The Shop Lifter (Part 1)

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A Shop Lifter gets her punishment

The Shop Lifter (Part 1)

First a little background this incident took place in an Arab State I will not give   much detail as I will be working out there again soon and do not wish to upset people.

I had been fitting out a large store and having just finished and helped get all the stock in. On the opening day it was so busy that I ended up helping out at the store, filling shelves and generally keeping an eye on the customers. I saw a young lady maybe early 20’s who did not appear to be shopping but looking round very suspiciously she also did not look like the local Arab women, she had a large bag which looked like it had some of the stores clothes in.

I radioed the owner and he told me he was busy and to take care of it, I saw her put an expensive top into her bag then head for the door without paying. I followed her to the door and catching the attention of the guard at the door caught her as she left the shop.

I started to speak to her in the local language but she appeared not to understand, she then said “what’s wrong”

‘Ah you speak English, that makes things easier, I have caught you stealing items from this store we will return to the detention room’

We marched her to the detention room and the guard left me alone with her.

‘Where are you from’


‘So what are you doing here and who are you staying with’

“I am in the Holiday Inn with a friend we are stopping over for the next week   before heading back home”

‘You will not be going home, at least not for a long time, I don’t think that you are aware of how much trouble you are in, a local committing this offence could have their right hand chopped off, sometimes this even happens to foreigners but even if you do not have a hand amputated you are looking at 4 years in a prison’

“But I have never been in trouble before, the court must take that into consideration”

‘You are not in the USA now dear, you don’t get mamby pamby lawyers and social workers helping with your case and checking your rights, here it is black and white you broke the law – you stole goods you must pay the penalty’

Helen started crying,

‘That will not help you dear, however we are very busy and I don’t really want any bad publicity for the store so I am offering you an alternative, today right here and now you take a damn good thrashing by me on your bare ass. Tonight you come back to the store and help to tidy and clean up the shop, at the end of your shift you come back in here for another spanking. You will return to this store every night until the 15 th and on each occasion you will receive a spanking, I will retain your passport, you will not be able to fly home without it.

You will sign a confession outlining your crime and you will sign it agreeing to be punished by me rather than be dealt with by the Police, if you fail to turn up the offer is withdrawn and the Police arrest you, do you accept?’

“I don’t have any choice do I”

‘You can take your chance in court if you want, I am not forcing you, but I am offering you an alternative solution, my way, yes your ass will be very sore everyday for a week, but you will leave here without a criminal record and with your hands still attached to your arms.’


I put her across my knee lifted her short skirt, pulled down her panties and started to wallop her bare backside, I showed no mercy and hit her hard, I needed to show her that whilst this was an alternative it would be a very painful one. I had been spanking her for maybe 15 minutes and she was crying out when I stopped.

‘So far you have taken your punishment well, however the next part is even more painful so you will be restrained,’

  I bent her over a chair and hand cuffed her hands and legs to the chair so that she could not stand up or protect herself.

I then started to cane her, she was screaming at the top of her voice but as the room was soundproofed no one else could hear her, I did consider switching on the pa system so that people shopping in the store could hear her, to act as a deterrent for other shop lifters but decided against it for now. I gave her 30 strokes and then released her.

‘Right then Helen, I want you back here at 8pm for your cleaning shift and when it ends at 10pm you will get another spanking’

Sobbing she said ” I don’t know if I could take another thrashing like that”

‘Choice is yours, you know the alternative’

I let her out of the store via the staff entrance, I was looking forward to 10pm that night.