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The School's Most Popular Girls

Three beautiful girls cross paths. A model, an athlete and a girlie girl.
Crystal woke up gasping, covered in sweat and her sheets soaking wet. She lay down in pleasure, unable to even move. Yesterday she had witnessed the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

Crystal was 22 years old and about 5’5 feet tall. Athletics had given her a nicely shaped body. Her hair was beautiful, a natural brown with soft red in it. She had a beautiful shape from running track, and playing volleyball. All in all she was an extremely nice, out going and caring person.

What she had seen was a hard spanking, but a spanking alone did not make it beautiful. What made the spanking beautiful was the girl who was being spanked. The girl in the room beside her was gorgeous, so much so that her spankings should be considered art. She didn’t know her at all but she had fallen in love with her. Not in a sexual manner, Crystal wasn’t a lesbian or bi-sexual, she had just fallen in love with the sight of the girl. It was intoxicating to even see her walk.

Crystal’s bed was next to the wall seperating her room from the girls' so she could hear the girl crying all night. Crystal guessed such a sore bottom would keep her up all night. She felt terrible because the girl was just too adorable to be thrashed like that, and she had been thrashed hard. The girl’s teacher gave her 15 strokes with a school paddle, about three or four on her bare bottom. That girl's ass must be a purple color. The strange thing was, Crystal was dead sure the girl had masturbated many times during the night.

Crystal shivered, she had only been spanked once in her life by a teacher. She had received 10 strokes over her jeans for passing notes during class. It was the most humiliating and painful experience of her life. From then on, even in college, she never passed notes again. One spanking was enough to set her straight. She had been spanked over her jeans, but the girl had been spanked over thin booty shorts. She had even been paddled on her, rather full, bare thighs. Then bare bottom. Crystal was sure that whatever the girl did to earn that spanking it would never happen again.

Crystal’s parents sent her to this finishing school when they found an array of sex toys in her room.

She got up and spent about an hour in the bathroom, before going to the dinner hall for some lunch. (She slept through breakfast.) Crystal looked around the room to see if she could spot the lovely girl but the girl wasn’t in the cafeteria. After lunch there was a mandatory meeting for all the new girls, Crystal began to walk to the auditorium but decided to wait for the girl so she could introduce herself. She waited...and waited. It was now getting late, did the girl know there was a meeting? Whoever didn’t go would be spanked and the girl’s bottom was probably too sore.

Crystal put her ear to the door and heard soft sobs, she banged on the door.

“Hey! open up!”

Crystal heard scrambling and the door quickly open, the girl stood there wrapped in only a bed sheet. Her face was puffy from crying.

“I-is something wrong?” she timidly asked.

“Don’t you know there’s a mandatory meeting for all the girls now?”

The girl’s already big eyes grew wider. “What?”

“Hurry! Get dressed!” Crystal said urgently.

The girl now looked terrified, there was a pair of sweat pants and a small pink t-shirt on the bed. The girl let the bed sheet fall, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Which was understandable since her butt was a blazing red. She pulled on the shirt and very slowly slid on the pants. The girl looked in the mirror and began to sob.

“I can’t go out like this!”

Crystal quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped the girls face and nose, then she slid strands of hair out of the girls face. “You look fine honey, don’t worry” she told the girl reassuringly.

Crystal then grabbed her hand and began running to the auditorium half dragging the girl behind her. They got to the auditorium right as the doors were closing for the lecture. One of the women closing the doors said, “You two barely saved your tight little bottoms.”

The girls stood in the back and listened to the explanation of what the purpose of the finishing school was, and how it ran. Every girl in the school was 20 years old or higher. The purpose of the school was to teach discipline, focus and guidelines in order for the girls to have a successful future. Each girl was given a specialized teacher who was intimately familiar with the girl’s personality and tendencies. The girl would abide by the strict rules their teacher gave them, the punishment for infractions was a spanking. Depending on the teacher, the girl may be given light spankings or hard ones. They could be spanked for any little infraction, or spanked only when deemed necessary.

Crystal knew what kind of teacher Makaela had been stuck with.

After the lectures the teachers led their assigned girl back to their room. Makaela could feel that bitch’s eyes on her as they walked to her room

“Even in those baggy sweat pants that butt of yours looks big,” her teacher, Miss Tener, taunted.

Makaela gritted her teeth wanting to smart off, but her bottom was too sore to be spanked again. Makaela's bottom always marked for a little after being thrashed but faded quickly. This made it look like her bottom was less sore because some of the marks had faded but that was absolutely wrong. Her bottom would still be sore enough to make sitting impossible for days. Today her bottom was a radiant red from the spanking she was given yesturday but at least it wasn’t a bruised purple like it was last night.

She decided to be absolutely obedient to her teacher, but she just couldn't understand why she should. She didn't need discipline or guidelines, she didn't have to do anything in life. She was blessed with such a beauty that it was hard for her to even walk down the street without people handing stuff to her.

She loved it.

Her teacher wasn’t done though.

“Why do you kids think a plump bottom is hot now? You just look like a fatty.”

That’s what made Makaela snap. “FUCK YOU!! you ugly BITCH.”

That’s what Miss Tener was waiting for after doing it once, she craved to thrash that girl’s plump behind. So she’d have to help Makaela behave bad sometimes.

“Apparently you still don’t know who’s in charge. So before you go to your room you need a lesson in discipline, you will clean every bathroom in the school.”

Makaela’s parents were rich so the only time she cleaned was for her man, no one else. She was the type of girl that loved cooking, and doing household activities for her boyfriend. She guessed that made her old fashioned but she didn't care. It was a lot different when she was at home or didn't have a boyfriend (which she currently didn't). When she was at home Makaela had butlers and maids do everything for her, it had been like that since she was a baby. So she believed she was very much above cleaning a bathroom. She would never clean a nasty public restroom. It made her want to throw up, she turned around and bit down a curse.

“Makaela do you have something to say?” Miss Tener said threateningly crossing her hands.

Makaela jumped up and down then stomped her feet like a child. “I will NOT do that.”

Makaela then remembered looking at her bottom in the mirror last night. Sitting was impossible, she couldn’t even sleep because of her throbbing ass. Today her butt was a glowing red and it felt like her already big bottom was swollen to 3 or 4 times its size.

Makaela looked at Miss Tener who looked furious, but she didn’t care. No one cares what a poor ugly person thinks.

Makaela angrily said, “You can thrash me all night but I will never clean a public restroom.”

Miss Tener looked down at the petite girl with disapproval and said, “This is why your mother sent you here, you believe you are above doing any kind of work. You show defiance i’m debating making you clean the bathrooms naked.”

Makaela’s eyes became wide for just a second before she smiled, still with unmovable defiance.

“I won’t even do it with clothes on, much less with them off bitch.”

Miss Tener shook with rage. Makaela looked at the big oaf and said, “Every other teacher has dismissed their students to do anything. There are girls sun bathing and playing in the pool. You want me to do work? What the hell is wrong with you?”

Miss Tener said, “You do wh-”

Before she could finish, Makaela interrupted her by waving her hand back and forth. “Yeah, yeah. I’m going to take a nap,” she said as if she was a queen and everyone her subjects.

With that Makaela just turned her back to Miss Tener and walked away.

During Makaela’s confrontation with Miss Tener, Crystal happened to be walking by on her way to the pool. She didn’t really stop to listen but heard the teacher say the girl’s name was Makaela. Crystal thought that was a pretty name. She didn’t hear all of the fight but she got the gist of it. Crystal guessed that Makaela’s angelic looks had made her stuck up, but she felt like that was obvious. If someone looked like they should be making millions modeling then of course they could be a little stuck up. Crystal was on really good terms with her teacher, it was a shame Makaela and her teacher hated each other. Crystal thought Makaela’s behavior was strange because this morning she seemed so timid and delicate. Now she was a smart mouth but Crystal had to stop thinking about Makaela. Just thinking about her gave Crystal a rush, but she still couldn’t understand why. She had never been attracted to girls but now all she wanted to do was kiss the soft curves of Makaela’s body.

Outside a girl got out of the pool. She walked dripping wet to her table steeling everyone's stares as her body moved. The girl’s name was Trina, a famous runway model for swimsuits. Trina was 5 foot 9 and thin with a bronze skin tone. Her body was beautiful and curvy, perfectly suited for her gorgeous face.

She sighed, sugar still on her tongue from a week ago after locking lips with a girl named Makaela, for a photo shoot. It was a shoot for a high class sensual perfume, it had sold out. Trina wished delicate and sweet girls were sent to this school it would give the place a beautiful, erotic vibe.

Which was why when she saw Makaela she was absolutely shocked. What shocked her even more was that Makael was naked and bent over grabbing her ankles right in the hallway where everyone could see. Trina stared at Makaela's big breasts swaying underneath. Those big boobs bounced forward as Trina heard a horrible CRACK! and saw Makaela's gorgeous face crumple in agony.

“Ow, ow, oowwwiee!” she sobbed.

Being thrashed in public must have been so humiliating, what's worse was that her shrieking attracted a lot of people. When they saw such a beautiful girl being spanked they all gathered to watch. Makaela had the ability to turn girls into lesbians. Many of the girls were jealous because Makaela was so pretty and enjoyed watching the spectacle.

Usually successful models were tall but Makaela was petite and short but had turned into something of a celebrity in the modeling business. It wasn't only Makaela's extremely curvy body that made her wanted, it was her gorgeous face. Every modeling agency wanted to photograph her in swimsuits and other designer clothes. The clothes Makaela modeled always flew off the hangers sometimes even sold out the next day. She didn't really model much though.

Makaela was left bawling in a corner right in the hallway with her hands on her head naked. Tina had been eating ‘sweet cherries’ earlier in the day so she found it amusing that Makaela’s bottom was an identical color of the cherries.

Trina snuck up behind Makaela and slid her hand down her butt crack down to between her legs. She simultaneously sucked hard on her neck. Makaela jumped in surprise.

“Shhh it’s me baby,” Trina gently whispered.

“Trina?” Makaela seemed to be at a complete loss of words.

“I’m a teacher here,” she replied.

Her long fingers stroked Makaela’s tight pussy, she slid her middle finger in and saw the girl’s body quiver. “Wow you’re soaking wet, I didn’t know spanking was your thing.”

Makaela’s eyes widened. “I-it’s not,” she began but she was interrupted by Trina.

“Baby you are literally leaking down your thighs, and squeezing your legs together as hard as you can trying to calm the fire in your little snatch before people see.”

Trina sucked harder on Makaela’s neck. “Lean against the wall,” Trina commanded.

Makaela leaned her body against the wall, squishing her breasts, She then pushed her bottom out with her legs spread and back arched.

Trina plunged two fingers into Makaela’s tight hole, it felt like the girl’s pussy was lovingly squeezing her fingers. She slid her two fingers in all the way and wiggled them. Makaela’s body quivered and her pussy squeezed Trina’s fingers for a second as she came hard. Trina slowly pulled her finger out of Makaela's pussy then pulled her hand from her pussy. Strands of her juice connecting Trina’s fingers and Makaela’s pussy wetly separated. Smiling Trina put her fingers to her mouth and sucked on them. “Sweet as always,” she said. Trina took Makaela’s hand. “Come,” she said gently turning Makaela around.

“Trina! Miss Tener said I have to stay here for two hours!” Makaela sobbed. “Then I have to write “I am a bad girl who requires discipline 1000 times.”

Trina narrowed her eyes. “I’m a teacher too honey and that’s going to take hours upon hours, you won’t be sleeping tonight or leaving your chair all day tomorrow.”

Makaela nearly squealed. “I can’t sit on a chair! T-Trina my bottom is so sore, it’s s-so sore,” she sobbed.

Trina smiled. The 22 year old Makaela looked like an adorable little girl who had just been punished and needed love. Trina pulled her into her arms like a big sister would and Makaela melted against her. “Let’s go baby,” she said.

Trina wrapped her towel around Makaela’s naked body and led her to her own teacher’s room.

“Have a seat-” Trina started but then chuckled.

Makaela looked at her angrily, Trina guessed having a big bottom that looked sore as hell wasn’t very funny to Makaela. Still chuckling she went into a drawer then sat on the bed.

“Come here honey,” Trina said leading the well thrashed girl over her lap. She then squeezed cool soothing cream into her hand and rubbed it on Makaela’s big butt, cooling some of the fire.

Makaela’s head flew up. “Ohhh thank you, Trina,” she whispered.

Trina rubbed the cool cream in large circles around the girl’s bottom. “I’m sorry honey but your bottom is going to be violet in a half and hour or so. Miss Tener is one of the strictest bitches in here, I’m so sorry you got stuck with her.”

Makaela sobbed. “Why can’t you be my teacher? please?” she pleaded.

Trina felt sorry for the petite girl over her lap. Makaela was such a soft and delicate girl, but Trina guessed having such radiant beauty must be a gift and a curse. Or maybe it wasn't, considering Makaela was leaking onto her lap right now. Trina told Makela to get up and lay down on her back on the bed. Trina then put her hands under Makaela’s soft thighs and lifted her legs exposing what must be one of the most beautiful sights to ever behold. Makaela’s pussy glistened looking incredibly pretty. Two swollen lips pressed tightly together.

Trina kissed Makaela’s naval gently pulling her piercing with her teeth, she then kissed down and down until she tasted sweet honey. Makaela moaned in ecstasy as Trina’s tongue danced in her pussy. Trina pulled away and got up. “I know what you like,” she said smiling.

She went to a drawer and pulled out a pink strap on, looking up she put it on. Makaela got up and bent over so Trina could put the pink tip to her carmel pussy. Trina then slowly pressed in.

“Oh god yes,” Makaela gasped.

Trina grabbed and gently pulled Makaela’s long hair as she slowly slid in and out of her. She then pressed the the strap fully into Makaela’s pussy pulling her hair hard and ramming into Makaela’s sore jiggly behind. Makaela hollered fit to burst a lung, but Trina heard her gasp out a wet


Tina began to fuck Makaela hard bouncing and working the girl’s huge ass. Makaela was shrieking like a lunatic as she pushed her bottom back as hard as she could into Trina driving the pink dildo fully into herself. Trina pulled her hair hard and slapped her ass as she fucked her. Then she grabbed both Makael’s hands and pulled her arms back thrusting into Makaela harder. Both girls were completely lost in their own worlds.

Trina was sexually stimulated by giving pleasure, but dominant pleasure. She was especially turned on by the bouncing of Makaela’s big ass. It seemed like everyone who crossed paths with Makaela thanked god that they got to witness such loveliness.

Makaela on the other hand was lost in primal lust. Tears streamed down her face and water from her nose. Having Tina crash into her poor bouncing ass with every thrust caused agony, but also pleasure enough to turn her into an animal. She didn’t care she was crying and her nose was running nor did she care drool ran down her chin. She didn’t care that her voice was going hoarse from screaming, and her body glistened with sweat. All she knew was that she needed more, her pussy was on the hottest fire it had ever been ever. She was surprised the heat from her throbbing pussy didn’t melt the strap plunging in and out of her.

She always thought being held and loved after a spanking was the best part, but she had been mistaken. Her mother didn’t spank her a lot, but when she was spanked she was thrashed,


She had sometimes masturbated afterwards, but recently her boyfriend fucked her from behind just like she was being fucked now. The feeling was the most wonderful pleasure she had ever felt, no loving caress could match the shrieking pleasure of sex after a spanking. All of the agony of her sore bottom seemed to all collect in between her legs. As her sore ass was bouncing against the person fucking her, it was just more agony to stroke the fire in her pussy.

Trina grabbed Makaela roughly and turned her around, she then sat in a chair and pulled Makaela onto her lap straddling her. Makaela sat facing Trina on the dildo, all of it deep inside her. She began to bounce up and down, the pain from bringing her bottom up then crashing back down onto Trina’s lap was exquisite. Over and over and over she bounced up and down, the searing fire was too much for her, but she wanted to pass her limit. She pulled up off of Trina’s lap and spread her ass.

Makaela was so wet her juice had dripped to her asshole. Trina squeezed copious amounts of the cool cream down the crack of her ass, using her fingers to lube her. The strap on was already slick with her juice and didn’t need any cream. Trina put the tip of the pink dildo to Makaela’s asshole and slowly pressed in until she had pushed the whole thing in her. Trina began to slowly press in and out, opening up her ass. Makaela was lost fully lost, her eyes rolled back in her head. Her ass just felt so full, she was being fucked in her perfect ass.

Trina had never seen Makaela like this. It made her dripping wet to see the normally quiet and tender Makaela acting like some kind of animal in heat. Trina saw Makaela couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“I don’t want you to just cum honey, I want you to squirt and spray this whole room,” Trina said as she pulled Makaela’s hair hard and pressed the whole strap on into Makaela’s ass.

Makaela’s orgasm was so intense that Trina had to hold her to prevent her from crashing into the ground. To Trina’s delight the cumming girl squirted everywhere. Since Trina had Makaela bent over and was pressed hard against her so the dildo was all the way in her ass, Trina’s jeans were drenched. Trina pulled the strap on out of Makaela’s ass, it glistened beautifully.

Makaela turned around got on her knees and began to suck and lick the glistening vibrator that had just been in her ass.

“Open your throat,” Trina said as she pressed the back of Makaela’s head sliding the whole strap in her throat until she heard a gag.

Trina was truly shocked and giddy at how nasty Makaela had become. The girl with the most angelic face kept sucking and deep throating the pink dildo until her face was covered in her own dripping drool. Trina grabbed Makaela’s dark hair looking into her beautiful dripping face.

“When did you become such a nasty little girl?” she asked.

Makaela smiled with full lips and glistening white teeth, before Trina could do anything Makaela got up and pressed her dripping mouth to Trina’s. This time it was Trina’s eyes that rolled back. Maybe she was the nasty one because she grabbed Makaela and began to kiss her harder smearing her own face and trying to savor every drop.

So, so sweet.

An hour later Trina left Makaela peacefully sleeping in her room and walked outside to see her own student. She heard loud steps and looked over to see an angry Miss Tener approaching her.

“Miss Trina you would not have dared to take my student away, correct?” Miss Tener asked angrily.

“Nope incorrect,” Trina said merrily “I did take her for a little bit, why are you being so hard on her? You’ve thrashed her bottom on the first two days, I don’t understand why.”

Miss Tener looked like the question Trina asked was idiotic. “Because, like her mother said, she thinks she can do anything she wants because of her looks. What that fat butt girl needs is strict discipline, not encouragement. Now you solidify her belief in her looks by having sex with her? All pretty girls are deviant whores aren’t they?”

Trina smiled broadly. "So when I walked past your office today and saw you holding pink underwear to your face, while fingering yourself, that wasn’t deviant behavior?”

Miss Tener was taken aback and her face burned, Trina continued, “Ahhh those were Makaela’s panties weren’t they? You claim that she gets everything she wants using her looks when you yourself have become intoxicated by her beauty.”

Miss Tener looked like she was about to slap Trina when a girl came running over and looked worriedly at Trina.

“What is going on teacher?” she asked.

Trina looked up at the fuming Miss Tener. “Nothing baby, Miss Tener here was just about to fuck off weren’t you Miss Tener?”

Miss Tener looked like a woman going to war. “You’re going to pay for this,” she hissed before turning around and walking away.

Crystal looked at her teacher. “Miss Trina, that bitch teacher is the teacher of this really cute girl who’s room is beside mine.”

The same cute girl that was sleeping peacefully in Trina’s bed.

Hours later back in her own room, Makaela couldn’t believe how sore her ass was. She walked out of the shower and rubbed cool cream on her aching behind. Then still naked she slid into her bed on soft silk. Makaela had brought her own bed spread, sheets and pillows all cool soft silk. She loved the feeling of silk on her naked body, it aroused her.

She hated being spanked but like always the fire in her bottom gathered in her pussy. The more sore her bottom the wetter she was. Her bottom was currently an agonizing purple so her pussy was leaking. She felt like if she even lightly slid her finger over her pussy she would cum hard. Makaela’s head was pressed into her her pillow, her ass high in the air and her fingers deep inside her pussy. She closed her eyes and saw Miss Tener storming into her room holding a thick belt, she made Makaela completely undress. Then to Makaela’s horror Tener took her by the ear into the hall, absolutely naked and thrashed her bottom for everyone to see. In Makaela’s fantasy she was begging that bitch to punisher her harder. Again to her horror, she saw Miss Tener put a collar around her neck then spread her legs and press Makaela’s face hard into her pussy. She pressed hard enough that Makaela couldn’t breathe, when she started thrashing Tener grabbed her hair and pulled her face away, so Makaela could gulp air.

“Who is in charge?” the big woman asked her.

“You are Miss Tener,” she replied, Miss Tener then pressed Makaela’s face into her soaking wet pussy again.

She let the girl thrash for air before pulling her away and asking Makaela again who was in charge.

Makaela hated the woman so she couldn’t understand why she was in her perverted fantasies but she didn’t care. She buried her face in her pillow and screamed as she had an orgasm. Slowly she lowered her body to the bed and snuggled up in her sheets, happily rubbing her throbbing bottom.

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