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The Demerit System, part 9

Pete catches the girls drinking and makes them pay a hefty price.
Pete was the first to wake up the next morning. It was Saturday - no alarm, just the sunlight streaming in from the bedroom window. Pete's first discovery was that the girls were still there, still both nestled in close to him. Linda was on her stomach - no doubt to protect her tender bottom - with her head on Pete's chest, buried somewhere under her strewn-about hair. Laura was reverse-spooning Pete - her ass resting against his hip and her head using Pete's arm as a pillow.

Pete carefully extracted himself - the girls stirred, but didn't awaken - and headed into the bathroom. After he was done getting ready for the day, he headed downstairs to make breakfast. He was peering into the back of the fridge when he heard footsteps behind him and turned to see Lana joining him.

"Good morning, Lana. You're up early," he said.

She was already dressed for the nice Spring weather - jeans and a tank top. She smiled and returned his greeting with, "Hi, Pete. Whatcha makin'?"

"I was just seeing what was available. Say, would you like to share an omelette?"

Lana's eyes perked up and she said, "Sure! That sounds great!"

"Well, you can help, then. Would you shred the cheese while I get to work on the eggs and ham?"

Pete vacated the front of the fridge with the carton of eggs and ham and left the door open for Lana, who came over and retrieved the cheese and went to the cabinet to get the grater. As they both started to work, Pete spoke again.

"So, what are you going to do with your Saturday? No classes, I assume?"

Lana replied, "No, no school work today. I'm going to go to the water park."

Pete's smile broadened, "That sounds like a lot of fun."

Lana asked, "What about you?"

"Oh, I am going to do a little bit of work in the yard, but not too much. I have a dinner tonight with some business associates. I'll be out all evening."

Lana said, "Wow. Ok. Have fun!"

"I'll try, Lana. Thank you."

They finished breakfast and as they were sitting down to eat, Laura and Linda came downstairs. Pete noticed that Linda was absentmindedly rubbing her bottom as she came in the room, but both girls seemed content. They saw the breakfast Lana and Pete were sharing and Pete suggested they make another omelette with some more eggs and the rest of the ingredients leftover from theirs, which they did. Pete finished his breakfast as Laura and Linda were sitting down, but stayed to talk with them. Laura was going to do some shopping later on (she said that since she wasn't paying any rent she had a little more spending money) and Linda was going to stay home and do some studying and her laundry.

Everyone helped clean up the kitchen and then headed off to their day's activities. Pete went out back to work on his yard work.

Evening came and Pete went upstairs to get ready for his evening out. As he did, he ran into Lana returning from her day of fun, looking decidedly more tan than she was in the morning. He said, "You girls are on your own for dinner tonight."

Lana nodded and said, "Don't worry. We'll figure something out."

Pete nodded and headed upstairs to get ready. When he was dressed to go, he headed back down to the garage. As he went, he passed by the living room and took a look in. Lana was reading a textbook together on the couch with Linda, who was watching a show on her tablet. Laura hadn't returned from shopping. Pete stood for a moment, wondering if there was anything he should do before he left, but then he shook it off. They would be fine. He chuckled to himself and went to the garage.


It was nearly midnight when Pete returned. The evening had gone well, but it had been long and Pete was looking forward to getting home and going to bed. He wasn't sure whether the girls would be up or not, but on the off chance they weren't, he didn't want to disturb them. He came into the house quietly. He heard soft music from the living room. He peered into the room and his mouth fell open. Laura was slumped over on one end of the couch asleep. Lana was sitting on the other end of the couch. She was leaning way back with her thighs spread wide, panties around her left ankle. Linda was kneeling in front of her with her head almost inside Lana's miniskirt. Lana's hands were on the back of Linda's head and from the look on her face, she was definitely enjoying Linda's ministrations. Pete just stared for a long moment before something else caught his eye. Over on the floor to the left of the couch on its side was a bottle of whiskey. Pete suddenly realized it was his. For the briefest moment, irritation flashed through Pete's mind, but he knew exactly what he was going to do.

He walked into the room and just stood quietly, with his arms folded. Lana was moaning while Linda ate her and moving her head slowly from side to side. After a moment, Lana's face suddenly turned and her eyes locked onto Pete. She stiffened and frantically tapped on Linda's shoulder. Linda turned and then quickly scrambled to her feet and Lana closed her legs.

Pete said, "It's alright, girls. I wouldn't normally interrupt this sort of thing, but..." he started to nonchelantly walk over to the bottle on the floor. When he got to it, he reached down and picked it up and continued, "This, however, is something we need to discuss."

Lana and Linda looked at each other and then back at Pete... and then at the floor in front of Pete.

Pete said, "Lana, please wake Laura up. She needs to be part of this conversation as well."

Lana reached over and grabbed Laura's wrist. She shook it a couple times before tugging on it firmly, rousing Laura. She moaned and was about to complain about being awoken when she saw Pete and bit her tongue.

Pete said, "All of you please stand up."

The girls shared a look and then stood, forming a line in front of the couch. Pete walked over to Linda and put his face in front of hers. "Open your mouth and breathe out." As she complied, he sniffed. As he expected, her breath was a combination of Lana's pussy and his whiskey. He walked down to Lana and repeated the process, detecting alcohol (but no sex) on her breath as well. Laura too, it seemed, had helped herself as well. Pete returned to his spot in front of the three of them.

"Well, that's enough proof for me. I think you can all guess what this means. I am deeply disappointed. I trusted you alone for an evening and you get drunk on my whiskey. None of you are old enough to drink, are you?"

The girls were looking at his feet as they shook their heads in response. Pete turned around and fetched his chair and placed it in the center of the room in front of them. He said, "I am going to go upstairs and fetch the brush. I want all of you standing there undressed when I get back."

He turned to leave. Out of the corner of his eye as he walked, he could just see Lana begin to lift up her shirt before he lost sight of them. He went up to his room and quickly found the hairbrush. He paused for just a moment to collect his thoughts and plan what he was about to do. He also was in no hurry to go back down. If anything, he wanted the girls to wait for him to return rather than wait for them to finish preparing for their punishment.

When he had a plan, and had decided they had stewed long enough, he headed back down. When he arrived, the three of them were standing nude in front of the couch, their clothes piled on the couch behind them. Laura was on the left, Lana in the middle and Linda on the right. Pete took his place in his chair and then said, "Alright, Laura. You're first. Come here and get over my knee."

Laura visibly gulped and slowly stepped over to Pete's right side, leaned over and put her hands on his left thigh and lowered herself down into place as she had so often done before. When she was in place, Pete wasted no time and began raining hard hairbrush strokes down on her bottom. With the very first stroke, he drew a long whining moan out of Laura, and by the third stroke, the sobbing had begun. He kept up a slow, but regular rhythm of the hairbrush on her cheeks, making the whole of them fire-engine red. He silently counted 24 strokes before he stopped. Laura was crying hard over his lap. He grabbed her by the arm and urged her to her feet. As she gained her footing, her hands flew behind her as she danced and rubbed and cried. Pete watched her performance for a moment before he said, "That's enough. Back into line and place your hands behind your head. Lana, you're next."

Laura did as she was told while Lana stepped over to Pete and positioned herself as Laura had done before her. Pete spanked her hard as well with the hairbrush, exactly the same way. As always, Lana seemingly tried to hold out on her reactions and tears, but they came only a couple of strokes after they had with Laura. Lana's punishment continued as her sobs became louder, more constant and more urgent. Her bottom too was very red when Pete finally allowed her up. She stood and walked back to her place in line, putting her hands behind her head before Pete gave the order.

Pete looked over to Linda. Her eyes were already moist as she took short steps over to Pete's chair. The crying started even before the first stroke, but quickly intensified as her punishment began. Under Pete's practiced hand, her bottom too turned a deep shade of red and her loud cries filled the room. When Pete finished, again, he helped her to her feet and urged her back in line with the others.

Pete stood before the three sniffling, sobbing, naked girls before him. He folded his arms and spoke again, "Now, girls, we're going to stop for tonight. You're all still a little tipsy and I don't want that to interfere with your punishment. I want you to go upstairs and go to bed. I will wake you all up in the morning and we will finish your punishment."

The girls all looked up at Pete in disbelief and then at each other. They looked back at Pete for a moment. Then Laura turned and led them up the stairs. Pete watched them file out of the room and when he was sure they were gone, he picked up the clothes piled on the couch and took them to the laundry hamper in the garage. He then picked up his nearly empty bottle of whiskey and returned it to its shelf in the kitchen. He turned out the lights in the living room and himself went upstairs to go to bed.

As Pete was taking off his tie, he heard a knock on his bedroom door. He walked over and answered it to find Linda standing in the doorway. She was still nude, and there were tear tracks under both eyes.

She said, "I'm sorry, Pete."

Pete nodded, "It's alright. I know you all regret it, and not just because you're being punished."

Linda nodded. She took a step forward, towards Pete and asked, "Is there anything...?"

Pete shook his head, "No, Linda. I want you to go to bed. We need to finish your punishment in the morning, and you need to sleep in the meantime."

Linda looked crestfallen, but nodded and said, "I understand." She turned around and walked back towards the girls' room. Pete shut his door and went to bed himself.


Pete's alarm woke him up at 8 AM. He dressed casually and then went to the closet and retrieved the Delrin cane and his belt. He took those downstairs to the living room and placed them on the table out of the way. He muscled the couch forward to the center of the room. He went to the garage and got a sturdy folding table that was about four feet wide and long and set that up as well. He then went upstairs to the girls' room, opened the door and turned on the light.

"Wake up, girls."

The girls groaned rolled in their beds. Pete was expecting them to be just a little bit groggy because of the previous evening and the early hour. The groaning did not, however, prevent them from obeying him and extracting themselves from their beds. Laura was wearing a loose tank top and panties, Lana was wearing pajamas, and Linda was wearing nothing at all.

Pete said, "Lana, Laura, everything off." It didn't take them long to comply. When they had, Pete said, "Downstairs, girls. I'll follow."

Lana led the way as the naked trio, still with marked bottoms from the start of their punishment before bed, walked in front of Pete down to the living room. When they arrived, they gathered in front of the now-moved couch and looked back at Pete.

"All of you go behind the couch and bend over the back of it."

They moved to comply, Lana taking the middle spot, flanked by Laura and Linda. Each bent at the waist and placed her hands on the cushions. Pete went to the back of the couch.

"Now, spread your legs apart as wide as you can until your feet touch the feet of the girl next to you."

They did as they were told, while Pete watched. He was prepared to make any necessary adjustments, but the girls managed to get the positioning and spacing almost optimal all on their own. He walked over to the table and retrieved the cane.

"Now we will resume your punishment. None of you are to move your hands or feet. If you do, you will receive extra strokes. Is that clear?"

All three of them said, "Yes," as one.

Pete moved over to Linda over on the left end of the couch. He took up a position to the left of her and held out the cane near, but not touching her bottom. When he was satisfied with his placement, he drew his arm back and let fly with a full stroke down the middle of her bottom. The cane whistled as it flew through the air and landed with a meaty snapping noise. There was just the briefest pause before Linda's head snapped upwards and a shriek left her mouth and filled the room. Pete let the first stroke sink in for a few seconds before he returned the cane and tapped Linda's bottom a few times. She did her best to prepare herself, but Pete tried his best to overcome that preparation. He landed the second stroke higher up on her bottom and she shrieked again, her hands clawing fiercely on the cushions, struggling to keep her place. The third stroke landed between the first two. The scream was just as loud, but now was impossible to segregate from her crying, which too was loud and urgent. Pete struck again, adding a fourth welt below the first. The fifth was between the first and fourth. Pete placed the sixth stroke directly on the bottom of her ass-cheeks. By this point, Linda was almost incoherent. She was crying with great heaving sobs. Pete paused while Linda recovered.

When Linda had regained at least some control, he took a step forward from his place to Linda's left to stand directly behind her, positioning himself to repeat the process on Lana's bottom. Lana heard the movement behind her and balled her fists up on the couch, steeling herself for what was to come. Again, Pete laid on the first stroke with minimal warning, not quite catching Lana unawares, but making her cry out immediately after as the first welt appeared in the middle of her bottom. Pete continued the process, methodically striping Lana's ass with welts the same way he had Linda. And like Linda before her, she struggled to remain in position for her caning. When the six strokes were complete, she too was crying incoherently, sobs and hiccups augmenting her heavy breathing and cries.

Pete moved again. Laura had felt the cane before and was less surprised by the first stroke, but shrieked no less loudly than the other girls. Her six strokes were delivered in the same way, and the results left her too shrieking, sobbing and crying uncontrollably.

Pete placed the cane back on the table and moved back to the front of the couch to watch the girls recover. Linda's breathing was almost back to normal, punctuated by the occasional sniffle. Lana followed shortly after, but Pete waited for Laura to also return to relative composure.

He said, "Alright, girls. We've got one more thing before your punishment is complete. The three of you stand and come over to the table over here." Pete pointed to the folding table. The girls stood and shuffled over to where he indicated.

"Linda, I want you to lie down on your back on the table."

Linda walked over to the side of the table and winced as she sat on the hard plastic surface and then leaned back.

"Now, raise your legs up towards the ceiling." As she complied, he continued, "Lana and Linda, I want you to each hold one of her ankles." As they did so, Pete fine tuned the positioning. He had Lana and Linda hold her ankles nearly, but not completely together, and moved them downwards towards Linda's chest, making her bend her knees. Her pussy was on full display in this position, and Pete could see for himself how moist the plump lips were. He hoped it did not escape Lana and Laura's notice as well.

"That's right. Now, do not let her ankles move. If they do, then all of you will get extras. Is that clear?"

Lana and Laura nodded, tightening their grip on Linda's ankles. Pete walked over to the other table and retrieved his belt. As he walked back to Linda's side, he doubled the belt and wrapped the buckle end around his fist once. When he arrived, he was ready. He held the belt out, testing its positioning, and then raised it and let loose with a solid stroke down the middle of Linda's already stripped bottom. Linda's shrieking resumed, but Pete did not delay. He struck again and again, adding blotchy, wide, red stripes to the crimson welts that were already there. Pete gave her six strokes total and then stopped.

After Linda regained her composure again, he switched the girls so that Lana was on the table and Linda and Laura were holding her ankles. She too showed obvious evidence of her own arousal. He gave Lana six strokes in the same way. Lana almost made it through all six with just a suppressed "Mmmf" on each, but the tears returned on the last.

Finally, it was Laura's turn. She reacted differently from the other girls. Every stroke brought less of a cry from her and more of a moan. When Pete delivered the sixth and final stroke, she stiffened up and gave a long, protracted cry that then morphed into tears and sobbing. Pete wondered whether maybe he had indeed given her an orgasm during a strapping.

After allowing Laura a moment to regain her composure, he allowed her to stand and gathered all of the girls into a group hug.

"Your punishment is complete, girls. Have you all learned a lesson from this?"

As one, they all said, "Yes, Pete."

"No more drinking until you're all old enough?"


"Good girls. You're all dismissed now."

The girls all turned and walked back upstairs. Pete waited until they had gone and returned the couch to its rightful place and sat down to relax.

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