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The Old House on a Hill

One Saturday, my wife and I decided to take a ride in the car to get away from the stress of everyday living. We drove about twenty minutes out of town when we came across this very old house on a hill. It had a “For Sale” sign in front of it the sign had a phone number on it. Since our cell phones still had a strong signal, we called the phone number. We thought we would just get a recording, but a woman answered. She lived near by and said if we waited five minutes, she would show us the house.

Soon she arrived and showed the house to us. The house had been up for sale for many, many years because although it had electricity, but no running water or any type of central heat. All of the rooms had small wood burning stoves for heat. For water, there was a well with a manual pump next to the house and there was an old two-hole outhouse.

What was amazing to us was that the house contained all of this antique furniture. When we lifted up the sheets that covered the furniture, we were amazed at the real wood and the fine workmanship. Since the house had been up for sale for a very long time, it had a very low sale price. We even felt that if we only just sold the furniture, we would make twice as much money as what the house was selling for.

Although we had not put a lot of money away for emergencies, we felt it would be great to own this house. This way we could drive for only twenty minutes, and get away from everything. Since the house was way up on a hill, we would have our own secluded hide-away. We also checked with the realtor, and she told us that if we bought the house, we would not need to bring it up to code, that is we wouldn’t need to put in running water and a central heating system.

So we bought the house and we immediately installed brighter light bulbs, took the sheets off the furniture, and cleaned the place up. Now it seemed like we had bought an old mansion from the past. There was no traffic noises, no bright city lights, and no close-by nosy neighbors, just peace and quiet.

One day I was knocking on the wood in this nice little room that had a fireplace. To my surprise, a panel had a hinge on it and I opened up this small compartment. I took out its contents and found several canes, paddles, riding crops, and old leather cuffs. I cleaned off the cobwebs and put them on the round table in the middle of the room. Next, I showed the hidden compartment and its contents to my wife. We fantasized that this was used as a quiet reading room but was also used as a punishment room for the kids in the family and also for the punishment of the staff.

Now my wife is a very demanding, but also a very loving person. Although I make a little more money than she does, she handles the checkbook and controls how our money is spent. She knows what she wants, and I have learned that the best thing to do is to keep her always happy. She is always open to my input, but when the final decisions are made, they always seem to go her way.

So my wife picked up two paddles from the table and sat on the couch. “Let’s pretend that I am the lady of the house who lived here many years ago. You are my butler and you have been disappointing me for the past few days. So come over here so we can discuss your situation.”

I walked over to the couch and stood in front of her. “I feel disappointed in you. I have had to open the door when people come and visit, you are forgetting to help serve the meals, and you haven’t been keeping the car cleaned.” She said. “What do you have to say about this?”

“I will do a better job, ma’am.” I said, role-playing the part.

“You better do a better job, otherwise I will fire you.”

“Please don’t fire me.” I said. “How can I make it up to you?”

“I think a good spanking would help you remember your duties around here.”

“But I am a grown man!” I protested. “Not a naughty little boy.”

“Either you take the spanking from me right now, or you are fired.”

“I want to keep my job, so I guess I will let you spank me, ma’am.” I said.

“Then hold still, and don’t move until I tell you to.” Then she unbuckled my belt, unzipped me and my pants were around my ankles. Next, my shorts were pulled down and joined my pants at my ankles.

“Step out of your pants and then stand beside me and lay over my lap.” She said.

I stepped out of my pants and as I was laying over her lap I protested again, “I thought we were just role playing. You aren’t really going to spank me, are you?”

“I have been wanting to spank you for a very long time.” My wife said. “You have been caring more about yourself than my needs. When you found all of this stuff, I thought this was the best opportunity to spank you.”

Then I felt the paddle spanking my bare bottom. “You don’t have to spank me. I will pay more attention to your needs.”

“Every time we come up here, I am going to spank you until I feel you are treating me properly. Now spread those legs apart.”

Although it was my wife spanking me, I felt very exposed and vulnerable. I also felt like a naughty little boy being spanked.

“You better get used to being spanked by me.” My wife said. “I have felt you have needed to be spanked since we were first married.”

“I will be good, and pay more attention to your needs.” I pleaded, but she kept spanking me. Soon, my whole lower body felt nice and warm. Also, I was aware of my building erection growing between her thighs.

Then, to my surprise, she quickly stood me up and she took off her panties that were underneath her thin and short summer dress. We made wild and passionate love on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. I have a feeling that I am going to get spanked many times in this old house.

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