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The Fairest of Them All

Lizzie finds the perfect model
Lizzie walked around the school checking out all the girls to see who was perfect for “The Most Gorgeous and Wicked of Them All”, the finishing school’s monthly magazine. It covered all arrays of topics, from the girl’s love of spanking to beautiful photos of girls modeling with thrashed sore bottoms. The magazine covered the most spankable bottom, votes to see who were the most beautiful girls readers hoped would be spanked, interviews with the girls on life and their love of being spanked, the best spankings received, the girl of the week and much more. This month was the 100th anniversary of the magazine, the coveted “Fairest of them all” issue. It was a special double issue filled with every kind of spanking articles.The magazine would choose the most beautiful girl at the school for a lavish spread and interview for the magazine. The problem was out of 10,000 students Lizzie had not yet run across such a ‘goddess’ type girl but she desperately needed to soon. She had to write the full article, have the girls model for the spread and interview them all before the magazine’s deadline.


“Get out.”

Makaela looked at her teacher in shock “w-what?”

She sat in Miss Tener’s large, beautiful office. Makaela had no idea that her teacher was actually the head of the whole Finishing School.

“Pack your things and get out of my school, your program is over,” the teacher said.

Miss Tener acted like she had had enough of Makaela but that wasn’t the case at all. It was little known that Miss Tener loved humiliating beautiful girls, in fact it was half the reason she founded this school. First a girl had to be humiliated and broken only then would her behavior improve. Miss Tener could feel how moist her pussy was as she stared at the trembling girl. She only chose the most beautiful girl of all the applicants to be her student, and the the girl in front of her was the most beautiful she had ever seen. Tears streamed down Makaela’s face.

“You show zero respect and treat everyone like they are inferior to you. You don’t listen to a word anyone says, and you do what you want when you want. Miss Linelle you fail to understand you are not above anyone,” continued Miss Tener.

In reality Miss Tener felt like Makaela was definitely superior to every one, she was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. The petite girl’s features, long hair, button nose, big eyes, full lips, large firm breasts and a big round bottom were breath taking. A perfect body coupled with a perfect angelic face.

Makaela’s mother was clear on the rules, she would finish the one month course here. If the still wasn’t well behaved she would do another month and another month until her behavior improved. At 22 years old and in Nursing school it was time Makaela became well behaved. Her mother made it clear to Makaela that if she didn’t finish the course she would be spanked right outside of her school every morning, naked. That was more than incentive, Makaela could not be thrown out. Being spanked naked in front of everyone was too horrible to even think about.

“Miss Tener, please don’t kick me out. I’m sorry I promise my behavior will improve. P-please don’t throw me out, punish me with a spanking. Just PLEASE don’t throw me out.”

Miss Tener watched the girl pathetically beg not to be thrown out, she then opened Makaela’s file, “Well it says you find spanking erotic, but the implement you hate the most is the switch. It’s the most painful to you, which also makes it the one you love the most. Is this true?”

Makaela couldn’t believe this she had expected to be spanked but not with the horrible switch. She remembered the last time she was spanked with the switch. She had cried for 2 days straight but she had also masturbated for 2 days straight. Her pussy tingled “no it’s not true” she replied.

“Uh huh,” Miss Tener said grinning. “Maybe if you beg me to thrash you with a switch I’ll allow you to stay.”

Makaela just looked at her.

Miss Tener closed the file and simply said “Okay then, go pack your thi-”

Makaela cut her off, “Please thrash me with the switch.”

“What was that? Miss Tener asked.

Makaela swallowed her pride “Please thrash me with the switch.”

“You’re a petite little thing, huh?” Miss Tener asked, “but your butt is so big and round, why is it all city guys love a girl with a ‘phat ass’?” Miss Tener walked around the room continuing “to me you’re just a little fat girl.”

“I am not fat you bitch, only my breasts and butt are bigm” Makaela smiled. “Are you jealous that my body is perfect and yours is a disaster?”

Miss Tener felt anger, “Well what do you weigh then hmm?”

Makaela looked at her with rage, “None of your business.”

“Tell me you’re a fat little girl.”

Makaela got up, “FUCK YOU!”

“Exactly, you are defiant and rude to your elders so get out of my school.”

Makaela sat back down, “I’m a fat little girl” she whispered.

“I can’t hear you! Proclaim it to the world!” Miss Tener cried happily.

Makaela got up, her pretty brown face burned, “I’m so beautiful people break their necks to see me. In college every professor fought over who would have me in their class. People worship the ground I walk on.”

Miss Tener smiled, “You are right honey, which is why you need to be brought down to earth.”

“Nope!” Makaela said happily. “Earth is filled with ugly people like you.” She gave a radiant smile. “I like being up here, ask anyone on the planet who has seen me, I’m a goddess.”

“I’ve had enough of your attitude,” Miss Tener screamed. Makaela jumped in fright.

“Get out of my school now!” she yelled.

“W-wait i’m sorry,” Makaela stammered.

Miss Tener was angry now, very angry. “Also why do city guys love girls with ‘thick thighs.’ You have full thighs too but I only see a fat little girl with thunder thighs.”

“Ask me to thrash your fat bottom and thunder thighs.”

Makaela’s face burned.


Back at the dorms Lizzie was in despair, she hadn’t really found a girl who was worthy of the cover. The 100th issue would be bigger than normal and have an extensive interview with the most beautiful. Lizzie had to choose ideas for the cover, did she want a girl with a fresh bottom begging to be spanked?, or a naughty thrashed bottom pouting at the camera? Every girl would love to be on the cover there would be a lavish picture spread of her and a nice interview, but it had to be the perfect girl.


Makaela was on the bed on all fours, with her silky white dress pulled up to her stomach. Her slick white panties were pulled down to her ankles looking pretty around her black high heels. Her head was down and her back was arched presenting her bottom. She could feel her big breasts squished underneath her, she wanted to squeeze them so badly. Miss Tener swished the switch through the air making Makaela shake in fright. Miss Tener walked up to her naughty student “you are NOT to clench your bottom during your spanking is that understood? If you clench or touch your bottom it will be two extra strokes for each time.

“Yes ma’am,” Makaela whispered.

With that Miss Tener swung the switch she held with all her might right in the middle of Makaela’s bottom.


It barely made any noise, but it became fire. Makaela felt the effects in less than a second. She felt a welt form right in the middle of her bottom and searing pain radiated across her ass. Makaela gasped “W-wait Miss Tener I’m sorry.”

“Oh you will be honey, tell me your getting your fat bottom thrashed.”


Makaela gasped and squeezed the sheets. “I’m getting my fat bottom thrashed.” With that stroke she felt a tingle in between her legs, she had no idea Miss Tener was already soaking wet.

“Tell me you’re being thrashed on your thunder thighs,” Miss Tener said, then brought the switch down on the girl’s tender thigh right below her bottom.

“Ow ow ow!” Makaela gasped, “oww...I’m being thrashed on my thunder thighs!”

Miss Tener wanted to cum as she looked in between Makaela’s legs and saw glistening. She would do anything to taste that pussy, it looked tight and sweet. No matter how she degraded her, Makaela was by far the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. There was no way around it and there was nothing anyone could do about it Makaela was a goddess. “Tell me you’re a brown little fattie.”



“Ohh oh oww ow ow ow,” Makaela buried her head in the bed arching her back and lifting her leg in pain. A tear ran down her face, “Miss Tener I’m not fat, I’m not, I’m not!”

“Tell me you are a brown little fattie, now.”



“Ahhhohhh owieee, oh oh,” Makalea blinked making tears roll down her face, “I am not fat!”




Both women relished the positions they were in, even if subconsciously. Miss Tener was dominate, she wood take all this girl’s dignity. She would break her. While Makaela was absolutely humiliated, naked with 8 painful welts across her bottom. Deep down she knew she was stuck up and she needed this to bring her down a peg. She needed to be submissive, humiliated and punished, it made her pussy want to burst in orgasm.

“Young lady tell me you are a big brown fattie with no dignity.”


















Miss Tener aimed the switch at the girl’s thick thighs.





Ah good girl, now tell me you’re getting your naughty big fat ass thrashed.





“Tell me you’re getting your thunder thighs thrashed







Miss Tener wasn’t convinced “every time you get a spanking you say those same lies, then call me a bitch the next day so...”





“Who here is in control?”



“will you ever disobey me again?”


“Good girl, you have more strokes to take, can you do that for me?”

Makaela’s voice was hoarse but in burning pleasure she arched her back. “Y-yes ma’am.”











A truly bad girl usually got 36 strokes, Miss Tener had already given Makaela 45.

“Tell me you are my worthless whore” Miss Tener said now leaking down her thighs.



“I AM YOUR WORTHLESS WHORE!” she shrieked. Miss Tener saw Makaela was running down her thighs as well.

“You are Miss Tener’s little worthless whore.”



“All of your holes are Miss Tener’s”



“My full perfect lips are Miss Tener’s”



“My juicy little pussy is Miss Tener’s.”


Makaela shrieked into a pillow as she repeated Miss Tener’s humiliating words.

“My tight little asshole is miss teners."





"My big firm luscious breasts are Miss Tener's."





Mis Tener was satisfied, now all she needed to do was drive the lesson home.






About 60 good strokes, 60 welts across that perfect behind. It was the hardest thrashing Miss Tener had ever given.

Never once did Makaela ask for it to stop.

“Owwwiieeeee oh god oww” Makaela screamed into her pillow. “I’m getting my naughty fat ass thrashed” she sobbed over and over into the pillow.

Miss Tener didn’t think she had ever thrashed a girl so thoroughly, she was trembling. She needed to see if Makaela tasted as sweet as she looked. The girl was glistening from her little caramel fruit and Miss Tener needed it.

“Spread your bottom” Miss Tener said.

“Ohhh yes ma’am,” Makaela whispered as she buried her head in the tear soaked pillow and grabbed her ass cheeks.

60 strokes was the most searing agony she had ever felt in her life, the burning pain enveloped her thoughts. She had been taken more than passed her limit, all of the agony gathered in between her legs. If she didn’t have release she would go mad, her dreams of having sex with Miss Tener was coming true. She grabbed her brown bottom normally soft and delicious now it was covered in welts. Miss Tener watched in lust as the girl opened her bottom. She then heard Makaela say words that made her pussy want to explode.

“My pussy and asshole are Miss Tener’s.”

After eating out Makaela’s pussy and asshole over and over again, Miss Tener knew for sure that Makaela tasted just as sweet as she looked. The girl truly was a little carmel goddess, in that she tasted like carmel and chocolate. Perfect looks, perfect body, Miss Tener saw why Makaela’s ego was huge, physically this girl was perfection. Miss Tener didn’t think she would ever be able to pull her face and tongue away from inside the girl’s butt crack.

“Your punishment isn’t over yet” Miss Tener whispered as she wiped her mouth. “Will you be Miss Tener’s good girl and take the rest of your punishment?”

“Yes Miss Tener,” Makaela whispered as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.


Lizzie had given up hope when spotted the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. She was walking with Miss Tener. No that wasn’t accurate she was was crawling with Miss Tener on a leash. The naked girl was on all fours with a dog collar around her neck. Well the girl wasn’t technically naked, she had black high heels on...and a pink ball mouth gag dripping with drool. Her big breasts swayed under her with a painful looking pink weighted clam on each nipple, pulling hard on her little carmel nipples. The girl had a perfect big bottom, and full jiggly thighs.The perfect round bottom and upper thighs were covered with searing reddish violet welts. The thing Liz found slightly amusing was that a rubber like red devil’s tail stuck right out of the girl’s asshole. She noticed the girl’s stomach looked slightly bloated and she could hear soft water swishing.

“An enema.” the head principle said.

Liz looked up at her “w-what?”

“A medical practice now used sexually, I’ve filled her ass with water and used this devilish butt plug to keep her from expelling.”

Liz heard the girl’s stomach groan, the girl looked up at the headmistress with big brown pleading eyes.

“Oh my little Makaela you won’t expel for Miss Tener until we’ve paraded you around the whole school, will you?”

The girl shook her head side to side.

To Lizzie’s shock it looked like the girl was in the most humiliating pain of her life...and sexually stimulated by it. Her pussy looked tight and swollen dripping with juice down her thighs.

“Let’s go honey” Miss Tener said pulling on the girl’s leash.

Lizzie watched the girl’s welted bottom jiggle as she crawled away on the headmistress’s leash. She then turned and ran to her dorm, locked the door and pulled her jeans down. She was soaking wet , there was nothing better than the sight of a gorgeous girl being thrashed and fully humiliated. She was about to cum into her panties at the sight of the girl and as importantly the discovery of her cover model. She almost jumped up and down in excitement, that was her cover girl! She laid on her bed and slid her finger in and out of her pussy until she came hard she then hurriedly went to the school’s information center.

Lizzie ran right up to the front desk where a a woman with glasses worked, “Excuse me ma’am i’m the top editor and reporter for the school’s “”Most gorgeous and Wicked Magazine-”

The woman laughed, “Miss Lizzie Cahterine, everyone at this school knows you, your magazine is the most popular in the school. Students request passed issues everyday, the school has kept every magazine you have ever put out.”

She smiled, “How may I help you?”

Lizzie was stunned and exhilarated, her magazine was so popular! Lizzie smiled back “thank you for your kind words ma’am. This is the magazine’s 100th issue and i’ve been looking for a girl worthy of the title ans instead of the normal segment “the most beautiful of the month.”

I thought a new, “The most beautiful of all time” segment would be fun. I definitely found the girl but I have no idea who she is, all I know is that she’s new this year. Physically she’s petite, and-”

The front desk woman interrupted her, “Makaela Linelle.”

Lizzie was confused for a moment “excuse me?”

“The girl you are looking for is named Makaela Linelle, in 2 days she has become the most well known girl in this whole school. I’ve heard students and teacher’s say she is the most beautiful girl they have ever seen.”

Lizzie was more than excited now, “Do you think she’d be willing to do a spread for the magazine!?”

The woman thought for a moment, “Well Miss Linelle is small and delicate but thanks to her beauty has an exceptional ego. She has been spanked naked by her teacher headmistress Miss Tener, in public so there is a good chance she’d be willing to do your magazine.”

The woman gave Lizzie Makaela’s file, she was only allowed to look and in complete secrecy. If she revealed any details of a girl’s private file Lizzie would be thrown out of the school. She opened the file and studied it:

Makaela Linelle.

Date of birth: April 20 1990

Height: 5’2

Weight: 117 pounds 

Bra Size: 32-DD

Sizes: 34-26-39

Piercings: Two holes in right and left earlobe, as well as a pierced naval.

Tattoos: Small heart on hips and a pink flower on her ankle. 

Description: Makaela has been sent to The Disciplinary Girl’s Finishing school by her mother. The girl has a sweet nature but an ego far to extreme because of her physical attractions. She finds being spanked erotic but has only been spanked a total of 11 times in her life. Because of her inexperience it is recommended that she be shown compassion and leniency when being spanked.

Defining Characteristics: Almost unnaturally beautiful, petite, buxom, voluptuous.

Dorm: 10th Floor, Number 15

Current Naughty attitude: 5 out of 10 

A 5 is only the beginning of being naughty, it is recommended to give hard thrashings so the number quickly goes down to 0. 

Recommended: Hairbrush, paddle, belt, cane and switch.

Lizzie closed the file and remembered the poor girl’s purple behind and snorted. That bitch head mistress hadn’t shown any lenience. Lizzie wondered how anyone could thrash such a cutie but this this was a great turn of events. During the photo shoot the girl would still have lingering emotions and may cry. She had a feeling the cute ‘Makaela Linelle” would be crying a lot.

Lizzie hoped to god Makaela would do the magazine.

Lizzie rode the elevator to the 10th floor and walked to room 15. She knocked on the door and waited patiently for Makaela to open the door. Her face was streaked with tears and she wore a tight shirt and baggy sweat pants.

Damn. Lizzie thought she has big breasts too, and I can see her nipples! She was almost drooling she could see the captions now

“The big round butt AND big firm breasts issue! What more could you ask for?”

“Hi!” Lizzie said brightly “I’m Lizzie the head of Gorgeous and Wicked. I wanted to know if you would be interested in doing a spread for the magazine.”

Makaela looked confused “W-what?”

“Makaela would you like to be in the school’s spanking magazine?”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Well it’s a magazine that only circulates through the school, here’s last months issue have a look.” Lizzie said as she handed Makaela the magazine. “Oh! and of course you will be paid-”

Oh shit Lizzie hadn’t thought about payment a girl as beautiful as this would demand a price we can’t really afford at the moment...or ever.

Makaela cut her off, she was rich. She was extremely rich it was why she had a slight ego. It seemed kind of expected because not only was she extremely beautiful she also had maids who did everything at her whim.

Makaela smiled, “It’s okay, you don’t have to pay me."

She looked embarrassed, “These pictures are too revealing.” Lizzie’s heart sank right before she heard, “But okay I’ll do it” from Makaela who smiled with glistening white teeth


The 100th issue of Gorgeous and Wicked with Makaela as the cover girl, sold out within the first hour of release at all 10 bookstores at the school. Most of the teachers at the school hated the magazine but they secretly bought this issue to go to their offices and “read’.

The cover picture was a side view of Makaela on a bed on all fours. She was in pink lingerie and her long hair shone like silk. A pink flower looked beautiful in her black hair. The bed she stood on all fours on was a beautiful ruffled white. It looked like soft dreamy silk. She had her back arched deeply her head turned to the camera with big sad brown eyes and gloss covered pouty lips. The cover had captions like

“Behold the most beautiful girl on earth, thrashed and humiliated.”

The huge round butt AND the big firm double D issue! What more could you ask for?”

Inside photos of the big bubble butt that has captivated the whole school. We ask the princess herself, does a plump bottom cushion the sting of a spanking?

“The naughty princess gets 60 strokes with a switch, a detailed look at her sore bottom.”

The first half of the magazine focused on her ‘big round butt’, while the other half focused on her ‘firm and big breasts.’ Since it was a spanking magazine the photos mostly focused on her bottom. She posed in the lavish spread in various sexy positions. One of the most popular was a pic with Makaela completely bent over and spreading her bottom for the camera, with a pink jewel where her asshole should have been. The caption read

A pink jewel buttplug for the beautiful princess.”

Another favorite was a picture of her adorned with jewels and flowers with her hands behind her head. A small jewel was in the middle of her forehead and she wore soft blue cloth. The picture was centered on her large breasts. She had her head slightly turned and a painful looking clamp on each of her small carmel nipples.

The issue had a nice interview with Makaela on things like why she felt spanking was erotic and what implements she liked. Just this one issue made the magazine extremely popular, it became known as “the only magazine to ever interview the princess.”

Lizzie laid naked in bed with a naked Makaela sleeping peacefully in her arms. She had never been attracted to girls before, this was just one exception. How did she get this lucky? Not only did she score the interview, she had sex with the most beautiful girl to ever be on this campus. She hugged Makaela’s petite form harder and heard her moan happily. Lizzie closed her eyes and licked her lips. She wished the carmel taste would last forever on her lips.

Miss Tener was in rage, she had thrashed this stuck up 22 year old ‘Princess’ Makaela to humble her. Now she was an even bigger celebrity at the school. Oddly enough Miss Tener’s rage didn’t stop her from opening the magazine and sliding her hand down her panties. She masturbated savoring the sweet taste of Makaela on her lips.

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