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The Maze - Part II

A man senteced to The Maze becomes the rat, enters accused and leaves butt bruised

The Maze – Part II
    Carngie’s eyes flickered rapidly back and forth from under his eyelids. He unconsciously tucked in his arms and moved his knees closer to his abdomen to keep warm as he lay on side sleeping in the little closet he sought refuge within The Maze.

    Sitting inside the village court hall, Carngie nervously picked at his finger nails.  The smell of smoked tubac filled the air, the afternoon light shining through the two west windows that created a hazy fog just below the wood beamed ceiling.  Someone’s cough behind him temporarily broke the silence of the courtroom.  He shifted in the plain wooden chair to relieve some of the cramps in his legs that accumulated from sitting all morning and into early afternoon. A door opened from behind the judge’s stand and a short, stout man wearing a yellow robe and a black cap entered the court room. He moved over to his stand and sat down shuffling some paper in hands.  After a few moments the judge opened in a scratchy voice. “Carngie Golfdan, please stand.” Carngie stood up slowly, staring directly into the eyes of the judge, head held high. “After some amount of deliberation, the court has reached a decision and will now pass the verdict. Carngie Golfdan, it is this court’s decision that you have been found guilty of arson and that you be sentenced to The Maze on the morrow, followed by a second sentence to The Maze exactly one week from today.” There were gasps from a few people in the court room followed by comments of ‘Two sentences in The Maze!?’…

…Carngie sat on the floor of the holding cell dedicated for those who await their punishment; his head down between his knees with his back to the wall. He was already dressed in the garb suited for those sentenced to The Maze; a white loin cloth and nothing else. A black robed figure approached the cell door and squatted down in front of it.  “Pssst. Pssst. Ra…I mean, man.” A soft female voice whispered between the bars. Carngie looked up at the robed figured and could not see the owners face hidden behind the hood of her robe. “I have something that you will need tomorrow.” The female voice suggested.  She reached out her arm between the bars, her hand dangling a silver bracelet.  Carngie tentatively reached out and grabbed the bracelet gently and held it up to what little light shown in the cell. “It is a Slylark.  Its power will help you escape most Spankers you encounter within The Maze.” She explained.” Wear it around your ankle; they will not notice it there.” As the robed female stood up and turned to leave, Carngie saw a small lock of red hair shift under the cowl of her hood. “Wha..who are you?” Carngie asked, but the robed female had already left.

Carngie stood outside the entrance to The Maze, the door emplaced on the side of a massive hill.  Before him the door slowly opened and very tall woman walked out into the surrounding forest.  She had an evil grin and carried a wicked looking rod in one hand while her other hand beckoned him with her pointer finger towards her. Someone pushed him from behind towards the awaiting leather clad woman. “No! I did not do it! No!” he yelled.  The woman was getting closer and closer as he floated in her direction. “No! No!” 
    Carngie awoke with a start.  Sharp muffled voices from outside the little closet he had fallen asleep in wrestled him away from his nightmare. The click of boot heels approached him and went passed.  He couldn’t stay here.  He had to try and find the exit out of The Maze.  No one has ever left on their own accord.  There was only one exit from The Maze, apparently well concealed.  Carngie stood up slowly, stretching away the aches and put his ear to the door.  After a few minutes of silence, he slowly opened the door. He checked the coast is clear in both directions and he sneaked silently down the corridor away from the direction he and the Mistress Captain Spanker met.

The Soldier Spanker moves her hand down toward the other awaiting Soldier Spanker’s loins.  She starts to rub her pussy through her leather pants.  They kiss each other passionately on the mouth and neck.  “Faster Dynjeh, faster.” the Soldier begs, guiding the other’s hand with her own to increase her pleasure.  “Cum for me baby, cum for me hard.” The giver pleads.  “Oh God, oh!” Just as the receiver is about to reach that plateau of ecstasy, the sound of muffled footsteps alerts them to their surroundings and immediately brings to end their lovemaking.  The footsteps are light but are fast approaching their listening post.  They both slowly stand up, one soldier putting her finger to her lips signaling silence.  Now they can hear ragged breathing along with the increasingly loud footsteps.  And the footsteps do not contain that of boot heels on stone.  That only meant one thing they thought simultaneously to themselves…it’s a rat of man that is approaching.
As soon as Carngie rounded the alcove that the two soldiers stayed hidden within, the two soldiers jumped out in the corridor to grab him.  One soldier went for his right arm and the other for his left.  His heightened senses and natural reflexes allowed him to dodge the first soldier but the second grabbed a hold of him firmly by his left arm.

“Times up, rat!”
“No!” Carngie twisted and turned his arm and broke loose of the iron grip of the soldier.  The other soldier landed a couple of swats on the back of his leg with her wooden spanking paddle.  Carngie winced, spun and grabbed at the soldier who had hit him hard on the leg.  His grab hit its target and he swung the spanker soldier into the other, effectively knocking them both to the ground in a tumble of arms and legs encased in shiny black leather.  Carngie stared for a brief moment then escaped down the corridor away from the two Soldier Spankers.

    A witness to the entire encounter, and expertly hidden within the shadows down the corridor from which Carngie approached the alcove from, a woman with long red hair wore a triumphant smile on her face.  She sees one of the soldiers get up and pull a rope that hangs from the ceiling in the corner of the alcove and a loud bell rings out, sounding the alarm.

    Within the room where Yutyl encountered Carngie, Ellorrah and the Mistress Captain Spanker both hear the alarm sound and immediately head out of the room and towards the listening post.
    In her bedroom, Zalya finished zipping up her blood red leather vest matching the leather pants that hugged tightly on her perfect figure.  ‘Fitting color for the day she thought’.  Just then, she heard the alarm sound.  ‘Did that sound from the west perimeter of Section D? The rat is close.’ She moved over to her end table beside her bed and grabbed her red leather gloves and quickly tugged them on before grabbing her Spanking Paddle and Rod from her cabinet.  She went out the door and towards the listening post.  ‘This rat is going to pay dearly.’ She thought grimly.

    ‘The rat is very close to the exit.’ The Queen Spanker thought, after hearing the alarm.  Sitting down, she tapped her finger on the arm of the throne quickly, thinking of what to do.  Her decision made, she rose and left the room, her famous Shredder Paddle in hand, and walked towards a room down the hall she had only frequented once before.  In front of the heavy steel door, she produced a gold key and placed it into the lock.  She paused, her heart racing.  She was nervous.  She should be, for the creature kept locked behind this door could demolish your own will with one look, and its stunning beauty and perfection could paralyze even the blind. ‘You are the Queen Mother’. She assured herself trying to calm her nerves. A few deep breaths slowed her heart rate a little.  Her focus and self confidence returned; she unlocked the door.  The only light in the room shone from the corridor.  A huge female form sat crossed legged in the center of the empty room.

“Arise my pet. Your service is in need.” The Queen Spanker commanded, although with a little less authority than usual.  The sound of tight black leather creaked as the female rose slowly up to her full height of eight feet.  The Queen almost lost her will as the Fembot Spanker looked her squarely in the eyes. ‘What a perfect specimen’ The Queen marveled.  The Fembot Spanker, entire body encased in pristine black leather, with exception of her short jet black hair, tapped her boot heel once on the stone floor and put her hands on her hips.

“What is your desire?” The Fembot Spanker questioned with a metallic sounding voice.          
 “Go to the exit and when you see a man before you, spank him very severely.” The Queen responded.

“As you wish.”  The Queen moved aside to allow passage; the flawless creature shifted past her and with blinding speed ran towards the exit.  The Queen Mother went a different way, hoping to cut off the rat before he reached the exit.

    “Mistress Captain General!” The Soldier Spanker curtsies as she sees their red haired beautiful leader of all Spankers within The Maze approach their listening post. 
“Mistress Ca-“ The Soldier’s statement cut short by the Mistress Captain General’s raised up hand.
“Silence fool!” Now standing in front of the two soldiers she reprimands “Fools, both of you!”  Pointing down the corridor to where Carngie escaped, the Mistress Captain General bellowed, “Well, after him!” Both soldiers quickly curtsy and turn away from their Mistress Captain General towards the escapee’s route.  As they both take their first step away, they feel an abrupt jerk around each of their necks and then stop, bewilderment and confusion on each of their faces.  The Mistress Captain General tosses their Akkunie necklaces into the corner of the alcove.  They have been totally stripped of their past identity, all memory lost as to what they did and who they were.  They are mere women now.  “Sit down ladies and wait for me here, I will explain all when I return” The Captain General instructs.  She guides them over to their appointed waiting location and heads towards a route that will cut off Carngie’s exit from The Maze.

    Amazed at what she just witnessed, Tumi stares in horror, hiding in the same location her Mistress Captain General of Spankers lay hidden moments before. ‘What has just happened?  Removal of one’s Akkunie is forbidden, only the Queen Mother herself can do that, and that harsh discipline has never been carried out before.  This is serious.’  Tumi decides to follow her Captain General and see what’s what.

    Carngie raced down the corridor, abandoning stealth and replacing it with speed.  Up ahead was a ‘T’ section, he would head north.  Around the bend heading north he skidded to a stop.  Standing fifteen feet away was a tall fiery red haired woman, standing with her arms at her sides.  Her piercing green eyes and lithe body encased in black leather pants and green top entranced him.

“Stop right there rat.” The Mistress Captain General of Spankers commanded.
Carngie tried to form something of a sentence but couldn’t.
“Listen to me.  The exit is down this corridor behind me and to the east then north again.  Upon our necks is the Akkunie.  It makes us who we are.  Tear it from a Spanker, any Spanker, and they will return to being ordinary women once more.”
“Why are you helping me?” Carngie finally spoke.
“No questions, rat!  Let’s just say our Queen needs a little help in being replaced.”

“Traitor!” Tumi yells from behind the Mistress Captain General.  The red haired woman turns toward Tumi and then back at Carngie “Go rat! Run past me!” The Captain General runs toward Tumi and Tumi runs towards her Captain General.  The two women collide and wrestle each other to the floor.  Carngie runs past the two struggling women in wild astonishment.
“Wh-why?” Tumi manages to get out, struggling to dislodge the arm around her neck and head.
“Our Queen’s time is up, Mistress Captain Spanker.” the Captain General Spits out.
“Wh-treachery Valora…” Tumi grunts, and manages to slip out of Valora’s hold, still locked together but facing her.
“I will be the Queen Tumi, not Ellorrah, not you, and especially not Zalya.  The Council will have no choice but to replace the Queen if a rat escapes The Maze!”
“No!” Tumi moves her hand around Valora’s Akkunie, while Valora does the same with Tumi’s. They lay locked together in that position for a brief moment, staring into each other’s eyes.  Both the Mistress Captain Spanker and the Mistress Captain General of Spankers eyes widen in knowing shock. Then they simultaneously yank each other’s Akkunie from their neck. The two bewildered women stare at an unfamiliar face, wondering why they are lying on the ground with a total stranger.

    After just passing the alcove that contained the two ex-soldiers, Ellorrah and Yutyl quicken their pace to try and capture the rat.
“The rat knows to remove the Akkunie?!” Yutyl said, shocked and thinking she was lucky to only get knocked over with her encounter with him.
“Apparently so, we must be very careful when we capture him.” Ellorrah responds.
Up ahead, they see two more women sitting on the corridor’s floor their Akkunie lying on the ground next to them.  Ellorrah quickened her pace “No…no…it can’t be!” She runs over to the red and brown haired women sitting before her.  “No! Tumi! What has he done?” Ellorrah kneels in front of who was once her lover and positioned to be her own Mistress Spanker and tries to take the girls hand in her own, but the girl recoils away from her. “Tumi? My love.” Ellorrah pleads, tears filling her eyes.
“What the…Mistress Captain General?” Yutyl questions the red haired woman.
“Who are you? What is this place?” the red head responds softly.
“This is unbelievable! He took off the Captain Generals Akkunie?!” Yutyl said amazed.
Ellorrah crouches down and cries, mumbling ‘my Tumi, my Tumi’.
Yutyl decides she wants none of this and slowly backs away from the threesome, gathers pace and is soon running away with all her speed.

    Carngie rounds the bend ahead of him and is immediately collared by a powerful grip.
“Going somewhere rat?” Zalya asks amused.  Carngie struggles to get away to no avail. Zalya spins him to face her, gripping both his arms by the biceps.  Carngie looks up into the blonde haired woman’s blue eyes and is instantly stunned by her beauty.
“I didn’t think so.” Zalya smiles, produces her portable stool and sets it on the ground and seats herself pulling Carngie over her red leathered lap all in one motion.
WHAM! BAM! WHACK! WHACK! BAM! WHAP! WHAM! Zalya’s wicked paddle smacked into Carngie’s butt at a furious pace. Carngie could barely struggle, still overcome by the Queen’s Mistress Spanker’s charm and will, the pain accumulating as each of the successive paddle smacks rained down on his now reddening butt.  After a few minutes, the spanking stopped.
“You are going to pay big time rat!” Zalya announced as she dropped her paddle to the ground and grabbed for her rod she had slipped in her belt.  At this moment Carngie felt a surge of energy within and gathered all the will he could muster with the aid of the Slylark.  He suddenly bucked off of Zalya’s lap and onto the ground in front of her.
“What!” a very surprised and stunned Zalya yelled.
Carngie rotated and grabbed at Zalya’s Akkunie and latched on. Zalya’s eyes widened with horror.
“No!” she gasped.
“Yes!” Carngie said with finality, and yanked off her Akkunie.  Carngie left the stunned woman where she sat clueless to her surroundings and darted north towards the exit.

    Rounding the final bend he could see light at the end of the corridor.  Sunlight! He made it! When he was in full sprint only fifty feet from the exit, the doorway filled with a giant woman encased in tight supple black leather. Carngie skidded to a halt. The giant walked menacingly towards him.  It was the woman from his dream.  When he saw her eyes and her unmatched beauty, he was overcome with awe.  His knees buckled and he knelt on the ground.  The Fembot Spanker stopped ten feet in front of him, placing her hands on her hips.
“I am ordered to severely spank you. You will come to me now.” Her metallic voice announced.

“I will come to you.” Carngie answered feebly, his will completely shattered by her presence.  The Fembot Spanker gathered the broken man across her lap, her exceptional vision and heightened senses easily discovering the Slylark around his ankle; she removed it.
 The Queen Mother quickened her pace as the sound of smacking noises became louder as she approached the exit.  ‘Sounds like the rat has been finally caught.’ She thought, fully relieved. As she rounded the corner her observations confirmed her hunch, the Fembot Spanker was methodically blistering the rats butt with astounding speed and strength.  She approached the spanking scene with a candor smile. Amidst the sound of smacking her voice sneaked its way through to the ears of the captured Carngie.
“You didn’t really think you could escape could you?” she inquired.
Just then a Mistress Sergeant Spanker came running towards the spanking scene and relayed all the information of how the rat had removed the Akkunie of her Mistress Zalya, and others as well, including that of the Mistress Captain General of Spankers.  Anger, wonderment, and grief vibrated through the Queen Mother’s body. She turned to look upon the spanking in progress with fury in her eyes.
“Spank until you see the white meat…then I’ll have my turn!” she seethed.
“As you command.” The Fembot Spanker responded flatly.   THE END          

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