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The Generation Gap - Traversed

25-year-old Ruth is spanked by her 45-year-old girlfriend
I was so lucky to have met Sharon. I am Ruth, 25-years-old and a secretary in the HR department of a large firm. Sharon is 45-years-old but the twenty year age difference was no problem at all .

I was immediately attracted to Sharon. She is my Mum’s age but I never had a good relationship with her. Unfortunately for me my own Mother was far from loving, in fact she wasn’t particularly interested in me at all. I longed for a mother’s love. In Sharon I had found what I wanted, the security of a loving mother.

Sharon attended the same keep fit classes at the sports centre as I did. After a couple of sessions I started chatting to her. We got to exchanging banter during the class and after the session started going together for a coffee. One time, Sharon asked if I was interested in seeing the latest rom-com film with her. I was, and we went together.

We were soon an item and my friends joked how Sharon was my Mum’s age. I just told them that we were just friends, but pretty soon Sharon was known as my chummy mummy. I had never heard the term before. Maybe it was unusual having a friend the same age as my Mum. However, I rather liked the idea. The age difference was a bonus for me anyway.

What I didn’t tell my friends was that Sharon’s mother daughter relationship had also been an abject failure, so she was looking to befriend the daughter she never had. Well, no, actually she had a daughter, but the teenage years were a nightmare and they fell out. Sharon always reckoned she had failed her daughter who went off to University but never came back home to live. Slowly they had lost touch.

Sharon and I just clicked and we got on really well. When out together we heard whispers around us that we seemed like a mum and daughter. We liked those comments.

After a few dates Sharon opened up further and told me she felt if she had been stricter with her daughter that maybe she wouldn’t now be wasting her life ‘living the dream,’ as her daughter put it when they last spoke on the phone. In return, I explained to her that my Mum just left me to fend for myself and I knew I also could quite easily have spiralled out of control. I managed to turn myself around but I would have liked a more disciplined upbringing. It was after a few drinks that I admitted to Sharon, blushing, that I was so hung up about the lack of discipline in my life and often wondered what it would have been like to have had a strict Mum.

Sharon looked surprised by my comment and asked cautiously, “What kind of discipline?”

I was still blushing, answering, “Well, erm, being spanked if I needed to be.” I added after a moment, “You know, like if my Mum decided I needed to be.”

“Give me some reasons,” Sharon asked, clearly interested.

I smiled. “Crikey; there are so many. Mainly though, I used to answer her back which she hated, but as there wasn’t any come back I just kept doing it.”

“Oh, I see,” Sharon replied, continuing, “I suppose that will annoy me as well.” Sharon smiled and added, “Well, it’s not too late for you to get a good spanking, you know.”

“But I’m 25- years-old,” I said, half-heartedly objecting.

“So? I reckon we should give it a good go. I can be strict and if I think you need it I’ll spank you,” she considered, staring at the table thinking her distant thoughts. “Just like I should have spanked my own daughter.”

I thought for a moment looking at my new friend. She was a good looking woman, cropped dark hair which she told me she coloured, a pretty sleeveless dress that showed off her firm arms. I knew from our walk from the gym that she had bare legs. I could see Sharon so easily as my Mum so even as she was talking I had made my mind up. I said nervously, “OK, deal.”

That night I slept over at Sharon’s. I had my own room and all. The very next day Sharon asked me to make my bed. I didn’t even mean to be rude. It just came out. I said a very short, “later.”

“I said now, Ruth, and that means now. So I reckon I will need to incentivise you. Come with me.”

I looked up at Sharon’s sharp tone to see her walking over to me. It didn’t click immediately. Not until Sharon said sternly, “Go to your room and I’ll be up in a minute.”

I didn’t argue. It was a shock to happen so quickly but I realised that I was going to get my first spanking. I stood up, turned to say sorry but thought better of it, and walked out of the room, up the stairs, and in to my bedroom. I heard footsteps behind me and moments later Sharon came in to the bedroom. She didn’t ask to come in, which she usually did before. She just walked in and closed the door behind her. She walked over to my chair, a high backed desk chair, and sat down.

“Stand here,” she ordered, pointing to the floor by her side.

I quickly stepped across the room and stood on the very spot she pointed at.

“I will take down your knickers so put your hands on your head,” she snapped.

Terrified and elated at the same time I put my hands on top of my head and clasped them together tightly.

Sharon lent forward and lifted the hem of my skirt up. It was strange being physically undressed, but as soon as my knickers were around my ankles I stepped out of them, which was equally as embarrassing.

“Lift your skirt above your waist and bend over my lap, my girl.” Sharon retained her stern tone of voice.

I lifted my skirt up, then edged forward and bent down across Sharon’s lap. It seemed so strange as the carpet came up to meet my face. I looked under the chair and saw my bare legs dangling on the far side. I felt Sharon’s hand rubbing my bottom in circles. I just thought how it was really going to happen. I was going to be spanked.

Next moment I sensed Sharon had raised her arm, at least it wasn’t rubbing my bottom and the moment later I felt her hand spank my left bare bottom cheek. It stung, though probably more in surprise than pain. The first spank I had ever received. Before I could relish it Sharon brought her hand down on my right bare bottom cheek and the feeling of stinging re-occurred. Sharon continued to spank first one bottom cheek and then the other, spank after spank. I was conscious of the stinging increasing in intensity. However, it wasn’t so bad. I did like the feeling of submission that I had given control to Sharon. I knew I had been naughty saying what I did, after all. Sharon was right to discipline me.

The spanking continued apace. I gasped more and more as I was sure Sharon was spanking me harder and harder. I yelped when Sharon spanked the back of my leg as that really stung. Suddenly she was spanking the backs of my legs alternately. Worse, she spanked the back of the same leg time and again. It felt like twenty times or more before she went back to spanking the back of the other leg.

I lowered my head, scrunched up my face, but was desperate not to ask her to stop; even as the stinging became almost unbearable. After all, I had told her I wanted to be spanked and knew it would hurt. I had my eyes tight shut but felt the tears running down my face as the stinging intensified.

As suddenly as she had started so Sharon stopped spanking me. “Up you get, my girl,” she said sternly.

I eased myself off her lap and stood up slowly.

“Hands,” she said firmly.

I knew she meant for me to put my hands on top of my head, so I did.

Sharon stood up, pinched one of my ears, pulling it, forcing me to move towards the wall.

“Press your nose against the wall. This is your naughty spot. Think about how rude you were until I say you can move. Understood?”

“Yes, Sharon,” I replied, realising I was sniffing and sobbing.

Sharon told me afterwards I spent twenty minutes with my nose pressed against the wall. I did think about what I had said to her so rudely. All in all I thought it was a well-deserved and well given first ever spanking, for both of us.

Afterwards, Sharon and I went to the kitchen and had a coffee. We discussed the spanking.

Sharon explained almost in wonder. “I started lightly, Ruth, but built up. Once I could hear you gasping I spanked even harder. I had heard spanking the backs of legs stung more and I found that particularly satisfying. You were struggling for sure.”

I responded enthusiastically, “I was, Sharon. I can still feel the stinging, which is great. Also, I being across your lap just what I needed. The loss of control was what I expected, and wanted. You in control; you deciding how long I am spanked for; it was all so right.”

Sharon lent forward and we hugged; and kissed. I will always remember those kisses, as though she had decided I had learned my lesson and needed some motherly love. I did.

Sharon and I saw more and more of each other both socialising with our friends but also alone at Sharon’s house where we relaxed. Mostly we did mother daughter things; like discussing clothes. However, we quickly developed a discipline routine that established her disciplinary control over me.

Over the next month Sharon spanked me about a dozen times. Each time she made me stand next to her to allow her to take down my knickers and make me step out of them. I then bent across her lap and she spanked me on my bare bottom and lots of times on the backs of my legs. It was a mixture of weird and wonderful sensations. Humiliation for sure as I stared at her legs and the floor and embarrassment when I looked beyond Sharon’s legs and saw my legs dangling on the far side, knowing my bare bottom was lying unprotected across her lap. Of course there was the pain, lots of stinging pain.

The first few times Sharon spanked me with her hand but soon we both knew that whilst it was ok as a corrective measure, I didn’t dissolve into crying. So Sharon came home with a large wooden backed paddle hairbrush. The next time she spanked me she used it, and I could not believe how much it stung. I cried so much more as she spanked me dozens of times on the same spot and tears flowed down my face; and I lost all power to control my blubbering. It was what I wanted. She has used the hairbrush on me ever since. Actually, that isn’t true. She had to buy several of them as they crack after a few spankings. Sharon always has plenty of spares just in case, leaving one in both of our bedrooms, the living room, and the kitchen.

What happened after that first spanking with the hairbrush surprised us both, but maybe made sense? After all we were friends and not really Mum and daughter. I stayed across Sharon’s lap and she soothed me, shush shushing me and rubbing my bottom. The tears ran down my face. I apologised and said I would try hard never to be naughty again. Well that seemed natural. My bottom stung brilliantly; a warm stinging throbbing smarting sensation.

 Sharon rubbed my bare legs, moving her hand to my inner thighs and without warning ran her fingers along my pussy. We both knew I was wet. Very wet. I gasped and cried out ecstatically. I almost came. Sharon eased me up and lay me on the bed, lying beside me. I lifted my face and we kissed. Lips closed to begin with but then mouths open, tongues entwined. Slowly her fingers entered my pussy and she found my erect clit, flicking it. More and more I gasped as she brought me to the most wonderful of orgasms.

I recovered, smiling at her. It seemed so natural then for me to kneel between her gorgeous soft thighs kissing them on my way to her pussy. I licked her wet pussy lips and edged my fingers inside her. It was wonderful to hear her own erotic gasps as I gave her orgasm after orgasm. Her hands clenched my stinging bottom but that was also wonderful, as I licked and caressed her pussy.

Afterwards Sharon told me to look at my bottom in the mirror. I had forgotten to look in all of the excitement. I went to the full length mirror, turned, and gasped and how red and bruised my bottom was. Yet the stinging was still sensational. I now knew just how hard my bottom needed to be spanked in future.

I returned to the bed and sat down. That’s when I learnt the meaning of not being able to sit down after a spanking. I jumped back up and grabbed my bottom. Sharon laughed. I laughed while rubbing my bottom and scrunching up my face. Even so, we sat and joked about how discipline had turned in to lovemaking. Well, actually I sat on a very thick cushion as my bottom stung madly.

We decided to keep both our disciplinary arrangements and our lovemaking just between ourselves; but we knew in time we would have to tell our friends. We were becoming a serious item after all and even discussed whether I should be spanked in front of anyone else; like in a real family.

One day relaxing in her bed after making love Sharon asked, “Maybe it’s time for you to move in Ruth?”

I was overjoyed. “Yes, that would be great, Sharon,” I said enthusiastically.

Living with Sharon was a mixture of mother/daughter and being lovers. I got my own bedroom and when naughty Sharon would tell me in her annoyed maternal voice, “Go to your room and stay there until I say you can come back out.” Or I might simply go to my room and sulk, something that more often than not led to an exchange of words which in turn after a couple of warnings that went unheeded led to my knickers coming down and a bare bottom spanking across Sharon’s lap. Of course there were many more times when I didn’t need my own room and that was the lovers bit. I would share Sharon’s bed and we would spend hours making love, then cuddling up or spooning and going to sleep, often making love again in the morning before sharing a shower.

When naughty I would get time out. I had a naughty spot in every room where I would have to stand with my nose pressed against the wall and my hands either on my head or folded up behind my back. Often that both preceded a spanking and followed it. I was grounded fairly often as well. I loved it all, experiencing a strict upbringing from a strict Mum. All the things I had missed out on with my own Mum.

The weeks went by and Sharon kept on spanking me. There was a sort of unwritten rule. If I was naughty and earned a spanking, we slept in our separate bedrooms. That became more of a mother/daughter relationship than two lovers. It seemed natural though. I still behaved more like a teenager than a 25- year-old and Sharon would spank me just because I needed it. If that meant not having sex then that became important to both of us. So as the relationship intensified I got spanked more often and we made love less. On the plus side there were plenty of days when I didn’t get spanked and made wonderful love. The sex was truly fantastic. We were lovers on those days.

Quite often there was tension, like a real Mum and daughter; with arguments. It was probably because we felt so comfortable in each-others company. I might snap at her and she will tell me she didn’t like that. In the beginning she gave me a few warnings and if I didn’t heed them I would get another spanking. She soon said I would only get one warning and then a spanking; and I know my behaviour improved. Quickly.

Disciplinary control was really enforced when Sharon disciplined me in front of one of her friends, Diane. I knew the friend was coming over but I just wouldn’t budge from in front of the TV; even though the room needed tidying up. I eventually stomped out of the room. I knew Sharon was mad. She shouted after me, “Buck your ideas up, young lady, or you are going across my lap.”

I didn’t say anything and just went to my room leaving Sharon to tidy up the mess I had left in the lounge.

I know I was still sulking when Sharon called me down to say hullo to Diane and told me to stay with them. I gave a huge sigh and just sat in an armchair, with my knees up to my chest, and kept on sighing heavily. Then, when Diane made what I thought was a silly comment to me I answered her back rather sharply; which clearly embarrassed Sharon in front of her friend.

Sharon gave me one of her looks which I knew meant I had overstepped the mark. Even so I was shocked when Sharon ordered sharply, “Go to your naughty spot. Now.”

I was going to argue but when I saw the look on her face I quickly capitulated. I stood up and made to leave the room and go upstairs to my naughty spot in my bedroom, but Sharon said firmly, “No, by the wall, here.”

Again I wanted to argue but her glare told me not to. I walked over and pressed my nose against the wall.

Sharon came up behind me and I could smell her perfume as she spoke straight in to my ear, “Get your skirt and knickers off straight away.”

I gasped as Diane was still in the room. However, knowing I wouldn’t win an argument and that I was definitely going to get a spanking I quickly unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I pushed my knickers down, stepped out of them, picked up both items of clothing, turned, and put them on the chair close-by. I glanced at Diane who had a beaming smile on her face, clearly enjoying my embarrassment. I moaned, turned around, pressed my nose back against the wall, and put my hands on my head.

Diane asked, “Is she this rude often, Sharon?”

Sharon answered sternly, “Too often, actually. I can tell you, Diane. When she is good she is lovely to have around; but when she is in one of her moods she can be just as difficult as a teenager.”

Diane said in a purposely tiresome tone of voice, “Remind me, Sharon. How old is Ruth?”

“She is 25-years-old.” Sharon added in an equally sarcastic tone, “Hard to believe, eh?”

“Just what I was thinking,” replied Diane.

Sharon said, “Well, in a little while she won’t be feeling 25-years-old when I put her across my lap.”

“For a spanking?” Diane asked, sounding incredulous.

“Yes, a very hard spanking, in fact.”

Diane said, “Well, I do agree she has earned it. I just didn’t think girls of her age still got spanked.”

Sharon said sternly, “This one does.”

The two women sat watching me and chatting for quite a while giving me time to think about what I had done wrong. By the time Sharon told me to turn around I had already accepted how naughty I had been and knew the spanking I will get was well earned. It still brought a gasp as I turned around to see Sharon sitting on the chair with a hairbrush in her hand; but I knew I was going to be quite a while across her lap being taught a most painful lesson. One I knew I deserved but painful nevertheless.

Diane’s surprise was all too true. I am 25- years-old and still spanked on a very regular basis. Still, it will be time spent across Sharon’s lap and she really is the most wonderfully maternally loving chummy mummy. No matter how painful it will be particularly once she uses that hairbrush.

I glanced at Diane who was still smiling as I went over to Sharon and stood by her side, looking down at her lap. She was wearing linen shorts so I was going across her bare thighs, which I always loved to do. However, when I looked at Sharon’s face I knew how cross she was, and that the spanking was going to be one of her special disciplinary ones.

Sharon tapped her lap, and I bent down across it, my hands on the floor, my legs dangling off the floor on the other side, and my bottom perched across her lap. I felt her hand rubbing my bottom, which I also loved. I felt a flutter across my pussy because I knew disciplinary spankings hurt so much but my bottom tingled so wonderfully afterwards. With the realisation the spanking was about to happen I knew that after this spanking I will get more time facing the wall, and this time with lots of tears streaming down my face.

I felt Sharon’s thighs tense and next moment the first spank landed on my bare bottom. After several more spanks I looked across at Diane who was smiling and clearly finding the spectacle entertaining. As Sharon kept on spanking my bare bottom and the backs of my legs I looked back at the floor. My bottom started to sting.

The hand spanking didn’t last long. Sharon tapped my bottom with the paddle brush, and I heard her say to Diane, “She is going to really suffer for being so rude to you.”

Diane asked, “Do the neighbours know she is spanked?”

“I have never mentioned it. Why?”

Diane said smugly, “I leave the window open when giving a spanking at home. That way my daughter gets comments afterwards from the neighbours.”

Sharon beamed, “Great idea. We are at the front and its hot out so lots of other windows will be open.”

I gasped and said, “Please Sharon, don’t, it will be so embarrassing.”

Sharon said firmly, “It’s your own fault you are being spanked. Maybe once it gets around you will be better behaved. Diane is right. Other people we know do need to know how naughty you are and how I have to deal with it.”

As I lay across her lap and watched Diane open the window I felt another flutter across my pussy. My goodness, I thought. I was being turned on by the thought of people getting to know about me being spanked. All of a sudden I wanted to be spanked in front of everyone. Even my friends. Just so long as they also know Sharon and I are an item.

Sharon tapped my bottom again with the hairbrush and this time I lifted my tummy which I knew would rile her. I was smiling though, thinking how sexy it was that the neighbours will get to know I am spanked by my chummy mummy.

Next moment my bottom exploded with pain as the paddle brush was brought down hard on my bottom. I cried out knowing my bottom will be stinging as Sharon spanked me with the hairbrush time and again on alternate bare bottom cheeks.

It intensified when the hairbrush was spanked down on exactly the same spot. Spank after spank. I kicked my legs, squirmed around on Sharon’s lap, and howled in pain. Sharon must have landed the hairbrush on the same spot about fifty times, or so it seemed, before moving to the other bottom cheek. The whole neighbourhood must have heard my shrieks. Spank after spank landed on the same spot, time and again. My howls got louder and louder and then even louder still.

Thankfully eventually Sharon stopped spanking me. I lay across her lap, my face close to the floor, and my legs dangling on the other side. I kept crying as she rubbed my stinging bottom, and the backs of my legs. Her hand slipped between my legs and even with the pain I spread them apart.

 Her fingers brushed along my pussy. I gasped. It was electric as she ran her finger along my pussy and back. I knew I was wet. Very wet. I just could not believe she was getting me so excited. Her finger edged inside me and suddenly she was flicking my clit, and still rubbing my bottom and legs with her free hand. I moaned as she took me to within a whisker of orgasm. Was she going to let me cum? She did.

 I gasped out loud as she kept flicking my clit and running her fingers along my vagina. It was a most incredibly erotic cumming. Me across my chummy mummy’s lap and with a bottom that was stinging more than I could remember. And she had me cum. My wonderful chummy mummy had me cum.

Once I calmed down a bit, though still sobbing, and my bottom was really stinging, Sharon said quietly, “I hope you liked that Ruth?”

“Oh, yes, Sharon. Thank you so much,” I replied between sobs.

“Just an interlude though,” Sharon said. “Another two hundred spanks to come. Now.”

I felt the hairbrush tapped on my bottom again. I was about to beg when the first spank hit home, and then she kept spanking me giving me on the same spot she had spanked me on before my orgasm. Spank after spank, harder than before it seemed, landed on exactly the same spot dozens of more times. I howled like before. This must have been the worst spanking ever. I kicked my legs and squirmed around on Sharon’s lap just like before. I shrieked as well, but louder than before.

Until Sharon decided my spanking was over.

“You can get up and rub, Ruth,” Sharon ordered me.

I got up slowly but once standing my hands flew to my bottom and I was rubbing as fast as I could. I knew my bottom will be bruised and I won’t be able to sit down for ages. Of course that was just as I liked it. I didn’t care that Diane was watching me as I danced around the room. I closed my eyes with the pain, and when I opened them again I was horrified to find I was standing in front of the open window. What was worse was that it was French doors on a Juliet balcony so they saw me from head to toe.

 I was rubbing my bottom so my pussy hair was on show. I looked outside and some of the neighbours were standing there, pointing, and smiling. They must have heard my screaming and stood outside listening; and now they had an eyeful of my pussy. I kept on rubbing my bottom as it stung so much, and kept on crying because of the pain.

There was no question now though. The neighbours knew I had my 25-year-old bottom spanked good and properly.

Sharon came up behind me, put her hands on my shoulders, and gently turned me around so I was facing her. She steered my arms around her neck and kissed me, right there in front of everyone. It only struck me later on that as well as seeing us kiss all the neighbours had a full view of my bruised bottom. Of course the neighbours also now knew that as well as being spanked, we were definitely an item. A serious item. At the time though I just kissed Sharon back; her tongue entering my mouth and entwining with mine. I knew the tears on my face wet Sharon’s face but neither of us cared. I was so happy.

After several loving kisses we turned and looked out of the window. We smiled. I noticed two women with their hands on their bottoms and I wondered if the thought of being spanked was on their mind. Would we hear spanks and yelps coming from a neighbour’s house sometime soon, I wondered?

We smiled again at the neighbours and turned back in to the room.

“I’ll be off then,” Diane said.

Sharon asked me, “Well, did you learn your lesson, young lady?”

I replied sincerely, “I did. I am really really sorry.” I looked at Sharon and added, “I’m so lucky though to have such a caring friend.”

Diane said her good-byes and we agreed she would come over again soon.

Sharon smiled at me. “Right, young lady. Let’s get you upstairs for some serious loving.”

I walked out of the living room still naked below the waist and still rubbing my bottom.

Sharon said wickedly, “I’m going on top so your bottom keeps stinging.”

That was fine with me, for sure.

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