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the lesson

Thank you, Sir. May I have another?
He ordered her into the corner and into a kneeling position. She complied totally, placing herself into that posture, symbolic of her compliance and subservience to him. He was not in any hurry, as he realized the necessity for this to be progressive. He wanted her to be in the proper headspace, the proper level of submission prior to the physical act of punishment. He wanted her to experience and to anticipate both the excitement and fear of the coming discipline. Viewing her in this position and knowing the intensity of feelings that she was experiencing, validated his sense of dominance, made these actions more intense and meaningful to him. His focus was on fulfillment of needs, both her’s and his own.

He ordered her to him and had her kneel in place before him. He talked to her in a very calm and confident manner. He articulated the reasons for this punishment in a very clear and precise manner. He explained exactly what his expectations were of her and that the punishment would cease only when he decided that the goal had been attained. Any resistance on her part would be met by an increased intensity. That this reaction would not be out of anger but rather out of necessity. She will accept this punishment without any doubts or qualifications and by doing so fully accept her submission to his authority.

He took her hand and slowly placed her over his knees in the time honored position. On many levels she was a mature, confident and capable woman. One who had earned the respect of friends and associates alike by her accomplishments and grace. Yet, an integral part of her was a little girl, one who sought out and needed both the nurturing and structure issued by someone who she trusted and respected. She needed this to be complete, to be fulfilled as a person. For when she was in this position, she was that little girl who was abdicating all responsibility and decisions to someone who would guide her, nurture her and give her the discipline that she so badly needed and craved. He felt honored by being that person. His respect and caring for her was total. He reveled in her accomplishments and successes for that made her submission to him that much more powerful and exciting. To hold this wonderful lady over his knees and to treat her like a naughty child gave him a high that no drug or activity had ever approached.

He softly stroked her bare cheeks as he talked to her in a calm and relaxed manner. He lectured her on her behavior and let her know in no uncertain terms what she should expect at any time in the future when she did not comply to his rules, his authority. She lay in position over his knees compliantly as his words escalated her mindset into an almost hypnotic, euphoric state.

Of all the positions that he used in her punishments, this position, having her draped over his knees was his favorite. He loved the feel of her body in sensuous contact with his lap. He enjoyed the access that this position afforded him to her bare bottom to view it closely, to stroke it as he lectured her and eventually to spank to a deeply red hue. Having her upended like a naughty child gave him an intense feeling of mastery and control as with very little effort he could pin her arm in the small of her back and lock her kicking legs with his right leg while holding her upended over his left knee. In this position, she was totally under his control to spank as long and as intensely as he deemed necessary. The fact that this grown woman, whom he respected and cared for greatly, was in this very juvenile position and being brought to tears by his hand, gave him a great deal of satisfaction and gratification.

She felt powerless to stop him despite her embarrassment and fear of the pain that she soon would be feeling. She realized that in many ways she was that naughty little girl who was looking for the nurturing and discipline that he afforded her. She craved the relinquishment of control that his mastery allowed her to feel and deep down inside she knew that this is what she needed, this is what she craved.

She felt his fondling hand leave her bottom and held her breath and then felt the first spank of his hand descend on her quivering cheeks. The spanks began to fall, slowly and lightly at first but as her punishment progressed, the speed and intensity increased until she felt the heat and sting that his hand produced on the bare flesh. She began to struggle and squirm as the spanks continued to fall, increasing the warmth and pain that she felt in her bottom. He enjoyed her movement, knowing that the spanks were affecting her. He reveled in her discomfort and her struggles spurred him on to bring down his hand with a faster speed and a harder intensity. He was determined to teach her a lesson, a lesson in obedience, in compliance and in submission to his authority. She began to make involuntary sounds of ows and ouches as the spanking intensity increased the sweet stinging pain and heat that she felt in her now deeply reddened bottom cheeks. He loved those reactions from her, at one time questioning whether this was crossing the line into sadism but no longer concerned with labels and now totally accepting this as a fulfillment of a mutual need.

He stopped the spanking and once again began to stroke and rub her punished behind. He teased her about how red her bottom had become and how much redder it will become before her lesson has been learned. He told her that this is where she belonged, over his knee with her bottom feeling the force of his hand, the resolve of his dominance. She lay placidly over his knees hearing his words with the realization that yes, he was right. His hand now traveled to the crease between the bottom cheeks and lightly probed the her tight little anal opening. She reacted to this by squirming more intensely over his knees as this increased her feeling of humiliation and submission and the realization that he would do with her as he chose, whatever he deemed necessary to take her to where he wanted to.

His hand left her bottom and then began spanking the cheeks again. As before, the spanks landed initially slowly and softly at first and as the spanking progressed both the speed and intensity increased. She began to wiggle and move on his lap and her right arm involuntarily went back to protect her punished behind. He easily took her right arm in his left and held it in the small of her back and re-positioned her over his left knee, freeing his right leg to lock her kicking legs in place. As the intensity of the spanks continued so did her protestations. She began to sob as the pain level increased and the sobbing then escalated to a full force of tears as both the physical and psychological aspects of her punishment permeated her. The tears did not deter him, he was determined to effectively punish her, punish her into complete submission and contrition. The tears became louder and louder until almost as if a switch were turned, they turned into a steady sobbing. He felt her body soften on his knee and sensed an acceptance of her punishment, her role, her submission. At this point, he stopped and quietly again stroked her behind as she lay placidly in position sobbing softly. He drew her onto his lap and held her tight, holding her, stroking her, comforting her. She responded by squeezing him tight, relishing the warmth and comfort of his arms. She felt a sense of safety, of security. A closeness that she had never experienced in any vanilla relationships, but rather a feeling of having been exposed, yet totally accepted and fulfilled. By accepting her submission, she had indeed found liberation.

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