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The Princess in Nursing School

makaela is now in nursing school, ironically she ends up nursing her own sore bottom.
Makaela squeezed her ankles as hard as she could, and curled her pretty toes hard. She heard herself squeal as a heavy hide strap exploded across her big bottom. Her legs were spread and she was grabbing her ankles arching her back. She was naked, with a big butt plug in her rear so she could feel it as she was thrashed

“oooh” Makaela moaned “s-seven, thank you ma’am”.

She knew she had earned this spanking, she arched her back presenting her bottom the best she could

“please ma’am may I have another?”

Her mother responded by bringing the strap down hard on her upper thighs. All she could do was cry, she was so ashamed of herself. She was so humiliated naked with her legs spread her glistening pussy on display for her mother, but she knew she deserved the humiliation.

She had forgotton who was in charge and stepped over the line. Her mother was now putting her in her place. Makaela knew she was about to get the hardest thrashing of her life, 36 strokes of the strap, 40 with the cane and last the hair brush on the tops of her full thighs.

Her bottom would be the most red and sore it had ever been, but as every stroke hit her pussy got wetter and wetter, soon it would be running down her thighs. It was unbearable agony, but with every searing stroke she received she became wetter and wetter.

She wanted to beg with all her might for it to stop, but she needed to be punished, she had done something wrong and needed to be spanked hard.

As she was put over her mother’s lap, her bottom the color of cherries, she felt her body began to betray her. Her full thighs began to dance under the brush, bouncing and jiggling. Her mother was thrashing the top of her daughter’s thighs as well as a little ways down. Hard.

It was like someone was placing a scalding iron on her behind and refused to move it. Even as she shrieked at the top of her lungs her vagina burned consumed in desire. The uncomfortable plug in her ass, and the agony of the hard thrashing all seemed to converge in between her legs.

Earlier in a heated moment she had slipped and called her mother a "bitch". Makaela usually found her spankings to be erotic in a way, she did this time too but this was the hardest thrashing she had ever received.

Her hair was plastered to her forehead and cheeks in sweat, as she cried, gasped and kicked her bottom was molten lava by the time the spanking was over. Her mother ushered up her contrite daughter, taking her by the hand she led a completely naked Makaela outside

"two good hours out here with your hands on your head should teach you a lesson."

With that her mother shut and locked the door leaving her thrashed daughter for the whole neighborhood to see.

The next day Makaela walked through the hospital in her tight nurses outfit. The outfit consisted of a short pink dress that went down a little under her bottom, and high white stockings with a garter accompanied by light pink high heels. She had her silky hair in a pony tail, and long bangs on the sides of her face. The bangs were streaked with lovely pink she had dyed in.

Today she had trouble walking because her bottom was so sore, and she was terrified that if she moved wrong someone would be able to see her thrashed upper thighs. The memory of what happened over her mother’s lap last night made her face burn, but today was a new day.

On her lunch break she jumped into her boyfriends arms. Skyes (she called him Sky) had been her boyfriend for two days now, it made her happy that she had someone’s arms to fall into. At 22, Makaela was in nursing school, having finished 4 years of college last year. Even though she was now a nurse, and a grown woman her mother didn’t hesitate to spank her bare bottom.

The thing was Makaela was known at the hospital as the sexiest nurse, she had big breasts and a large round bottom. It made it hard to accentuate her features when the butt everyone drooled over was on fire.

Makaela had always been stunningly beautiful, and as a nurse she was as radiant as ever. Patients did all they could to get her as a nurse. Some people, with nothing wrong with them, actually just strolled through the hospital to get a glimpse of her. A busy day was usually just a few sick patients and a bunch of drooling perverts.

Even though people adored her Makaela’s ego had subsided, she had become a sweet girl with a personality to match her voluptuous body.

Sky kissed his girlfriend’s beautiful full lips, then looked in her big brown eyes

“You look beautiful today, just like every other day” he said smiling.

When her boyfriend told her she was beautiful, it made her body feel warm, she kissed him deeply and let him just hold her for a moment.

Having the most attractive butt in the city, her boyfriend would playfully squeeze it, but if he did today she knew it would be agony. Sky had no idea that his 22 year old girlfriend was still given bare bottom spankings.

Sky sat at the table as Makaela gave him the lunch she had cooked for him. After he ate her delicious cooking he took his girlfriends hand to bring her to his lap to hug and thank her for the meal. She suddenly pulled away from his hand which caused him to pull her skirt up by mistake. Underneath Makaela’s see through black panties was the reddest ass he had ever seen. Makaela gasped and pulled her skirt down.

“Were you spanked?” Sky asked her.

Makaela felt tears run down her light brown cheeks, would he break up with her?

He stood up and hugged her, she melted into him crying finally she looked up and said “my mother spanked me last night.”

“Is it sore?” he asked.

She vehemently shook her head “very, very sore.”

He let his hands run down her back but stopped above her bottom “can I see?”

Makaela didn’t know why but the thought of puckering out her sore bottom for him made her moisten. She pulled away from his arms, turned around and slowly lifted her skirt, then pulled down her black panties. She felt her boyfriend run his hands over her welted bottom, 40 welts to be exact.

“Ohhh Sky! Be gentle, my bottom hurts so much” she said softly, she felt his hands slide in between her and gently stroke her wet lips.

“What?” Sky said surprised. He spread his girlfriends bottom to see a pink jewel where her asshole was, above her wet swollen fruit

“You’re wearing a butt plug too?” he said surprised. He touched the jewel then gripped it and moved it side to side, Makaela’s body shook and her sex glistened.

Makaela stepped out of her panties and spread her legs then arched her back puckering her ass out for Sky. He slid his fingers in between her lips, she was soaking but tight so he was gentle as he pushed a finger then two into her carmel vagina. She moaned in pleasure as he began to slowly push in and out, making a tiny squishing sound.

He suddenly grabbed her and laid her on a table, putting his hands under her soft thighs he spread and pushed her legs up. In the city, it was known that real men don’t eat pussy, but it was also widely known that Makaela was the only exception.

She curled her manicured fingers over the table, wishing she had bedsheets to pull.

“Please from behind” she gasped.

He was surprised “baby your ass is too sore.”

He watched her smile as she moaned loudly “I know” she whispered.

Sky pulled her up so she was sitting on her bottom, she shrieked and tried putting her hands on the table so she could lift her searing bottom from the table. He tore her shirt off, her nipples were a darker carmel than the light brown of her skin. Sky licked and sucked her nipple. He bit it gently and she moaned loudly sobbing at the same time

“Ooh oh my bottom! Oh god my bottoooom” she sobbed.

Sky pulled her from off the table and noticed glistening juice where she had been sitting. She turned around

“I’ll back it up for you baby” she whispered hard in lust.

Makaela knew bouncing her butt against him would be nothing less than agony, but she needed it. The only thing she was afraid of was her loud shrieks, Sky solved that by shoving her soaking black panties into her mouth. She felt him enter her, she backed her ass up hard against him, screaming into the panties.

Sky watched his girl’s phat ass bounce as she threw her bottom making his dick drive all the way into her, then pulling away and pushing her sore ass against him again and again. He could hear Makaela’s muffled screams, she was sobbing hard tears streaming down her face. In a awhile Sky felt Makaela’s pussy squeeze his as she came.

Makaela pulled away from his cock, and pulled the drool filled panties from her mouth. Around her mouth glistened as she got down on her knees and put those full lips around his dick. He loved messy juicy blow jobs. Makaela pressed his dick into her throat and he grabbed her head pushing deep into her throat until she gagged. Sky loved that Makaela also loved getting drool and juice all over her face. He groaned, she pulled away sticking out her clean red tongue and closed her eyes. He came so hard and so much onto her face that he worried she would be mad. Makaela looked up at him, tears, drool, and semen covered her face dripping down her chin, she curled those pouty lips in a smile.

A week later, Makaela shrieked into her pillow in agony and immense pleasure as Sky brought a paddle down hard on her already welted bottom. She was dripping down her thighs, trembling in anticipation, she couldn't wait to see what else he had in store for her.
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