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The Princess Chronicles - Chores

Princess learns the consequence of not completing her chores.
The Knight walked in from work, went to put His things away for the day, looks around shaking His head.

“Take the dog for a walk,” He says to Abby.

Walking in to the bed room, sound asleep is His sleeping princess all curled up in a ball. He can only assume she is naked as her favorite towel is falling off the bed and she did ask to take a bath. Her hair still in the sloppy ponytail she puts in so it won't get wet.

“Princess,” He calls. Nothing.

“Princess,” louder this time. Still Nothing

“Princess, I have had enough,” finally she stirs, but not quick enough.

He grabs her ponytail, pulls her to the end of the bed, with His stern I-mean-business voice.

“Kneel, I will be back,” He says.

Leaving to gain His composure, He would never strike her when He is angry, and He is going to strike her. First things first, He puts away the leftovers from lunch and His work bag in it’s place; afterwards, He then pulls up the general chore list on His phone. He walks back into the His bedroom, where she was sleeping on His bed without permission. He is the Master of this house, of His house.

He begins, “Princess, have you gotten anything done today? Well aside from the 15 minutes in the gym and the bath that I granted you permission to take.” She begins to speak to give her retort, only He stops her. “No, princess you will wait until I am done, I will not have you debating each and every little thing. You know you disappointed me today, you know I expect certain things to be done everyday. I gave you extra things to get done, and you had plenty of time. The most important was to iron my shirts, you want me to look nice and professional for work do you not, my clothing is a reflection on you. There are still items that never saw the inside of the dryer. Princess, I don’t know where your head was today, but it was surely not on me.”

“Please, Master let me explain,” she begged, before she was cut off again.

“Princess, you may explain if you can honestly tell me that you did nothing wrong, an emergency came up, the phones didn’t work.” Her face dropped, she knew He was right. There was nothing she could say or do that would ease the pit in her stomach that was growing. This is the worst part of the entire punishment, the lecture, the one she deserved, the one that puts her in her place, the one that makes her realize that she was not thinking of anyone other than herself.

Finally she has thoughts, not of explaining, not of complaining, not of anything other than remorse.

“Master, I am sorry, I will complete my chores tonight and not go to the gym. You mean more to me than anything in this world; and I would never want to reflect badly on you,” Princess states with tears streaming down her face.

“Oh, My Princess. I know you so well. I know you mean every word you speak; as you also know as I accept your apology this is only the beginning of your punishment. First of all you will go to the gym tonight, that is unless you want an additional punishment. You must have your gym time and since you are not sick and have not had other plans pre approved, you will go.”

A sigh comes from a exasperated princess as she think silently “UGH, I really don’t want Him to dictate all my meals for a week. I really hate that punishment, and now I don’t even get the choice. My bottom will be red and blistered and I will have to sit on things with weights in my hands. I would never be allowed to just do cardio; not that I would want to, it is rather boring. Even under the circumstances.”


“Yes, Master,” I finally respond. He walks away to the closest, I hear the lock slip off and the box open. He returns with His belt, but that wasn’t even in the box. He sits on the bed.

“Princess over my knee,” He commands and without hesitation, over His knee I go.

He begins with his hand, raining down on my bare bottom over and over again. I can feel the heat building, my bottom is getting so warm. When is He going to stop, stopping only means he will go to the belt. Two long minutes have passed and He finally stops. Tears are streaming down my face.

“Princess, corner time hands on your head, think about whose property you are, the reason you are being punished, and the reflection you want to portray to others regarding your Master,” He states then leaves the room.


I go to greet the dog since I was not able to do it when I got home. I haven’t even been able to greet my princess properly because of her actions. Tomorrow will be better, she always learns, well at least for a little while. Abby is such a great addition to our household I am glad she has come to live with us so she can go to college. She is completing princess’s chores she knows about our lifestyle and that we use discipline to keep the home running smoothly and has agreed to be apart of it, she also knows that she is not allowed to do princess’s chores alone or without my approval. I will have to deal with that later. I have a princess waiting for her belting, I better get to that.

Walking back into My bedroom, My princess is waiting patiently in the corner, as she was told. This is a hard task for her as she gets very fidgety and has trouble not moving, her bottom is just a nice shade of bright pink, but it will soon be red and speckled with purple spots. She will know that this is not to happen again.

“Princess, lay on the bed now,” I get her attention and tears began to roll down her cheeks again, this breaks My heart every time. I know she is sorry and doesn’t intentionally disobey me; however, this must be dealt with. I am the Head of the House and her Master.

I bring My hand down on her bottom, to remind her what is about to happen. We don’t talk or discuss things during the spanking phase of the punishment. That happened before and will also happen afterwards. Right now the time is to focus on the task at hand and that task is the belting. She has had her warm up. Now we get down to business, some spankings have a time, or a number of swats; however, this time it will be based off the color and the welts that appear on her bottom.


His hand reaches across me.

The belt brushes my already warm bottom.

I feel it pull away, I block everything out.

It is the only way to endure the pain.

I feel the sting, the end on the far side of my left cheek, right in the middle of my bottom.

His aim is perfect. The next one just below the first.

He has a pattern he uses. The third will be above the first.

Then the sit spot, that is the spot where your bottom curves to meet your thighs.

Number five is at the very top just where the last bit of muscles is on my rear.

Then it lands just above the sit spot stripe.

The seventh is above the two stripes above middle and above the third.

The lowest of the swats, just above the middle of my thighs.

I want to beg Him to stop as He strikes is just below the second.

I know there will be only two more swings until my thighs and bottom is covered in stripes.

Between the seventh and the fifth comes the tenth swing.

With the eleventh at the tops of my thighs, oh how this stings.

Then the covering begins, the overlapping.

This can go on for as long as He feels is necessary.

He switches sides; being ambidextrous has it’s bonuses.

I will have the end of the belt hit the other side too.

He doesn’t only concentrate on fully across, the inside of my legs will now get attention as will the middle of my bottom.

He pauses, rubs my bottom feeling the welts rising above the surface. Satisfied, He takes my hand and pulls me to him. His embrace calms me, completes me, and reminds me whose I am. I am to obey this man, my Master without question or face the consequences.

“I love you my beautiful princess. Now hands on your head and go collect yourself as you stand in the corner. Master must get ready for the gym,” Master says in a quiet tone, meant to soothe.

I walk to my corner and contemplate the words He just said. Maybe I am not going to the gym and will get to complete my chores. That would be better than having to lift weights with a striped bottom.

Master comes back from the bathroom startling me with his voice, “Princess you look so relaxed you must think I am going to allow you to not go to the gym. Sorry, honey. Get dressed now, I have laid out your clothes for tonight.”

“Yes, Master,” I know better than to sigh or make any other negative comment or noise. I look at my clothes and I want to die a quick death.

On the bed is my black biker shorts that are a little too short and will show the last stripe on my thigh, and they are very tight, so they are going to cling to my thigh and bottom in such an uncomfortable way. My shirt and sports bra are there too. Last but not least my ankle brace, that means I am going to be doing things that will possibly stress my ankle, leg work. All not a good sign, as I have to head to the gym with my bottom full of stripes that will hurt into the following days.

Master is fixing the gym cocktails for us and calls to me, “Princess we are heading out the door now, you better get a move on it. We have things to discuss in the car, you're going to enjoy your gym time tonight.”

As I go to sit in the car, very very slowly, it hurts so bad. The stinging has not yet begun to fade, that is what not being allowed to rub does.

The ride is horrible, my bottom is on fire with no signs of cooling off. Master begins to tell me my gym routine for tonight. I don’t always have one that he gives me, but I guess tonight I have one.

Written by TxPrincess for publication on LushStories Only!
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