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The Machine

(C is for Claire) Claire orders a curious device over the Internet
The box sat in the middle of the living room floor where the express service delivery man had left it. It had no markings on it other than a standard shipping label with Claire's address and a generic looking return address in Iowa. Claire knew what it was, though. She was expecting it. She knew it would arrive today and called in sick to work to sign for it.

Ordinarily, she loved getting stuff in the mail, tearing the boxes apart to get her hands on a new pair of shoes or what not. But this package was different. She just stood by the front door for a long time and stared at it. What had possessed her to buy this.... machine...? She couldn't even bring herself to name it properly. And why did even just looking at the box make her pussy feel warm and tingly?

At long last, a voice in her head told her it was silly to just stand there and look at the box. She might as well unpack it.

The box was big - about a cubic yard - and heavy - heavy enough that the delivery man asked her where she wanted him to leave it rather than just drop it at the door. She went to the kitchen and brought a knife back and cut open the packing tape and opened the top. Under the flap she found a bundle of instructions. She pulled it out and read the front, "Wilson's Spank-o-Matic" was in bold print above a picture of the contraption. The picture looked a little like a picnic table. There was a padded horizontal surface on top flanked by two smaller padded shelves on either side that jutted further out. The implication was that the - user? victim? Claire couldn't quite decide what the correct term ought to be - was supposed to lay down on the top surface with her knees on the lower padded surfaces. Jutting out from the side on a rail was another box that was positioned behind the top surface, with a hinge that attached to a paddle.

Claire turned the page. The whole device came disassembled, and the instructions looked not unlike the ones for the last piece of generic swedish furniture she bought. She went to the kitchen to get some tools from the junk drawer.

After about an hour of screws, pins, cams, and so on, the device was finished. To Claire, it looked a bit more wicked in person than she expected. She stood and looked at it for a long time.

For most of her adult life Claire had been interested in spanking, but her job kept her too busy to socialize. She had a boyfriend in college that used to spank her. Nearly every time she masturbated since then, she remembered the feeling. As she touched herself, she usually just concentrated on the implement being used. It never mattered anymore who was wielding it. All that mattered was the stinging, burning feeling of each impact as it made her cry out.

She had tried spanking herself, but she could never force herself to do it properly. She had too much control, and it wasn't the same. As she looked at the completed machine, she realized that that's what made her buy it.

And now it was here. There was only one thing left to do.

Her eyes stayed riveted on the machine while her hands, almost of their own accord, started to pull her shirt off over her head. She knew she would have to be naked. She didn't know why. Her bra, pants and panties followed the shirt as they made a pile in the corner of the room. As she walked the couple of steps over to the machine, her stomach started to ball up and she shivered, though the room was comfortably warm. She took her place gingerly on the padded bench, with her knees on the 2 lower surfaces and her tummy on the upper one.

The bench was actually quite comfortable. The dimensions were perfect for her size, and as she looked backwards, she saw her ass was in the perfect spot for the business end of the machine. She shuddered again and turned around. On an arm jutting forwards from the end of the bench by her head was a control panel, with dials graduated from 1 to 10 for speed and intensity, and a group of switches. Out of the right side of the control panel was attached a 3 foot cord at the end of which was a small handle with a red thumb trigger button.

She took the handle with the button in her right hand, and used her left hand to flip on the power switch on the control panel. Somewhere inside the machine, a motor started to whir, sending faint vibrations through the bench. Almost as if she had awakened it. She looked back at the control panel. There was a "test" switch. She clicked it on, took a deep breath, closed her eyes and held the trigger down with her right thumb. The vibrations inside altered slightly, and she heard a faint whirring from the box with the paddle attachment. She looked back and saw the paddle move slowly back, stop, then slowly forward through its range of motion until it tapped her ass cheeks. The contact, made her jump a little, though she realized she should have expected it. The paddle started moving backwards again, but stopped when Claire let go of the trigger.

She mentally checked the test off the to-do list. There was nothing left. Her left hand moved over to the control panel and turned the test switch off. It moved the speed knob to slow, and then touched the intensity knob and stopped. What should she start with? 1? 10? She thought for a moment and decided to split the difference. She set the knob to 5. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and pushed the trigger with her thumb.

Immediately, the machine's growling and vibrating deepened. She felt movement behind her, followed by a click, a swishing noise, and then her ass exploded with a searing, fiery sting.

"Aaaaaaaaah! Shit!" She dropped the trigger control and in a flash her hands were on her ass, rubbing the sting away. "Holy Christ!" she said, to no one in particular, "That was a FIVE?!"

When she had released the trigger, the machine dutifully stopped. Of course, it made no particular response to her question. It simply whirred quietly. Waiting. When Claire had composed herself, she reached up and slapped the intensity knob down to 1. She looked hard at it.


Her hand reached for the knob and raised it to 2. She reached down and picked the trigger handle back up. She waited for a moment and then gingerly pressed the trigger switch. The machine started back up. It paused for a moment, before repeating the same click-swish-THWACK!

"Ooooow!" It hurt, but not as bad as before. She tightened her grip on the handle, mashing her thumb on the switch. The machine paused about two seconds.

click-swish-THWACK! "Uuuungh!" This time, the machine struck further down.

click-swish-THWACK! "Eeeeeek!" Now the aim was much higher, near the top of her ass-crack. But still, the machine managed a perfect aim side-to-side, perfectly covering both cheeks.

The machine delivered three more strokes before Claire let go of the trigger to regain her composure.

Her ass was throbbing and she could feel the warmth, but she knew deep down it wasn't enough. She knew she was going to have to turn the machine up.

She decided to turn up the speed first. She raised the speed up to about medium and then put her left hand on the intensity knob. She took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger. The machine rumbled back to life.


The spanks were coming twice as fast now, but just as hard as before. Claire's eyes and mouth flew wide open. Still, her thumb stayed planted firmly on the button.


Her left hand turned the intensity knob up, but Claire wasn't watching. She didn't want to know. Her eyes welled up with tears. Her voice started to wrack with sobs.


She started to see stars before her eyes, but she also started to feel the heat building in her pussy.


Her left hand moved again. Her smoldering pussy started to clench with each stinging blow.


The blows weren't hurting anymore. It was as if there was a connection between her ass and her sex. Every smack on her ass now had the same effect as would a finger stroking her clit. The feeling in her pussy was overwhelming. Suddenly, her whole body tensed up and she came.


The machine delivered one more blow, but Claire scarcely felt it through her orgasm.

Claire slowly came to her senses, panting and sweaty, a puddle of tears on the leather padding in front of and under her. Her ass felt like it was being stung by a swarm of hornets. She had dropped the trigger handle during her orgasm. The machine was idling. She looked up at the control panel. The intensity knob was half way between 7 and 8.

She reached up with her left hand and flipped off the power switch. The rumbling vibrations stopped. She eased herself upright and stood up. Her legs were unsteady and she was a little dizzy. She walked to her bedroom and stood in front of her full-length mirror with her back to it, turning around so she could see. Her mouth dropped open in shock. Her ass had angry red blotches all over it from the top of her ass crack down to her thighs. She would clearly need some time to heal before she did that again.

Wait. Again?

She pondered that question, but in the end she knew what the answer would be. She turned and went into the bathroom for a shower. As she ran the cool water over her battered ass cheeks, she wondered if she'd ever make it up to ten.

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