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The Demerit System, part 6

Lana's private session with Pete
Pete's alarm woke him up at 8:00 as usual. Laura was not there. Pete briefly wondered what happened to her, but decided to tackle that minor mystery once he had himself together.

Twenty minutes spent in the bathroom as well as the closet and he was ready to greet the world at large. He headed downstairs to see who was still there. Linda was at the kitchen table nursing a bowl of cereal and tapping aimlessly on her tablet. She was dressed in a pretty floral print blouse and leggings. She looked up and smiled when she heard Pete approach.

"Hi, Pete."

"Good morning, Linda. What happened to Laura?"

"Oh, she has an 8:00 class this semester. She must have gone to bed in the middle of the night, 'cause she was there when her alarm went off at 6:30. She said to tell you 'good morning,' though."

Pete nodded and continued, "And Lana?"

Linda rolled her eyes, "you probably won't see her until 9:30, and she'll probably be scrambling. She's not a morning person."

Pete chuckled, "And how about you, Linda? What do you have going on today?"

"My first class is at 9, so I gotta go. I'll be back after my study group at around 4."

Pete nodded again, "Alright. Have a good day," he said as he turned to the fridge to get some eggs. Linda hopped up from the table, shoved her tablet in her book bag, shouldered it and headed towards the door, stopping by Pete to give him a peck on the cheek on her way out. Pete watched her go and thought to himself how cute she looked. She closed the door behind her and Pete turned around to go to the sink when he stopped abruptly. Linda had left her empty cereal bowl on the kitchen table. Pete chuckled to himself and went back to work on his eggs.


Pete was working at his desk in his study when he heard the front door open. He looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was just after 3:30. He was curious as to who had just arrived, so he went out to see. It was Laura. He smiled and greeted her.

"Hello, Laura. How was your day?"

Laura smiled back at Pete and replied, "Hi, Pete. Not too bad. The nice thing about starting early is that you get done earlier."

Pete smiled. He put on his most caring tone of voice and asked, "How is your bottom?"

Laura smiled and blushed. She reached behind her and rubbed her bottom, as if his question had reminded her. She said, "It's alright. A little tender, but not too bad."

She turned to head into the kitchen and opened the fridge and pulled out a soda. She then turned and headed back to the living room. Pete watched her for a moment as she made herself comfortable on the couch and started digging through her book bag, presumably to start some homework. Pete was about to turn back to his office when the door opened again. This time it was Linda. Pete said, "Hello, Linda. Would you step in here into the kitchen please? I'd like to have a word with you."

Linda's face took on a puzzled look, and she replied, "Sure," and followed him.

He arrived at the kitchen table and pointed to the bowl, still there from the morning. In his most even, measured tone, he asked, "Is this yours?"

Linda's eyes got wide for a moment and she quickly walked over to the bowl and said, "Oh gosh, I'm sorry, Pete. I must have forgot it." She grabbed the bowl and quickly took it over to the sink, but Pete put his hand on her shoulder and stopped her.

"Let me ask you, Linda. If this were last week, would that have earned you a demerit?"

Linda froze, still holding the bowl. She dropped her chin slightly and after a moment, replied simply, "Yes."

Pete used his fatherly tone of voice again and said, "Well, then I think I know what's necessary. Please put that down and come with me." He headed out into the living room to his large chair. Linda put down the bowl and spoon and followed him. He sat down in the chair and she stopped in front of him. From over on the couch, Laura saw them come in and looked up from her studies.

"Now, take your pants and panties down and get over my knee," he said.

Linda bit her lip and slowly moved her hands down to her waist. She pushed the leggings and her panties down in one motion down to her knees and then stepped to his side and got herself into place.

Pete looked at Laura and said, "Laura, this is a learning opportunity for you too. This is what you can expect instead of collecting demerits from now on." He looked down at Linda and said, "Are you ready, Linda?"

She nervously stammered out a "Yes."

Pete raised his hand and began spanking Linda. As was usual for her, she didn't hold out very long before she began to cry. He kept up a brisk cadence of punishment, covering her entire ass with randomly placed spanks. He only spanked her for about a minute - just long enough to color her entire bottom pink. When he stopped, she was sobbing quietly. Pete said, "Alright, Linda. Stand up, please," and urged her to her feet. When she was standing, he stood after her and led her by the elbow over to the corner of the room. She followed her, pants and panties still around her knees, hobbling her slightly, forcing her to take quick, short steps. When they arrived at the corner, Pete maneuvered her right into the corner, and then took her wrists and brought them up to the top of her head.

Pete stepped back and said, "Now, stay just like that until I release you. Think about how you can avoid making that mistake again."

Pete turned around and saw Laura. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her mouth was slightly open. Her book was upside down on the floor at her feet, forgotten. Pete nodded curtly at Laura. She blinked, but still didn't move. Linda's sobbing had begun to die down and she sniffled fitfully. Pete turned and left the room to go back to his office and clean up his desk.

As he was tidying up, he heard the front door open again. He knew that must be Lana. He stopped what he was doing and tip-toed over towards the door to see if how she would react to the scene in the living room.

He heard footsteps and then they stopped and Lana's voice said, "What the..." but she was interrupted by Laura shushing her.

Laura said simply, "He spanked her."

Lana's voice sounded shocked as she asked, "Why?"

"Because she left her breakfast bowl on the kitchen table."

Lana said, "Wow. It doesn't look too bad. She's just a little bit pink."

Laura said, "Nah. It wasn't as bad as what I got last night."

Pete chuckled to himself. He wondered what must be going through Linda's mind hearing this conversation behind her very pink, punished bottom as she stood in the corner, her hands on her head. He thought it was probably about time to let Linda out of the corner. He stepped out of his study and into the living room. He walked over to Linda, turned her around and wrapped her in a hug, her pants still around her knees. She hugged him back, her head resting on his chest. After a moment he let her go and said, "Alright, Linda, you're dismissed now."

She reached down and pulled her panties and pants back up. Her eyes went around the room and she turned and walked out of the room, rubbing her bottom as she walked. She headed into the hall, her footfalls fading as they headed up the stairs.

Pete turned back to the two girls on the couch and said to Lana, "Hi, Lana. How was your day?"

She smiled and answered, "Good, but I've got a lot of homework."

Pete nodded, "Well, I won't keep you from it. I'd like to see you at ten P.M. this evening in my room for your session. Alright?"

Lana's eyes shifted and she nervously moved her knees closer together and she simply nodded. Pete smiled and turned to the kitchen to start dinner.


The girls were particularly helpful cleaning the kitchen after dinner. Once everything was clean and the dishwasher was humming, they all drifted off to separate corners of the house. Laura sat on the couch watching a show on her tablet. Linda - her spanking and corner time now behind her (no pun intended) - was sitting on a padded chair at the kitchen table doing homework. Pete sat in his chair in the living room, watching TV with the sound low. Lana spent a couple hours working at the other end of the kitchen table, then shortly after nine she packed her work and then headed upstairs, giving a furtive look at Pete as she walked by. A few minutes later, Pete could hear the shower upstairs and smiled to himself, assuming that Lana was preparing herself for her private session.

A few minutes later, Pete looked up to see that he only had a few minutes himself to prepare, so he turned off the TV and headed up to his room. He went to the closet and fetched a thick belt and rolled it up and set it on a bedside table. He realized that there was little else to do to prepare, so he sat on the bed and waited.

The knock at the door was firm and purposeful, which surprised Pete. But he thought about how Lana had taken her spankings before. She was always the tough girl, holding off the tears for as long as possible. Pete opened the door. Lana was standing there, completely nude, with her arms at her side, her posture upright and proud, her breasts perky and her feet slightly apart. Pete smiled and stepped back from the door, inviting her in. He headed over to the bed and sat down. She shut the door behind her and stepped to the center of the room, standing in front of Pete again. Pete couldn't tell whether she was proud or whether she was simply trying to look it. Pete didn't ponder that too much. His mind was concentrating on other things - mostly the fact that a nude, very beautiful college co-ed was standing in front of him ready to be spanked.

Pete said, "Well, Lana, before we jump right in, I'd like to get to know you a little better - what makes you tick. In particular, why you seem to fight off the tears for longer than the other girls."

Lana cleared her throat and thought for a moment before she replied, "Well, I guess it's pride. I always wind up crying like a little girl when you spank me, but at the start I always say to myself that I can take it without breaking down."

"But you always do break down."

Lana smirked, "Yeah. But I always hope it will be different."

"How do you feel once you do cry?"

"Well, once the crying starts, I don't have any thoughts but that. But once it's over I feel... I dunno... relief. Not so much relief that it's over, though there is some of that, but I feel like I've made up for whatever I did."

Pete said, "Well, you're going to be spanked tonight, aren't you, Lana?"

Pete could see a brief shudder in Lana and she swallowed hard and nodded.

Pete continued, "But it won't be for anything you've done. What do you think of that?"

Lana almost whispered, "I don't know."

"What if we turned it around, Lana? What if I gave you a reward for taking your spanking?"

Lana looked at Pete quizzically, "Reward? Like what?"

Pete's face broadened into a wicked grin and he stood up as he replied, "You'll have to leave that to me. Now come on over here. Pile those two pillows on top of each other in the center of the bed, and then lay down on top of them, with the pillows under your hips."

Lana walked over to the bed and stacked the pillows as he said, looking back at him for reassurance when she was done. Pete smiled and she turned and climbed up on the bed and lowered herself down into place, the pillows boosting her bottom up into the air, presenting it to Pete. Lana grasped the top of the mattress with her fists, no doubt guessing what was next.

Pete walked over to the table and fetched the belt. He doubled it in the middle, and taking the buckle end in his hand, wrapped it around his hand once. Now, his implement prepared, he stepped over to Lana's side. He lay the belt on top of the center of her ass and saw it clench up and then relax. He reared back and let loose with a solid, powerful stroke right across the center of both of her ass-cheeks. Lana's knuckles instantly turned pale as she solidified her grasp on the edge of the bed and her thighs and ass clenched in reaction to the impact. Only a moment later, her voice let loose a high pitched, whine. Pete paused a moment before repeating the action, landing the second stroke just above the red stripe forming in the wake of the first. She shrieked again and pressed her face downwards, to muffle her voice into the bed. Pete's third stroke arrived right at the bottom of her ass, just above the top of her thighs. The shriek that came was followed by the first sobs. After the fourth stroke, the line between the shriek and the sobs became less distinct. Pete kept up the fiery punishment, turning Lana's ass cherry-red. By the tenth stroke, little flecks of dark bruises were starting to appear, and Lana's crying was made of continuous, uncontrolled, heaving sobs. Pete gave the last two strokes quickly, one right after the other, directly across Lana's sit-spots. Then he put the belt down on the table.

Pete stood over Lana and waited for her to calm down. She was still gripping the top of the bed firmly and crying hard into the mattress. Finally, Pete said, "Now for the reward I promised you. Turn over on your back."

It took a moment for Lana to process the words. When she did, she slowly complied, wincing as her bottom took her weight briefly on the bed. She brought her knees up so that her feet could take some of the weight off her bottom. Pete walked over to the foot of the bed and knelt down in front of her. He placed his hands on her knees and parted them, bringing himself down between his thighs, and his mouth to her sex. He spread her labia apart and began to run his tongue up and down her slit, running a circle or two around her clit when up at the top and then lapping downwards and upwards again. What were heaving sobs before turned into heavy breathing and moaning in only seconds. Lana brought her hands up to her breasts and began kneading them and pinching her nipples, adding breathy gasps to her moans. Pete dug his hands under her bottom, grasping at the abused flesh, making her cry out in a way not at all identifiable as either pleasure or agony.

Finally, he pointed his tongue and concentrated non-stop on her clit, shoving her headlong towards, and then past and over the cliff of her orgasm. And then kept up his assault, forcing her into another.

Then, as quickly as he could, he was on his feet, dropping his pants and briefs, freeing his cock before returning to between her thighs, this time to bring his hard cock to bear on her sopping cunt. Pete wasn't sure, but she might have still been coming when he plowed his cock into her and started pumping into her like a jackhammer. Before Pete knew, every muscle in his body tensed up and he arrived at his peak. He felt more alive than ever before in the heartbeat before his cock surged in her and began to pour his essence out. All of what he had in that moment before, he sent into her pussy, and then collapsed on top of her, pinning her down, his lips on top of hers, their tongues meeting.

Pete rolled off of Lana and they both lay next to each other, incapable of more than simply hard breathing. Lana moved first, rolling over and bringing her mouth up to his for a long kiss. When the kiss broke, she began to gently rub her bottom while Pete caressed her hair.

After a few minutes of holding each other, Lana excused herself and got up. She told Pete she needed to use the restroom and then was going to go to bed. Pete nodded and bade her good night and she turned and went out the door.

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