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The Demerit System, part 8

Linda's private session with Pete
Life in their house continued along swimmingly. The girls came and went to school, Pete fixed dinner, and they all spent the evenings on their own. Friday evening came and after dinner Pete reminded Linda of her upcoming appointment. Linda nodded as she headed off to the living room couch to study. Once again, shortly after 9:30, Pete retired to his room.

As usual, Ten o'clock brought a knock on Pete's bedroom door. Pete answered, and to his surprise, Linda was not alone in the doorway. Laura was standing with her, also nude. Pete was taken aback momentarily.

"Laura, what are you doing here?"

Laura opened her mouth to speak, but Linda pre-empted her, "I asked her to come. Can we come in?"

Pete stepped back and ushered them both in. The two girls stood in the middle of the room while Pete went to sit on the bed.

Linda continued, "The reason I asked Laura here... Well... There's something about being spanked... with other people watching. I don't know if I can explain it, but it's so embarrassing being told to strip, then being spanked and then crying like a little girl. But the last time, when you put me in the corner while Laura was watching... And then Lana came in and they were talking about me... while I stood there with my burning ass showing and I couldn't do anything about it. My face must have been redder than my bottom! But as soon as you let me go, I had to go upstairs and... well..."

Pete finished her thought, "touch yourself?"

Linda's face turned another shade of red darker and she nodded, "I came three times. I knew after that that I wanted to be watched. I talked with Laura about it and she liked the idea too."

Pete asked, "Alright. I certainly don't object. Laura, please step over to the wall over there, "he said, indicating a spot opposite him near the corner, "you'll be able to watch Linda take her spanking."

Laura stepped over to where Pete indicated while Pete continued, "I also notice, Linda, that you cry much more easily than the other girls when you are spanked. What do you feel about your spankings? Do you think they're too severe?"

Linda shook her head, "No, they're not too hard. It's not the pain that makes me cry, I don't think. Or... at least... not all the way. I think the humiliation is a big part of it."

Pete nodded and reached over to the nightstand and retrieved the hairbrush. He patted his knee and said, "Alright, Linda, I think it's time to start. Please come over here and get into place."

Linda nervously stepped over and placed herself over Pete's lap.

Pete began by pawing at her bottom cheeks, noting, "Remember, Laura, what her bottom looked like after her last spanking? All traces of that punishment have cleared up. Take a good look - I'll bet it will look very different in a minute." Linda trembled slightly as Pete said that. Laura craned her neck to get a good look from her vantage point.

Pete patted Linda's bottom with the hair brush a couple of times, "Are you ready now, Linda?"

Linda quietly said, "Yes."

Pete began to swat her bottom with the brush. As Pete expected, it only took a couple of swats before Linda began to cry quietly. Pete paused after around a dozen. He turned to Laura, who had her eyes glued on her roommate. Pete spoke to her, "See, Laura? Her spanking has only just started and she's already crying like a baby." He gave her a half dozen firm strokes on alternate cheeks and her crying intensified. He paused and spoke to Laura again, "See? It's turning red, but we've got a ways to go yet."

He returned his attention to the task at hand and began to rain more painful swats on Linda's bottom. He continued without any let-up. Before too long, the small salt-and-pepper bruises were beginning to show and Linda was on the verge of hysterics. Still, though she tensed her legs, she stayed resolutely still for her spanking. Pete looked back up at Laura again. Her attention was focussed on the scene in front of her, but her hand had absentmindedly moved to her crotch, her fingers curled inwards.

Pete put the brush down on the bed next to him and urged Linda to stand. When she did, he roughly grabbed her elbow and steered her into the corner of the room, grabbed her wrists and placed them on top of her head. Linda was half-crying, half moaning, tears dripping from her chin. Pete looked back at Laura and said, "Come here, Laura." She approached, and he brought his own hand down and roughly kneaded her abused bottom flesh, intensifying Linda's cries. He told Laura, "Feel for yourself." Laura brought her hand over and placed it on Linda's bottom. Pete said, "It's hot, isn't it?"

Laura couldn't make her voice work properly, but nodded. Pete continued, "See the little bruises? Particularly here." At that point he picked a particular spot and pressed it with his fingertips, making Linda cry out. Pete moved his hand and Laura's fingers followed after, repeating his probing on Linda's bottom.

Pete abruptly turned to Laura and placed his hand on her vulva, reaching in towards her slit. He asked, "And how are you reacting to all of this, Laura?"

Laura's eyes got wide as Pete probed, and then she shut them as he discovered her dampness. Pete smiled and said, "I think I know what to do about that. Come over to the bed." He led her to the bed and said, "Lie down now, with your head up at the top."

As Laura moved to comply, Pete turned around and fetched Linda. "Now, Linda, I want you to come here and help Laura," he said as he took her by the elbow and led her over to the foot of the bed. She knelt down between Laura's legs. She crawled forward and moved her head over Laura's crotch and when she arrived, she began to lick Laura's clit.

While she got into place, Pete took off his pants and underwear. He then moved behind Linda, who was kneeling on the end of the bed as she worked on Laura. He placed his hands on Linda's hips and steered his cock into her from behind. She turned in surprise at his intrusion. He spanked her hard on her right hip and said sternly, "Get back to work!"

Linda turned back to Laura's crotch while Pete continued to fuck her. His rhythm seemed to make it difficult for Linda to stay consistently on target, but Laura didn't seem to mind. She had her eyes closed and her legs spread as wide as they could go. Her head was tossing from side to side and she was moaning. As Pete watched Laura enjoy Linda's work, he felt himself get closer to his own orgasm, and he sped up his tempo. A moment later and he grunted and grabbed onto Linda's hips and thrust deep inside her, trying to bury his cock as deep as he could make it go before it exploded, filling her with his seed.

Pete holding still let Linda concentrate her effort for a moment on Laura's clit, which was all it took to make Laura come, thrusting her chest forward and clamping her thighs around Linda's head. Pete felt Linda's pussy rhythmically massage his cock as her own orgasm began.

Laura collapsed backwards into the pillows and Linda climbed forward into the bed next to her. Pete knelt on the bed and crawled between them. Both girls turned towards him, nestling their heads on his shoulders. Pete wrapped his arms around them, holding them both close. He reached down and kissed Linda, then Laura on top of their heads. As the three of them lay together contented, they drifted off to sleep.

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