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The Stepmother Part II

Tags: ff, otk, spanking
It was spring 1856 and Amelia’s father was gone once again. The first months this frightened Amelia, because she knew that once he was gone her stepmother Penelope would get a lot stricter than she was when he was around. When Magnus was home she was lenient. She never yelled or punished, because she knew how much Magnus cared for his spoiled daughter, but once he was gone she continued her firm regime. Over the last couple of months Amelia had been spanked so many times she was not scared of Penelope anymore. She respected her, cared for her and thought of her as a mother, but she was not scared anymore. She had accepted the fact that she could never fully please her and follow all her rules. She tried her best and whenever that wasn’t good enough (which was very often) she would take her punishment. There was nothing more to do.

“Amelia. I need to talk to you.” Penelope stood in the doorway of Amelia’s bedroom.

“What it is mother?” Amelia answered. She was sitting on a chair in her nightie while her maid Katie brushed her hair.

“I want to talk to about this Saturday. I am having a party in the garden. A lot of respectable people will be there. I expect you to be on your best behavior. I have picked out a lovely dress for you, and for the next couple of days we will go through what is considered ladylike behavior.”

“But mother I though you said my behavior was improving. Surely there is no need to go through it all?” Amelia did not want to go through the rules of ladylike behavior for the rest of the week which surely meant that both she and Penelope would get tired and start arguing and before she’d know it she would find herself over Penelope’s knee for a bare bottom spanking.

“Yes darling. I said you were improving. That does not mean that we are quite there yet. Now get yourself to bed we have a lot to do tomorrow.”

“Yes mother.” Amelia said knowing there would be no use arguing.

“Come here darling I will tuck you in.” Penelope said holding out her hand. She led Amelia to her bed and put the duvet over her.

“And Amelia darling…. I don’t think I have to say this, but you behavior on Saturday will reflect back on me. If you are naughty people will think I am a bad mother. Is that understood?”

“Yes mother.”

Over the next couple of days Amelia and Penelope practiced everything from nice conversations to tea drinking. It was rather tiresome, but Amelia managed to get through the week without getting a spanking, though she did get a sharp smack on her bottom for talking back after Penelope criticized her tea drinking. Apparently holding your pinky out was of high importance to show that one was a lady and not some common worker.

When it was finally Saturday the garden was full of overly dressed rich English aristocrats. The ladies had parasols and the men wore top hats. Amelia hated it. It was so boring, and Penelope kept introducing her to important old people. Finally after what seemed ages she dragged Amelia over to a woman and her daughter whom Amelia already knew very well.

“Geraldine how lovely to see you, and is this your daughter Jane?” Penelope said approaching the woman.

“Why yes it is. And this must be young Amelia I have not seen you in a while. You have grown young lady. Penelope you are very lucky to have such a beautiful stepdaughter.”

“Oh I do not think of her as a stepdaughter. She is as good as my own. Amelia why don’t you show Jane around? You have not seen each other for so long, and I am sure the both of you secretly cannot wait to get away from us old ladies.” Penelope said smiling.

“Oh Penelope surely forty years is not old? Or what do you say girls?” Geraldine laughed.

“Emh… no miss. Of course not.” Amelia said and Jane laughed.

They left their mothers giggling and walked off on their own away from the party to the fountain behind the bushes. Amelia had known Jane her whole life and though they had friendly chats now and then, she did not really like Jane much. Jane was a snob, and totally brainwashed by her family. Amelia however was lucky she had been left alone enough to actually develop her own personality before it was too late. Talking to Jane went rather well for a while. She seemed pleased with everything and didn’t find anything to complain about. But Amelia knew it was only matter of minutes before she got started.

“It is a lovely party Amelia. Your stepmother really is an inspiring lady. You are very lucky to finally have worthy company.” Jane said.

“What do you mean?” Amelia said though she knew the answer already.

“Well being left alone with servants all the time cannot have been easy. It must have been lonely not having anybody to talk to.” She said.

“I was not lonely. I had no problem talking to my servants.” Amelia said still smiling, but trying very hard not to sound offended. They walked over to the fountain and sat down on the side of the pool.

“Oh that’s right. I forgot. You are friends with them aren’t you? If I remember correctly your maid is your best friend.” Jane said smirking.

“Yes she is. I know you don’t approve Jane, but unlike you I do not care about a person’s position in society. I care about more important things. Katie is kind and she knows me better than anyone, and that is what matters.” Amelia said angrily.

“But she is a servant Amelia. She is below you and for good reason. Her family is probably filthy farmers;she is lucky to even have a job at this estate.”

“Stop it Jane. I will not allow you to speak of my friend that way.” Amelia said.

“Oh come on Amelia. You do know why her family is poor do you not. It is a punishment from God. That is what grandmother says. We are good people and so he has granted us with wealth. If God loved them as much as us, they would not be our servants.”

“Well then I suppose your foolish grandmother knows that God must love me more than you, because my estate is far greater than yours. My father has more money than yours and your family is below mine in society.” Amelia yelled.

“How dare you?” Jane said getting up. “I cannot believe you are defending them!”

“Why not, someone has to? We can’t all be so thick that we actually believe that wealth comes from God and not from generations of fat, greedy men who do nothing but push the lesser fortunate further down.” Amelia yelled back, now getting up too.

They looked around and realized that their mothers were now coming over. Jane calmed herself down and whispered to Amelia.

“I get it, you want one of them don’t you? Like your smelly friend Katie, and what about that stable boy of yours I have seen you riding together many times. I bet your stepmother would be delighted to hear how much time you two spend together. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were expecting his bastard anytime soon.”

If Amelia had just spent the day talking to old boring people, this party would have been a great success. Sadly she spent too much time with Jane and ended up pushing her into the fountain pool. Jane screamed and her mother and Penelope rushed over and helped her out. She was soaking wet from top to bottom, her hair was a mess and had a leaf stuck to it and her lovely white dress had turned the same color as the murky water.

“Mother did you see what she did to me!” Jane cried.

“I am so terribly sorry.” Penelope said to both Jane and her mother. “I have no idea what has gotten into that girl. She will get a sound spanking I can assure you. Amelia explain yourself!”

“I’m sorry mother. I did not mean to make a scene. It is just that Jane has just accused me of being the lover of our stable boy. She said that I would be soon carrying his bastard.”

“Jane! Is this true?” Geraldine said looking shocked at her daughter. Jane was so shocked of Amelia’s honesty that she was lost for words.

“It is Miss and I could not believe my own ears when I heard her say it. Mother you know how hard I have been working to be fine lady like yourself one day. I want to show that I live up to my family name, but how can I with these terrible girlish rumors Jane comes with.”

“That does not excuse your actions young lady!” Penelope said. “Apologize to Jane. We are above such behavior.”

“Yes mother. Jane I apologize for pushing you. It was not very ladylike and I should have just left instead of letting my anger get the better of me.” She looked at Penelope to see if it was a satisfying answer.

“I ehm… I accept your apology and I am sorry too. I should never have accused you of such dreadful things.” Jane said blushing. This was clearly a very embarrassing moment for her.

“Geraldine, I shall have a servant show you another way out so no one will see Jane soaking wet, and we will of course get her a new even prettier dress.” Penelope said.

“Thank you Penelope. I hope this little incident can be our little secret. Both girls have been very naughty and I don’t want anyone to know. I can assure you that this rumor Jane has come up with ends here and she will too get a good spanking when we get home.” Geraldine said looking sternly at her daughter, who was looking very sad indeed.

“Yes of course. This will be our little secret. I will go find a servant, and Amelia you will go straight to your room. You will stay there and when all my guest have gone home for the evening I will come up to give you your spanking.”

Amelia spent the rest of the day in her room just waiting for Penelope to come and spank her. She knew she was going to get it good for this one. She had to laugh when telling Katie though. She didn’t tell her exactly what had been said because she did not want Katie to feel hurt, but she told her that Jane had been mean about her having servant friends and so she pushed her into the fountain.

“And you got her in trouble too?” Katie laughed. “How on earth did you do that?”

“I told the truth.” Amelia said. “But I did expect her to deny it, however I guess she was so shocked that I actually said the words lover and bastard in front of our mothers that she couldn’t. Her mother said she was going to get a spanking too, so it isn’t all bad.”

“Are you scared?” Katie said worried.

“No.” Amelia said truthfully. “I am nervous, but I’m not scared. You will be there to comfort me when it’s over won’t you?”

“Of course, like always.” Katie said reminding Amelia that she had been there every time she had gotten a spanking from Penelope, which was often. However Amelia knew that it might be worse today. She had never done anything this naughty. She actually pushed someone into a fountain in the middle of the party Penelope had been preparing her all week for. She was in big trouble this time.

Penelope came in to the room.

“Kathrin. Leave us please. And tell the cook to prepare supper for Amelia. She hasn’t eaten much today.” She said.

“Yes miss.” Katie said getting up. She left the room and Amelia was alone with Penelope.

There was an uncomfortable silence. Penelope looked sternly at Amelia, and Amelia was looking at the floor.

“Amelia. I don’t think I have to tell you why you need to be spanked. You have indeed been very naughty. However I want you to know I understand that you felt provoked. Jane was naughty too. But that does not excuse this kind of behavior and I simply cannot let you get away with this.”

“I know mother.” Amelia kept looking at the floor.

“Take off your clothes. I can’t punish you with that dress on.”

“All of them?”

“Yes. You are going to change into your nightie anyway.”

Penelope helped her out of her clothes. It was a little cold standing there totally naked. Penelope sat down on a chair and tapped her lap; Amelia came over without a fuss. She placed herself over her lap and Penelope rubbed her bottom for a while and then she gave Amelia the first smack. From the beginning she gave Amelia firm hard smacks that really stung.

“Ow… mother not so hard.” Amelia cried.

“Quiet girl! How dare you tell me how to spank?” Penelope scolded still smacking Amelia’s cheeks really hard.

“But… but you don’t usually start this hard. It really hurts.” Amelia said sulking.

“It is supposed to hurt. You have been a very naughty girl today. Why should I go easy on you?”

“ow… yes mother.”

It didn’t take long before Amelia’s cheeks had gotten a nice dark pink colour. Amelia was squirming and sobbing over Penelope’s knee knowing that the spanking was not over anytime soon. Penelope stopped and rubbed Amelia’s bottom.

“There. The first part is over. Why don’t you go and find the hair brush?” She helped a sulky looking Amelia up and pointed at the drawer in the corner. Amelia hesitated. And Penelope gave her a smack on the bottom.

“Amelia. Do not make me even more cross with you. Go get the hairbrush.”

“Yes mother. I’m sorry.” She went over to the drawer and got the wooden hairbrush out. She looked at it like it was something evil.

“Give me the brush and bend over the bed.” Penelope said holding out her hand. Amelia did as she was told. She stood there naked, bent over the bed with already reddening cheeks. Penelope always asked her to bend over the bed for the hairbrush spanking. Amelia knew exactly how she wanted her; bent over on her bed, resting on her elbows, with her legs slightly apart and bottom sticking out.

Penelope stood next to Amelia rubbing her bottom for a while before taking the hairbrush and saying,

“You know I put a lot of effort in this party, Amelia.” SMACK! She gave her the first swat firmly on her bottom.

“OW... I know mother. I’m sorry!”

SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! “Yes, you know. You knew and yet you almost ruined the whole party in less than five minutes.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Penelope kept bringing the hairbrush down on Amelia's bottom making her gasp out in pain.

“Ow.. I didn’t mean to... I lost control. I got angry. You heard what she said to me. I have my reputation to think of.” Amelia sobbed moving her bottom around. It was difficult to stay still when Penelope kept delivering stinging smacks to her bottom.

SMACK! Penelope gave her the worst one yet. “You know Amelia... I believe that Jane said those things to you.” SMACK!

“What I don’t believe... is that you pushed her into that fountain because you thought about your reputation. I don’t believe that your intentions were that noble. You just couldn’t help being naughty. The party was boring and so you entertained yourself with pushing that girl into the water.” SMACK!

“Ow... ah...Mother how could you think that of me?!” Amelia protested. “I wasn’t naughty intentionally. Even if I wanted to, I know what you would do to me.”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Ow.. please mother it really hurts I can’t take it anymore!” Amelia cried getting up rubbing her bottom.

“Amelia what are you doing, the punishment is not over! I have had it with you girl. Your manners are improving, but the naughty things you do keep getting worse. When I first became you mother you were afraid of me, but now you keep disobeying me. You are naughty on purpose and then you lie about it.” She looked really angry.

“Does it matter that I’m not scared of you?” Amelia sobbed rubbing her bottom like mad. “Is that what you want, a daughter who is scared of you?”

“I want you to be scared. Not terrified, but yes, scared. I want a daughter who obeys her mother. And when I am punishing you, you do not get up without my permission. Now get over here! If you can’t stay bent over the bed like a good girl, I will have to hold you down over my knee.” She dragged Amelia over to the chair, forced her over her knees and continued the spanking.


“Ouch... ow” Amelia screamed.


Amelia kicked and screamed over Penelope’s knee, but she kept a firm hand on her, holding her down delivering hard smacks with the hairbrush. Amelia’s bottom was very red and this was the hardest punishment she had gotten so far, but then again she had never done anything this naughty before either.

After a couple of minutes Penelope stopped and put the brush on the floor. She rubbed Amelia’s bottom while giving her an occasional smack.

“I think this should do darling. Get up.”

Amelia got up tears still running. Penelope got up too, put her arms around Amelia and hugged her. Even though Amelia was sixteen years old, Penelope was so much taller that she only reached her chest. She felt safe in her arms her head pressed against her breast. Her bottom hurt a lot, but she really felt like she got the motherly affection she needed.

“Amelia dear, I really hope you have learned your lesson. I really am trying to be a good mother and it doesn’t feel like I am doing a very good job when you are being so naughty all the time.” Penelope said still hugging Amelia, stroking her forehead.

“I’m not naughty because of you mother. Sometimes I just can’t help being naughty, but you are the one that makes me feel guilty afterwards.” Amelia said smiling.

Penelope laughed. “That is good to hear, dear. Then you can go to that corner and feel guilty for thirty minutes.”

“Oh mother do I have to? You gave me such a good spanking, isn’t that enough?” Amelia said pursing her lip.

Penelope gave Amelia a sharp smack on the bottom. “Amelia! Do what I say. Go to the corner now.”

Amelia stood in the corner still naked, rubbing her red and sore bottom for thirty minutes before Penelope came back into the room with a tray of supper. She helped Amelia get into her nightie, talked to her while she ate and then tucked her in for the night.

Amelia laid in her bed in the dark. She couldn’t sleep; it was too early. Her real bedtime wasn’t until ten and it was only 8.30 now. She lowered her hand between her legs and discovered that she was wet again. Amelia rubbed her sex. She did not like being spanked, but somehow she was always wet after and it felt really good rubbing down there. She always did after being spanked.... while thinking about David the stable boy.

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