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The Houseguest Part 2-Gettin' a Paddlin'

He makes me so helpless
It’s that time of year again when mom and dad leave town to attend one of dad’s crazy annual conventions. It’s always great to see them get away (and out of my hair) for a few days. While they’re gone, I am able to do anything that I want. Unfortunately, this year would be very different.

The drama started as they were getting ready to leave. Of course, it has to be an event. It’s too difficult for them to just say goodbye and walk out the door. Mom does everything but make a grand-exit.

She and Detective Chang-our houseguest are talking in the hallway as dad loads the bags into the car as the great excursion begins.

“Are you sure it’s no trouble, Liu?” mom asked for the fifteenth time.

“No, trouble at all, Mrs. Baker, I don’t mind watching Kait while you’re gone,” he replied as he took a sip of coffee.

“Remember, her curfew is 1am, no exceptions!” mom reminded him.

“I’ll make sure she abides by it,” Liu said.

“And if she doesn’t, you have our permission to handle it anyway you see fit.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Mrs. Baker and I will,” he responded.

Finally, after 20 minutes, which felt more like 20 hours, mom and dad said their goodbyes. Now it was just me and Liu for the next three days.

“Not for anything, Liu, but I’m 17 and really don’t need you to babysit me,” I reminded him as I sat on the kitchen counter sucking on a Popsicle.

“Apparently, your parents see it differently,” he said still enjoying his coffee.

“You’re not going to hold me to that 1am curfew, are you?”

“Break it and find out,” he challenged.

“Oooh, don’t talk like that, you’re turning me on,” I said in a cute voice.

He shook his head and lit a cigarette, completely oblivious to the fact that I wasn’t joking. I was turned on- very turned on.

“Don’t you have a party to go to, tonight?” he asked as he changed the subject.

“Yep, I do.”

“Before you leave, I want the names and cell phone numbers of your friends,” he said.

“Why, are you going to run them through a national criminal database?” I asked sarcastically.

“Now, there’s an idea,” he said deadpan.

“Just because you’re old enough to be my dad, doesn’t mean you have to act like him.”

“Kait, get dressed for your party before I change my mind about letting you go.”

All I could think of is how badly I wanted his cock inside me .

I hurried upstairs and put on the sexiest dress I own. I put my hair up and did my makeup just perfectly. Truthfully, there was no one I wanted to impress at the dance. The only one I wanted to impress was watching me for the next three days.

Liu watched me as I walked down the stairs.

“I didn’t know that Saran Wrap made party dresses,” he said as he shook his head “no”.

“Do you like it?” I asked as I turned around to model it for him.

“So what street are you working?” he asked.

I smiled at him flirtatiously, “do you like what you see?”

“Yeah, I like cameltoe and I see a lot of it. Kait, you’re not wearing that dress!” he said as he popped a piece of gum in his mouth.

“You’re not going to make me take it off are you?”

“Kait, its either take off the dress or don’t go to the party. It’s your choice,” he said looking really pissed off. I was getting on his last nerve and I knew it.

I stormed upstairs and changed into something less revealing and went to the dance in my “Liu approved” party dress.

Why does he have to be such a prick?


As I drove up to my house, I turned off my car’s headlights. At the house, all the lights were turned off.

“Liu must have gone to bed,” I thought. I figured that I could tell him that I got home a little before curfew and that he must have missed me.

Gingerly, I turned the key and opened the front door. Luckily, I’m pretty good about finding my way in the dark. As I quietly approached the staircase, the living room light suddenly went on. Liu was sitting on the couch looking furious.

“Where the fuck were you?!” he asked angrily.

“I went to the party, you knew where I was! Then I went to Melinda’s house,” I explained.

“That’s fuckin’ bullshit. I called Melinda’s house and her mother said you weren’t there,” he said.

“Oh well, I was. She probably forgot,” I said as I approached the stairs.

“Kait, you were supposed to have your little ass home by 1am, that’s your curfew. You know that, right?”

“Liu, just leave me alone, I’m tired OK. Can’t we talk about this shit in the morning?”

“It IS the morning, Kait.”

“Then can’t we talk about it in the afternoon?”

“You know, your mother said I can handle this anyway that I want.”

“Yeah, I was there when she said it.”

“I think your behind needs a good tanning!”

“Oh fuck this, if you think you’re going to spank me!”

“I’ll be fair to you and give you a choice; do you want it over my knee or over the couch?”

“Mmmm,” I thought to myself, but I wasn’t going to let on.

I pretended not to hear him and started to walk up the stairs when grabbed me from behind, picked me up and brought me to the sofa. He turned me over his knee and spanked me over my dress.

“No, Liu, please don’t!!!” I squirmed, but secretly I was begging for it.

He slapped my ass hard and fast as I started kicking my legs.

“Stop kicking, Kait, stop it!” he warned but I didn’t listen.

“Please Liu, I didn’t mean to be late, I’m sorry, please stop!”

“You’re going to learn the real meaning of ‘sorry’,” he said as he spanked my upper leg.

“Liu, I won’t do it again, I promise!”

“We know what you’re promises are worth!”

He put his hand on my ass and rubbed it hard. I winced from both the pinching and the burn. I barely had a chance to recover before he started spanking me again.

I knew that kicking wouldn’t do any good, I just accepted the punishment

..And I enjoyed it.

Liu motioned me off his lap and I put my hands on my behind. I could feel the heat from the spanking as I tried not to quiver from the arousal.

“I’m sorry, Liu, I really am. Can I go to bed now?” I asked quietly.

“Who said that I’m finished punishing you?” He replied.

“Oh no,” I whimpered.

“Oh yes,” he said. “Go to your room, take off your panties and be ready for a good paddling. I’ll be upstairs in a few minutes,” he added.

Obediently, I went upstairs and took off my panties. I laid face down on the bed with one pillow under my waist as I clutched the other pillow with my trembling arms.

I could hear his footsteps as he walked into my room. I turned and looked at him and he nodded to me;

“You’re not going to enjoy this,” he stated.

“You wanna make a bet!” I thought to myself.

He put his hands on my warm bare ass and gave me a few gentle taps. Just seconds later, I felt the paddle on my already tender skin. He held the small of my back as he paddled my behind in quick, hard taps- paddling one side then the other, in even strokes. I let out a small yelp after each one, my ass and my clit both responding to the sensation.

Liu showed no mercy in punishing me. He chastised me for being a “spoiled brat” and how if it were up to him, I’d get a paddling every day. I could hardly deal with the suffering- not from the paddling, but from the sexual arousal that I was feeling. My clit was throbbing from the pleasure. Once again, he rendered me helpless and I reveled in the feeling of being controlled by him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I cried out, hoping that he’d stop, but he didn’t. I opened my legs, giving him a show as he continued with the punishment. If I knew it was going to be this good, I would have come home at 6am.

Finally, he put the paddle down and put his hand between my legs, feeling my wet pussy.

“What the fuck?!” he whispered.

Slowly, I turned around and faced him.

“You turned me on,” I said as I touched my breasts.

“When?” he asked as he glanced at the paddle.

“Always,” I replied, “always,”

He swallowed hard.

“Are you going to be good?” he asked as he tried to show his authoritarian side.

“Yes, let me show you how good,” I replied as I reached for his zipper….

(To be continued)

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