. He said, "I'll tell you what. I've been meaning to do a little fixing up around here lately. Why don't I do a bit of sprucing up and in a week or two I'll have you over and show you what I come up with. Is that fair?"

Lana smiled and nodded.

"Alright, then. I'm going to make a few calls and get things started. Sunday is coming up. I'll have more of an idea then. How does that sound?"

"That sounds good. Thanks, Pete," Lana said as she stood up. Pete stood up and took a step towards her. She walked towards him and joined him in a long hug, that transitioned into a kiss. When that broke, she turned and walked back out the door. Pete stood for a moment and then realized he had his work cut out.

Pete was able to figure out what to do in short order. He went furniture shopping Friday and Saturday. Sunday, he had a plan.

8 o'clock came and the girls arrived on time. Pete opened the door and ushered them into the living room. As the week before, they arrived in their robes and walked to the circle of chairs. Pete stood in front of his chair and began to speak.

"Girls, Lana visited me this last week, and I've put together a plan for going forward. I'd like to present it to you now. Would you all follow me, please?"

The girls all looked at each other and then stood up and followed Pete as he walked out the door into the hall and then up the staircase.

Pete's home was large. He and his wife had anticipated having a family, and they had added on a second story. The house had three bedrooms, a living room, a study and a fairly large kitchen. The three bedrooms were upstairs. Pete opened a door at the end of the hall and walked in. It had a queen-size bed with an oak headboard, but was otherwise rather sparse.

"This is the master bedroom. As you can see, it's quite roomy, and there's a large walk-in closet and a bathroom. I propose to put three twin beds in here and you all can share this room."

The girls walked around the room. Linda looked in the closet and Laura peeked into the bathroom. They looked around for a minute or two and then looked back at Pete. Pete took the hint and walked back out into the hallway and into another door. This was a second bedroom and was much smaller. Pete said, "This is a guest bedroom. I propose to put a bed in here for one of you to use when you want or need to be away from the others."

The girls all peered into the room. There wasn't much to see, as it had no furniture in it. They didn't stay long. Pete once again headed back into the hallway and into the last bedroom.

"This is the other bedroom. It's not as big as the master, but larger than the guest room." The girls followed him in. This room also had a private bathroom which had a second door into the hall and a large closet.

Pete continued, "I propose to move my bed in here. I also hope that perhaps on some occasions I might not be sleeping alone." Pete gave a wry smile. Lana smirked, and Linda and Laura blushed.

Pete led the way back out into the hall and down the stairs, back to the living room and the circle of chairs. He sat down in his chair and the girls followed behind and took their seats.

"Well, ladies, what do you think?"

The girls looked at each other. Finally Laura spoke, "It's very nice. You would let us live here... for free?"

Pete nodded, "Yes."

Laura asked hesitantly, "What... What's the... catch?"

Pete replied, "Nothing. I think we all know that our relationship has become a special one over the last few weeks. I propose to continue that. But I want to make it clear that I have no expectations along those lines. I won't make any of you do anything you don't want to do, and I'm not going to hold it over you that I'm not charging you rent. I will have some rules, and I think you have a fairly good idea how those will be enforced, but I promise that they're not going to be at all unreasonable."

Linda chimed in, "Rules? Like what?"

Pete answered, "Well, just reasonable things you're probably already doing, for the most part. I'm sure there will be some chores that need to be divided up amongst all of us, myself included. No loud noise late at night. There are going to be more, I'm sure."

Lana asked, "Is that all? We're just going to... live here?"

Pete thought for a moment, "Girls, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more than roommates. But I want you to know that I'm not going to demand more than that. I'm not that kind of man."

Lana nodded.

Pete paused for a moment, and then asked, "Well, what do you all think? Lana?"

Lana didn't hesitate, "It sounds good to me."

Pete turned to Linda, "Linda? What do you think?"

Linda spoke confidently too, "Yes. It sounds wonderful."

Finally, Pete turned to Laura, "How about you, Laura?"

Laura seemed more nervous, but waited only a moment before she nodded and said, "I think so. Yes."

Pete smiled broadly, and said, "Excellent. I'll start the preparations and we should be all ready next week. Now, in the meantime, who has the ledger?"


The next week was a busy one for Pete. He ran his business daily, but intermixed that with managing delivery trucks and workmen assembling and arranging the new furniture. He even had a decorator come in and fix up the rooms, papering the master bedroom with a particularly cheerful floral wallpaper he thought would be good for the girls' room. By the time the weekend arrived, the house was as ready as it could be.

He helped the girls as they emptied out their former house next door and filled up the master bedroom closet with their wardrobes and populated the master bath with their makeup and toiletries. There were minor disagreements here and there, but Pete was there to serve as referee, and the girls took his decisions in stride, never arguing. To Pete, it all went remarkably smoothly. By Sunday afternoon, the house next door stood empty.

Pete cooked dinner for everyone, exercising his long disused cooking skills to whip up a casserole. The girls ate with undisguised appetites after working the whole weekend moving. Lana cleared the table and helped Linda with the pans while Laura filled the dishwasher. When the kitchen was clean, Pete called the girls back out to the living room to the circle of chairs. Pete noted that it was the first time in a couple weeks they were not in their robes. He smirked momentarily at the irony.

"Ladies, I have some changes to propose. Since we'll be living together, I think we can dispense with the ledger and the demerit system. I'm generally around a lot, since I work from my study, and if there are any disputes or disagreements, you can bring them directly to me. I'll be able to make quick judgements, and, if necessary, dispense quick justice."

Pete paused for a moment, allowing that to sink in to his audience. He then continued, "I know that at least part of what has made our arrangement work up to now has been the fact that you all, at least on some level, enjoy being spanked. I don't see why that can't continue. I propose that each of you will have a private session with me in my room every week. We can discuss how the week has gone and address any discipline needs that may have fallen by the wayside, along with anything else." The girls looked at each other and blushed.

Pete went on, "There is one rule, however. I'll admit it is a selfish one. If any of you are in my bedroom, for any reason, you must be nude."

Pete stopped and watched as six eyes all grew three sizes larger, and the color drained from all the faces in front of him at once. None of them moved.

"I want you each to feel free to agree to this or not on your own. So each of you please close your eyes."

Pete watched as the girls gave puzzled looks briefly and then closed their eyes.

Pete paused and thought to himself, "This is it."

He said, "Keeping your eyes closed, raise your right hand if you want this."

There was the briefest pause, before all three girls slowly raised their hands. Pete smiled.

Pete said, "You can all put your hands down and open your eyes."

They spent a few moments scheduling their private sessions. Pete wanted a day between each, and everyone preferred to have a weekday evening, so Lana chose Monday, Laura Wednesday and Linda Friday.

Finally, Pete said, "Well, there's one last thing we need to do. Laura, please fetch the ledger."

Laura blanched, but quickly stood up and went over to the bookshelf, fetched the ledger out of a box that hadn't yet been unpacked and returned, handing it to Pete. Pete turned to the last marked page. It had very little on it. Pete was stunned.

"Wow, girls. Just a single entry? Just one demerit for the whole week?"

Linda coughed and said, "Well, we were all a bit preoccupied about... well... about you, and the move."

Pete said, "Well, I am still impressed. I see that Laura, it belongs to you. Please stand up and take off your clothes."

Laura stood up and began to bare herself for discipline. She was wearing hot pants and a T shirt, since they had spent the day working. She pulled the T shirt over her head, revealing a sports bra underneath. She pulled the bra over her head and shoulders and dropped it on top of the shirt on the chair. She kicked off her shoes and unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, pulling them and her panties down to her ankles in one motion and stepping out of them. She placed both on top of the pile of clothes on her chair and stood nude in front of Pete and the other girls with her hands at her sides.

Pete reached over to the table and retrieved the hairbrush. He said, "Now, over here, please, and over my knee."

Laura quickly took two paces over to Pete's side and lowered herself down into place. Pete wrapped his left arm around her waist and began to spank, keeping up a fast pace. He started off alternating cheeks and spreading the spanks evenly around her bottom. Laura quickly responded with a series of moans that became high pitched squeals in only a few seconds. The squeals quickly morphed into sobs and she began to cry as her bottom turned cherry-red.

Pete slowed down and inspected his work, looking for places to touch-up. That done, he applied 6, very firm spanks alternately on each cheek, right on each "sit spot." Laura shrieked and struggled against Pete's grip on her waist, but then relaxed when he stopped and just cried, face down, with her crimson bottom in the air over his lap. Pete reached over and put the hairbrush down on the table and rubbed her tender bottom for a moment before urging her to her feet. He motioned the other girls to stand and they formed a group hug, surrounding Laura and enveloping her in a tender embrace while she cried on Pete's shoulder.

The embrace broke and Pete looked at the girls and said, "Well, Ladies, I'm a bit tired after all that today, so I am going to turn in. I'll see you all in the morning." As he turned towards the hall, he could see Lana and Linda heading over to the couch, Pete guessed to watch some TV. Laura was still standing in the same spot, naked, when Pete last saw as he headed up stairs. His cock was as hard as he could remember it ever being, but he resigned himself to taking care of that himself tonight. He was surprised when two minutes after he closed the door behind him he heard a soft knock. He went to the door and opened it, and Laura was there - still nude.

Both of them stared at each other for a moment. Finally Laura said, "You said I needed to be naked to come in here. Well, I already was. So..."

Pete reached out and drew Laura into an embrace and kissed her. Her tongue probed his lips gingerly and he responded with his own, the two intertwining.

Pete walked them both backwards into the room, shoving the door shut behind them before he resumed passionately kissing Laura. He broke his kiss and spun her around in front of him, thrusting his arms under hers, pawing at her breasts while he kissed her neck.

She closed her eyes and stood, rooted in place. He moved one hand downwards, cupping it over her vulva, resting it on top of the lips, massaging her sex while she moaned. She suddenly turned around and began tearing at Pete's clothes, trying to get them off. He helped her, his hands trembling. She got his pants and briefs down to his ankles and smiled as his cock stood proudly at attention, pointing straight at her. Pete grabbed her by the shoulders and moved her towards the bed, urging her to climb onto it on her hands and knees.

He followed her, shoving her shins roughly apart with his knees until he was directly behind her. He reached down and steered his cock straight into her, shoving his way roughly fully into her, his thighs landing directly on her freshly spanked ass. Pete could feel the fire burning in her inflamed bottom cheeks as he thrust his hard cock inside her. Laura just moaned incoherently as Pete fucked her relentlessly. Without any warning, Pete grabbed her shoulders and pushed himself hard into her as he tensed up and came with a loud groan. He felt Laura's pussy clench around his cock as it throbbed and filled her, her moans turning to squeals as his began to die.

Pete laid down next to her and she turned around and lay her head on his chest. Her hand reached back and rubbed her stinging bottom. Pete held her close and they both drifted off to sleep.

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