The Joke Backfired

By Peter242

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Daniel plays a joke that backfires and he gets spanked in front of others


Daniel knew he was in for a spanking. 23 years old but his Mother would put him over her lap for sure.  

He looked at the shop manageress as she sat behind her desk and then across at the middle aged woman sitting crossed legged next to him, clearly annoyed.

It had been a joke. Mum had sent him to the mall to buy a couple more wooden backed hairbrushes to replace the ones worn out through so much use on his bare bottom. He bought it from the first floor of the ladies clothes shop his Mother favoured, and on his way to the ground floor thought he saw his Mother go into a changing cubicle. He thought he would shock his Mother and went over to the changing room, threw open the curtain and cried out “boo” as loud as he could.

A second later he realised it wasn’t his Mother but a stranger, who shrieked. Daniel froze, then turned to run away, just as the Manageress came up behind him and demanded to know what was going on. He stammered a response but the woman recovered faster.

“This young man just opened the curtains whilst I was undressed. I want you to call the police young lady.”

The Manageress looked at Daniel who was blushing and stammered “no, well yes, but I, erm, it was a mistake.”

“A mistake” the woman said incredulously. “You just threw open the curtain and screamed.”

Daniel looked at the floor. The Manageress said “now lets calm down shall we and discuss this before calling the police. Can you both come to my office please.” She sounded officious and Daniel immediately agreed. The lady huffed a bit but reluctantly agreed as well.

The three of them walked to the office at the back whilst several people in the shop stared at them, feeling sorry for the woman and looking with disgust at Daniel.

Daniel knew he had made a bad mistake. He felt particularly uncomfortable faced with a Manageress who looked pretty much his own age, having to try to sort out such a difficult situation.   Once in the office he decided to try an apology “I am so sorry to have embarrassed you. I thought you were my Mother, and “

The woman interrupted him and asked “do I look like your Mother then?”

“Well no but you see”

The Manageress said to Daniel “does your mother shop here?”

“Yes, she is Mrs Hargreaves, Sharon Hargreaves.”

“Oh yes, I do know her. But why were you here?”

Daniel blushed as he took out the two hairbrushes, but then realised the Manageress would have no reason to know what they were for.

“Oh yes, she likes that type doesn’t she. How come she goes through them though?” she asked Daniel as though reflecting on the possible reasons but before he could answer the lady said “all very nice but what about dealing with what this young man has done?”

The Manageress blushed now and to restore her authority said “yes madam, I know his Mother so shall phone her now and ask her to come down and speak with you. Could we do that before calling the police?”

“I suppose so” she accepted albeit unenthusiastically.

That is why Daniel was sitting waiting for his mother to arrive. He was sure she would smooth things over, but there would be no getting away without a spanking afterwards when they got home, one of her ultra discipline ones he no doubt. The office door opened and Mum walked in. She looked livid.

The Manageress said “thank you Mrs Hargreaves for coming in. This is Miss Jeffries” and then explained what had happened.

Mum looked at the woman and asked “what would be needed to settle the matter here and now Miss Jeffries?”

The woman looked at Daniel and said “he should have some kind of punishment. What would you normally do?”

Mum looked at Daniel, then at the Manageress and asked “this is away from the shop, can we use this room for a while without anyone coming in?”

The Manageress said “of course, but what for, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Instead of answering directly Mum looked at Daniel and asked “do you have the hairbrushes yet?”

Daniel blushed a deep red. The Manageress looked bewildered, but Miss Jeffries seemed to understand and said “so he still gets spanked. My my. well yes that would satisfy me, if I were present, and if his bottom was well reddened and then turned black and blue with the brush. I know what it should look like as I had exactly that from my Mother when I was younger.”

“No problem with that” Mum said firmly then looked at her son and said “right Daniel go and face the wall until I call you.”

Daniel looked mortified. “Mum, please, no.”

Mum glared at him and snapped “don’t even think of objecting young man. You would be getting this anyway at home as well you know. Now get against that wall. Or else” she ended with leaving him in no doubt it will be much worse if he keeps objecting.

Reluctantly he stood up and walked over to the wall and put his hands on his head and pressed his nose against the wall.

The Manageress looked startled and said “Excuse me?” Surely you aren’t going to spank him. He looks too old.”

Mum said pleasantly “hhmmm, I’m sorry, erm, what is your name?”

“Francis” she answered.

“Well Francis, in our house he gets spanked rather a lot actually, every time he is naughty and earns one in fact. He is 23. How old are you?”

“Oh, I am 22.”

“And are you spanked?”

“Not for many years Mrs Hargreaves” she answered, quite taken aback she was asked the question.

“Well Daniel is, and is about to be again, as you will also see if you want to stay. It is your office after all.”

“Oh yes I really think I should do” she replied rather quickly Mum thought, but then it won’t be everyday that a young shop manageress will be able to witness a spanking, and certainly not one that will be a thorough as the one she is about to give her son.

In fact Francis was actually now quite enthralled by the prospect of seeing a 23 year old spanked by his mother. She had never watched anyone that old being spanked before and was fascinated to see how it was to be done. What surprised her of course was that Daniel was not small by any means and could quite easily overcome his Mother physically, yet it seemed he was going to simply accept her decision he was to be spanked. Fascinated and certainly she knew aroused by the prospect.

Mum knew the spanking had to be hard enough to save the face of Miss Jeffries without the need to call the police after all so she decided to defer to Miss Jeffries to make sure she was happy with the progress of what was in any case going to be a severe discipline spanking. She was furious with her son after all.

She asked Miss Jeffries to move her chair across the room so she could turn the other chair around and have Daniel across her lap and give a good view to both her and to Francis. So with Miss Jeffries sitting and Francis standing, both on the far side of the room, Mum turned the remaining visitors chair in to the room and sat down.

“Right Daniel, over here please “ she snapped, rolling her sleeves up as he trudged across the office, looking intently at the floor as he shuffled over.

Daniel gave his Mother an imploring look but was immediately rebuffed. “Don’t give me that look. You deserve this and will accept it. Now take down your trousers and pants, and be quick about it.”  

Daniel took a deep breath and fumbled at his belt. Mum didn’t mind him having a problem as it added to his embarrassment and therefore to his punishment. She glanced at Miss Jeffries and saw a satisfied smirk on her face. Well she knew she would have to give a severe spanking to satisfy the woman, and fully intended to.

After a few moments the belt was undone and Daniels trousers were around his ankles, and after another quick glance at his Mother which only resulted in a sharp intake of breath, he lowered his pants to just below his bottom. His Mum snapped “you know better than that and grasped his underpants and yanked them further down so they were below his knees and demanded sharply “get over” and Daniel eased himself quickly across his Mum’s lap, resting his hands on the floor, knowing his bottom was in the right position for his Mother to swing her arm down and land her hand squarely on any part of his bottom she chose.

Mum didn’t wait. She raised her arm and brought her hand down hard on her son’s bare bottom. After a dozen more spanks alternately between each bottom cheek Mum glanced up at Miss Jeffries who was nodding with approval as an indication so far so good.

Satisfied Mum kept up a steady stream of spanks which as usual were reasonably hard but more important were constant. Daniel started to squirm after a couple of dozen spanks as his bottom reddened and the stinging mounted with each spank. Francis looked on in amazement but she was also enjoying the spectacle. She had watched as her brothers were spanked but now she was older she realised she was having other feelings. She was really quite enjoying it.

The spanking continued and Mum had no intention of making it anything other than severe. She kept glancing at Miss Jeffries who was now sitting far less rigidly and her body language told Mum it was going well.

Mum still felt it wise to ask her “are you happy the hand spanking has been sufficient Miss Jeffries?”

“How many will you give with the hairbrush?” she asked.

Without any break in the hand spanking Mum answered “I tend to go by the colour of his bottom and how much he howls rather than the number, but lots I can assure you.”

“Good, then yes, please proceed with the hairbrush.”

Mum realised she didn’t have hers with her and asked Francis if she would get the ones purchased by Daniel from the bag on her desk.

Francis was a little shaken when she suddenly realised why Mrs Hargreaves purchases so many hairbrushes. “No problem” Francis said as she eagerly stretched over for the bag. She took out one of the brushes and said almost absent mindedly “oh it still has the price tag on it” and removed it.

Mum said “I will pay for it before I leave Francis.”

“Oh, well yes, of course, erm, no problem” Francis spluttered, blushing, knowing she couldn’t wait for this bit to start but even so couldn’t resist smacking it in to her hand and Mum laughed when Francis realised how hard it felt.

“Yes Francis, it will hurt, more so when used with strength.” Mum took the hairbrush and held it firmly in her hand, rested it on Daniel’s already deep pink bottom, and tapped it a couple of times to get his attention.

“Will you ever do this again Daniel?” she asked sternly, looking up at Miss Jeffries to see if she approved.

Daniel said between sobs “no Mum I promise, I won’t do it ever again.”

“Good boy, and I hope you don’t” Mum said, and looked over again to Miss Jeffries. “Shall I start?” she asked.

Miss Jeffries nodded but could not speak. It seemed she was so enthralled by watching the 23 year old being spanked she could not say anything until after a moments she said a breathless “yes, erm, yes, please do.”

Mum nodded, raised the hairbrush, and brought it down hard on Daniel’s left bottom cheek followed by another on his right bottom cheek, and then a constant stream of spanks on alternate cheeks. Daniel was squirming and gasping and crying after only a few spanks but knew his Mum would continue anyway. She always did.

Mum was intent on giving Daniel the same hard spanking whether anyone was watching or not. She had reckoned that at some time or other she would spank Daniel in front of others, but she had not expected it to be at the mall in front of two strangers. Still, Daniel had done wrong, very wrong, and had to pay the price. Maybe he would be more careful in future.

Miss Jeffries kept staring at Daniel’s bottom as each spank hit home surprised the thrashing was so severe, almost feeling sorry for the young man now.

But Mum thought there was something else about her. She was rubbing her legs together and realised, although not totally astounded, Miss Jeffries was finding this sexually arousing. She was breathing more heavily, her hands were stuck firmly between her thighs and yes, she could actually be touching herself. How about that Mum thought. Still, that also won’t be stopping her thrash her son for what he did and making her come down to the mall to sort it out. After all she will be using her vibrator when she gets home herself

Mum asked Miss Jeffries “is this hard enough for you?”

"Oh yes” she said with a rasp to her voice, then realised how that must have sounded and said a firmer “I mean well yes it is.”

Mum didn’t stop spanking Daniel even then. She was now sure Miss Jeffries was aroused by what she was witnessing. That was good she thought, as that is more likely to be the end of it. Mum considered stopping but then thought if this was happening at home the spanking would still have a way to go, so she just kept on going, wanting her son’s bottom to be far redder than it was now before stopping,   His crying didn’t worry her at all. He always cried. Well who wouldn’t when being spanked so severally with a wooden hairbrush. That didn’t matter though. He had to learn his lesson and where better than across his Mother’s lap.

Once the bottom on her lap was red enough she decided it was time to stop. She asked Miss Jeffries “is that punishment enough for you?”

“Oh yes” she answered, this time more firmly, although followed by a swallow that told Mum she was still aroused by what she had seen. She stood up though, looked at Mum and Francis and said “I will let the matter drop here. I think this young man is suitably punished and now understands how embarrassed I felt.”

“Not quite. Daniel stand up now” Mum ordered and when he lay there a moment she smacked him hard with the hairbrush. Still he couldn’t move quickly enough for his Mother who smacked him again until he forced himself to stand. At home he would be allowed to rub his bottom and that is what he did here until he realised even through tear filled eyes that two women he didn’t know were in the room watching him, and then he realised they were looking quite specifically at his penis, and he knew that as soon as he stood up he was getting an erection, as he did after every spanking. This time though because there were strangers he stopped rubbing his bottom and held his hands over his himself. Both women felt sorry for Daniel, now so embarrassed blushing a deep red, almost the same red as the colour of his bottom.

Mum ordered “apologise Daniel, and make it sincere.”

Daniel looked at both women and said “I am sorry for scaring you. I won’t do it again.”

Mum looked at Miss Jeffries and asked “are you happy he is truly repentant for what he did?”

“Oh yes, very satisfied.” Then added “in fact it was a harder spanking than I expected.”

Mum pursed her lips and replied “well maybe, but that is how he gets spanked at home. I hope that is the end of the matter, here anyway.”

Miss Jeffries realised that Mum knew she had been aroused, well she didn’t exactly hide it very well after all. She cleared her throat and said “Right, so anyway, that is the end of it for me. I will bid you all good day” and with that she left the office.

Mum looked at Daniel “well, I hope I won’t have to come back ever again and thrash you here young man. You must be more careful.”

“Sorry Mum” Daniel cried and she held out her arms and gave her son a huge mothers hug.

“It’s ok Daniel, you have been punished so it’s over.”

She looked at Francis and said “normally he has to stand facing the wall for 15 minutes to ponder his punishment but I guess we can’t do it here, so thank you for letting me use your office Francis.”

“That’s ok Mrs Hargreaves” Francis said. She then added “but if you want I can watch over him for 15 minutes.”

“Really, I don’t want to impose.”

“No really it’s no problem. I’m on a break now, so I will just tell the staff I will be in my office and mustn’t be disturbed.”

Mum smiled and said “well in that case maybe I could do some shopping and come back, if you’re quite sure that is.”

“You go and shop. I’ll look after Daniel for you.”

“OK Francis. Now, its 15 minutes facing the wall with his hands on his head, no talking and no moving otherwise he gets another spanking.” She looked at her son and added in a very serious tone “Understood Daniel?”

Daniel nodded, unhappy at the thought of being supervised by a girl a year younger than himself but he knew he mustn’t complain. He had to accept it.

“Yes Mum” he just said.

“Good.” He turned to Francis and said “but are you sure no one will come in as normally he has to face the wall with a bare bottom?”

“No problem I’ll lock the door if that helps.”

“Perfect Francis. You are really kind to do this.” She turned to Daniel and ordered “right, go to the wall and stay there. If you do anything wrong Francis will tell me and I will most certainly put you across my lap again. Understood?”

“Yes Mum, promise” Daniel replied.

“Right, that’s settled” Mum announced. “I will go and pay for these two hairbrushes and then do some shopping.”

Francis smiled as Daniel’s Mum left the office and she looked across to see a very contrite Daniel facing the wall with his hands on his head and a very red and bruised bottom staring out in to the room. She went over to Daniel and sat down in a chair just close to him.

“So, do you get spanked that often then?” she asked.

Daniel didn’t answer.

“Cat got your tongue?” she asked, sounding amused.

Daniel said “I can’t talk can I.”

Francis laughed and said “well I promise not to tell, so long as you are answering my questions.”

Daniel turned and looked at Francis who snapped “I said talk not look” and smiled when Daniel turned back to face the wall and pressed his nose against it. She felt a buzz with the power she had over this young man, well one year older than her actually but then he was the one who had just had his bottom spanked. It was a thrill though to know she had the power to have him spanked again. It was sexy she thought.

“So, now answer me Daniel” she persisted.

Daniel kept looking at the wall and said “yes, when I deserve one.”

How many times in the last month?” she asked.

“This is my third spanking.”

“Three times, wow” Francis said. “What were they for?” She was really interested now.

“Once for answering back, once for getting home later than I said, and this one.”

“All as hard as this one then?”

“Yes for the one for being home late, but I got an even harder one for answering back.”

“Even harder?” Francis spluttered.

"Well I was very rude.”

“Of course you were” Francis said, amazed but also wondering what his bottom would look like after an even harder spanking.

“Do you get one of those after the harder spankings as well?” she asked and Daniel knew she was referring to his erection.

“I guess so” he said quietly knowing that would seem strange to the girl.

“My brother used to get an erection when he was spanked. I always reckoned he went to his room afterwards to sort himself out. Is that what you do?” Francis smiled when she saw Daniel go bright red. She didn’t need an answer. His blushes told her.

“Sometimes” he lied, and she knew it was a lie but didn’t mind.

“Cool” she said. “I think your Mum is right to spank you when you are naughty” she added with a smile

"I guess” Daniel conceded. He didn’t tell her it was his idea in the first place.

She looked at him, sideways on, quite good looking, she suspected well mannered normally, and now felt sorry for him standing there having been thrashed soundly in front of strangers for something that was only meant as a joke. Yet he accepted his punishment so well.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked. She almost was surprised she asked the question but there was something she liked about the young man.

“No” he answered.

“Will your Mum let you go out tonight or are you grounded after one of these?”

“Oh I don’t get grounded, just spanked.”

“Hey then, I’m going to dinner with some friends so if you want to come that would be great.”

“Really?” Daniel said, astonished but delighted to be asked. He hadn’t had a very good look at her but she seemed very nice.

“Well sure, that would be great. Thanks.”

Just then there was a knock on the door and Francis checked her watch. It was 15 minutes so it must be Daniel’s Mum. She got up unlocked the door and opened it a few inches, saw it was her and opened it fully.

“Was he good?” she asked Francis.

Daniel froze, but relaxed when he heard Francis say “yes.”

“Good boy. OK, lets go, we have taken up enough of Francis’s time.”

“No problem at all Mrs Hargreaves. In fact I have quite forgiven him and asked him out tonight.”

Daniel liked the way Francis had taken control and told his Mum about the party.

That’s ok, of course Daniel can go if he wants. What time will he be home?”

“I’m an early bird myself as I will be working tomorrow so what if I get him home for 11 O’clock?” Is that too late?

“I guess it will be OK” She looked at Daniel and said “OK Daniel you can go but make sure you are home by 11 O’ clock at the latest. Understood?”

“Don’t worry Mrs Hargreaves, I will get him back on time” Francis said. “I guess he gets his bottom tanned if he is late” Francis said laughing.

“Exactly right Francis” she said also laughing. She rather liked the young lady. She turned to her son and said “come on Daniel, I have some more shopping to do then we can go home.”

“I have a car so will pick you up at 7 O’clock, OK Daniel?” Francis said.

Mum looked at Francis and thought she might just do Daniel some good. Obviously confident and if she was happy to go out after seeing him spanked then she must be ok with that as well. She bade the young lady good day and looked forward to seeing her later when she picked Daniel up.

Francis went to the hair accessory department and purchased a hairbrush exactly like the one used on Daniel then went back to her office and sat down behind her desk. She played over in her mind the spanking she had watched thinking how she wanted to find a boyfriend who would like to be disciplined, just like Daniel. She saw herself in his Mum’s position, the dominant partner, expecting her orders to be followed and handing out discipline when they weren’t. She wasn’t to know, then, that both Daniel and his Mum would go to their rooms when they got home, Mum to use her vibrator and Daniel to use his hand, and both would reach orgasm thinking about today’s spanking. Francis kissed the hard wooden back of the hairbrush whilst running her hand under her skirt and down her knickers and gently caressed her pussy, going faster and harder as she came closer to orgasm, flicking her clit to increase her arousal, moaning and groaning, gasping and gyrating, until she came with intensity, her hand soaked with her juice, until her breathing subsided and she reflected on the afternoon.

She tidied herself up and sat for a while reflecting   how she liked Daniel, wanted to go out with him, and hoped he would like her, and in time accept discipline from her, as he already did from his Mum.

When Daniel was back home and in his bedroom he thought of Francis, how she chatted with him as he faced the wall, and how she was so unfazed hearing he was regularly spanked even at 23 years old. He felt comfortable with her and Mum seemed to like her as well. She had seen him spanked so that overcame a hang up he always had with girls, him hoping they would spank him but always too self conscious to ask. As he stroked his huge erection his thoughts wandered between his spanking and Francis and for a few moments imagined himself across her lap, being spanked and scolded by her, and as he came, his cum flooding across his chest, so it was her arm he saw swinging and her palm landing on his bottom. Only a dream now, but he wondered if that would ever become real. He hoped so.


This is the third story in the Daniel series. The first is His Wish