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The Girl in the Queue

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Dreams sometimes do come true!
John was in no mood to wait as he entered the kiosk to pay for the fuel he had just put in his car, but the filling station was busy and the long queue slowly made its way to the pay-desk. He was fidgeting around willing them to get a move on when the young woman directly in front of him attracted his attention. Suddenly he was in no hurry.

His eyes quickly scanned her rear profile, reckoning she was probably in her late twenties, wearing a tight red top and jeans with flip-flops exposing bright red painted toes. Towering head and shoulders over her he was fascinated at how her long flaxen hair had been gathered roughly at the back and held into a ponytail with a couple of elastic bands. But it had been her bottom that had caught his attention first!

Those full round cheeks seemed to protrude way beyond the normal line of a girl's bottom, and he should know, he was a self confessed 'bottom man' and had casually inspected the rears of probably thousands of unsuspecting women over the years. So John knew this girl's bottom was special, she filled out the seat of her tight jeans in a spectacular fashion, each cheek well defined and pouting towards him in a 'spank me, spank me' kind of way. He felt his cock jerk to attention when his mind's eye imagined him turning her over his knee and applying one of those flip-flops to that wonderful backside.

The queue shuffled forwards and suddenly he wished it would never end, he was by now firmly fixated on her bottom, those full cheeks squeezing up and down inside the tightly stretched denim as she moved down the line. The garishly painted toes also fascinated him, and her tiny feet holding on to the small platform of the flip-flops seemingly by willpower alone, all very ‘girlie’.

He had given her at least a dozen spanks with the flip-flop when she reached the cash desk and suddenly he realised he was sporting an enormous erection. John went to the next booth to pay and chided himself for being so ridiculous; he was nearly twice her age at fifty, a widower with a daughter about the same age as this young woman.

He left the kiosk and noticed her bending over on the forecourt to retrieve some items she had been cradling in her arms in the queue which she must have dropped. Her bottom was up, almost in the 'touch your toes' position as she gathered together the items, and his cock resumed its stiffness. Then John noticed her fairly ample breasts for the first time, straining against her tight red top and her face, although frowning from the stress of her situation, was very pretty. They both went to their cars, his brief fantasy over.

The bang consisted of that sickening sound of metal against metal combined with a shuddering force that went through his car; he brought it to a standstill. He immediately knew someone had hit him in the rear, and being still on the forecourt it was likely to be little more than a small contact. Still, damage was damage and he got out to inspect it, coming face to face with the woman from the queue for the first time. She was red-faced and flustered and waving her arms about in total panic, apologising profusely for what she had done.

‘I'm sorry,’ she spluttered. ‘I'm so sorry,’ she was panting from rapid panic breathing. ‘My foot just slipped off the brake pedal,’ she explained then looking down at her feet, ‘these damned flip-flops. I really am sorry.’

‘You okay?’ John asked calmly.

The woman nodded and pointed at his car. ‘But just look at the mess I've caused.’

He was too busy looking at her. She really was pretty, despite the fraught look on her face. ‘We'll sort it out,’ he assured her. ‘Look, we're causing a bit of a problem here,’ he said noticing the build up of cars trying to get off the forecourt behind them. ‘Listen, I just live around the corner. Follow me there and we can get this sorted, okay?’

She nodded, relieved by his understanding nature. The damage was done but it was only a couple of dents, nothing major. ‘Okay,’ she agreed. ‘Thanks.’

Within two minutes they were both parked on his driveway and inspecting the damage. Again she was apologising profusely, her car was quite old and didn't appear to have much damage anyway. His was almost new and had a good sized dent, which would need to be fixed. John continued to be calm; after all it would only cost a couple of hundred to sort it out and money wasn't much of a problem for him. ‘I'll make some coffee and we can sort it out over a drink,’ he said ushering her inside the house.

They both sat on high chairs at the breakfast bar in his kitchen, freshly brewed coffee steaming from tall mugs.

‘I suppose I should ask you for your insurance details,’ John began.

Her face reddened. ‘Of course,’ she agreed. ‘I … er. I've just got divorced,’ she spluttered by way of an explanation.

‘Sorry to hear that,’ John said sincerely but wondering what that had to do with him.

‘No … yes … er, thanks,’ she spluttered again. ‘Problem is,’ she hesitated. ‘I haven't had time to sort out my insurance since splitting with my husband.’

‘Oh dear,’ was all John could think to say.

‘I'll pay for the damage of course,’ she assured him. ‘How much do you think it will be?’

John took a sip of coffee whilst trying to come up with a reasonable estimate. ‘Not much,’ he said. ‘No more than a couple of hundred,’ he concluded.

Suddenly she burst into tears surprising him and leaving him feeling awkward and not quite knowing what to do.

‘Hey,’ he said, ‘don't worry. It'll all get sorted,’ he assured her.

‘Sorry,’ she said dabbing away the small flush of tears. ‘It's just that everything is going wrong at the moment.’

‘The divorce, you mean?’ he enquired.

‘Yes,’ she said. ‘He just took off with another woman and filed for divorce. I agreed of course but it's left me very badly off, financially.’

‘Any kids?’

‘No,’ she answered, adding ‘thank God!’ then, ‘how about you? Wife, kids?’

‘No and yes,’ John answered. ‘I'm a widower, wife died a couple of years ago, got a daughter though, she has just turned twenty six.’

‘Sorry about your wife,’ she said apologetically, ‘didn't mean to pry. Your daughter is the same age as me. I hope she is doing better though.’

‘She's doing okay,’ John confirmed. ‘By the way, I'm John,’ he offered his hand by way of introduction.

She placed her small hand in his, ‘I'm Kelly. And you're a very nice man.’

John's face reddened at the unexpected compliment. Part of his embarrassment was due to his thoughts about her in the queue at the kiosk of which she obviously had no idea.

‘So, John. What am I going to do about your car? I'm virtually broke but I can pay you something towards it each week.’

‘You're a very silly girl driving without any insurance,’ he rebuked.

‘Yes I know,’ she agreed. ‘I'm sure you know what it's like at my age. I'll bet your daughter has been in similar scrapes.’

John smiled his agreement with her sentiment. ‘Yes, she has had her moments.’

‘So what would you say to her if she was in my shoes?’

John put on a serious voice. ‘I wouldn't say much,’ he mused. ‘She'd be across my knee getting a good spanking though.’

Now Kelly's face reddened at the prospect. ‘I suppose I deserve that,’ she nodded. ‘A good spanking, I mean.’

Without thinking it through John decided to pursue the idea. ‘It would save you coming around each week with a payment,’ he said half joking.

Kelly was quick with her reply. ‘Okay, I accept,’ she said taking a quick sip from the mug.

‘What?’ he queried, suddenly excited by the prospect but unsure if he had the right end of the stick.

‘You spank me to make up for the damage I did to your car,’ she replied in a matter of fact way.

John's cock jerked and immediately stiffened at the prospect making him feel uneasy about her seeing his growing bulge. ‘Okay, you asked for it remember.’

She slid from the high stool and shuffled over to his side, he was still seated with his feet resting on the stool's bracing bars, his knees creating a very high spanking platform.

‘Right, young lady, let me see if I can get my money’s worth out of your beautiful derrière,’ he said tapping his thigh.

Kelly bent forward without any prompting and ushered herself across his knee, arms fully outstretched in front of her. John slid his hand into the waistband of her jeans and hoisted her clear of the floor squaring her onto his lap, her head dangling down one side of him, her legs the other. Now his cock hardened to its limit beneath her as he once again admired her fleshy posterior, unbelievably upturned on his knee for his pleasure. His mind whirled as he considered that under an hour ago he had lusted after this very scenario and now she was his for the spanking.

John's left hand secured her waist and the other smoothed across the warm seat of her tightly stretched denims. Her cheeks quivered beneath his palm as he caressed first one then the other, hoping his cock wouldn't burst its load before he had even begun.

'SLAPP! … SLAPP!' A quick sharp spank on each cheek in turn.

‘You okay?’ he enquired.

A muffled ‘yes’ came from her other end.

Two further spanks each side brought her legs up into the kneeling position in mid air on his knee. ‘Oooooh … Ooowww!’ she announced almost casually.

Four more brought the same response.

John felt her reaction was less than satisfactory; he just wasn't getting enough heat into those tight denims.

He gave her a couple more harder slaps then grabbed her ankle as it kicked upwards, deftly sliding a flip flop from her foot.

'SPATT! … SPATT! … SPATT! … SPATT!' The flat sole of her shoe bounced off each tight blue covered cheek and the result was spectacular.

Another four with the flat shoe and her legs began a kind of mid-air tango, the other flip-flop flying off across the kitchen; her vocal response heightening in tune with the dull but loud thwack of the shoe on her bottom.

‘Oooow! … yeoooow! … oooow! … yeoooow!’ Kelly warbled as the heat spread across her wonderfully endowed rear end. John was mesmerised by the delicate shudder of her globes, each spank landing centrally on each cheek then suddenly distracted as her hands flew to their defence. He successfully clamped them by her sides and continued to extract the cost of the damage to his car from her fabulous backside.

'SPATT! … SPATT! … SPATT! … SPATT!' The flip-flop certainly did its job, the girl howling like a banshee, squirming across his lap and his manhood like a demented woman, but he felt she needed a few more.

The squirming turned to bucking, her head rearing up and down, flinging the fair hair of her ponytail back and forth like a swishing horse.

Finally John delivered the last strokes as firmly as the first ones and decided she had served her punishment, letting the shoe drop to the floor. Kelly slid from his knee rubbing her bottom with a furious devotion, her pretty face flushed scarlet from bending and squealing.

‘Oooow … oooow!’ She continued as the seat of her pants became too delicate to touch. ‘You sure know how to spank a girl,’ she said ruefully.

John smiled. ‘Like I said, my daughter has her moments. She may be in her twenties and living her own life, but every time something goes wrong she's back for me to bale her out.’ He sighed, ‘doesn't matter how many times I whack her backside she still gets into silly scrapes.’

Kelly continued to rub gingerly. She smiled knowingly and stared into his lap. ‘I think I may have triggered something your daughter never has.’

Now John's face reddened at her discovery of his erection. It was impossible to hide, sticking up like a tent peg!

Kelly sidled up between his legs and placed her slender hand across his huge bulge, which jerked to her feminine touch, her face full of mischief as she slowly eased down the zip. John looked on in stunned amazement as her hand disappeared inside and encircled his cock.

She pulled him clear of his trousers and gently massaged the full length of his shaft behind its purple-red mushroom, his eyes rolling in ecstasy as she tossed him between her slim fingers. He was about to burst when she slowed down a little bending her head into his lap, his cock disappearing down her throat, the wet warmth of her mouth tightening around it. Instinctively his hand grabbed her ponytail guiding her back and forth on his throbbing organ until he let go.

Over the next two weeks John recalled Kelly's upturned bottom almost daily, her special curves still very vivid in his imagination, any man who enjoyed the female figure would be inevitably drawn to her over ripe derrière. After she had gone he realised he didn't know her address or contact number and had resolved never to see her again. At the filling station the other day he had hoped beyond reason that she would be in the queue again but predictably there was no sign of her.

It was early evening when the knock at his door came and suddenly there she was; bottle of wine in one hand and a bag in the other.

‘Hi John,’ she greeted in a bubbly voice as if it were only yesterday she had last seen him, ‘just thought I'd pop over to see if the car was sorted out.’

John was mesmerised by her beautiful face and his pure pleasure at seeing her again. ‘Er… Kelly. How wonderful. Come in … come in,’ he insisted.

She crossed the threshold into his kitchen where he had spanked her the last time they had been together and thrust the wine bottle at him.

‘Thought we could have a couple of glasses,’ she enthused.

‘Yeah, great,’ he answered trying to take in the stunning sight she had presented to him. Her fair hair was piled up on top of her head and formed a kind of 'sheaf' which looked great. A pink t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of a well known pop group stretched tightly across her ample breasts ending well short of the waistband of her skirt. It was a tiny Ra-Ra skirt; grey and pink matching her top and so short it could barely contain those luscious rear cheeks of hers. He also saw her legs for the first time; they were very shapely and seemingly endless for such a petite girl, eventually ending in a pair of strappy pink stilettos exposing her little toes, painted to match her fingers and the rest of her outfit. In short she was breathtakingly stunning.

His head was spinning with questions. Why was she here? Why would a girl little older than his own daughter suddenly turn up dressed so provocatively? He uncorked the wine and filled two glasses. After discussing the car, which had now been repaired, she began to chat, the wine freeing her from any normal conventions.

‘Thanks for letting me off with the damage to your car,’ she said before taking a generous gulp of the wine. ‘I don't know what I'd have done if you had made me pay up for it.’

‘How are things?’ He enquired.

She sighed. ‘The divorce has been sorted out and the house has now been sold so I've got to find somewhere else to live. But at least I can get on with my life,’ she concluded.

‘At least you seem positive about it,’ he offered. ‘Why did you split up?’ He could see that was a difficult question for her and quickly added, ‘I'm sorry, didn't mean to pry.’

‘No, that's okay,’ she sighed again. ‘Basically he traded me in for a younger model,’ she said ruefully, ‘my best friend's younger sister to be precise. Nineteen years old and looking for a father figure.’

‘I'm sorry,’ he offered.

‘I can't blame her,’ she continued. ‘I have always fancied older men myself; in fact my ex was a similar age to you.’

Well that was one of his questions answered.

‘I also like masterful men,’ she husked. John's cock twitched inside his pants and he took a hurried gulp of wine. ‘My ex felt that a woman's place was in the home looking after him which actually I quite liked. I am a very traditional girl at heart,’ she said. ‘I might be twenty six but I'm not a liberated girl, I like a man to be in charge.’ John then noticed a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. ‘My ex used to keep me in line with this,’ she said handing him the bag she had brought with her.

He opened it and his eyes widened at the contents. Slowly he withdrew the shiny brown leather paddle from the bag and held it in front of him to inspect it. About the same size as a table tennis bat, except it was more oval in shape, with a short leather-bound handle, the main part of the paddle being of a double layer of fairly thick stiff leather.

‘That's the only one of his possessions I have kept,’ she remarked suddenly. ‘And it's the only thing I have missed since he left me!’

John was still trying to take everything in; he swayed the paddle gently through the air, amazed at the sturdy quality of its construction.

Kelly sipped her wine and crossed her long legs seductively, showing John almost all her thighs beneath the tiny skirt. ‘He would use that on me two or three times a week,’ she said, licking her tongue provocatively across her lips. ‘After spanking me he would take me to bed and show me what a real man he was. Then suddenly he was gone. I expect he's now busy taming that young nineteen year old!’ Her voice betrayed her sense of loss.

John tried to consider the implications of the situation. ‘Kelly, I'm old enough to be your father,’ he began. ‘In fact my daughter is about the same age as you,’ he was running out of reasoning already.

Kelly slid off her high stool and sidled up to him, standing in front of him between his open legs as he remained seated on his stool. She looked him directly in his eyes. ‘You're a nice man,’ she said simply, ‘and you're my kind of man,’ she husked. ‘The way you spanked me over your knee left me in no doubt about that.’

‘But that was two weeks ago!’ he argued.

Kelly smiled at him; ‘I needed to sort things out with my ex first. I wanted to get him completely out of my life before starting something new.’

‘And have you?’

‘I'm here aren’t I?’ she enthused, her slim hand smoothing over his crotch, his cock responding instantly. ‘I need my bottom paddling, John,’ she whispered, rubbing his cock through his trousers, ‘and you're the only man who can do it.’

‘Is your ex now firmly in the past?’ John asked.

‘I won't be seeing him again,’ she assured him. ‘This is the only thing left over from our relationship,’ she said stroking the leather of the paddle. ‘And I bought that myself,’ she concluded. ‘I'd like you to have it.’

He examined the paddle in his right hand then drew her in closer to him with his other, sliding it down to her bottom, rubbing it gently through her skirt. ‘Bare bottomed, right?’

She looked at him, pouting her lips sexily. ‘If that's what you decide,’ then rubbing his cock again, added, ‘you are in charge.’

As they kissed his hand slid up the back of her flared skirt and smoothed across the seat of her panties.

‘First door on the right,’ he said as he followed her up the stairs to his bedroom, the paddle firmly in his right hand. Her hips swayed in front of him as she made her way upstairs, her little Ra-Ra skirt too short to conceal her panties from him, her bottom as provocative as the first time he had noticed her.

Candy-pink cotton panties with a delicate lace edge, hardly big enough to cover her ripe derrière, each cheek producing a sexy wobble with each step upwards. His cock lunged forward as he took in the delectable sight in front of him, her long shapely legs, bare and tanned, moving elegantly, supported by her strappy pink stilettos, their pencil thin heels accentuating her slim figure.

She turned into his large bedroom for the first time and he waited for her to take in his decor and in particular the huge king-sized bed dominating the room.

John side-stepped around her, took her hand in his leading her to the corner of the bed, sat down and expertly guided her to him tilting her across his knee. Kelly squealed in surprise at his sudden overpowering of her as he secured her slender form to his sturdy thigh, her head almost touching the bedroom carpet as he settled her onto his lap. Her legs were straight; her pink painted toes resting against the floor at her other end, his hand at the hem of her little skirt then suddenly the coolness of the room surrounded her previously warm up-skirt region.

John was not in the mood to wait, she wanted it badly and he wanted badly to give it to her.

'SWATT! … SWATT! … SWATT! … SWATT!' He bounced the shiny paddle quickly back and forth on each side of her bottom; her cheeks recoiling beneath each spank, restrained inside her panties.

John quickly found his rhythm and unlike the hand spanking he gave her two weeks ago, this time the young lady quickly burst into song, the smooth leather encouraging an increasing loud crescendo of girlie squeals.

'SWATT! … SWATT!' Her tiny pink heels danced away on the end of her legs as the heat began to filter through her cotton panties.

A few more swats followed and his cock was fit to burst, ready to find its way between her beautiful legs, but there was more to do. Fingers found their way into the waistband of her tiny knickers and pulled them down to her knees, an expectant moan leaving her lips, her legs stalled as she awaited her first real bare bottomed spanking since her ex had last upended her almost a year ago!

He couldn't see her licking her lips in anticipation as she hung suspended head down on his knee. Neither could he know about the fire burning between her now bare cheeks, not caused by his expert use of the paddle, but in expectation of his manhood probing her there after he had finished spanking her.

Reaching down he released her pink panties from over her shoes and dropped them on the carpet just in front of her so she could see he was in complete control over her.

'SPATT! … SPATT! … SPATT! … SPATT!' The sound of polished leather against her bare cheeks almost made her orgasm on his knee, a sound she had not heard in a long time. Too long, she thought….

Kelly suddenly realised the banshee-like squeals were hers, deafening and unrelenting, her legs thrashing about in wild abandon. Everything she possessed as a woman was now open to John, his knee supporting her, warm, solid, secure.

The paddle bounced off her in rapid succession, the heat on her bottom intense but giving her a pleasure she had almost forgot existed. Please … don't stop, she thought, harder … harder … paddle me good. Kelly suddenly realised that she wasn't just thinking it; but shouting it loudly, squealing and kicking, hands clutching his lower leg for support as the paddle thwacked against her bubble-butt leaving its heat to spread though her entire body.

John was amazed at her capacity for a good whacking and happily continued to lick her crimson behind with the flat expanse of leather. He was nearly ready to come and he could see that Kelly was too, her little pussy entrance pouting proudly from between her thrashing legs, moist and inviting. All Kelly could see was her little pink panties in a crumpled pile, inches from her face as each spank from the paddle jerked her forward on his lap. There was no mistaking John’s arousal, his huge erection probing her bare midriff as she squirmed animatedly on his knee.

He gave her a final few smacks then let the paddle drop onto the bed. Lifting Kelly from his knee he twisted her around and let her fall onto her back in the centre of the mattress. Quickly he unzipped his trousers and fished out his hardened manhood, spreading her legs wide with his knees, moving up between them and sinking himself deep within her.

Slowly at first then faster he pumped her pussy, her little bottom squirming against the cool of the satin bed cover. Pulling her t-shirt up over her breasts his tongue lashed the hard nubs straining from the centre of her pink circles each in turn. Kelly was even more vocal than when having her bottom spanked, clawing his back as he slid her back and forth on his rampant cock, her eyes fixed on his as he worked her towards her climax.

He let go with the force of an erupting volcano, his hot magma flooding her intimate space. Both lay silent trying to regain their senses when he felt her slender hand encircling his wilting organ, plying it back and forth between her fingers. He quickly regained his hard form then watched as she slid down the bed, her flaxen head hovering above his throbbing cock, glancing up at him seductively as only a woman can then sliding her lips over its head, bobbing back and forth in a steady rhythm.

‘When can I move in?’ she said quickly, flashing her eyes up to him before engulfing him again.

‘You already have,’ he said, letting go for a second time.

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