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The Hotel - Part 2

Discipline is established at the hotel
Miles asked room service to deliver a sandwich to his office for lunch. After the morning’s events he needed some time to himself. Putting his feet up on the couch he asked himself, “What just happened?”

The day had begun like any other day at the five-star hotel which Miles managed but by lunchtime he had not only witnessed Catherine Jenkins, the head of personnel, caning a badly behaved employee but caned and ravished the lovely Catherine himself.

He needed to separate the two. With Catherine it was pure unadulterated sex between two consenting adults and that was fine. Jessica had requested her punishment and it was carried out in a proper fashion by Catherine which was also okay. Although they were all consenting adults he was still a bit uncomfortable about linking the two events.

Miles was still contemplating the morning’s events at four o’clock when there was a knock on the door.

The two waitresses from the club lounge entered the office looking very nervous. They started talking immediately and from the way they were finishing each other’s sentences it was clear that they had tried to work out exactly what they wanted to say.

Miles interrupted them with a polite, “Please, take a seat,” and gestured towards the two chairs in front of his desk.

“Now, what can I do for you ladies?”

Miles had never really looked at these girls closely. They were probably in their mid-twenties but their petite figures made them look more like schoolgirls.

Miss Stephanie, the slightly more confident of the two started to speak.

“Excuse me sir, you punished Miss Jessica.”

“Yes?” Miles replied not sure where this was going.

“It wasn’t her fault sir,” Stephanie continued.

Miles still wasn’t sure where this was going so opted for a business like answer which possibly came out more abruptly than he intended.

“Young lady, what happened with Miss Jessica this morning was a private matter and is between Miss Jessica, Mrs. Jenkins and me.”

“Sorry Sir. What I meant to say is… Sir it was our fault too.”

Miles initially thought he should have simply dismissed them, telling them not to interfere and send them away but as he listened to their story it became obvious that they wanted to get rid of the guilt they were feeling. He quizzed them a little to establish exactly how much they knew about the punishment.

“Sir, we should be caned too,” was the phrase which cleared any ambiguity over the girls’ agenda.

Miles thought the best course of action was to refer this to Catherine and I wrote a note:

Dear Catherine, 

Stephanie and Doris have just informed me that they were in part responsible for the events which lead to Jessica’s caning this morning and agree that they also deserve to be punished. In view of this could you please give them three strokes of the cane each?



P.S. I realise you may have allowed Jessica to retain her undergarments for my benefit. Could you please allow these girls the same concession?

Miles folded the note into an envelope and handed it to Stephanie with the instruction to take it immediately to Mrs. Jenkins.

Looking at his watch Miles calculated that it would take the girls five minutes to walk to Catherine’s office. Make it ten minutes to allow one of them to go for a pee on the way. Another ten minutes for Catherine to give a lecture and get her cane out. They should be through within half an hour.

Deciding to pay Catherine a visit, Miles arrived just in time to pass the girls in the corridor. Stephanie looked like she had taken things in her stride but from the way Doris was hobbling and the pained expression on her face she had clearly found it much harder.

Catherine looked flushed.

“Are you okay?”

Catherine replied with a smile and a nod.

Miles commented that Doris seemed to take her caning quite badly.

“She needed some extra...” Catherine words tailed off.

Raising his eyebrows, Miles waited for an explanation.

Catherine sheepishly explained that she told the girls she would repeat the punishment if they moved out of permission and Doris moved out of position twice.

Miles could not hide his irritation. “What! You gave her five instead of the three I specifically asked for?

“No, not exactly,” Catherine replied as she bit her bottom lip.

“Well how many, exactly?”

They went back and forwards until the full story came out. Catherine had caned poor Doris nine times. After moving out of position on the third stroke the three stroke punishment had been repeated. Then Doris made the mistake of standing up before she was told she could and was back to receiving number one again.

Miles sat in one of the easy chairs in Catherine’s spacious office to collect his thoughts.

Catherine was the first to break the silence with a flippant, “Oh well, I suppose I have now done something to deserve the caning you gave me earlier,” followed by a smile.

Miles wasn’t smiling and automatically went into his leadership role and took control. He spoke calmly, decisively and with authority.

“Mrs. Jenkins, the poor girl came to me of her own free will and asked to be disciplined. I entrusted you with this task and gave you very specific instructions which you disregarded.”

Catherine was no longer smiling.

Miles continued, “We need to set some ground rules. For a start you will not dispense any discipline without a witness and will record any such discipline in a punishment book which will be available for my inspection at any time. Now show me the canes you have.”

Catherine went to her cupboard and returned with two canes, a wooden paddle and a three-tailed Lochgelly tawse which she laid out on the desk.

“Are you going to punish me again… Sir?”

“Again!” This was the closest Catherine had seen Miles to raising his voice. “Mrs. Jenkins, let me assure that this morning’s caning was not a punishment. If and when I punish you will certainly not find it pleasurable.”

Catherine continued to look at the implements on the desk and without raising her eyes replied with a quiet, “Yes sir, sorry.” Before rephrasing her question. “Are you going to punish me sir?”

“Mrs. Jenkins, You will report to my office at six o’clock sharp for a caning. Before then you will write a letter apologising to Doris for being overzealous when punishing her. I expect the letter to fill a full page and be in your neatest handwriting with no spelling or grammatical mistakes.”

Catherine felt humiliated being treated like a naughty schoolgirl but accepted that she deserved nothing less.

Miles picked up the tawse and asked, “Are you right handed Mrs. Jenkins?”

“Yes sir." 

Miles had made up his mind that Catherine would learn a good lesson today and announced, “Mrs. Jenkins you will receive three on each hand. Left hand out please.”

Catherine was a little puzzled as to why she was asked if she was right handed when both hands were to be punished equally. She held out her left hand palm up and supported it with her right. Six years in a Scottish boarding school had taught Catherine the correct way to present her hands for a strapping.

Miles didn’t hold back and whipped the tawse down on her palm. He could see the amount of resolve it took Catherine to hold position. Her eyes moistened and by the third whack tears were rolling down her cheek.

“Other hand!”

Catherine’s eyes pleaded as she swapped hands but she remained silent; breathing heavily as she tried to manage the pain. The tawse slammed down three times and Catherine was weeping openly as she crouched down squeezing her hands under her armpits.

“Remind me Mrs. Jenkins, how many times did I ask you to cane Doris?”

“Three Sir.”

“And how many strokes did you give her?”

“N… Nine Sir.”

“Hold your right hand out again please.”

Catherine was speechless.

Miles waited patiently for two minutes before Catherine eventually stood up again and presented the palm of her right hand once more. He was tempted to go easy for the final three and had to remind himself of the image of Doris stiffly walking down the corridor to summon up the strength to deliver the strokes at full force.

This punishment was not easy for Catherine. Her body language was asking for comfort but this would have to wait. Writing the letter with blistered hands would deny Catherine any relief over the next hour until her appointment with the cane.

“Mrs. Jenkins, did you cane the girls over their tights?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, I would like you to wear tights for your caning this evening.”

As Mile left for my office he noticed Catherine looking at her watch realising she had less than an hour to go before our appointment.

Catherine could hardly pick up her pen let alone write. She sat at her desk blowing air through her clasped hands.

“Shit! Tights!” Catherine said out loud. She only had stockings and realised she would have to go the lobby store to buy some tights.

What should have been a ten minute task took the best part of half an hour. Not only was the shop busy but one of the elevators was being worked on and the other was busy with guests returning after their business meetings. Fumbling with the clasps of her suspenders proved too painful on her fingers so Catherine removed her suspender belt along with her stockings.

There was now only twenty-five minutes left to write the letter and make her way to the manager's office.

The first attempt was a disaster ending up in a mini tantrum as Catherine looked at her messy handwriting and scribbled over the page. She now had a choice, should she be on time with a poorly written letter or arrive late with one which was acceptable. A tear landed on the page and the ink smudged.

By some miracle Catherine managed what she thought was a respectable attempt and was heading towards the manager’s office with only a minute to spare. With the letter in one hand and the cane in the other Catherine looked flustered. She had not even managed to take the time to wash her face or address the urgency which was building in her bladder.

She was one minute late but Miles decided to let it go.

Catherine passed the envelope and stood expectantly in front of the desk. Without opening it, Miles ripped the letter in half and threw it into the wastepaper bin.

There was a knock on the door and Jessica, the club lounge manageress, entered.

Catherine blushed as Miles started to explain. “Jessica, please take a seat. Thank you for coming down. You may be aware that two of your staff, Stephanie and Doris, came to see me earlier and confessed to being partly responsible for your earlier caning. I sent them to Mrs. Jenkins for discipline but things… let’s just say that things got a little out of hand. If I can get to the point. We have now introduced a policy where all corporal punishment will be recorded and witnessed. I am now going to cane Mrs. Jenkins for failing to follow my instructions and I would like you to witness it.”

Without even a hint of hesitation Jessica answered. “Yes Sir, I will be pleased to assist.”

Miles picked up the cane and turned to Catherine. “Mrs. Jenkins, please remove your skirt and bend over the desk.”

Catherine paused for a moment as she contemplated asking if she could be excused to go to the toilet first but felt embarrassed at doing so in front of Jessica and removed her skirt.

Catherine wriggled her bottom as she bent over the desk. Miles couldn’t believe that she was even trying to tease me through this disciplinary caning. Not realising that Catherine’s gyrations were caused for her urgency to pee he decided to make the caning really count.

Catherine had changed her panties and was now wearing a small pair of delicate lace French cut knickers. These were clearly visible through her light tan tights and as she bent over these revealed the lower part of her round buttocks.

The first stroke landed at the junction between her legs and her buttocks as did the second and third. Catherine was sobbing uncontrollably. Jessica instinctively jumped to her feet but then thought better of it and sat down again.

Miles flogged the cane down once more and became aware of the sound of water on the tiled floor. Catherine flooded her panties and the warm pee was soaking her light tan tights. Her sobbing continued as her bladder emptied. Miles ignored her accident and continued to complete a full dozen of the best with the cane aiming each stroke at the now wet crease at the top of her legs.

The caning was difficult for Miles, he felt nothing but sympathy for Catherine and his instinct was to throw my arms around her and give her the comfort she craved. He had committed to giving this discipline and if he showed weakness now it would have all been in vain.

Miles simply announced the punishment was complete and that he would call housekeeping to clean up the mess.

Jessica jumped up, “Please Sir, let me clean it up. Don’t embarrass her anymore.”

Catherine turned her head towards Jessica and mouthed the words, "thank you.”

With Catherine still bend over the desk Jessica carefully removed her sodden tights and panties. The welts were so severe; the junctions between her buttocks and legs was a mass of purple and black where the repeated strokes had landed.

The wet floor was dried with paper hand towels as Catherine continued sobbing bent over the desk.

Luckily, Jessica was able to help Catherine to a vacant guest room without passing any members of staff.

Jessica sensed that Catherine was too sore to get into the shower and placed a large white towel on the bed. Catherine winced as she laid on her front and winced as this pinched the caned crease at the top of her legs.

“Try this,” Jessica said as she placed two large pillows under the towel raising Catherine’s bottom to a more comfortable position.

Catherine lay sobbing as Jessica washed her legs with a warm flannel stopping before the cane marks started.

Jessica gently kissed and licked Catherine’s bottom. She did not find the slightly salty taste of her pee unpleasant and lingered as she licked her puckered anus clean. As she parted her buttocks her moist vulva peeled open and Jessica used the tip of her tongue until Catherine spent.

Jessica dressed Catherine’s wounded bottom, kissed the back of her head and left her to sleep.

Miles was surprised to see Catherine up and about so early as he did his morning rounds the next day and was quite relieved when she met him with a smile.

“Good morning Sir.”

“Good morning Catherine.”

A week ago if Catherine had addressed him as sir he would have immediately replied with, “Please, call me Miles.”

“I am just on my way to the club lounge for breakfast, would you care to join me Mrs. Jenkins?”

Being alone in the elevator gave sufficient time for Catherine talk privately.

“Sir, I would like to apologise again for my behaviour yesterday and thank you for punishing me so thoroughly. I found it dreadfully painful and shall do my best to make sure you never have cause to punish me so severely again.”

Catherine looked at her toes. “Please Sir… May I ask… Please Sir, am I forgiven?”

Miles answered with a hug and they embraced until the ding of the bell announced they would be arriving on the twenty-eighth floor.

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