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The Prescription for a Naughty Girl

Dr. Lyons had heard enough excuses from Kate,he needed to take drastic steps
Dr. Eric Lyons was a dedicated and kind physician, who had treated patients with diabetes for fifteen years. He specialized in diabetics in their late teens to their mid-twenties. Being diabetic himself, he understood taking over responsibility for one's own care was part of staying well, not to mention avoiding the condition's deadly pitfalls.

Usually when dealing with a patient who was having problems with medications, glucose testing, injections etc. , Dr. Lyons found that by discussing his own story and issues, patients got the point of taking their care of their health.

Despite his best efforts and warnings, some patients needed the point driven home still, even if it took extreme measures. He thought of his appointment with 23 year old Kate West that afternoon and hoped these measures worked. She was headed for disaster if they didn't.

Kate was the last appointment of the day. After showing Kate into the office, Rachel, the receptionist, had to leave early. When the doctor came in he asked her for her glucose levels that she was to have had recorded, and looked at her recent lab results.

After reading the results, Dr. Lyons looked at his charming but very ill patient.and said, "Tell me the truth, Kate, are you aware that if you don't take your blood levels and inject your insulin and eat properly, you could lose a limb, your eyesight or your very life?"

She replied, "Of course."

"Then you don't care, because this paperwork, and your last three visits to the ER, show me that you must not."

"It's not that at all, in between school and work, not to mention..."

"Enough excuses, Kate, you don't care but I do care about my patients who act like naughty girls and don't listen. Girls who don't do what they are told get put over my knee and get a sound spanking on the bare bottom."

"You can't do that."

"Actually I can, I must and I will, remember when you first were referred to me, your mother agreed to allow me to do what I deem necessary to make you comply and she still has a court order giving her power of your medical care until your 25th birthday. We can call her..."

"Oh no... is this the only way?"

"I have no choice. Now come here to my left side."

After Kate was in position, the doctor raised her skirt and lowered her pink panties. As he peppered her bottom with about 100 sharp hand slaps he said, "Good girls listen to Doctor and bad girls are spanked by him."

Between sobs and gasps he heard, "I'll be a good girl.....I promise."

"Just to be sure I'm going to use my hairbrush as my prescription for your naughtiness."

As the wooden brush made contact with her buttocks she felt a tremendous release that all but told her that Dr. Lyons did care a great deal. She asked, "Doctor, could I get a repeat, I'll probably need it."

"Sure Kate, I'm sure need another dose."

Before she could leave then Kate broke down in sobs and gulps. "I never realized how much danger I was in with my bad behavior, Thank you for caring so much Dr. Lyons."

"I will always take care of you Kate and I see to it that you do too. Since I'll be giving such intensive care, please call me Eric."

"Thank you....Eric."

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