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The School Court

Parents had to explain to the pupils when they did something that affected the school's safety code

This is loosely based on real life in the UK where drivers had to face the school children who they put in danger through careless driving. Not the discipline though, which has been added.

Jack Harwood was dreading walking in to the school. He looked again at the form headed, ‘Attendance at School Court.’ He was to attend at four o’clock which was just five minute’s time. He knew he mustn’t be late. 

Jack was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and slacks. He would usually have worn jeans but felt he needed to look more formal for the court hearing. 

The form was sent under the new rules that made the judge and jury for motoring offences within three hundred yards of school gates the responsibility of the school. Not just the school though but more specifically the school children.

Although school children of all ages were affected by the drivers, the judge and jury were only ever made up of seniors so they were sixteen and seventeen-year-olds.

There had been several incidents of near misses and indeed actual accidents where drivers had been too careless when driving close to schools. Whilst judges and magistrates berated the drivers when sentencing them, it was felt the drivers did not fully understand the distress caused to the school children. So the rules were changed to force the drivers to face the school children. The drivers didn’t have a choice even if they would have preferred an adult court. 

Equally the trials were carried out during the late afternoon when there were no lessons for the top two classes. 

Jack knew that if found guilty, which he undoubtedly would be, then he would be disciplined in front of the whole of the two classes. The punishment would also be carried out by a pupil of one of those classes, so a pupil who was just sixteen or seventeen-years-old. That would be particularly embarrassing for him.

Jack knew that it was his own fault though. Three of his friends had already been disciplined at this very school. So he knew what would happen if he was careless when driving and yet he still was. He looked at a particularly attractive Mum on the other side of the road for just a split second but even that was too long to miss the road warden who had her ‘Stop’ sign up in front of him. She had six school children ready to cross and he only just stopped with inches to spare. He would have hit the road warden and not the school children but he could not deny he was driving carelessly.

So Jack walked in to the school and was met by one of the wardens. It was an all-girls school and he reckoned she was a schoolgirl of sixteen-years of age. She was dressed in the warden’s outfit. A khaki coloured short-sleeved shirt buttoned down the front with a khaki coloured skirt that was quite short given it was summertime. She had khaki coloured socks that finished just below her knees. 

The girl held out her hand to look at the form.

Jack knew he had to address the girl respectfully. It was a rule intended to get the driver in the right frame of mind to treat the pupils as though they were officials in a proper court. So he had to address them as Miss or Sir. In this case he handed the form to the schoolgirl and when she directed him to a classroom down the hall he said, “Thank you. Miss,” as he took the form back from her.

Jack could feel himself turning submissive as he walked along the corridor and was regretting his lack of care when driving more and more.

There was already one adult, a man in his fifties, sitting outside the classroom Jack had been directed to As he got there one lady was coming out of the classroom escorted by a girl warden dressed just as the girl who had met Jack at the door.

The warden said to the lady, “The hall is this way. You will be disciplined there.”

“Yes, Miss,” said a very unhappy lady who Jack gauged was in her thirties.

The waiting adult was called in to the classroom and Jack sat outside the room. He could hear the proceedings. At least he could hear a teenage girl’s voice asking questions in a very stern sounding voice and the man answering rather less confidently.

Jack had been told each case lasted about ten minutes. The ten minutes were nearly up when the lady who had been sent for discipline came walking back down the corridor. She looked distraught. Jack could see her eyes were red and her eye liner had run down her face. She was rubbing her bottom. There was little doubt what had happened to her which increased Jack’s concern. She was still rubbing her bottom as she disappeared down the corridor towards the exit.

A minute later the door to the classroom opened and the man came out escorted by another teenage girl in the warden’s uniform. The two of them walked towards the hall.

Jack was called in to the classroom and directed to stand behind one of the desks. He noted that everyone else was sitting. There was one girl sitting behind the teacher’s desk and she was clearly the judge. To the side of the desk sat another girl who looked like she was going to take notes. Three desks away from Jack stood a third girl who he supposed would be questioning him. There were six girls sitting along one wall and they were the jury, Jack supposed. Finally two adults, who Jack assumed were teachers, sat in the far corner monitoring proceedings to make sure the adults treated the schoolgirls with respect.

The judge said in a stern tone of voice, “You will address all court principles as Miss. No name is required. If you fail to do so any punishment will be increased. Is that understood, Mr Harwood?”

Jack knew about the rule and responded, “Yes, Miss.”

“Miss Fellows will question you. Please keep your answers to the point,” the judge ordered.

“Yes, Miss,” Jack repeated albeit feeling strange addressing a teenager with such respect. He just wanted to get it over with and reckoned he would find the whole thing tiresome and useless anyway. Well, except for the punishment he would undoubtedly be given.

Jack’s attitude changed soon enough though. He was expecting a few questions, then to be found guilty and sent for punishment. In the event he was made to feel really bad as he was shown photographs of school children knocked down near schools around the country. It wasn’t long before he was feeling dreadfully bad about his lack of care and knew he would never be like that again.

The judge could sense from the answers he gave Jack’s remorse and when she was happy that he fully understood what he had done wrong she asked, “How do you plead, Mr Harwood?”

Jack was always going to admit he was guilty but now felt much worse than he had expected. “I am guilty Miss and will accept whatever punishment you think correct. I will definitely take heed of all the things said today.”

The judge looked happy at the statement and gave a half smile but tried to retain her stern look as best as possible. “I accept your plea. The tariff will be six strokes of the cane in the hall. It will be on your bare bottom and given by one of the warden’s.”

“Yes, Miss, thank you, Miss,” Jack said respectfully. He didn’t want to be caned but knew he deserved to be punished to reinforce his guilty plea.

Jack was escorted from the classroom by another girl in warden’s uniform. He walked passed two adults sitting outside. A man and a woman. Both looked up at Jack and the man stood up as he was told to go in to the classroom come court.

The warden walked with Jack pointing out the hall. She took him through a door that came out just by the raised stage. To Jack’s horror he saw the hall was almost full of schoolgirls in their school uniforms. White short-sleeved shirts with a tie, although most girls had them at half mast, with dark blue skirts. Like in the court come classroom two adults, again presumably teachers, sat at the back of the hall to monitor the proceedings.

Most of the girls were laughing or at least giggling as they watched what was happening on stage. A woman was bent over a caning table. She was facing the schoolgirls. One warden was behind the woman with a cane in her hand. Behind them both was a large screen with a direct and close-up shot of the woman’s bottom. It had five raised red wheals and as Jack looked the cane landed and drew the sixth wheal.

The woman cried out as the watching schoolgirls shouted out, ‘Six,’ loudly.

A few moments later the cane wielding schoolgirl warden ordered, “Get up, Mrs Norton. Your punishment is complete. You can get dressed again.”

Mrs Norton, who looked in her forties, eased herself up but was crying and as she stood started to rub her bottom.

Jack saw the smirks from the warden and on the faces of most of the schoolgirls watching as Mrs Norton picked up her knickers and gingerly stepped back in to them before rolling her dress down again. She was still crying as she turned to the warden who had caned her and said between sobs, “Thank you for caning me, Miss. I will drive much more carefully in future.”

The warden smiled as Mrs Norton went down the steps and passed close to Jack. She was shaking her head as the tears rolled down her face and she still rubbed her bottom. 

Jack looked at Mrs Norton as she left the hall.

Next moment there was a call from the stage. “Please will you come on to the stage, Mr Harwood.”

Jack looked around quickly expecting to see the same warden who caned Mrs Norton. In the event he double took as the girl was different. Worse was that he knew she was Emma Hall and she lived just four doors away from him with her stepmother. Jack knew she was seventeen-years-old. He could see that she was equally surprised to see him.

Emma said to another of the warden’s, “He lives a few doors away. I just know him as Jack. I didn’t realise it was him. What should we do?”

There was a rule that wardens could not discipline family members or close friends. There was nothing about neighbours. 

The other warden said with a smile, “Just do it, Emma. It’s more his problem than yours unless you think he will hit you next time he sees you?”

Emma replied, “No, I don’t think that at all.”

The other warden said, “Okay. Then do it.”

Emma looked at Jack as he waited at the top of the steps. He listened to the exchange but also glanced out at the audience. It was full of teenage girls in school uniform and he felt so embarrassed. Mind you, it was even worse that Emma was going to cane him. They passed each other in the street often enough and he wondered how he would be able to look at her without feeling humiliated each time.

Emma issued her instructions. “Go and stand in front of the caning table, Mr Harwood. When there lower your trousers to your ankles and then your underpants. Bend over the table and grab each side. Spread your legs as far apart as your trousers will let you.”

Jack took in the instructions and as Emma finished he said a respectful, “Yes, Miss.” 
He stepped over to the caning table looking at the large screen on the wall behind knowing his bottom was going to be shown larger than life once he had bent across the table.

Jack saw that the table was lower than waist height and was a flat board that rose slightly upwards and was wide enough for one person only. As instructed he undid and lowered his trousers catching his underpants and pushed them both down to his ankles. He then bent across the desk and grasped hold of both sides. He looked up and saw several girls pointing at the screen and he immediately knew they were ogling his ball sac which must have been swinging as he spread his legs. That really was humiliating for him.

Emma took up her position and tapped the cane twice on Jack’s bare bottom. “Ready, Mr Horton?” she asked sternly.

Jack swivelled his head around and looking at the teenager as she held the cane, nodded his head, and said, “Yes, Miss,” before looking back at the watching crowd.

Emma focussed on Jack’s bottom. His was not the first adult bottom she had caned. This court system had been in place for almost the whole of the school year and she had been a disciplinarian almost every week. She did keep a record and Jack was actually the thirty-fourth adult she will have caned. Every one of them, male and female, had ended up in tears.

She had been trained to use the cane before she started. The instructor showed her and her classmates how to use the cane explaining that adults can be caned rather harder than school pupils. That was why all of the adults cried. 

Emma pulled the cane back and brought it down as hard as she always did on Jack’s bare bottom. She smiled as Jack grunted and as the audience shouted out, “One.”

It was harder than Jack had expected. He had been caned at school but only over his trousers so he had expected more pain than that. Still, he wasn’t expecting this much pain from the teenager.

Jack grunted again as the second stroke landed. He heard over his own cry the audience shout out, “Two.” Jack could see how the shouts from the crowd added to his humiliation but that in a way it was fair. After all this was as much about the school children being made to feel safer in the streets as it was about disciplining him.

Emma landed the third stroke just below the first two and smiled as she saw the three raised red wheals. 

“Three,” came the gleeful shout from the audience.

Jack cried out rather than grunted as the pain was intensifying.

The girls in the audience were also smiling which Jack could still make out as he looked up. His eyes were starting to fill with tears but there was still no mistaking the enjoyment the school girls were getting from watching him being caned. He could even tell that most of the schoolgirls were looking at the screen and so a close-up of what he was sure would be red lines across his bare bottom. His ball sac as well he supposed.

The fourth stroke landed and Jack cried out even more loudly and when he looked up as he heard the shout of, “Four,” he realised his vision was now blurred. He was hating being caned and told himself he would never ever look at women when driving again.

The fifth stroke landed and Jack sobbed.

“Five,” came the shout.

Jack kept his eyes closed as the pain rushed around his bottom.

Emma landed the sixth stroke just under the previous five, smiling to herself as she watched the six almost parallel red wheals.

“Six,” shouted out the cheerful schoolgirls. 

Jack was still crying as he grasped the sides of the tables and felt his chest heave. It was the worst caning he had ever received. By far. However, he told himself this was still better than an adult court where he would have got a large fine and some points on his Licence. More importantly it really taught him that he must be much more careful on the road.

Emma looked at the screen at the larger than life bottom with the red wheals and smiled again. She looked at the other warden and they winked at each other. Emma and the other girl often met up after a caning session. They might only be teenagers but they loved caning the adults and in fact it turned them on. Both teenagers knew that once again they would have tongue sex together at one of their houses. At Emma’s probably as her step-mum would be out when she got home and for most of the evening.

Emma looked at the back of Jack’s head and ordered, “Please get up, Mr Harwood. Your punishment is over. You can pull your underpants and trousers back up.”

Jack eased himself up and was conscious of the giggling and chatter from the audience as he dressed himself again.

“Please leave the hall,” Emma ordered.

Jack nodded, and remembering Mrs Norton, said, “Thank you for caning me, Miss,” before turning and going back down the stairs.

Emma and the other warden followed Jack down the steps. “We’ll take you back to the classroom to get your form signed,” Emma said, and once outside the hall added, “This is Katie.”

Jack smiled at Katie and not sure how to address her said, “Hullo, Miss.”

Emma and Katie smiled at each other.

Jack followed Emma and Katie back to the classroom.

“You were the last caning I had to give today. Two other wardens have taken over,” Emma explained.

Jack was still rubbing his bottom when they got back to the classroom where Emma signed the form and the warden there completed the paperwork.

“You can leave now, Mr Harwood,” Emma said.

“Thank you, Miss,” Jack said still feeling strange addressing the teenager with such respect.

“Are you driving home?” Emma asked.

“I am,” Jack replied conscious that he was still rubbing his bottom.

“Could we please have a lift?” Emma asked, smiling. “You won’t need to call us Miss anymore.”

Jack nodded his head as he couldn’t see a reason why not. He was hardly going to hold a grudge against the teenager.

Jack led the girls to his car and gasped as he sat down too heavily.

“Careful,” Emma advised laughing as she and Katie got in to the back.

Jack drove home deep in his own thoughts. The girls seemed happy enough not to talk. He looked in the mirror a couple of times and saw them kissing and was sure they each had a hand between the others legs. They were turned on, he realised, by the canings they had given. He was quite taken aback but then thought they were just teenagers so what the heck?

Jack stopped outside Emma’s house.

Emma asked, “Are you going to tell your wife? Jack.”

Jack nodded. “She knows where I have been. She reminded me that at school if someone got a detention or was caned then their parents usually spanked them when they got home. I think she was joking but she promised me a spanking.”

Emma and Katie smiled. “She should,” Emma said firmly.

Jack watched the two girls walk up the path. They had their hands around each-others waists and kissed twice as they got closer to the door. Jack felt an erection push his trousers out as he watched. The erection got firmer as he thought about all of the schoolgirls watching him get caned. He was still aroused when he got home.

“How was it,” his wife asked. She noticed the bulge in Jack’s trousers and thinking it was the caning that got him aroused said sternly, “I think you had better go up to the bedroom and get those trousers off. I will turn off the oven and then come upstairs and give you a good spanking.”

Jack wasn’t going to argue. His erection could be because of the girls but his bottom was stinging rather nicely now and as he walked upstairs he reckoned a spanking from his wife would be great foreplay to making love.


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