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The Demerit System, part 7

Tags: caning, oral, d/s
Laura's private session with Pete
Tuesday morning came and Pete's day started as usual, with his alarm and morning routine. When Pete came downstairs to the kitchen, Linda and Lana were both at the table eating breakfast. Both looked up when they heard Pete and greeted him with a friendly "Morning!" and a smile.

Pete smiled and answered back, "Good morning, girls." Pete loved the new reality of being greeted at the breakfast table. He hadn't realized how much he had missed sharing the house with someone - even beyond all of the sex - the friendly glances and conversation, the shared dinners, and the help with chores. Pete got a bowl for himself and began to fix himself some cereal while Linda and Lana finished up. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Linda pick up her bowl and take it to the dishwasher, and then give a glance back to the table to see she didn't forget anything. Pete just smiled to himself. His methods were fun, but they worked too.

The rest of Tuesday was largely uneventful. The girls were, once again, on their best behavior. Wednesday morning was the same. Pete didn't see Laura in the morning, but knew her morning class meant he wasn't going to see her until she came home. When she did, he greeted her and reminded her of her upcoming weekly meeting with him. She nodded and replied, "Ten o'clock, right?"

Pete nodded. Once again, they all had dinner together and drifted off to their own devices. Pete noticed Laura heading upstairs at 9:30, and he followed shortly thereafter.

Ten o'clock arrived and then, the knock on his bedroom door. Pete answered to find Laura standing in the door, nude, holding her hands in front of her. He ushered her in and took a seat on the bed while she stood in front of him, fidgeting nervously.

Pete said, "Please put your hands at your side and relax, Laura."

She smiled and moved her hands down to her sides.

Pete continued, "Now, Laura, I'd like to talk to you a bit first. Have you talked with Lana at all about her session?"

Laura shook her head, "No. She hasn't said anything, and I... I dunno... I wasn't sure whether that was okay or not."

Pete smiled and tried to sound reassuring, "Well, I'll just tell you - and I'll tell her later - that it's alright with me if you girls discuss what we do. I don't feel like it's a secret. If you don't want to share, that's alright with me as well, but I will leave that up to you."

Laura nodded and said, "Thank you."

"Of course. Now, tell me a little bit about your feelings about your discipline."

Laura's face visibly reddened. She looked away from Pete and didn't speak for a moment. But she looked back and said, "Do you want the truth?"

"Of course I do, Laura. I always want you to be honest with me."

"I don't know what it is, but getting spanked... it... well, it excites me. Maybe more than anything else I can think of. When you bend me over your knee my heart rate goes up and my... my pussy..." she closed her eyes and left the thought unfinished for a moment before snapping back to reality and continuing, "and then when you spank, it makes me cry, but I swear it almost makes me cum too. Sometimes when you do it real hard, I think it might happen."

Pete was surprised, but did his best to keep his face even, with a look of understanding and compassion. He said, "Do you think you'd like to explore in that direction? Harder, I mean?"

Laura bit her lip and thought for a long moment before she barely nodded her head and said, "Yes. Yes, I think so."

Pete smiled and continued with his most caring voice, "We can do that together, Laura. I want you to know that I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. But if we are going to far, I want you to say 'Mercy'. That'll be our little code. Alright?"

Laura nodded. Pete quickly added, "Of course, that won't apply when you're being punished. You understand, don't you?"

Laura nodded again, "Yes, I do."

Pete stood up and went to the closet and started rummaging though the back. He began to talk while he did so.

"You know, this isn't my first rodeo, Laura. I've been experienced in these matters in the past. I believe I still have... Ah, yes, here we are... I still have something I didn't anticipate I'd ever get a chance to use again."

Pete turned and emerged from the closet. He held in his hand a long, thin, black rod around the thickness of a pencil and just over two feet long. At one end the plastic disappeared into an ornate chrome handle. Pete brought it over to Laura and held it in front of her. Her eyes were glued to it as he displayed it for her.

"This is a cane. It's a very special one. It's made of a kind of a kind of plastic called Delrin. Go on... touch it."

She reached forward with her right hand, her index and middle fingers outstretch and ran them along it.

"Feel how flexible it is."

She moved her thumb to the opposite side of the rod from her index finger and moved the end slightly, bowing it a little.

"I believe that this may be exactly what you seek, Laura." He smiled at her. Her eyes rose from the cane to meet his. Her mouth was open. Pete could see trepidation there... but anticipation as well.

Pete placed the cane down on the end of the bed and took a seat in the middle.

"First thing's first, Laura." He patted his thigh and continued, "Over you go."

Laura lowered her eyes and stepped over to Pete's right side and lowered herself down into place.

Pete patted her bottom twice with his hand. Without further ado, he began to spank her. He started with a somewhat slower cadence than he usually did with his hand, but each spank was just a little bit harder than usual as well. Laura began grunting and moaning right away. Pete was spreading the spanks all across her entire bottom and the tops of her thighs. He tried his best to leave no spot untouched. It wasn't even a minute into her spanking that Pete could see a pink glow emerge, and Laura was beginning to sob continuously. Pete paused a moment to rest his hand. But he rested only briefly before starting back up the rain of spanks on Laura's unprotected bottom. Her cries rose again in response and she started moving her feet instinctively. Pete kept up his fiery punishment. She moved her right hand backwards aimlessly towards her bottom. To Pete it seemed more instinctive than anything, because she wasn't using her hand to try and block. Still, Pete grabbed her wrist and pinned it to her lower back without missing a beat of her spanking.

By the time he stopped again, her bottom was definitely beyond pink. He allowed her to rest on his lap. She lay limp, like a rag doll as she cried. After a moment, he patted her bottom and said, "Alright, Laura. Get up, please."

He helped her stand up and then stood after her. She hopped from one foot to the other, her hands hovering near, but not touching her bottom. Pete turned and fetched the cane and said, "Now I want you to turn around, bend over and grab your ankles."

Laura looked back at Pete, and he could see the moistness in her eyes. She turned back away and bent at the waist. Pete stood and looked at her. He could see her pussy barely peeking out from between her thighs.

"Spread your feet just a bit further apart."

She walked each foot a couple of small steps outwards, ending up with them about six inches apart. Now Pete could see her entire sex, the labia not quite parting. Pete stepped closer and took two fingers and roughly probed her pussy, instantly detecting the moisture he was already confident was there.

"I'd say this seems to be working, Laura. Now I want you to hold as still as you can. Don't take your hands off your ankles. Understood?"

Laura whimpered, "Yes."

Pete took a step back and brought the cane up to her bottom, moving to position himself properly for its use. He tapped it a few times against the center of her ass. Then, as quick as a flash, he brought the cane back and brought it quickly back, with a flick of his wrist. As quick as it was, he was still able to hear the whistle as the cane lashed the air before the snap of the impact with her bottom. As it rebounded, he brought it away. There was a pause and then the air was again pierced by Laura's high pitched scream, which lasted as long as the air in her lungs held out. Her lungs rebounded and her crying began anew. Her finger splayed out rigidly, but her hands remained firmly in place on her ankles. The red stripe directly across the center of her bottom was just beginning to form when Pete repeated the motion, landing the second stroke further down on her bottom, forcing another scream from her lips. This time, her right hand left its perch on her ankle for a moment before returning. Pete struck again before the scream ended and her hands left her ankles as she began to straighten up. Pete made his voice firm and ordered, "Get back down, Laura. Don't move your hands from your ankles again."

She quickly moved back. Pete once again rested the cane against her bottom, testing the aim and then launched another stroke, wresting another scream out of Laura and bringing her hand away once again.

Pete said, "Laura... hands."

She breathlessly replied through her tears, "I'm sorry. I can't help it."

Pete's voice spoke firmly again, "Oh, I think you can. Do you want to know why you can?"

Laura whimpered out, "No..."

Pete flicked his wrist again, this time planting a stroke in the middle of her thighs.

Laura screamed loudly again, but this time her hands strained to tighten their grip on her ankles, the fingertips turning white.

Pete returned the cane to her bottom, painting another half dozen stripes covering the entirety of her bottom, from the top of her cleft down to just below the bottom of each cheek. Each stroke seemed to Pete to be easier for her to take. With each stroke, the screams morphed into mere cries, and even the cries seemed to die in intensity. With the last, she merely moaned. When he finally stopped, she had a baker's dozen stripes - 12 on her bottom and the one extra across her thighs.

Pete stepped back. He could see a small puddle of her tears beneath her head. Her fingers where white and there were indents in her ankles where she was gripping them. She was half-moaning, half crying, her breathing irregular, mixed with gasps. He placed his hands on her shoulders and urged her upwards and wrapped her in his arms. She cried on his chest as he held her.

After a moment, he steered her over to the bed and urged her to lie down on her side. He went to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to her and she lay with her head on his chest. As she recovered, Pete could see her hand gradually move under herself, almost as if it had a will of its own. She sighed as her hand reached her pussy and her thighs parted slightly. She began to touch herself and moan quietly. Pete's cock was already hard, but as she began to pleasure herself, he reached down and unzipped his fly and released his hardness. She felt what he was up to and turned to see his manhood, flashing Pete a hungry look before turning and taking him into her mouth, her fingers still plying unseen on her sex.

Pete closed his eyes and felt her mouth work his cock. As he moaned, he opened his eyes again to take in the sight. He could see the stripes on her ass as it bobbed up and down in response to the dance of her fingers across herself. That bobbing was out-of-time with the bobbing of her mouth up and down on his cock. As he got close, she suddenly started squealing, the vibrations of her voice transmitting themselves through his cock. The extra sensations were all it took and he came with her, exploding in her mouth. She did her best to capture all of his cum, but some of it leaked out of the corner of her mouth as she brought her head up from his crotch. She used her fingers to wipe it and then licked them clean. She brought her head back up to his chest and lay it there, her ass still in the air, her breathing returning to regularity along with his.

Before she drifted off to sleep, she turned to look up at Pete's eyes and said simply, "Thank you."

Pete replied, "You're welcome, Laura."

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