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The Hotel - Part 1

Miles learns a new method of maintaining discipline
My career had taken many interesting turns in the twenty years since leaving university. I wouldn’t call myself a high flyer but I have been reasonably successful in a number of different management roles mainly working in the hospitality sector. I like people, enjoy managing a team and although I say it myself I am quite good at it.

My current position was as manager of an international five star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Discretion is important in this business so I shall not name the hotel; suffice to say it is one of the better hotels a stone’s throw away from KLCC.

I think it was Maya Angelou who said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I would apply this to managing my team; I would never show signs of anger or belittle anyone and as a result we had a productive and happy workplace.

Another secret to creating a good environment is to consider the needs of the team working for you and treat them as individuals. It is often the case in the hospitality industry that your best members of staff can also be the most troublesome. Some can simply be left to their own devices and other will require a degree of guidance.

Today had started like any other with my daily round of the hotel. I enjoyed this part of my job. I would joke with the concierge and the bell boys, flirt with the housekeeping girls, check on the kitchens and randomly check a couple of rooms. I would make a point of learning everyone’s name so I could address them when doing my rounds.

The greeting I received was always very humble. They would simply stand, smile, bow their heads slightly and place their right hand across their chest as if to touch their heart. It amused me that even the ex-pats in time would adopt the same greeting.

Some of my management team took a dim view of my familiar approach and mistook my quietly spoken manner for weakness. Normally I would be able to win them round without any difficult when they would see how the working environment improved along with the quality of the service.

As with most large teams there will always be the exception to the rule and my challenge came in the form of Miss Jessica who managed the Club lounge on the 28 th floor. Miss Jessica was a very attractive Chinese Malaysian lady in her late twenties but had a rather aloof manner; she seemed to walk around with a rather stern expression which would break momentarily into a smile when she addressed clients directly. This made the girls who worked in the lounge uneasy around her and soured the atmosphere.

Although it would have been easy to simple dismiss Jessica or move her into another position this was not my style. Don’t get me wrong there have been many cases where I have had to move people out but with Jessica I had the feeling that the situation could be addressed with a little guidance.

As I approached the lounge today I heard raised voices so I paused to listen at the door before entering.

Jessica was in full flow. “You stupid! stupid! girl get that mess cleaned up now!”

I had heard enough. I quietly cleared my throat to announce my present and Jessica spun round and gave the most welcoming smile. The poor young waitress she was berating looked close to tears.

“Everything okay ladies?”

“Yes, thank you sir,” Jessica replied as she blocked the waitress from my view.

Inwardly I was fizzing. For one thing no member of my team should ever be called stupid and secondly I could have been a client witnessing that outburst. Jessica needed to be taught a lesson.

I returned to my office and called Catherine. Catherine Jenkins was head of human resources and I wanted her present when I reprimanded Jessica. There are some conversations where it is best to have a witness. Catherine is one of my most trusted colleagues and has been nothing but helpful since took on this role. Catherine has worked in the hotel business for years mainly in Europe. Catherine is a glamorous English lady in her mid forties and had the look of a leading lady from a Hitchcock film.

I sent a message to summons Jessica at ten o’clock.

As she was shown into my office she looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. Having Catherine in the room added to the tension.

“You wanted to see me sir?”

“Yes, sit down please.” I was going to keep this meeting formal.

“How long have you worked in this hotel?”

“It will be five years in November Sir.”

“Do you know why I have asked you here?”

Jessica looked flustered and started to babble. “Was it because of this morning? I am so sorry, she should have known better than to make such a mess of the breakfast display I shall tell her off most severely.”

I needed to try a different tact. “Do you enjoy working here Jessica?”

Jessica went white as a sheet and replied with a, “yes sir?”

“And If I was to ask you colleagues if they enjoy working with you?”

“I think they would say yes Sir?”

One of the benefits of never shouting or showing visible signs of anger is that a slight raise of the voice has great impact. This was such a time.

“Are you sure? Even when you publically berate them and call them stupid?”

I could see the colour drain from her cheeks and she fell silent.

Eventually Jessica sniffed and started to talk. “Sir,” then looking towards Catherine, “Madam, I am so ashamed. I have let you down and I have let myself down. I shall tender my resignation immediately and...”

I raised my hand to stop her. “That will not be necessary, we will go and apologise to that poor girl you shouted at and you will take this as a final warning. A note will be entered into your personnel record and Miss Jenkins shall issue a formal reprimand.”

A tear formed on Jessica’s cheek, “Please sir, should be punished.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she was getting at; I thought an official reprimand was punishment enough.

Catherine spoke for the first time. “Perhaps I can assist. Jessica, please wait outside while we have a little chat.”

As Jessica left the room Catherine continued. “Miles, It is clear to me that Jessica feels a strong need to atone. You have only worked here a short time but I have come across this before.”

I was even more confused now and the confusion turned to disbelief as Catherine continued.

“I keep a discipline cane in my office. Please, let me handle this.”

I don’t know whether it was out of respect for Catherine and her HR experience or just because I was in unfamiliar territory but I agreed to see Catherine’s methods and called Jessica back into the office.

This time I sat back and let Catherine do the talking.

“Jessica, you are correct. You do need to be punished and we have decided to cane you.”

I watched as Jessica’s expression seemed to turn to one of relief.”

Catherine continued, “But first we have some apologies to make.”

Jessica’s eyes dropped, it was clear that loosing face and apologising to the girl she had wronged was troubling her far more than being caned.

The lift to the club floor seemed to take an age, Jessica was silently sobbing. I caught Catherine’s reflection in the mirror. Today she looked even more beautiful than normal and her perfume was intoxicating.

The lounge was empty of customers leaving the waitress who had been the centre of the morning’s events and her colleague and the two receptionists. The waitresses looked around twenty years old and could have passed for sisters; from their gentle features I assumed they were from the Philippines. The receptionists were both slightly older.

After they greeted us with the customary hand to the breast I gathered everyone to the centre of the lounge and announced that Jessica had something to say.

With eyes cast to the floor Jessica stumbled through a tearful apology.

The young girl who had been wronged brought her hands together in front of her like a child praying and then embraced her manager. No further words were necessary.

Catherine was the next to speak, “Are you ready?”

For the first time that day Jessica gave a joyful smile.

The atmosphere as we returned to my office was so different. Jessica didn’t seem in the least bit concerned about her imminent caning. She was weeping but kept repeating, “I thought they hated me.”

Catherine joined us a few minutes later with a cane in her hand. It was thicker than I would have imagined; a straight length of rattan around half an inch thick and around three foot long. Jessica looked a little startled at the sight of the cane.

Catherine swished it through the air. “Would you like to do the honours or should I?

”You go ahead,” I replied, still not quite believing the events which were unfolding.

I sat back on one of the easy chairs and marvelled at Catherin’s control.

“We’ll have your skirt off please.”

Jessica was standing before us in her smart uniform jacket and sheer black tights stretched over her white bikini panties. She was wiping her eyes with a linen handkerchief.

“Over the desk please, bottom well up”

I could see the swell of her mons pubis through her slightly parted legs and felt myself stir.

“Six strokes!” came the crisp announcement.

Catherine took aim and literally flogged the cane down across the fullest part of Jessica’s small bottom.

I almost jumped to my feet to stop the proceedings. Jessica bit her handkerchief but made no sound.

A second stroke, equally as fierce, landed a little higher this time followed closely by a third.

Jessica was on the tips of her toes.

Catherine whipped the cane down and caught the crease where the legs and bottom met.

A continual whine emitted from Jessica’s open mouth as the last strokes landed.

After regaining her composure Jessica pushed herself up from mu desk and turned to shake Catherine’s hand.

“Thank you for punishing me madam.”

She then turned to me but embarrassingly I couldn’t stand up.

Jessica zipped up her skirt and left the room repeatedly thanking us.

Catherine looked down at my crotch and passed me the cane.

I should have been shocked or at least surprised but for some reason I was neither when Catherine unzipped he skirt and let it fall to the ground. She turned and with the grace of a cat bent over the desk. She did not need to say anything.

Her bottom was fuller than Jessica’s and had a classical shape beautifully framed by tan stockings and a lilac suspender belt and panties which obviously came from one of the more exclusive lingerie houses.

In love as in life I am a gentle man. Now was not the time to be gentle.

With one movement I ripped Catherine’s panties down. She gasped.

The cane felt heavy in my hand. This was not going to be a light caning.

Using the same action as Catherine has demonstrated so proficiently I brought the cane down for the first time. A slight grunt came from Catherine’s throat and I landed a second with a force which startled me.

Again and again I flogged Catherine as she muttered, “Yes! Harder! Harder!”

Her bottom was a mass of red welts by the time threw the cane down.

I dropped to by knees and kissed her beautiful derriere. Lifting her foot free from her panties I raised her right knee to the desk and licked the copious discharge of her arousal.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded as I removed my trousers. I scooped the juices from her vulva and lubricated her elastic anus with my finger as slid into her warm pussy. My erection was solid. I repeatedly withdrew its length and plunged into her depth as her wet pussy farted obscenely.

The tension built and Catherine went rigid. I felt her anus squeeze on my finger, her contractions grip my member and we flopped over the desk as my load to pump itself empty with a steady pulse.

To be continued...

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