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The English School 3: Alice's Discovery

Alice learns of some social undercurrents among the girls in her charge.
Alice’s Discovery

Early one Sunday afternoon, Alice couldn’t resist the good weather during one of the last warm days of fall. She left several uncorrected papers on her desk in her cottage and crossed campus to the high fence that bordered a district park. Her faculty key let her through the gate. Students with permission could obtain keys to enjoy unspoiled nature in the park also.

Alice wandered the trails rather aimlessly. She knew the area well and had no concern about getting lost. She sat on one of the numerous benches, listening to the birds. She spotted some with a pair of binoculars, but, not being a birder, couldn’t identify them.

The voices of other walkers slightly intruded on her reverie, but she expected such in a public park. The voices faded as the others followed another trail.

Then the voices became shrill. One was familiar. Alice, ever the teacher and disciplinarian, decided to investigate. Her intimate knowledge of the park gave her a strong hint where the girls were. Alice retraced her steps to the last junction and took the alternate path. Soon, she came to a the edge of a glade with a picnic table. Four students were in the glade, none facing her. They were Stephanie, Pamela, Rachel, and Sondra. Sondra, arms akimbo, faced the trio defiantly. Like all the students at the Searing School, they were at least 16 years old.

“You’re a bitch and a snob,” accused Stephanie.

“And a backstabber,” added Pamela.

“And why should I care what you silly little girls think of me?”

“It’s not about us or our opinions,” put in Rachel. “You should give people respect regardless of all your class and money shit.”

“And what will you do about it if I don’t?” Sondra drew herself up to her nearly 1.8 metres and glared at the trio.

Stephanie lunged forward, reaching toward Sondra. “I’ll show you what we can do. Come on, girls!” The three girls advanced on Sondra, who recoiled.

“If you touch me, I’ll have you expelled. My father built the school library.”

Alice also stepped forward. “Stop!” Her withering glance froze Stephanie. “Stephanie, I expect better from you. You egged your schoolfellows into attacking another student. Such actions are inexcusable, whatever the provocation. You three, hold your tongues. Sondra, what’s going on?”

“These three think I offended them. I only put them in their place.”

“Think?..” began Rachel.

“Quiet, you,” intervened Alice. “Go on, Sondra. You others will have your chance to explain.”

“Well, I said nothing but the truth. Rachel and Pamela are stupid and Stephanie is a charity case. I admit she’s got some brains under that knot of black hair. They all wear awful clothes.”

“Quite. I begin to see the nub of the conflict here.” She turned the three still obviously angry girls. “One of you speak for the rest. We can clear up any misunderstandings later.”

The three looked quizzically at each other, then Stephanie stepped forward. “Miss Dodds, she did insult us. She’s even proud of it. Plus we know she spread this nasty rumor about Elaine getting preggers by the janitor... ”

Sondra interrupted. “Well, she’s so fat, an old prick like the janitor is the only guy she’ll ever get.”

“Oh, give it a rest, Sondra,” Alice snapped, disgusted.

“She acts like that all the time, Miss Dodds,” resumed Stephanie. “Is it any wonder we want to tell her off?”

“You were ready to do more than tell her off, if I’m not mistaken. Weren’t you about to physically attack Sondra? And weren’t you two about to join her? Tell the truth, now.”

Stephanie hung her head and said, “Yes, Miss Dodds, I was about to attack Sondra and I did egg my mates on.”

“Thank you for your honesty,” said Alice. “You two? Were you about to join her in this attack?”

Pamela and Rachel looked at each other, then at Stephanie, who’d clasped her hands behind her back and stared at the ground by her feet. Pamela spoke first. “She’s a snob...”

Alice’s sharp voice stopped her. “Answer the question. Were you about to attack Sondra?”

Pamela looked down as well. “Yes, Miss,” she whispered.

Alice looked at Rachel. “Yes, Miss Dodds, I was about to attack Sondra.”

Alice glared at all of the girls. What a hornet’s nest I stepped into, she thought. They all deserve some punishment. Unfortunately Sondra, the cause of all this, deserves the least, and Stephanie, my lover of two days ago, deserves the most. She sighed aloud, then spoke. “Sondra, your snobbery and classism are evident and deplorable. Your family money and ancestral history are best left out of relations with other humans, who are you equals, however differently you’ve persuaded yourself. Now go to your dorm and mend your attitudes. I will be watching you. You’ve not done anything I can punish you for, but if I’d seen you treat those girls that way, you’d be in trouble. Take yourself and your petty conceits away from us.”

“Whatever,” said the unrepentant Sondra, as she flounced from the clearing on the way back to the gate.

Alice held up a hand, motioning the others to silence. She listened to Sondra’s footsteps, then followed her up the path a few feet to where she obtained a view. Sondra was striding determinedly in the direction of the gate, so Alice returned to the picnic table. She faced the three would-be avengers.

“Girls, I understand how trying a fool like Sondra is, especially if she keeps rubbing your noses in it. But you are maturing young ladies. Surely you’ve met snobs before and will do so again. Turning the other cheek is always the best.

“Now, however, you’ll have to turn cheeks of another kind. I’m going to punish you for your contemplated attack on Sondra. Each of you on one side of the picnic table, shorts down, Rachel, your skirt up, and all of you, knickers below your nates.” The chastened girls hastened to comply.

Alice took a small utility knife from her key ring and strode to the edge of the clearing. She inspected several of the osiers in the tangled growth common to machine-cut borders and selected a long, thin shoot. Cutting it near the ground, she trimmed the leaves from it as she circled the girls.

“I think it’s quite fitting that I use materials found at the site of your offense to correct your behavior. Do you agree?”

A chorus of insincere “Yes, Miss” followed.

Alice continued to strip the stem of impediments.

As they watched Alice, the girls exchanged apprehensive glances or stared with unwilling fascination at Alice’s preparations.

When all leaves were removed, Alice took a few swings in the air with her improvised cane. Using her knife, she cut off about a third of a metre from the thin end of new growth. A few more test swings. Alice nodded and stood by the table at the unoccupied end. She struck the corner of the table, observing the end of her switch. “Ah, good, the end doesn’t wrap. This will punish, but not hurt overmuch.

Alice resumed circling, this time swatting each girl on her knickers.

“When I punish, I have girls spread their legs to further their embarrassment. I’ll give Pamela and Rachel three strokes and Stephanie, as instigator, six.”

All three girls slowly opened their legs together and braced themselves. Pamela sighed resignedly.

Alice circled the table, concentrating on her anger and her growing arousal. Stephanie, just two days previously introduced to Sapphic love by Alice herself, stood with her transparent, black knickers bunched above her knees, occasionally brushing her long black hair from her face. A pair of shorts lay around her ankles. Pamela, less tall with ‘dirty’ blonde hair close cropped to her face, looking quite frightened and contrite, stepped nervously on her discarded shorts. Rachel, as tall as the aristocratic Sondra, was rail thin with a heart shaped face and a light, seemingly transparent complexion. Her skirt kept falling over her hips, so Alice tugged at the waist, releasing the friction fasteners, ignoring Rachel’s gasps. The skirt slid to the ground. Despite her thinness, Rachel was endowed with rather plump buttocks. Her blue nylon knickers were in an untidy bundle just below the swell of her bum. Alice, entranced by her elfin beauty, took extra time lowing the tiny garment to the girl’s knees.

Alice began with Rachel, tapping her bottom repeatedly, then drawing her hand back for a swift, sharp strike.

Rachel gasped as the osier compressed her flesh. Pamela’s eyes widened as she watched Rachel’s expression.

“Oh, it stings.” Rachel moaned plaintively while Alice moved to the next girl

“Pamela, get ready.”

“Oh, Miss Dodds, please,” entreated the frightened girl.

“Pamela, accept your punishment.” Without further ceremony, she treated her as she had Rachel.

“Oh, oh, oh,” cried Pamela. She drew up one leg.

“Keep your legs still or I’ll give you another, Pamela,” snapped Alice.

Pamela put her leg down and sobbed, “Yes, Miss.” Tears welled up in her eyes.

Her chums reactions did not go unnoticed by Stephanie. Eyes wide, she looked at Alice plaintively. Perhaps because of her recent punishments, Stephanie reacted less to her first stroke than the others. The second cut elicited a more intense reaction.

Stephanie gasped, “Ahhhhh! OOOOHHHH!” and panted, squirming her hips when Alice was done.

As Alice approached Rachel for her second canestroke, the girl tensed her cheeks and thighs.

Alice was impressed by the size of the welt. It was quite red already. She slowly drew a sharp fingernail over the mark on Rachel’s near globe.

“Ohhhuhhooo,” sobbed Rachel.

Without pause, Alice tapped Rachel for aim a few times, then swooshed the cane across the protruding buttocks. “Owwww!” Alice moved on.

Pamela sobbed, a few tears stained her make-up on her cheeks, and she moaned as Alice approached her for her second stroke. She even twisted away, but was brought back by Alice’s sharp, “Get back in position if you know what’s good for you.”

“I'm sorry, miss, I can’t seem to help myself. Ohhhhhh,” sighed Pamela as Alice took swift aim. Pamela stamped her feet and wailed after Alice delivered the second stripe.

Stephanie looked more resigned than frightened. She took several deep breaths and closed her eyes as Alice approached.

Alice took harder aiming strokes with Stephanie than the others, hard enough the girl gasped even before Alice wielded the cane at nearly full strength twice in rapid succession. “Yahh!” the punished girl cried.

“Oh, poor Stephanie,” said Rachel, who’d had some time to recover.

Alice, a slight smile on her face, placed Rachel’s last stinger right at the crease, where her smooth bum jutted from her slender thigh. “’Til we’re all done, Rachel, stay in position until I tell you to move.”

“Yes, Miss,” she whispered through clenched teeth.

“Not so much flinching this time, Pamela my dear,” said Alice, ready to complete the petite blonde’s punishment.

“Yes, Miss,” whispered Pamela. She, like Stephanie, closed her eyes.

Alice carefully aimed the cane in Pamela’s crease and served her just as she had Stephanie. Pamela’s gasped “Owwww, Miss!” as her chin trembled and tears streamed down her cheeks. Pamela, the punished teen gasped and cried aloud. “Oh, how it stings. My poor bum!”

“Remain in position, Pamela.”

“Y..yes, miss,” gasped Pamela.

Without pausing, Alice moved behind Stephanie, whose breathing deepened as before. “Stephanie, prepare yourself.” Alice allowed Stephanie a moment to regain whatever composure she could muster. Again, Stephanie’s aiming strikes were rather hard as Alice drilled in on the base of her bum. Whack, whack came the final pair of strokes.

Stephanie endured with a nearly silent wail that gradually became a keening moan. After Alice was done, the volume increased, then became mighty sobs.

Alice walked around the table, inspecting the inflamed bottoms. To her, the triple stripes of red looked very pretty on the girls, but she wasn’t certain they would share her opinion. She ran her hands over each pair, feeling the heat radiating from each angry welt. Returning to the head of the table, she asked, “Have you girls learned not to attack others?”

This time the “Yes, Miss Dodds” sounded quite sincere.

“What do you say to me? One at a time. Speak for yourselves. Rachel?”

“Miss Dodds, I thank you for inflicting so fitting a punishment on me. You reinforced what I knew, that it’s wrong to attack and hurt another person. In future, I won’t do any such thing.”

“Very well. Pamela?”

“I thank you, Miss Dodds, for correcting my behavior. I was wrong to attack Sondra and wrong to follow someone’s lead. I accept responsibility for the attack and for being a follower. I won’t attack anyone again.”

Alice took a moment to consider. “Good, it’s rather rare to take responsibility for being a follower without attempting to blame the leader. Last, Stephanie?”

“Miss Dodds, I apologize for being less than you expected or hoped. I accept responsibility for attacking Sondra and for urging my friends to join me. If I hadn’t done so, they wouldn’t be in trouble. I thank you for caring enough to punish me for all these reasons, and I won’t attack Sondra or anyone else.”

“All right, I accept your apology as well.” Alice treated herself to one more circuit, complete with feels, then told the girls to get dressed. They did so, with much rubbing of bums. “Now then girls, back to the gate.”

The girls, though eager to go to their dorms and perhaps give their posteriors a shower, found their pain made them walk slower than they preferred. Nevertheless, they soon were back on campus. With a final admonition, Alice sent Rachel and Pamela to their dorms. “Stephanie, I want you to accompany me to my cottage for a bit more discussion.”

As the pair walked on the flagstoned path to the cottage, apprehensive Stephanie asked, “W...will you punish me more, Miss Dodds?”

“You’ll find out, Stephanie. And you may call me Alice in private, after all we’ve been through. I notice your shorts are rather tight. Does that help the sting, dear?”

“I guess you’d say it helps it. It makes it worse.”

“Good, you should experience pain for the pain you wanted to cause Sondra.”

When they arrived at the cottage, Alice gave Stephanie a chance to refresh herself, and gave her a drink of fruit juice.

“Now let me inspect that pretty bum,” commanded Alice.

Stephanie removed her shorts and knickers, stood with her legs spread wide and bent at the waist, hands on her knees, looking back at Alice provocatively. She evidently hoped the offer of sex would distract the sadistic teacher from any more thoughts of inflicting pain.

“Stephanie, you took your punishment well. I think you should be proud of yourself, and you look very pretty with those big welts. I must say I did very good work. They are straight and evenly spaced.”

“I'm glad you like them, Alice.”

Alice laughed. It was impossible to tell whether Stephanie was being sarcastic or not. “Hold still, Stephanie, I can’t help myself. Or rather, I don’t want to.” With that, she swatted the inflamed cheeks again and again, ten times on each rump, accompanied by loud gasps from Stephanie.

“OW! Alice, that really hurts!” Stephanie stood up, rubbing her bum and dancing from foot to foot.

Alice grinned at the sight and whisked off her skirt, flopping into an easy chair. “Stephanie, turn round and kneel before me. Remove my knickers. I think you’ll figure out what to do next.”

Forcing herself to stop jiggling, Stephanie knelt as close to Alice as she could get, her knees touching the chair. Fingertips brushed the insides of Alice’s thighs. The damp panties exuded the aroma of Alice's excitement and Stephanie breathed deeply. She grasped and slowly lowered and removed Alice’s navy blue panties trimmed with white lace. Her teacher’s trimmed pussy glistened before her. Stephanie gently rubbed the outer lips as Alice sighed. The apt student stroked the protruding inner lips and slipped an exploratory knuckle inside. She took in the odor again and slowly insinuated two wriggling fingers as deep as she could, then licked Alice’s hood, finally penetrating the lips to find the sensitive clit.

Alice pushed her head toward her with both hands, communicating her desperate need for insistent licking. Stephanie understood and opened her mouth, sucking in the lips gently and flicking her tongue tip over Alice’s clitoris again and again. The excited teacher thrust her hips toward her lover as images of red-striped, pretty girl-butts flashed through her mind. The imagery and Stephanie’s mouth and fingers did the trick and Alice came strongly with a series of gasps and cries. “Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes! Steph...Yes! Yes! Yes!.” She subsided, but only momentarily. “More! Again,” she cried, pulling the brunette to her once more.

Stephanie responded by driving her tongue into Alice’s slit next to her fingers for a moment, then returning her attention to Alice’s most sensitive spot. She reached up under Alice’s blouse and cupped a breast, squeezing rather hard, since Alice wore a bra. Alice arched her back, pressing against Stephanie’s face, moaning, “Oooooohhhhhh,” as a long-lasting orgasm shook her entire body. She drummed her feet on the floor and grasped Stephanie’s thick black hair spasmodically.

Her back and her grip relaxed and she tousled Stephanie’s’ head affectionately. “Oh, I needed to cum so bad after that hot caning.” She and Stephanie looked at each other, Alice recovering her breath, Stephanie’s eyes bright. She still slowly licked her teacher. She reached for a button on Alice’s blouse, but Alice’s sat partway up and pulled the top off, then unfastened her bra. Stephanie discarded her own upper garments.

The pair slid to the floor on their sides, hugging and kissing. Alice once again cupped, gripped, and scratched Stephanie’s still-warm nether mounds, thrilling as the girl gasped.

Stephanie fondled Alice’s breasts, at one time holding one in both hands, more often feeling both at once. She kissed and sucked them, wriggling her tongue tip over the nipples. Alice nuzzled the girl’s neck, the thick hair covering her face. Alice slipped a couple of fingers into Stephanie’s very wet slit and Stephanie moaned with pleasure.

Alice dropped her mouth to Stephanie’s small breast and licked it all over, then gently sucked the entire cone into her mouth, licking as her fingers slammed into the girl, her hand held so the heel of her hand slapped Stephanie’s clitoral area. Stephanie came with staccato cries. “Oh, oh, onh! Yes, Alice, yes! Mmmmmm...Yes! Oh Yes!”

When Stephanie took a deep breath, Alice swiftly reversed her position, propping one leg up and offering Stephanie her hairless pubic area. Stephanie imitated the position and in a second the girls were locked in a classic 69, hands to buttocks, lips to cuntlips, tongues to clitorises. The room filled with pussysmell and stifled moans as first one, then the other came again and again.

Finally, the satiated pair came up for air. Stephanie pulled a pillow to the couch and they lay with their heads propped on it, grinning to each other and kissing.

“You're such a good lover for a beginner to girlsex,” whispered Alice. “And your bums are so pretty and literally hot! Got me going a lot!”

“I’m so glad you taught me about going with girls. That spanking really hurt when we first got here but I understand you just had to do it.”

“I sure did, hon, and it was wildly arousing. You gave me very good cums afterward. I hope you liked yours.

“Oh, yes, never fear.” The pair kissed affectionately. Alice spoke at their next interlude.

“By the way, I tried not to imply anything when I dismissed Pamela and Rachel ‘cause I know your reputation is important to you.”

Stephanie laughed. “I don’t think I have much reputation left after yesterday evening.”

Alice raised an eyebrow inquisitively. “Do tell.”

“Well, yesterday afternoon, I went to my room and brought myself off with a vibrator, remembering how great it was with you. I wondered what it would be like with a different girl. Then after dinner, several of us were studying in the Common Room and the senior Jessica?”

Alice nodded that she knew Jessica.

“Well, she sorta threw a text on the table and sighed, “Oh, I need a righteous study break.” I flabbergasted myself and everyone else. I said, ‘I’d love a big study break with you, Jessica.’

“She looked at me with surprise, then joy. She held out her hand and led me upstairs. In her room, she had me strip and felt me all over, then remove her clothes. She spanked me very slowly and sensuously, then fingered me until I came. She required that I lick her and we finished with a 69, just like we just did, but not as loud or wild. She insisted I wear no panties or bra and kept my top three buttons undone when we went back downstairs to do more homework. When I came downstairs, everyone clapped and kissed me, telling me I’d done the best thing I could do. I slept with Jessica, so we were together two more times, last night and this morning.”

“Well, aren’t you my best student ever,” said Alice, kissing the beautiful teen.
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