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The English School 2: Stephanie's Reminder

Alice Dodds initiates Stephanie to the joys of girlsex. Can Mr. Cooper hold his own?
This story is for GrassmanRoss, who asked for it, and for Hot-C, who'll probably relish it.

Stephanie’s Reminder

During the next week, Alice and I became very well acquainted indeed. We spanked each other numerous times, ropes and clamps had been applied to nipples and genitals, accompanied by much delightful licking and thrusting.

Friday I sat at my desk, correcting papers, when there came a knock at the door. “Come in.”

To my surprise, since she wasn’t in any of my classes, Stephanie entered, dressed in the school uniform: white blouse, maroon tie, gray pleated skirt, knee socks and Mary Janes. “May I sit down?” she asked shyly.

Smiling, I indicated a chair conveniently placed near my desk. Stephanie sat, sweeping her extraordinarily long hair behind the chair back, primly tugging her skirt down and keeping her knees together. “How can I help you, Stephanie?”

Nervously, Stephanie looked at the floor. “Sir, I’ve been thinking of the punishment you gave me last week. It really hurt and I decided not to sneak out any more...”

“Good girl.”

“...but during the week I’ve thought more and more about how I like meeting the boys, dancing, and so on. So....”

I thought she missed the ‘and so on’ more than the dancing, but said nothing. I let her pause for a moment, then, “Yes?”

Stephanie gulped, then blurted, “I thought maybe a light, very light, spanking might remind me to do well. Not the cane, sir, I’ve done nothing to deserve the cane, but....” She trailed off.

“Hmm, I see. Perhaps you’re right, Stephanie. You’ve done well to get help to be obedient.” I glanced at my watch. “I don’t have time now, and I suggest you accept your reminder in my cottage. It’s more private and better set up for punishment than this office. Will you agree to come to my cottage after dinner?”

Still a bit nervous, Stephanie agreed. “All right, sir, but it won’t hurt too much, will it?”

“No, dear, but it will sting a bit or it won’t be effective. And no cane. You’ve done something right, not something wrong. While I spank you we can discuss a more permanent solution to your problem. Can I trust you not to slink off in the meantime?”

“Oh, yes, sir, especially since I’ve come to you, sir.” She paused. “Do you think it will help reinforce the lesson if I dress as I did the other night?”

“I’m sure it will help, Stephanie, both with your lesson and with the solution to your problem. I was about to suggest it myself. Good for you, Stephanie. You’re showing in many ways you want to learn to control your behavior. So I’ll see you at my cottage at 6.30, agreed?”

“Yes, sir.” She left with a smile and a wave of her hand.

I grinned. I could tell Alice, but I preferred to surprise her. Shaking my head, I forced myself to return to the business at hand, correcting Freshman history papers. Groan.

At 5.00, I put my papers away and crossed the Green to my cottage, tucked into the woods that lined the east edge of campus. I opened a bottle of wine and set a piece of fish to marinate.

Alice arrived with bread and salad. She wore heels, hose, a short skirt and a ruffled white blouse with a tight collar. We broiled the fish and enjoyed our wine and dinner, discussed some campus gossip, current events, and set a date to go to London for a show.

As we finished dessert, there came a knock at the door.

“Come in,” I called.

I don’t know who was more surprised, Stephanie or Alice, but both appeared startled. I invited Stephanie to sit in a chair by the end of my coffee table, while Alice and I moved to the couch.

“Alice, Stephanie came to me this afternoon to discuss some aspects of the discipline we gave her last week end. We agreed she’d come here to continue. Stephanie, I hope you don’t mind if Miss Dodds is part of the discussion. She was so important to your original discipline, I thought it best that she be part of our follow-up. I assume you don’t mind?”

“No, perhaps it’s for the best.”

“I think Miss Dodds’ opinion, representing the adult female view, will be most helpful. Do you agree, Alice?”

“Yes, and I’m curious what Stephanie had to say.”

“Stephanie, explain to Miss Dodds what you said to me before.”

The girl, in a black, clinging dress and heels, sat on the edge of her chair, knees together. She lowered her eyes and giggled nervously. “Oh, this is more embarrassing than I thought. After my punishment, I resolved not to sneak off campus. But during the week I thought more and more of the fun of meeting the boys, and dancing and...”

“And, Stephanie?” urged Alice.

Eyes downcast, Stephanie whispered,...and the sex.”

“And why did you go to Mr. Cooper about this problem?”

“I think maybe a light spanking might remind me to behave. I am sorely tempted to disobey.”

“I see. How very wise of you, dear,” said Alice. “I think a light spanking and paddling to warm you up and provide a good sting, is just the ticket. Do you agree, Mr. Cooper?”

“Yes, I do. Here in my cottage we can set less formal rules. I feel it best that Miss Dodds provide some of your spanking as well as me. I’m sure she’ll have some things to say in our discussion of a permanent solution to your problem.”

“Oh, I’d like a permanent solution, sir. Then I wouldn’t be tempted to run off campus.

We discussed the two reasons she’d been punished, sneaking off and promiscuity, agreeing that sneaking off was the primary offense, since it set her up for the promiscuity.

“So we’ll spank and paddle you to remind you not to sneak off. On the bare, until you’re quite red and warm. Does that sound about right, Stephanie?

“Yes, sir. What did you mean about a permanent solution?”

“We’ll discuss that at the proper time, Stephanie. Right now, I want you to lie over Miss Dodds’ lap to begin.” I carried to a straight-backed chair from the wall to the center of my small sitting room. “We’ll do a traditional over-the-knee spanking. Stephanie, on the bedside table in my bedroom through that door is a stiff, leather paddle. Go get it and hand it to Miss Dodds, handle first.”

Stephanie gulped and her lips tightened as she hastened to obey. Returning from my room, she approached Alice, who sat on the punisher’s chair. “Miss Dodds, please use this paddle to remind me to stay on campus and thus avoid promiscuity.”

“Thank you, Stephanie, I shall.” Laying the paddle on the floor, Carol indicated Stephanie should lie over her thighs. When Stephanie, with a little sob, obeyed, Alice gently rubbed the girl’s posterior and gave me a grin and a wink. She so wanted to punish this girl.

Alice’s preliminary slaps covered all the girl’s upturned bum, but couldn’t have imparted real pain. Soon, the blows increased in force. Stephanie reacted with sighs. I watched her grimaces and judged she felt a bit of pain, but was more apprehensive about the paddling to come.

“Stephanie, this skirt provides you too much protection. Lift it to your waist.” Alice sounded detached. The girl raised her hips and slid the skirt up, but there was so much fabric her bum was still covered. “Never mind, it’s too bulky. Remove your dress.”

“Very well, miss,” said Stephanie, standing. She released the garment, which fell to the floor, revealing Stephanie in a fetching set of black, lacy bra, knickers, and suspenders with black nylons.

“What a saucy little vixen you are. Come, back over my thighs.”

With a slight smile at Alice’s comment, Stephanie bent over to the spanking position.

Alice resumed the handspanking. Soon, a rosy glow suffused the upper exposed cheeks. Alice continued until Stephanie reacted by retracting her calves with each strike. “There, you’re getting warmed up now, dear. Almost ready for the paddle. Mr. Cooper, I know how much you enjoy removing a girl’s knickers. Would you please oblige us?”

“Yes. Thank you, dear, for the privilege. Stephanie, raise your hips.” Stephanie, without protest, lifted on her toes. I hooked my fingers in the skimpy garment and slowly tugged it down over her thighs, knees, and off over her heels. “Spread, Stephanie. I frankly wish to enjoy the view.”

“Oh, sir, how embarrassing!” Nevertheless, she opened up for me. Stephanie kept herself hairless over her lips. Her slit glistened. Gently, I slid my finger from near her rosebud up to her hood. At my first touch, she jerked, but settled right down and did not protest nor attempt to put her thighs together. “Just as I thought, Alice. Like last time, Stephanie is clearly sexually aroused by the spanking.” I continued my gentle stimulation.

“Do you agree, Stephanie? You find spankings arousing?”

“Yes, Miss, but not the cane, miss. Definitely not the cane.”

“Not tonight, dear, only the paddle. Mr. Cooper, I’m sure Stephanie has had enough of the pleasurable interlude you provided.” I slowly withdrew my finger.

Alice slapped Stephanie quite hard with the flat of her hand. Stephanie gasped and flexed her legs at the knee.

“It’s good that you’re given this reminder spanking in your saucy lingerie bits. Up to now, you associated them with the thrill of seduction and the sexual pleasure afterwards. Now, you will associate them with the pleasure and pain of punishment as well.” Alice paused and gently probed Stephanie’s sex.

“Oh, miss, please!” Stephanie drew her legs together.

“Stephanie, I’m only checking your arousal. Hold your legs open for me. It will do you no harm.”

With a sob, Stephanie submitted. Alice rubbed her a bit longer than I. Her fingertip slightly penetrated the moist, pouting inner lips. Involuntarily, Stephanie made humping motions. She didn’t protest, but expressed her evidently mixed feelings with close-mouthed, high-pitched moans that most closely resembled kittens mewing.

Alice cupped Stephanie’s reddened cheeks with both hands. “Do you agree that Stephanie’s sufficiently warmed up for the paddle, Mr. Cooper?”

I palmed the upturned, round buns and roamed all over the smooth, warm surface. “I’d say you did an admirable job of preparation, Alice.” I withdrew as Alice picked up the paddle.

Alice swirled the paddle all across Stephanie’s rump before striking. She began with alternate cheeks, moderate blows, with a pause after each one. The pauses grew shorter, the arm swing longer. Stephanie reacted first with grunts and gasps, then, “Ouch! Ow, that smarts. Ohh, Miss Dodds! Ow!” Stephanie’s legs waved in the air and her arms flexed.

With a shake of her head and a rueful smile to me, Alice stopped, again making circles on the inflamed buttocks with the leather paddle. After a few moments, she replaced the paddle on the floor.” I knew she wanted to administer more pain to the teen beauty but her integrity maintained her in full control.

“Stephanie, what are you reminded of by this paddling?”

“My caning last week and my lessons — not to sneak off campus and not to be promiscuous.”

“Very good, Stephanie. Do you feel this was an effective remedy?”

“Yes, Miss Dodds. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to punish me, miss.”

“Remain in position for now and do not touch your bum. I’ll care for that.” Alice rubbed and massaged the girl, soothing the pain.

“Now let’s discuss one alternative for a permanent solution to your problem. Clearly, you enjoy looking and feeling sexy, but my guess is that beyond that and beyond the delightful tension of seduction, what you really crave when you sneak off is sexual contact and satisfaction. Am I correct?”

“Yes, Miss. I love what I do with guys in bed.”

“Of course you do. You’re a normal, healthy, sexy girl. However, I’m sure you’re aware that many, if not most, of the girls here at school find solace and sexual fulfillment with each other. Have you ever done so?”

“No, Miss.”

“Do you have a particular reason? Religious or moral objections or perhaps personal distaste?

“No, Miss, I just don’t want the reputation. I’ve seen it harm some girls back home and besides I do so love it with the boys.”

“Yes, so do I. Yet I fondly remember the great joy I felt with my schoolfellows. None that I know of abandoned their proclivity to enjoy males. I certainly didn’t,” she said with a laugh and a grin to me.

“No, indeed you haven’t, Alice,” I put in warmly.

“So Stephanie,” Alice resumed, “when I touched you like this” (Alice lightly touched Stephanie’s sex, eliciting a full body shudder.) “you jumped like you just did and even drew your legs together. Yet as I continued, and as I do so now, I find you damp and you begin to move your hips in response. Tell me, dear, do you find my touch pleasurable?”

“Yes, Miss, I have to admit I do.”

“Have you ever felt curious about the pleasures one girl can give to another?”

“Yes, Miss. More since I arrived here, since so many of the girls clearly enjoy it.”

To my surprise, Alice slowly withdrew her finger. She took a deep breath. “Stephanie, I want to offer you a choice. It’s a free choice and there are no consequences whatever you decide. Mr. Cooper and I will never breathe a word of anything that occurs here. So I offer you a chance to satisfy your curiosity about girlsex with no chance of harming your reputation. If at any time you wish me to stop, I will do so and do whatever will make you comfortable. Mr. Cooper, I’m sure, will be ready to provide the relief you’re more used to if you find you don’t like our activities.”

“I’m quite sure Mr. Cooper’s more than ready after watching you spank me.”

“Yes, indeed, Stephanie,” I said. We all laughed.

“Well, Stephanie, how do you feel about my offer?”

Stephanie twisted around to face Alice. “I accept, Miss Dodds. You’re so pretty and so self-assured I’m sure you can teach me well if anyone can.”

With a smile, Alice put her arms under Stephanie’s and helped her stand up. She hugged the girl. Stephanie’s arms first hung at her side, then went around Alice. The pair stood there, hugging, hands gently massaging each other’s backs and bums, for a full minute. Alice said, “Come, Stephanie, we’ll be more comfortable on the bed.”

As Stephanie turned to follow Alice, leading the girl by her hand, I caught her expression. The lovely girl’s eyes were wide, her mouth open in a mixture of surprise and joy. I followed as unobtrusively as possible. I didn’t want to interfere, but I wasn’t going to miss this. As I passed the punishment chair, I swooped to pick up the paddle. I stood in the doorway, allowing me an unobstructed view while concealing most of my frame.

Alice sat on the bed and tugged at her blouse where it was tucked into her skirt. “Help me with my buttons, Stephanie,” she said. Alice moved slowly, swaying her torso to free each shirttail as Stephanie, breathing hard, slowly undid all the buttons from the neck down. Alice shrugged the blouse off, revealing her breasts, pushed up and rounded by a lacy, white underwire bra.

“What a beautiful bra,” Stephanie whispered.

“The fabric feels very nice,” Alice invited.

Fluttering her eyelashes, Stephanie slowly reached out and palmed the bra gingerly from beneath. She swept her hand over the nylon, then, with a deep sigh, she applied pressure. “Oh,” she gasped, reaching for the other breast with her unused hand. She lightly lifted the pair, then her thumbs circled where Alice’s nipples nestled. “Oh, these do feel nice,” she breathed, barely audible.

“I love breasts so much,” Alice said, gazing into Stephanie’s eyes. She kissed the girl. Stephanie remained stiff for a moment, then her shoulders dropped and her arms went round Alice again. The girl opened her mouth and the two ladies kissed passionately. I think at that point Stephanie either decided to let her trial proceed or yielded completely to her passion. In any event, she showed no hesitation thereafter.

Alice cupped Stephanie’s breast and gently compressed the taut flesh. Stephanie moaned into her teacher’s mouth. Alice unhooked the girl’s bra in back but made no attempt to remove it. The pair sank to the bed, lifting their legs from the floor. Alice hooked a leg over Stephanie possessively. Stephanie gasped and reached for the clasp between Alice’s bracups. Alice’s firm, medium-sized breasts, topped with prominent, conical nipples, beckoned. Stephanie held one in each hand and gently squeezed. Her thumbs rasped over the sensitive nipples and Alice moaned. Stephanie slowly bowed her head and licked, then claimed with her lips one rosy, stiff nipple.

Alice threw back her head, her hair flying. She pushed Stephanie’s head to her chest and gasped. Stephanie, mouth glued to one breast, continually squeezed the pair. Alice’s eyes rolled up in her head. She licked her lips, then focused on Stephanie. She slid her hands under the flimsy fabric of the girl’s loose bra to claim the widely separated, firm, developing mounds. A few gentle squeezes, then Alice took Stephanie's nipples in her thumbs and forefingers and twirled them. “Oh, oh,” gasped the excited girl. They hadn’t yet touched each other below the waist, yet my bedroom was filled with a delightful, arousing aroma.

Stephanie ran her hands over Alice’s bum, still encased in her brown skirt. She squeezed the mounds, then pulled the short zipper down. Both ladies tugged at the skirt, sliding it down, revealing Alice’s shapely thighs decorated by suspender-style tights that left her most important areas bare. Stephanie’s eyes widened. “I never knew my teacher was so sexy!” She boldly squeezed Alice’s bumcheeks and the pair kissed again. Alice fondled Stephanie’s pink cheeks, then raked her fingernails down the girl’s back to her buttocks. Stephanie writhed and moaned, but did not remove her lips from Alice’s.

I ventured into the room, pants unzipped, squeezing and stroking. They were in their own world and wouldn’t notice me or care if they did.

When Alice slipped a palm between Stephanie’s thighs to cup the girl’s sex, the girl reacted very differently than before. She lay on her back and opened her legs. I stood at the base of the bed, watching avidly as Alice initiated Stephanie to the complete joys of girlsex. Gently, she compressed the outer lips with her fingers, then drew the sensitive flesh up and down, rubbing the concealed nubbin over her pubic bone. Stephanie moaned into Alice’s mouth. Alice dropped her face down, kissing, licking and biting the neck, the chest, the breastslopes, nipples. “Oh, my God,” Stephanie cried out. Alice never stopped tugging at the girl’s sensitive folds. She slipped from the breasts to the belly, wickedly lapping the belly button, then farther down.

At the top of the pubic mound, where the trimmed hair remained, Alice’s descent took a turn along one thigh, then to the inside. Gently spreading Stephanie wider with her hands, Alice massaged the inner thighs with both hands, fingertips barely touching the sensitive flesh, near, but never on, the essence of Stephanie’s sexual being. The girl rolled her head from side to side, mewing again, but with a deeper pitch than before.

I bent over by the side of the bed, staring at the locus of Alice’s attention. Stephanie’s outer lips were swollen, and her wrinkled inner lips, prominent as they were, damply glinted where they protruded provocatively.

Placing both hands on the patch of decorative fur, Alice pulled the mound up and released it again and again. She kissed and licked the inner thighs on both sides, moving ever so slowly closer to her goal. Alice exhaled a warm breath on the damp lips.

Louder, more insistent cat-like moans from Stephanie.

Alice’s tongue slowly protruded from her mouth, licked the soft flesh on the outside of the mound, up, over the top, through the foliage, down the other side. Stephanie’s cat noises increased in volume, and dropped in pitch once again. Alice repeated her circuit, then paused.

Even more slowly, she licked the exposed outer lips, up, over, and down. Stephanie thrust her hips up, rolled her head and pounded the bed with her hands, gasping. Alice flicked me a conspiratorial glint for a fraction of a second. She slowly inserted her tongue to the hidden fold between Stephanie’s outer and inner lips. Again, she made the circuit, up, over, carefully withdrawing a bit to avoid the most sensitive bud still hidden inside, then down the other fold.

Stephanie held her hips still, thrashing her head from side to side, drumming her heels, slapping the bed with her palms.

Alice slightly turned her head and claimed the wrinkled pouty lower lips with the lips of her face. She sucked them and pulled them, all the while gently swirling her fingertips across Stephanie’s uppermost inner thighs.

Feral Stephanie arched her back, thrusting her hips at her tormenter. She hissed and spit like a Siamese, spittle flying from her mouth. “Get on with it! I need it! You’re the best, just give me relief!” I swiftly wiped droplets from my face, not taking my eyes from the ecstatic pair.

Alice, shifting her grip to hold the thrashing girl’s thighs for control, stayed with her. I leaned so my face was as close to the action as I could get without touching or interfering. Alice’s agile tongue penetrated Stephanie’s lips to her innermost folds. She licked up, then dove her tongue deep. Alice’s lips opened, and I lost my view of the teen beauty’s sex. Since I could no longer observe Alice’s ministrations directly, I shifted my gaze to Stephanie’s face.

Her mouth wide open, she rolled her head from side to side. Her eyes, though open, saw nothing, as unfocused as a blind woman’s. Wordless sighs of pleasure came from her mouth. She thrust her hips into Alice’s mouth, crying, “Ahhhh, ahhhh!”

As soon as Stephanie relaxed and her hips sank back to the bed, Alice shifted her attention ever so slightly up, her mouth still glued to the top of the girl’s slit. She wrapped her arms around Stephanie’s thighs, pulling her shoulders against the girl’s mid-thigh, her hands gripping the backs of her thighs at the crease between leg and protruding buns.

Stephanie screamed, bucking her entire body, thrashing her arms, hair and more spittle flying. Alice, with her tight grip, kept her mouth glued to the top of the girl’s slit, surely working her tongue on the sensitive love bud. Alice stayed with her for three back-wrenching full body spasms, before the young girl seemed to collapse.

Alice wasn’t having any of that. Not removing her mouth, with Stephanie still rolling her head, fanning her long hair, and mewing once again, Alice waved two fingers toward me. I took them in my mouth, moistening them for her. Reversing her palm, she plunged the two digits, fingertips up, deep into Stephanie. I saw the knuckles where the fingers met the palm moving, evidence of the magic Alice worked deep in Stephanie.

Again, Stephanie screamed, threw her entire body about, thrashing, nearly airborne. Alice, up on her knees, kept her mouth pressed to the clit and her fingers moving deep. Stephanie collapsed and arched, collapsed and arched, screaming incoherently all the while, and finally gave a tremendous thrust, remaining at the peak with extra spasms, then suddenly collapsing. “Please...I can’t...take....any more,” Stephanie muttered, totally spent. Alice relaxed her grip around the girl’s thigh, slid up her body and kissed the exhausted beauty. Stephanie barely responded and the pair lay still, hugging each other.

I let out a sigh of mixed admiration and envy and tiptoed from the room, leaving the paddle on a bedside table. I soon returned with glasses of water. Alice and Stephanie were embracing and kissing, though without the urgency they’d felt before.

They sensed my presence. Stephanie reached out eagerly when she saw the water, then drained her glass. Alice offered to share hers, but Stephanie shook her head. Alice took a drink and put her glass on the bedside table next to Stephanie’s. I shed my clothes and joined them on the bed on one side of Stephanie.

Stephanie said, “Oh, Alice, that was unbelievable. I never imagined...”

“I surprised myself, dear. I guess I really wanted to convert you to bi. Did I possibly succeed?” Alice arched one eyebrow.

“Well, it’s hard to tell. I think we should try again sometime. Soon.” We all three laughed. She thought a moment. “I think it was so strong because it was so unexpected, so forbidden, but mostly ‘cause it felt sooo good!” She and Alice kissed again.

Alice graciously brought me into the conversation. “Tom, did you like watching us?”

“Stephanie, I was deeply honored as well as incredibly turned on, to see you go from tentatively exploring the option of girlsex to the huge, explosive, llllooonnnggg orgasms you had. I am in awe of you both.”

“It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Such strong orgasms. I don’t remember any better.” She looked pensive for a moment, then, to my surprise, grasped my cock. She stroked it and precum covered my tip. With a twinkle in her eye, Stephanie said, “Yes, it still feels good to hold a nice, stiff cock.”

“Whew! I was wondering there for a second. I sure hope I can make a contribution to your permanent solution.”

“Please, tell me more, Mr. Cooper.”

“Stephanie, remember you came to me and asked for a reminder spanking. Alice has given you a memorable one, but I think you should get one from me because you asked for it.”

“You just want an excuse to smack my bum.”

“That too, yes.” Everyone laughed.

“Alice began your reminder with you over her knee, an excellent position from which a girl can learn from either a woman or a man. I want to begin in a different position, one I feel is particularly suited to help a girl learn from a male.”

“All right, sir, what is the position?”

“Start on your hands and knees.” Stephanie moved into position. “Alice, please hand Stephanie a pillow. Thank you. Stephanie, you may rest your head on the pillow. Good. Now spread your knees a bit more than a half a metre apart. Very good, Stephanie. Now tell us how you feel in this position.”

“Very open and exposed, sir. I know you can see everything and do whatever you want. I...I like the feeling, though I’m a bit frightened.”

“Very well, Stephanie.” I massaged her upturned cheeks, still red, though barely warm. My cock, slightly relaxed before, surged to full erection. I pressed it against Stephanie’s cheeks, sliding across the expanse, dipping into her crack, then over the other mound, back and forth. During this pleasurable interlude, I thought. What did I wish to teach my pupil Stephanie? Alice’s “conversion” was a hard act to follow. Besides, I felt no desire to enter into a contest with Alice, a woman for whom I felt the beginnings of love. Though virile and confident, how likely was I to induce in Stephanie a second life changing, wrenching experience in such a short time? Notwithstanding, I assured myself of my ability to provide the lovely Stephanie with a powerful, distinctly male experience. I took a deep breath.

“Stephanie, you have enjoyed sex with males very much, haven’t you?”

“Yes, sir, very much indeed, sir.”

“It seems with many boys, not just one or two specials friends, is that right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Why is that, Stephanie?”

She thought a moment. “There are a few reasons. None of the guys I met in the village were types I’d like to spend a lot of time with, and none of them seemed as good as one of my lovers at home.”

“I see. Tell me about the good lover.”

“He’s even older than you, sir. Soon after my 16th birthday, a boy on a date got really rough with me, trying to get me to take off my bra. We were in this shack behind my house, and my neighbor heard me crying out and came to see what happened. He chased the boy away and was very nice to me. I began confiding in him and I must say he was always the perfect gentleman. I fancied him and made the first move, but when I did, he was very ready to go, if you know what I mean. He’d been thinking of me, but had too much respect to act. He’s a wonderful, experienced lover. I missed sex so much when I was sent here that I kept sneaking off until you caught me.”

At the conclusion of this surprising narrative, I gently rubbed Stephanie’s moist lips, sliding my fingers slowly over the entire mound.

“You explained yourself very well, Stephanie. Thank you.” The sensitive girl rocked back and forth and gave a moan of pleasure. I began spanking with my other hand, slapping each jutting cheek in turn. “Here’s what I think may very well happen for you, Stephanie. You will surely engage in girlsex again, and probably enjoy several girls over a period of weeks. Eventually, however, you’ll long for the feel of a stiff cock in your hand, your mouth, your warm canal.” I spanked a bit harder. “When that occurs, you’ll be tempted to sneak off, pick up another inexperienced swain, enjoy your easy seduction, then have only partially satisfying sex.” I indicate the paddle to Alice, who handed it to me. I smiled my thanks and rubbed the stiff leather over Stephanie’s nates. “I’m going to use the paddle to remind you of the consequences of sneaking off and to re-warm your beautiful cheeks.”

With that, I began swatting Stephanie with the implement. She was silent at first, but soon grunted and twitched with each blow. She made no protest or effort to protect herself.

“Stephanie, there is at least one experienced male who is ready, not only to provide reminder spankings, but to provide you with the male sexual experiences you crave so much. Does that interest you?”

“Yes, sir, very much, sir. I assume you mean yourself, and I’m sure I’d love to be instructed and helped by you in that way. Please, sir, though I’m still enthralled at what occurred between Alice and me, I do so long to be filled. Please fill me, sir.”

I rested the paddle on her sloping back and again stimulated her sex. She responded almost instantly, so I inserted a finger gently into her slit, back and forth. She said, “Oh that feels good, sir, please give me more.”

“All in good time, my dear.” I shared a smile with Alice, who lay on the bed, watching us, two of her fingers probing herself.

Stephanie was right on the edge when I resumed paddling her. I paddled swiftly but moderately. Toward the end, I plunged two fingers into her damp and wriggled them. Stephanie squirmed, making it harder to aim the paddle, but I was nearly done. Stephanie’s gasps and hip thrusts told me she was near orgasm, so I quickly replaced my fingers with my cock, plunging into her fast and hard. Two good thrusts and she was over the top. “OOOHHH, I’m cumming!” she cried. I slammed into her again and again, smacking her bottom with both hands, wrists crossed to make it easier to strike with my palms.

When I felt Stephanie begin to relax, I leaned forward, still vigorously pistoning into her, fitting my body to her back and gently bit the back of her neck, growling like a leopard. “Aaahh,” she gasped, rising over another wave. As she dropped down from that peak, the delightful mewing began again. I pinched her nipples, then rolled them in my fingers. The mewing became a moan and her hips thrust back at me, gasping, “Cumming again, cumming again.”

Part of me was glad when she came off this peak because the position was hard to maintain. I gratefully raised my upper torso and caressed her lower belly, two fingers coming to rest on her clitoris. I slammed into her with renewed vigor and rubbed the sensitive bud rapidly. Once again the sensitive teen rocketed over the top, crying out, “I love cumming! Cumming!” As she relaxed, I didn’t give her any respite but kept pumping and humping, rasping her clit until she cried out once again. “Please wait, wait a moment.”

That was all Alice needed. She hastened to get in the same position as Stephanie, right next to her. Two sets of buns and genitals vied for my ministrations. “Please, Thomas, I need some of that too. I’m almost ready, but I need your cock.”

How could I fail to oblige? I slowly withdrew from Stephanie and shifted over to insert myself in a different warm, clinging quim. I pumped into Alice, but did not abandon Stephanie. I palmed her how empty lips, but lightly slapped over her hood and exposed clitoris. “Oh!” she cried in surprise at this different sensation in her most sensitive place.

Alice ground her hips back to me, clearly near the edge, gasping “Ah, ah,” with each hip thrust. Stephanie’s mews were the lower pitch ones that indicated deep arousal. I stepped up the pace of the pistoning and the pussyslapping, and was rewarded by both girls going off together, their cries and odors mingling.

The sensations and the excitement I felt at giving two women orgasms at the same time made it very hard for me to hold back. I was so close! I shut my eyes and grit my teeth, exerting all my willpower.....and managed to retain. The Tantric orgasm was nearly as fulfilling as an ejaculation. I caught my breath along with the girls.

Soon, the breathing sounded more manageable, so I started pumping into Alice again. “Thomas!” she said in a schoolteacher voice. “What kind of teacher are you? You know students’ needs always come first. Now see to Stephanie.” We all laughed and I obediently moved back to Stephanie, reinserting my cock.

By this time, the teen’s cheeks were cool, so I again smacked her as I slowly resumed our coupling. Alice scooted around on the bed and presented Stephanie with her open, damp pussy. Without hesitation, Stephanie licked and sucked her teacher’s lips and button, her first taste of a woman’s essence. As I spanked and my cock churned back and forth in Stephanie, Alice writhed about and pulled Stephanie’s face to her hips.

I pumped fast and hard, withdrawing my full length, slamming in, ballocks swinging to Stephanie’s clit. Fully aroused, I growled from deep in my belly, louder and louder as my passions built. Alice cried out and Stephanie contributed loud, muffled moans as she tongued Alice and pumped a pair of fingers in her teacher. We all reached a crescendo together. “AAAAHHHHH! I bellowed, so hard my throat hurt. I slammed into Stephanie so hard she slid forward on the bed. “Ah! Ah!” I hollered as each spurt burst from my expanded cockhead. One last twitch and I was empty. The girls were gasping as well, and I flopped to the bed, facing Stephanie, mouth wet from Alice’s juices. I kissed her passionately, realizing with a start that I’d had all manner of sex with the pretty teen, but not kissed her once.

We three hugged, with Stephanie in the middle, trading kisses and muttering about how terrific our sex together had been. I asked, “What did you learn in school today, Stephanie?” Laughing, she said she’d probably never leave campus again for anything.

All covered with sweat and numerous other fluids, we soon went to shower. We took a light snack to bed, and most of the sexual activity the rest of the evening revolved around Stephanie’s continued Sapphic education but I was not ignored. I learned that Stephanie had very good oral technique indeed.

We drifted to sleep, all with contented smiles.

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