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The Humiliation of Alexis

Alexis is made to serve drinks at Jaden’s party and all the guests get to spank her in turn
It was early evening when Jaden came in to my room with some clothes for me, and said,

“My friends will be here soon. All girls you will be pleased to hear. Get in to these and you can help serve them with food and drinks, oh and be good because I won’t hesitate to spank you in front of them if I need to.”

Jaden put the clothes on the bed. I thought at least it would be company even if they were a load of 16 year olds. I picked up the clothes. Just like the sheer see through dress these were not what I would have chosen. There was a white sleeveless crop shirt with a tie front and a black pleated micro mini skirt but no sides just flaps covering my pussy and bottom, mini knickers, and that was it. No bra. Maybe Jaden felt with my pert breasts I did not need one. I put them on and looked in the mirror. Sexy I thought but it made me look far younger than my 20 years and the skirt would easily flip up. Of course Jaden said the clothes had ease of spanking in mind and this mini skirt would be a constant reminder of my delicate disciplinary position. I did not mind Jaden spanking me, but I was less sure, well actually very unsure about being spanked in front of her friends. I supposed that lots of the girls were still spanked, even their older brothers and sisters, but if Jaden spanked me in front of them that is quite quite different. The problem was how could I object as I was grounded and had given Jaden spanking rights over me. I was determined to be well behaved. Better not to be spanked rather than be spanked in front of them and risk the jibes that would be bound to follow. Yes, I resolved to be well behaved tonight.

By now the first few friends had arrived I gave myself the pleasure of a last look in the mirror and I thought what a sexy girl I looked. The cropped shirt showing off the whole of my stomach, the wide belt, the flap front and back, and my bare thighs. I even fancied myself. I smiled as I turned to go downstairs. I went straight to the lounge and as I entered several girls turned and stared, open mouthed, presumably at my daring outfit. I felt quite the star, until Jaden announced,

“Sorry girls but Alexis has to join us. She’s grounded and I need to be sure she behaves.”

One of her friends said,

“What happens if she misbehaves, I thought your Mum was away?”

“Yes, that’s right Mum is away, so if she misbehaves I spank her.”

My mouth gaped open and I blushed, even more so when Jaden added,

“With this, “and she held up a wooden spoon, just like the one in my room but I knew this was one of several Mum kept to be used for spanking Velvet and me.

Jaden’s friend said, smiling,


I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, but Jaden said,

“Alexis, I don’t think you should tie the shirt at the front, wear it open,”

I looked aghast as that would leave my breasts showing and as I looked around most of the girls had bigger breasts than me. I didn’t move until Jaden said,


That was enough and slowly I undid the tie up and the shirt flapped open. I was as good as topless. I saw lots of the girls smirking, and Jaden said,

“Alexis, there’s a tray of drinks in the kitchen, be a dear and bring them in will you.”

A dear? Who does Jaden think she is? Well, I was about to say something but Jaden pointed to the wooden spoon, I followed her finger and saw it, and when I looked around the room I realised half a dozen girls also saw what Jaden was pointing at, and they were grinning at me, no doubt willing me to require a spanking in front of them. Well I remembered my resolve to be well behaved, so looked at the floor and walked to the kitchen to get the tray of drinks. I went back in to the living room and there was a buzz of voices which lowered when I walked in but what I saw were admiring looks, at me. I felt good. When I offered drinks to the girls they smiled at me, some mentioned how good I looked, some even looked at my breasts but I thought only blokes did that so maybe one or two of the girls fancied me. I rallied my thoughts and started to enjoy the evening, and even Jaden did not mind when a couple of the girls let me chat with them. Some of Jaden’s friends look so good, slim, tall, great figures, and they showed their figures off in some beautiful outfits. If they were not sixteen I would fancy them. Thinking about it though I did not mind Jaden playing with me so maybe I should look more closely at some of her friends, particularly the ones giving me the eye. There was one girl, Taylor, who I found particularly attractive. She is a slim great looking girl in a tight white dress and had been one of the girls eying my breasts.

Then I slipped. It was a total accident. I was carrying a glass of wine to Taylor, when another girl I had been talking to, Shanice, who had only moved to the area a couple of months ago, asked me for something, a glass of wine for herself I think, but as I was looking at her I missed the handbag on the floor, I tripped, and the wine went all over Taylor’s dress. I was so sorry. Forget the whole sub thing, I really was upset I had spilt the wine over her. Taylor pulled the dress up over her head and looked at the stain. I was about to ask if I could help clean the dress just as Jaden let fly at me with,

“That does it, go and face the wall with your hands on your head.”

T aylor added,

“That’s all I need Alexis you have got me in to trouble now.”

Taylor went to the kitchen to wash out the stain. It was an accident but as I faced the wall I knew the trouble I had caused. Oh dear I thought, and it is all my fault. A few minutes later Taylor came back in to the room and told Jaden,

“I’ve tried but the stain just won’t come out. Mum is gonna kill me for this.”

Jaden said,

“Maybe if you tell her Alexis did it by accident, well I mean, accidents do happen.”

“Yes, but Mum made it clear, this dress is for a wedding at the weekend and if I stained it she would spank me.” Taylor sounded really bad.

Jaden said,

“Well look Taylor, how about tit for tat?”

Taylor asked, “What do you mean Jaden?”

“Well, Alexis needs to be spanked for spilling the wine. How about you do it?”

“Hey, that is about right. Let me get at the girls ass.” Taylor sounded like she was really up for it.

I listened in horror. It was one thing being spanked by my 16-year-old younger sister, but her 16-year-old friend just isn’t the same, particularly as at the time I was actually thinking Taylor might come out with me. She won’t be so keen if she has already spanked me would she? My heart fell when Jaden said loudly,

“Done. Alexis, come here, now.”

I turned and walked over to Jaden. She must have known how I felt but took no notice. After all she must remember all the times I was a real bitch to her, before she got to spank me that is. She just said sternly,

“Go get the wooden spoon girl, Taylor needs to make you learn not to spill drinks over her.”

“Please Jaden,” I started. Jaden gave me a fierce look and said,

“Either it’s just Taylor or it’s me as well later on. The choice is yours.”

I caught Jaden’s glare and caved in, I closed my eyes, knowing I was beaten. I went quickly to the sideboard in the dining room and got out one of the wooden spoons kept in a drawer. There were about six in the drawer, all the same, all long handled, a good 20 inches, with a heavy wooden spoon head. I went back in to the living room and Taylor was already sitting on the chair. I walked over to her and it was then I noticed she was only wearing a bra and thong knickers. She had a great figure, large breasts and good firm legs which were crossed. I looked at Jaden who ordered,

“Lose the skirt and knickers Alexis.”

I undid the belt and swung the mini skirt around, caught it, and placed it on the table and stepped out of the knickers, not that they were hiding very much. I turned and saw everyone just looking at me, and in particular they were looking at my pussy and my Brazilian shave. Great I thought, just what I didn’t really want them to see. I walked over to Taylor again, handed her the spoon, and waited. Taylor looked at Jaden who seemed to be waiting, for what I did not know. After what seemed forever she said,

“Right Alexis, bend across Taylor’s lap.”

I took a deep breath and balanced on the edge of the chair as I lowered myself across Taylor’s lap. She smelt gorgeous as I passed close to her face, I must ask her what perfume she uses, her thighs felt so cool as I lay across them, and her legs were so good looking given my close up view. She was quite something for a 16 year old. Her hand was cool as she rubbed my bottom but got warmer as I waited for her first spank.

“Legs apart Alexis,” Jaden ordered.

I did as she told me automatically forgetting for a moment all those watching.

“Grab her pussy Taylor, she has to spread her legs wide enough to get your hand between her legs.”

I was about to close my legs when Taylor got her whole hand between my legs and grasped my pussy. I was humiliated as she tightened her grip on me.

“Feels nice with no pussy hair Jaden.”

“Doesn’t it just,” laughed Jaden.

That was even more humiliating. I wanted Taylor to get started on my spanking but she dragged out the start, and Taylor actually told me off.

“Well Alexis I want you to know you have caused me a real problem so doesn’t expect any sympathy from me.”

“I’m sorry Taylor,” I said.

That was met with the first spank when the heavy spoon bit in to my bare left bottom cheek. I was quite shocked at how hard she hit, and reckoned she really wasn’t holding back. The second spank quickly followed on my right bottom cheek and whilst I was trying to cope with that she spanked my left bottom cheek again. Taylor built up a sequence, an unbroken sequence, spanking one bottom cheek then the other. The spanks hit me on alternate bottom cheeks until I was squirming around on her bare thighs which felt so different to clothes, skin on skin as though we were making love but with the spanking bit instead of the lovemaking. My bottom was stinging and when I looked under the chair I saw my legs were kicking. I forgot Taylor was 16 and only a friend of Jaden’s. She was spanking me so hard and for such a long time I knew tears were running down my cheeks, but all I could hear was words of encouragement for Taylor to spank harder, saying she had missed a bit, that she should spank my legs as well, and go for the inner thighs. On and on she spanked and the stinging pain from the spoon was just so horrible.

It ended as it began, no pre-amble, no suggestion the end was near, it just stopped. Taylor rubbed my bottom again and between my thighs and when she covered my pussy again I gasped. I didn’t want her to give me those feelings but I didn’t want her to stop either as I gyrated my hips and Taylor’s fingers started to explore me, slipping inside me, deeper and deeper until she found my clit, closer and closer to orgasm, but I didn’t make it. Suddenly Taylor’s fingers were removed and she shouted,

“You slut, get up. I’m not going to make you cum when I’m going to get a spanking myself am I girl?”

I looked up and around at the sea of laughing faces. As if being spanked wasn’t enough, all these 16 year olds knew exactly what Taylor was doing, saw that I was practically begging her to finger me, a 20 year old being fingered by a 16 year old. I don’t know how I could have egged her on but surely I must have done. I heard Jaden snap,

“Right Alexis, you can serve some more drinks.”

I wanted to go face the wall or go to my room but I knew I couldn’t confront Jaden. I got another tray full and carefully handed them out and slowly calmed myself down. The party was gradually coming to an end. Some of the Mum’s were coming to pick the girls up. I saw Taylor about to leave standing close to Shanice and her Mum and went over to Taylor, not meaning anything other than to say sorry.

“Taylor, I am sorry about your dress, really I am, I hope your Mum doesn’t spank you too hard and I did earn the spanking you gave me.”

I didn’t understand why everyone looked at Shanice and her Mum, who looked like something had just clicked and asked Taylor,

“What’s that Taylor, you are going to be spanked, but I thought you girls were too old.”

She looked at Taylor who pursed her lips, then at Jaden who froze then at me, and I didn’t understand, and thought someone should answer the woman so said quite innocently,

“Well yes, we all get spanked, even me at 20 and my sister at 23, and I guess all the other older sisters and brothers. It’s just what happens.”

She looked furious and turned to Shanice demanding,

“Is that right my girl?”

Shanice blushed and said,

“I’m sorry I lied Mum, but you see …”

I tell you what I see young lady,” and she turned to Jaden and asked,

“Do you mind if Shanice and I go use your TV room Jaden?”

I saw Jaden struggle to answer but said a short,

“Sure Mrs. O.”

Well, Mrs. O grabbed Shanice and pulled her in to the TV room. Everyone glared at me and I realised by now what I had done. Shanice was new to the area and told her Mum none of the girl’s her age got spanked and her Mum fell for it. I didn’t know that though and I was just being respectful and look what has happened now. Next thing we heard was the sound of the spanking coming from the TV room, loud spanks that could only be bare hand on bare bottom. It lasted for ages, although well before it finished I said to Jaden,

“Look, I didn’t mean ….”

Jaden cut me short. “Time out Alexis, get back to facing the wall.”

Actually I thought that was just about the best that could happen. At least I won’t be able to say anything more that was wrong. I clasped my hands on top of my head and pressed my nose against the wall and listened to the constant spanking sound coming from the TV room. I was aware of whispers behind me and they were saying I really deserved another spanking. I hoped Jaden would think otherwise but a few moments later she came up behind me and hissed in to my ear,

“I think the shirt needs to come off Alexis, it will be better that way.”

Better? I wondered how being naked could be better. I stayed facing the wall but slid the already untied shirt off my shoulders handing it to Jaden.

“Turn around Alexis,” Jaden ordered.

I did and was more conscious than ever of being naked in front of all those 16 year olds who looked so grown up in their clothes. I saw the spanking chair still in place and Jaden holding the wooden spoon. She was smirking, a wicked tilt to her lip. She was so enjoying herself and I so wasn’t.

“Alexis, you know how sometimes we get party bags to go home with, well I don’t have any today, so I’m thinking something else would be better, to round off the party, given that you have spilled wine on Taylor and got Shanice a spanking. Guess what I reckon everyone should get to do Alexis?"

I looked around looking for a suggestion from someone of just what Jaden had in mind. A few of the girls were smiling, but no one spoke, not until Jaden said gleefully,

“You need to be punished and I can’t decide who should punish you, so I thought, well, why not everyone.”

I gasped. Jaden continued, “So, when each person is ready to go home you will go across their lap and they will give you twelve hard spanks with the spoon.”

The cow. How much worse can it get. Well I know I deserve to be punished for what I’ve done but why can’t Jaden do it? Why does everyone have to spank me? I’m going to see these girls around in the street and at their homes so how embarrassing will it be if so many of the 16 year olds have spanked me. I was blushing when Jaden announced,

“Hey Sylvia, are you going? Why don’t you take Alexis to the chair? Pull her by her nipple, she likes that.”

Where did Jaden get that from? No one has pulled me by my nipples, but soon enough Sylvia grabbed me and tugged. I had no choice but to follow her, too scared to lower my hands, and she didn’t even let go when she got to the chair. Sylvia sat down and tugged again to make me bend across her lap. When she did eventually let me go my nipple was sore, but I had to admit a nice sore, like a sore bottom. Actually it was a rather nice new feeling. I felt Sylvia rub my bottom and waited, seeing my legs, again, on the far side of the chair balancing just above the ground and I knew my bare bottom was balanced on Sylvia’s lap. On she rubbed until she said with irritation in her voice,

“Jaden, didn’t you say Alexis had to have her legs spread apart?”

Jaden replied sternly, “I certainly did,” and added, “Alexis, spread your legs well apart. Sylvia you get to give her twenty four spanks, the extra twelve as a penalty for disobedience.”

I quickly did as I was told hating Jaden for the extra twelve spanks, but that hatred was short lived as I gasped when Sylvia ran her hand down between my legs and clasped my hairless pussy.

“You are right Taylor, Brazilian does feel good.”

I closed my eyes in shame and blushed deeply when Sylvia lifted her hand but instead of spanking my bottom gave me several smacks on my pussy. I lifted my bottom up trying to avoid the smacks but she never missed. I plopped down again when she finished and I heard laughter, lots of it, what with so many girls obviously enjoying me being pussy smacked. The first hard spank with the spoon hit home and it stung like crazy so soon after the spanking Taylor gave me. I counted the spanks out knowing there was going to be twenty four. It made it easier somehow, and when she was finished and I stood up and rubbed my bottom I thought I had coped well.

“Take her back Sylvia,” Jaden ordered.

Sylvia took a firm hold of my other nipple and led me back. I was again facing the wall when I felt another hand grab my nipple and lead me back to the chair and once again I was staring at the floor a hand rubbing my bottom, luckily I remembered to spread my legs, or maybe Jaden was right that I needed to be taught to do that and the twelve extra spanks I got taught me just that. I was thinking how Jaden was actually rather good at teaching me good lessons when the spoon thrashed on to my bare bottom again. It stung even more than the last time as spank after spank hit alternate bottom cheeks. I didn’t count this time it stung so much. A few moments later I was told to stand up and was led by the nipple back to the wall.

I listened intently to the conversation. Shanice and her Mum came in to the room and said their goodbyes. Jaden told them what the party present was and Shanice said excitedly,

“Yes I want to.”

I heard footsteps and assumed they were by Shanice as she grabbed my nipple and led me to the chair. I spread my legs and Shanice knew to clasp my pussy and seconds later she started to spank me, very hard, and presumably feeling justifiably vengeful. Shanice ordered me up and led me back to the wall. I heard her talk to her Mum who decided against spanking me, but she did say,

“Come on Shanice, we still need to discuss one or two other things at home.”

“Yes Mum,” Shanice replied dolefully and I was guessing as I faced the wall she wasn’t happy, not happy at all, but her Mum’s tone was lighter, as though she had discovered something that made her feel good. I guess Shanice being spanked going forward was the reason for both their opposite sounding tones.

Seconds later my nipple was again grabbed and I was led back to the chair and quickly bent across another 16 year olds lap. My pussy had the now obligatory grab and squeeze and my bottom given twelve very hard spanks. I was crying as the stinging spread across my whole bottom. My feelings were so strange. I was over the humiliation of being put across so many 16-year-old laps. What was strange was that whilst twelve spanks hurt so much, but once I was back facing the wall I wanted twelve more, as though it was becoming a drug. I heard voices again and one of the Mum’s was asking what was going on. I recognised the voice. It was Odessa’s Mum. I had got in to an argument with Odessa a couple of weeks ago and when her Mum asked me to apologise I didn’t. Now I was going to regret it. The hand I felt was an older woman’s and when I was tugged around Odessa’s Mum was smiling at me, her face inches from mine. She could tell from my eyes how sorry I was now and she let out a short laugh as she led me to the chair by my nipple. She chose not to grasp my pussy although I did spread my legs still and she gave me twelve very hard spanks and I was again in tears. She grabbed my arm to stand me up and beckoned Odessa to sit down. Her daughter said,

“No Mum, take her back so I can go get her.”

I was led back to the wall by the nipple only to find seconds later Odessa grab my nipple and lead me back to the chair and forced me across her lap. Odessa gleefully clasped my pussy and said out loud,

“Hey Mum, can I have a Brazilian?”

I heard her Mum answer,

“No you can’t not until you are twenty. Mind you if you are twenty and still spanked like Alexis is maybe it will be too embarrassing for you.”

There was laughter around the room, and again I wanted to be somewhere else. Odessa spanked me my twelve spanks before leading me back to the wall. Now I was sniffing and sobbing as I faced the wall and my bottom was stinging so.

Time after time I was facing the wall with my hands on my head when I felt the warmth of a hand grabbing one nipple or the other and tugging me so I had to turn and face the girl who is going to spank me. Every girl and three Mum’s spanked me. It wasn’t just a matter of being bent across a lap and spanked. No it was far more humiliating. I was tugged by the nipple and had to pass some of the girls on my way to the spanking chair. They belittled me. One winked at me wagging her finger as though reminding me I have been naughty. Another tapped her own bottom making it so obvious what is going to happen to me. Another stopped my spanker and told her to make sure she gave me twelve good hard ones as the bitch deserved it, the bitch being me of course.

One of the nasty sixteen year olds stopped me and said in a mocking tone,

“Your poor boobies look so sore from all that pulling,” and put her hand on the breast not being pulled and rubbed me several times, and whilst it felt good it wasn’t so nice but I missed a breath she gave my breast three smacks which made my nipples harden and stand erect. The horrid horrid girl then said,

“Hey look everyone, Alexis likes having her boobies smacked.”

That got a good laugh as I blushed a deep red. To enforce her control over me she squeezed my nipple hard and told my spanker to take me away and get me sorted out, then looked at me and said in a hard tone,

“Don’t worry Alexis, I’ll be leaving soon so you will be across my lap before you know it.”

I hated the vindictive bitch, but as I was pulled towards the spanking chair I thought when it was her turn she really would spank me hard but if she rubbed my breasts again it won’t be so bad. I was wondering how come I had all these thoughts about girls four years younger than me but as I was pulled across my current spankers lap and the floor came up to meet me, my hands placed to balance me, being so close to the girls bare legs, seeing mine swinging on the far side of the chair, feeling her hand rub my bottom and yes her other hand rubbing my breast, knowing any second that wooden spoon would smack down on my already sore bottom and would create a newer and more intense stinging sensation, I knew I was thinking about the girls this way because for me it was about being disciplined, under the unquestioning control of other women, so why not sixteen year olds, particularly ones so able to make me cry.

Probably the worst time I was stopped as I was being walked back to face the wall was when the girl who stopped me put her hand fully on my hairless pussy and announced to the room how wet I was and how much I must be enjoying being spanked by a load of girls four years younger than me. She kept rubbing my pussy as she spoke and with my hands still on my head I looked around at the sea of smiles and too late realised I could not stop myself moaning at the eroticism of her touch. Again though it was all intended to make me feel small and as she drew her hand away she gave my pussy a smack, and a second smack. I closed my legs and when she wagged her finger in front of my face and told me to spread my legs again I had to accept half a dozen more smacks on my pussy. The stinging afterwards was so sensational yet at the same time I had to endure the laughter around me. I think I would have cum if I hadn’t been pulled across the girls lap before I could and spanked.

It was normally a relief to get to the chair and be pulled down by the nipple until I was fully across the spankers lap. Each spanker rubbed my bottom and the tops of my legs, each felt the need to scold me, well it was one thing to have one of the Mum’s do that but being told off by a succession of sixteen year olds was a bit thick, then came the spanking, twelve hard spanks with the spoon I so loved and hated, followed by more hand rubbing, inevitably more scolding telling me she hoped the spanking had done me good, the pulling of my nipple to make me stand up, and the insistence I again faced her with my hands on my head and apologise for my behaviour whilst my nipple was squeezed hard making me squirm whilst giving my apology.

I made the trip ten times, seven times with teenagers and three times with Mum’s who were quite happy to teach bitchy me a lesson. The teenagers all grabbed me by my nipples but at least the Mum’s just held my upper arm firmly. Ten times I was led to the chair. The teenagers used the spoon but Jaden said to each of the Mum’s they could give me a hand spanking first if they wanted to, and each Mum did give me a long hard hand spanking telling me it was payback for some bitchy comment I had made to them recently. Ten times I was put across a lap of different width and fleshiness, my bottom perched upwards, in position to be spanked. Ten times I saw the same piece of carpet and there was always a spare spoon on the floor right by my face, in the case any of the spoons broke whilst I was being spanked. Ten times I was led back to the wall by my nipple, made to face the wall, my hands on my head and my nose pressed against the wall and I was sobbing as my bottom stung and felt humiliated at the numbers of people who had notched up spanking me.

It wasn’t as though everyone stood and watched. I wasn’t the centre of attention more a sideshow which made me feel even smaller. In fact only a couple did although it would be one of those who stopped and humiliated me. All the others stood around chatting as I was pulled by my nipples or arm, led to the chair, bent across the waiting lap, spanked, and then led back to the wall by my nipples. It couldn’t have been more demeaning.

Slowly the room emptied, but the last Mum said a cheery goodbye but added,

“You know Jaden you should give Alexis a proper spanking later on.”

Jaden returned the laugh and said,

“I probably will.”

By now I was almost high on the pain rush and I found myself actually hoping Jaden would spank me later Sure I was humiliated by what the girls had said and done to me but I found I even enjoyed it, not minding what was said so long as I was being touched somewhere, particularly roughly, whether it was my nipples, breasts, pussy, or even just tugged by my arm. At last it was just me and Jaden left in the room. She came up behind me, grabbed one of my oh so sore nipples and forced me to turn around. She was smiling.

“Good fun eh Sis?”

I had calmed down and was again enjoying the stinging in my bottom and the soreness in my nipples. I smiled back, just as the phone rang. Jaden went to answer it, and it was Mum who had received a call from Odessa’s Mum telling her how I had been spanked. I heard Jaden saying to her,

“Yes Mum, Alexis needed to be spanked ... We discussed it and she agreed ... Sure she did Mum.”

Jaden handed me the phone. I spoke to Mum,

“Yes Mum I did deserve it … I was late getting home … Real late Mum … Much more than an hour Mum … I don’t know why I just agreed to Jaden having spanking rights without asking you, it just seemed right, you know … Yes Mum exactly, I agree Jaden should have full spanking control over me whilst you are away with no need to phone you, if Jaden decides I need a spanking she can just do it … She does deserve full spanking rights over me, and I do deserve to be spanked Mum … Yes Mum I know I’ll still be grounded when you and Velvet get home and subject to both you and Jaden’s spanking rights, but I’m cool with it Mum.… No disrespect meant Mum, just that I accept both of you have spanking rights.”

Mum was appeased although I got the distinct feeling she was going to make sure her spanking rights were imposed very soon after getting home. I handed the phone back to Jaden who smiled at me as she came up to me and without any hesitation put her hand on my pussy. I gasped as she said,

“Good girl, being five minutes late home is now over an hour is it Alexis?”

“Well I reckoned if I said five minutes you might get in to trouble Jaden.” I was breathing deeply as her fingers pressed harder on to my pussy. Jaden kept smiling wickedly when she nodded and agreed,

“Yup, I reckon Mum may have thought I overstepped the mark if I spanked you for being five minutes late. This way though it’s official. I have spanking rights over you my big sister. I guess you helped me there.”

I knew I had given her what she wanted, and actually gave her what I wanted as well. I was so enjoying being dominated by my 16-year-old sister.

“Give me a hug,” Jaden demanded.

I flung my arms around her neck and without thinking pressed my lips against hers, opening my mouth as she forced her tongue inside me whilst easing her fingers deep inside my pussy. We kissed and she flicked my clit until I came, gushing my sex over her fingers. I hugged her and Jaden patted my bottom and then with the pretence of annoyance ordered,

“Go on, go to your room. You’re still grounded girl. Any nonsense and you get spanked again.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said and we both realised I had used a term of respect only very occasionally given to Mum, that is when Velvet or I are in deep trouble which would mean far more than a spanking.”

Jaden’s eyes sparkled and she said, “Use that in future Alexis, whenever you are under discipline, but only for me, not in front of anyone else. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” I repeated. I liked it. It felt good. Another element of control given to my sister but something to be kept between the two of us. I walked quickly out of the room and up to my bedroom, still naked. I didn’t think about putting my clothes back on as I felt warm all over. I was resting on my bed with my hand on my pussy when my mobile rang. It was my friend Isobel.

Isobel asked brightly, “I just heard you got spanked by lots of Jaden’s friends and some of their Mum’s. That’s so cool Alexis.” After a moment of laughter she added, “Do you want to come over tomorrow?”

I answered, “I can’t, I’m still grounded so can’t leave the house, but you can come here.”

Isobel wasn’t sure. “Won’t that mean I’m under Jaden’s control and doesn’t she spank hard with that wooden spoon you have and like she’s only sixteen?”

“Well yes, but you remember when you were grounded last month and I came over to you and we wound your Mum up on purpose and both got spanked by her?” I laughed and added, “Anyway Jaden’s been very fair with me so we’ll only get spanked if we earn it. Why don’t you sleep over?”

“Fair? That’s not the Jaden I know.”

I laughed. “When I say fair I was just five minutes late and she spanked me, grounded me for three days, and that led to being spanked by her friends and some of their Mums.”

“Oh, that fair,” Isobel said laughing as well.

Isobel said more seriously, “But you are so relentlessly and fervently bitchy to Jaden, how come you are so ok with this?”

I replied, “Well that was before she has full spanking rights over me.”

“You gave her that?” Isobel was astounded.

I was so turned on talking on the phone about being spanked whilst rubbing my pussy and my sore nipples and knew having Isobel in bed will be so much better than using my vibrator which is all I will have tonight. We always share a room on sleep over’s although we are supposed to stay in separate beds, but no one ever checks. Mind you, to be fair Mum never checks but there was every chance Jaden will check tonight as I’m grounded.

Isobel sparkled, “Hey, that’s awesome Alexis, You know what, I’ll risk being spanked by your younger sister so I’ll be over tomorrow, after lunch.”

I laughed to myself. I knew Isobel finds Jaden really annoying and she was bound to aggravate her before long so I expected we would both be spanked before bedtime tomorrow night. Isobel won’t mind I was sure and will want a cuddle and hopefully much much more when her bottom is spanked sore. I got out my wooden spoon, smacked myself a few times, and squeezed my pussy. I was really looking forward to tomorrow.

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