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The Reunion of Surrender; Exerpt One

A memory of a highschool voyeuristic experience from a longer piece of Erotica I'm working on.
Jane was working late in the news office one Friday night. She knew it was lame to be working at the paper on a Friday night rather than out and about on the town, but as normal, she felt more safe hiding behind her words and her horn-rimmed glasses then sipping sodas at the mall with all the other kids. The faculty advisor had left about an hour ago and the janitor had just poked his head in to tell her he was leaving and make sure she had her key to lock up. One of the perks of being the goody-goody teacher's pet was the sense of ease they felt in letting her be responsible for school property and such.

Taking off her glasses, Jane sighed and rubbed her eyes. Her expose on the treatment of the lunchroom workers was coming along nicely, but Jane always dreamed of writing more fiction than fact. And not the "examining social injustices or human conditions" type of fiction, but the "melt your pants off, hot and heavy" type of fiction. There was definitely not an outlet for such writing in the prestigious private school she had attended all of her life. Jane let her mind wander over to the story she was working on her head and lost track of several minutes.

She was startled out of her daydream by a low moan and distinctly feminine giggle.

"Who could that be?" Jane said to herself. No one else was supposed to be on the school campus at this point.

Jane got up to go investigate, and upon exiting the room noticed that Benjamin Connor was slipping into the weight-room at the end of the hall. Jane walked down the hall and grasped the handle for the door of the weight-room and thought better of it as she heard the naughty voices from coming from the room.

"So, here you are my dear. I thought we were going out tonight?" Ben said. Upon hearing the first sentence a gasp could be heard and then Jane heard the pleading of Ben's girlfriend, Jennifer Anderson. Jennifer and Ben had been dating for almost all of their high-school career. They were the power couple at the high school and everyone knew it. The fact that both had powerful fathers and socialite mothers made them the perfect pair, and while they had their arguments and "breaks" they always managed to come back together.

"Benji, I thought we were meeting a little later!"

"I can see that, my dear," she heard Ben say, though not in an angry tone. More in a "this could get interesting" tone.

Jane was confused, since she had heard a male groan long before she had heard Ben enter the room. Next to the weight-room was the coach's office. She knew the office had a window so the coach could view the weight-room and she knew, if she was careful and kept light out of the room, she could easily slip in and view what was going on without actually being seen.

What Jane saw when she entered the office was beyond what even she had ever imagined in her wildest x-rated fantasies. Ben's best friend, Jackson Spenser, had Jennifer half undressed on top of him on one of the weight benches. Jane could tell that Jennifer was trying to extricate herself from that position, but Jack had a firm grip on her shapely hips. He also had a cheshire grin on his handsome face as he watched Ben saunter over to them.

Ben wagged a finger at Jennifer and clicked his tongue, "tsk, tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty."

"Benji…" Jennifer began to plead.

"Hush." Ben was now close enough to cover her mouth with his finger. "Well, well, Jack," Ben said, directing his attention to his best friend. "I always knew you wanted her. How did you convince her to join you in this little tryst?"

Jack laughed low and replied, "I told her I was the one who taught you all your tricks" and winked when Jennifer tried to pull away again, again unsuccessfully.

"Hmm" Ben said thoughtfully, looking at his errant girlfriend. "Perhaps I should introduce you to another little trick I learned from our friend here." Taking a seat on the bench opposite them, he reached for Jennifer, who went to him with a little help from Jack. Taking her left hand in his, he yanked her, none too gently, across his lap and flipped up the back of her skirt, the only piece of clothing she still wore, besides her panties.

"Benjamin! What are you doing?" Jennifer gasped as she reached behind her and struggled to get up. Ben easily caught her hand in his own and cheerfully replied, "showing you a trick I learned on how to respond to naughty little girls like you."

Jane gasped herself as she watched Ben raise his hand and bring it down sharply upon Jennifer's panty-clad bottom. He raised his hand and let it descend, again, and again, and again. Jane's breath became ragged and she searched for a chair as she heard Jennifer pleading with Ben.

"Ben! Stop! Please! Ouch, that hurts! Ben, Stop!"

"If you can't compose yourself more quietly, Jennifer, we will have to find something quieter for you to do with that mouth!" Ben said as he rained another volley of smacks on Jennifer's firm young ass.

"Stop it, Ben, or I really am going to scream!"

Ben looked over to Jack who was watching this display with obvious enjoyment. "Jack, I think our bad little girl here needs something more productive to do with that mouth of hers, don't you think?"

"Sure do!" Jack replied as he got up and moved over in front of Jennifer. Jack straddled the bench and Ben shifted so that Jennifer was angled to rest her upper body on the bench as well. Jane gasped again and released the top button on her highly modest shirt as Jack pulled his very erect and very endowed manhood out of his pants.

Ben paused in his assault on Jennifer's bottom and rubbed as he said, "Now, Jen, since you seemed to want Jack so badly, and as you definitely need something quieter to do with that mouth of yours, I want you to suck Jack off until he comes. Then, and only then, will I stop this spanking."

Jane could see the tears on Jennifer's cheeks as she looked back over her shoulder at Ben. "I never meant to actually do anything with him, I was just mad at you for…"

Ben cut her off, "But my dear, I DO mean for you to do something with him. Now get to work. And be gentle, for you do not wish to see punishment befalls truly naughty girls."

And with that Ben began a steady, rhythmic percussion on Jennifer's already sore bottom, alternating from left to right and moving from top to bottom and back again as Jack guided her head onto his erection, closing his eyes as her mouth closed over him. Jane could tell this was not the first time Jennifer had had a dick in her mouth as she seemed to quickly find the perfect rhythm to match the blows from Ben's head and make Jack pant.

Watching all of this, Jane couldn't help but reach up under her plaid-pleated skirt and slip her fingers under the elastic of her waist band to touch that naughty place that pulsed as she watched the steamy vignette playing out in front of her. She stroked in time with the up and down movements of Jennifer's head and Ben's hand. As her pulse increased and her breathing became more labored she fought to keep her eyes open and on the action in front of her.

"Oh, god, Ben, I'm so close" Jack rasped out.

"Hold on". Ben, pulled Jennifer off of Jack and positioned her so that her torso was resting on the bench facing Jack. He positioned her head back close to Jack's crotch and reaching into his back pocket grabbed a condom. Ripping the package open with his teeth and releasing his penis with one hand, he deftly put on the condom and got behind her, pushing her knees apart and positioning himself at her opening, which was dripping wet and well-ready for him.

Jane gasped again as he rammed himself home and bend over her to whisper in her ear. Though Jane didn't hear what was said, it was obviously effective since Jennifer took Jake back into her mouth and, using her hands on his balls, began to suck off with a vengeance, while simultaneously pushing herself back against Ben's punishing thrusts.

Jane's own fingers were working faster and faster over her clit as she slid the other hand down to join her first, slipping a finger inside of her hot heat. Mimicking the movements of the players in front of her she worked herself. As Ben cried out "Now!" she fell off the edge of the world along with the three teenagers in the weight-room, finally succumbing to the need to close her eyes and letting out a stifled scream behind her locked lips as the orgasm rocked her.

When she finally opened her eyes again, she looked back out and noticed that Ben was looking towards the coach's office, looking, looking. Almost as if he could see right into her eyes. She gasped again and quickly righted her own clothing. Looking up again, she could see Ben, Jack and Jennifer doing the same, though Jennifer was doing so hurriedly and with a distinctly embarrassed glow about her. Jane quickly slipped out of the coach's office, running back down the hall to the newspaper's offices and praying to God it was just her imagination that had Ben's gaze searing her to her soul.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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