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The Resort

Hi, I am Alpha. I love spanking. I love when someone thrash my buttocks. I always want to see my buttocks becoming crimson, especially by a woman. I do not have the spanking from a man and never wants to get. Spanked by a woman have some other pleasure. If any of my female members present on lush want to thrash my buttock, you can.  

I must move to the content. I have written some of the spanking stories but my story is different from all the stories written by me. I know my grammars are not too good and want from you that you will mark out the mistakes and bring it to my knowledge. I am going to start the story, hoping you will like it.

I went to a resort to spend holidays. It was a great place. I love that place very much. When I went to the room, I took bath and rest. After taking breakfast, I took out my clothes from my bag and placed them at wardrobe. At the lower shelf, I have found a black bag. I opened it and saw all types of canes, paddles, whips and other spanking items. I went to the reception and told them about this. 

They told me, it is for the customers who want spanking. I asked them to describe in detail, they given me a yellow card and asked me to go backside, show the card to the security. I did the same. I entered the room where I saw a woman exposing herself. She was in late 50’s but seems to be of 30. Her name was Celina.

I asked her about spanking and showed my interest in it. She told me it comprises of four levels - Easy, Normal, Hard and Severe. She gave me their spanking album. 

Can she arrange a spanking session for me? I asked.

“Yes”, she replied.

She told me I have to pay for this. I said, “OK”.

She asked me suitable time and date for this and I said today anytime. She also brings it to my knowledge that after spanking she took some of my pics to paste it in their album.
I think for a minute and said, “OK”.

She asked me whether I have got spanking. I said, ‘once by paddle’. 

She said either Easy or Normal would suit me. She told me to open my trousers and panty. I opened it. She touched my butt and hit me with her hand. I said, “Ouch”.

She asked me to wear it again and told Normal will suits me. I again pressurize her. 
She says “Severe”. She brings a list of spankers and I chose Lina. She told me today Lina was available only at night. She gave her profile and pic. She was 25 years old and very sexy. I asked her whether she could give spanking properly. She laughed and told me Lina was youngest and very experienced spanker. She is very hard and disciplined spanker. I told her I am ready. She told me the rules and regulations and told me when spanking starts; it stops at the end. 

 I made the payment, told my name, and room number. 

I went to my room and waiting for my spanking. AT seven in the evening, a woman came to my room and asked me whether I am ready. “Yes”, I replied. She went and again came to me after 10 minutes and told my spanking session will starts at nine. At nine, Lina will be at my room. She gave me silken panty and ordered me, I must took bath and be ready in pajamas and panty.

At 8.30, I took bath and changed in pajamas and under silken panty. 

At nine, someone knocked the door. I opened and found Lina was standing. She confirmed me whether I am Alpha or not. She confirmed it by seeing my dressing. She sat down and told some more rules. 

She told me today she is more energetic as I am only her customer. She will spank me with more power and give me a good buttock thrashing.

She sat on chair and told me to open my pajamas and let it fall around my ankles. She took me on her lap and started spanking by hands. At firsts, I decided not to cry but after getting only 10 spank from one cheek, I started crying. I remember the words of Celina about Lina. After giving 20 strokes by hands on each cheek over the silken panty, she took the round-curved paddle and spanking me again. 

After giving, 15 strokes by round paddle on each cheek she ordered me to stand up and took out my legs over the pajamas. She opened my panty and threw it.

She took other type of paddle, took me over her lap again, and started spanking. This time it hurts more. Each stroke was harder than the previous one. After giving 30 strokes by paddle on alternate buttock, she stopped for a while. I feel relief when she kept her cold hand over my bum. 

She ordered me to stand up. She took the rattan cane and tested its flexibility. She asked me to bend at one end of the bed by pushing my hips towards her. I heard the sound of cane in the air and when it came to my butt, after a few second I felt the pain. After giving 10 strokes, she stopped for a while to let me to catch breath. Again, she started with more power. After getting 25 on left cheek, she moves rightward. With the same power, she delivers the next 25 on my right cheek. My hips fill with the lines and changes to crimson. 

She took different type of cane and started thrashing my bum again on alternate side simultaneously. The pain was unbearable for me. I knew it could’t stop in the middle. I can feel the rise of heat from by hips. The bed sheet has gone wet by my tears. After giving 50 strokes by cane, she stopped. She is caressing my buttock. She left me in tear for 5 minutes.

She asked me to get ready for whipping. I know whipping hurts much more than caning.
She took out the black whip. She ordered me to lie on the bed pushing my hips up upward and pillows under my hips. 

She moves left side of bed and brought the whips on my hips. The time she brings it, my hips were burning like hell. I am feeling the rising heat from my hips. At every 2-3 seconds, she brings one whip. She delivers 20 whips continuously and stopped for a while. After some minutes, she again gave continuous 15 whips, stopped, and moved to right side. 

She caressed my right cheek and started spanking again. When she stooped, I take a sigh of relief. She again started whipping. On the right side too, she delivers 35 whips. She told me the last 10 will be more hard and on thigh and between the hips and thigh. The time she started whipping on thigh, it was unbearable pain. 

After she finished my spanking, the pain was unbearable. She again took me on her lap and with round paddle started spanking me. After administrating 20 strokes on each cheek, she ordered me to get up. 

She told me, my spanking was over and she kissed me on my head as I took it like a good boy. She left the room.

I laid down on the bed whole night without wearing any cloths. I am not been able to sit properly. 

Next morning, a lady came to my room and gave me a soft pillow on which I can sit.

At afternoon, I went to Celina. She asked me open my pants and panty. I opened it and she hit in my butt. She bring the camera and took the photographs. 

I became dressed and left her. When the pain was less, I left the resort. When I came home, the lining of welts, whips and canes were still present. It took approx. 10 days to heal up.

I like the resort very much and again want to go back once………

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