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The Maze - part I

A man sentenced to The Maze becomes the rat, enters accused and leaves butt bruised.

THE MAZE  part I


“Has the little rat been found yet?”  The lady sitting on the throne questioned.

“Not yet, my Queen Mother.”  The woman kneeling in front of the throne responded, her head cast down towards the ground, long red hair hanging loosely to the polished stone floor.

“See to it that this man is found and punished.” The Queen Mother of Spankers stated and sighed.  “You are the Mistress Captain General of Spankers, are you not?”

“Yes my Queen Mother. The rat will be found and punished as you command.”

“You or one of your soldiers better find him or I will have the Fembot Spanker make an example out of you!” The Queen Mother hissed icily.

The tall lady standing next to the throne grinned evilly at the kneeling figure before her.

“I understand my Queen Mother.” The kneeling women looked up in horror into the Queen Mother’s piercing eyes.

“Go.” The Queen Mother commanded.

The Mistress Captain General of Spankers rose to her feet and promptly curtsied, “My Queen Mother”, she looked to the lady standing next to the throne and curtsied, “Queen Mistress Spanker.”  Turned around and walked towards the entrance door with sound purpose, the only noise was the click of her boot heels on the stone floor and the creak of her black leather pants.

When the Mistress Captain General of Spankers had left the room, Zalya, the Queen’s Mistress Spanker opened “That would be a sight to see, Queen Mother.  The Mistress Captain General of Spankers being beat to a pulp by the Fembot Spanker.”  She giggled.

“Oh Zalya, I sense you would take pleasure in seeing that?” The Queen Mother asked.

“Indeed.” Zalya confirmed.

The Queen Mother’s throne room was dimly lit by four huge braziers positioned in each of the four corners; they cast their light about in a soft golden hue.  Two red silken couches with a round black marble table between them stood to the left side of the room; all resting on an immense black and red carpet.  Zalya made her way towards the one of couches, the dim golden light touching her soft tight red leather pants, and sat down and leaned back with her feet propped up on the marble table.

“Finally, some time to relax a little.” Zalya stated aloud but to herself.  “What a busy day.”

“Zalya, it has been too long you know.” the Queen Mother stated more than questioned.

“Two days, 23 hours, and…12 minutes.”  Zalya looked at the Queen Mother.

“No one has ever lasted this long before.  No one has lasted past a day, let alone two!  And now this rat has been in The Maze for almost three days!  That is quite a feat to accomplish.” The Queen Mother Spanker remarked making her way off the throne and towards the couches to join Zalya.

The Queen Mother is so beautiful, Zalya thought as the Queen Mother walked slowly towards her on the couch, her piercing green eyes stealing the beauty away from her perfectly sculptured face and neatly combed long black shiny hair.  The Queen Mother grabbed a golden pitcher and goblet from the table and poured herself some blood red Dragon's Fire wine.  She set the pitcher down and took a slow sip of the wine from her goblet, savoring the slow burn sliding down her throat.  Zalya noticed the perfection of the Queen Mother Spanker’s body, encased in black supple leather, strong, firm. 

“Maybe the Queen Mother wishes to embrace tonight before we close the day?” Zalya inquired.

The Queen Mother looked down at Zalya, “Not tonight my Queen’s Mistress Spanker."  She hesitated a moment, as though she was going to elaborate but instead said "Have you seen my daughter?”

Disappointed, Zalya put her feet down from the table and proceeded to pour herself a glass of the wine. “No, I have not seen the Mistress Princess Spanker.  I haven’t seen Ellorrah since four days past when she spanked that rat all day long.”

“Where could she be?” The Queen Mother wondered.

“Probably trying on different color shades of leather pants or severely spanking one of the other rats, or both…you how she gets Queen Mother.” Zalya took a large gulp of her wine.

“I do, I do.” The Queen Mother nodded slowly, holding her goblet in both hands, she gazed off into nothingness.  “Quite a feat…” she said under her breath tapping the goblet with her fingernail. 

She set the goblet down on the table. “I shall retire for the night Zalya.  Please wake me if Ellorrah does make her presence known.  I shall want to speak with her immediately.”

“Yes my Queen Mother.” Zalya said standing up from the couch.  The Queen Mother moved over to Zalya and placed her hands on either side of Zalya’s arms and slid them down to capture both of Zalya’s hands in her own. “I fear I might have to take matters into my own hands and punish this rat of a man myself.” The Queen Mother Spanker stated looking directly into Zalya’s blue eyes. 

Now that, I have to see, Zalya mused.

The Queen Mother moved her hand up into Zalya’s golden blonde hair and brushed it behind her ear with affection.  She smiled, and then leaned forward and kissed Zalya’s lips softly.  “My beautiful Zalya.”  She brushed her cheek and squeezed Zalya’s left hand tightly, let go, and turned away to retire to her quarters.

Maybe I ought to take matters into my own hands, Zayla thought.  She did not like seeing her Queen Mother like this.  She sat back down on the couch and as she took a long gulp of wine, she heard the Queen Mother mumble “Quite a feat…” as she left the throne room.

Zayla poured herself another goblet full of the burning red wine.  'This rat of man is going to be beat to a pulp if I can help it.  I will destroy his butt, there will be nothing left.’ she thought.

Carngie breathed in deep breaths leaning against the wall in a little closet trying to be as silent as possible.  He wiped sweat from his forehead with his dirty forearm.  A score of Soldier Spankers just passed down the corridor he concealed himself in with at least two Mistress Sergeant Spankers leading the way, a captured man in tow, he surmised.  'That was close'. He thought, his ears straining to capture the slightest of sounds over the pounding noise of pulsating blood circulating within his head.  He could see nothing in the black ink darkness of his temporary refuge.  His stomach growled in protest of the limited amount of food he had managed to steal and scavenge.  His dry mouth longed for a keg of ice cold water.  He felt so weak.  He worked his fingers around his eye sockets temporarily removing the composite of sweat and grit that burned into his eyes. 'What has it been? Two days?  This place is huge!  This place is Hell!' He shifted his weight to his right hip to relieve some of the soreness from his previous encounter with a Mistress Captain Spanker.  He had been lucky to get away.  He reached down to his ankle and felt the cold medallion he had wrapped around it.  He was lucky that he had gained possession of one of the most prized items for a man sent into The Maze; the Slylark.  The Slylark was a very thin, almost undetectable silver bracelet that increased his fortitude and will power while at the same time decreased the fortitude and willpower of these infernal women who work The Maze.  The Mistress Captain Spanker had walked in on him while he was searching for something to drink in a food pantry two corridors over. Distracted by his search to relieve thirst, he did not hear her enter.  By the time he noticed her, it was too late and with blinding speed, the Mistress Captain Spanker had grabbed him by the arm, took down his skivvies, sat on a chair and had him across her lap and began pounding away with her wicked paddle making his butt red hot. Normally, it would have been impossible to get away from a Mistress Captain Spanker, but his magically enhanced fortitude and will overcame hers and he managed to scramble off her lap after about a flurry of 45 smacks.  He pulled up his skivvies, tipped a chair in front of her that made her lose her balance and he darted for the door and ran to his current position.  He could still hear the Mistress Captain Spanker scream in shock “Impossible!” as he escaped down the hallway.  Men have been known to get away from a Soldier Spanker or even a Mistress Sergeant Spanker, but no man ever escaped a Mistress Captain Spanker under his own will power.

            He let go of the charmed bracelet, and tried to rub the tension that had built up in his neck and shoulders. He needed some rest. This place is as good as any he concluded. He lay on his side upon the stone floor trying to fall into a shallow resting sleep, but his weariness was the victor and he drifted into a deep sleep.

            Tumi lie on her back on a soft silken red bed in a large brightly lit white ivory marbled oval room, fingering her area through her tight black leather pants faster and faster.  The Mistress Princess Spanker was across from her punishing a rat of a man across her lap and she had just increased her spanking tempo and strength that surmounted even the Queen Mother Spanker herself, Tumi could not take it; crying out in ecstasy, she thrust her hips forward and arched her back and gushed her sexual fluid hard into her leather pants. She left the world for a few seconds, drifting into blissful pleasure.  The Mistress Princess Spanker finally stopped paddling the captured man’s butt with her infamous Flame-Lick Paddle, his butt a blistered and bruised mess. 

“Get this rat out of my sight.” The Mistress Princess Spanker said, shoving the captive man off her blue leather clad lap and onto the rug covered ground.  Two Mistress Sergeant Spankers moved over to the prone man and lifted him up under each of his armpits and dragged him towards the exit.  “His sentence in The Maze has been carried out in full. Bring him to my mother for her judgment of the rat’s release.”

“As you wish, Mistress Princess Spanker.” One of the Mistress Sergeant Spankers responded just before exiting the room completely.  Ellorrah, the Mistress Princess Spanker, stood up from her stool and walked over to a tall oak cabinet and placed her Flame-Lick Paddle in a black silk bag before hanging it on a hook attached to the back of the cabinet and closing it shut.

“Tumi, you really have no shame do you?” inquired Ellorrah, turning towards her lover, a Mistress Captain Spanker.

“You make me so hot when I see you punish the captives, my Mistress Princess.” Tumi responded.  “I cannot contain myself, Ellorrah.”  Tumi sat up on the bed and swung her legs to the ground.  ‘That’s my naughty little girl.’ Ellorrah thought as she smiled, taking in the beauty of the tall brunette sitting before her.  “I could use some release after spanking that rat all night long.” She hinted; a gleam in her astonishingly green eyes.  Ellorrah unzipped her tight blue leather pants and slowly brought them to the ground and stepped out of them.  Tumi smiled with anticipation, her almond shaped brown eyes soaking in Ellorrah’s own natural beauty that so much resembled the Queen Mother’s. Tumi followed her lead and began removing her black leather pants.  Gliding over to where Tumi sat, Ellorrah, after removing her top and now completely naked, stood in front of Tumi and straddled her lap just as Tumi finished removing her pants.  Ellorrah caressed Tumi’s face with both hands and kissed her passionately.  Tumi returned the kiss in earnest and felt the Mistress Princess Spanker’s firm butt, hips, and legs.  The lovers kissed and petted for awhile until finally Tumi brought Ellorrah to an explosive orgasm using her expert tongue.  The couple lay embraced naked upon the red silk bed, at peace and exhausted from their play.  Ellorrah contemplated the message she had received early this morning about a rat still loose within The Maze.  Three days is by far the longest anyone has ever negotiated The Maze.  She thought that she had captured and spanked the last one yesterday early evening.  She had given that rat a very severe spanking utilizing all her weapons and techniques and lasting all through the night and into the early morning up to an hour ago. The Rod of Perfect Striping had been her particular favorite tool of use prior to closing with her Flame-Lick Paddle.  She cracked a smile in spite of herself.  Along with that message, came another about her mother wanting to speak with her as soon as she is able.  She had intended to spank the rat into lunch time, but she understood the urgency of the message and the spanking ended prematurely.  But it wasn’t so urgent not to embrace with Tumi, her future Queen’s Mistress Spanker, at least when Ellorrah finally ascended to the throne and was titled the Queen Mother Spanker. Can’t be a moment too soon she wished.  Her mind turned to the last captive still roaming around in The Maze again.  Three days this morning.  Entirely unheard of, and probably why the Queen Mother Spanker wants to speak with her.  How could he possibly escape detection for three days? The Mistress Captain General of Spankers surely has, by now, received an ear full from the Queen Mother, she guessed.  Three days?  I shall have to meet this man of fortitude and I will take great pleasure in punishing this rat for three full days straight when he is captured she mused.

 A knock at the door tore Ellorrah from her thoughts and roused Tumi from her slumber.   “Mistress Princess?” A muffled voice asked through the door. ‘What now?’ Ellorrah thought.  Annoyed she helped Tumi roll away from their embrace and walked over to the door stark naked and opened it.  A woman with ash blonde hair and blue eyes stared back at her wearing black leather pants and red top.  Yutyl, Ellorrah thought she knew the name, a Mistress Captain Spanker from Section D.  “Mistress Princess Spanker, if I may trouble you,” she curtsied with her eyes cast towards the ground. “What is it Mistress Captain Spanker?” Ellorrah broke in.  The Mistress Captain Spanker looked up into the eyes of Ellorrah.  “Well, my Mistress Princess.” She curtsied again. “I had an encounter with a rat about an hour ago in the Section D corridors.” Yutyl started to say.  “You captured the last rat?  Excellent!  Where is he?” Ellorrah interrupted and looking behind Yutyl in search of the captive.  “Well, that is just it, Mistress Princess; I did capture him and even proceeded to spank him on the spot, but…”

“But, what?” Ellorrah was starting to understand the implications of what Yutyl was trying to tell her.

“He got away from me! Scrambled off my lap and out of my grasp and bounded away!” Yutyl said through the start of tears welling up within her eyes. 

Shocked, Ellorrah felt her blood drain from her face.  She stood staring at Yutyl with her mouth open unable to speak for a few seconds. ‘Impossible’ she thought.  She turned to Tumi, “Mistress Captain Spanker, go to the Mistress Captain General of Spankers and tell her to alert all units to surround the entire Section D part of The Maze, on my order.” She said in her most commanding voice. Rolling off the couch, Tumi wrestled with donning on her clothes.  Ellorrah turned back to the embarrassed Yutyl.  “And you, Mistress Captain Spanker, are going to lead me to where this encounter took place.” She said grimly.                     

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