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The Story of Ashley Davis part 1

Getting dragged into the principal's office isn't fun but this time it was...
I opened my locker to find that it had been ravaged and my diary had gone, but whoever took it would have to break the lock in order to look inside. I know, it’s weird to keep a diary in your school locker, but if I kept it at home my nosy step brother, Thomas, always looks at it. I mean, he should get a life; he already ruined mine and Dad’s life by barging in with his mom. His Mom is actually very nice and in really good shape.

So let me tell you more about myself. Well, I am half Indian (from my mom’s side) and half English from my dad’s side. I have dark skin with dark brownish, blackish hair and the most amazing blue eyes inherited from my dad. Everyone tells me how much they stand out against my chocolate skin. I turned sixteen in June. My name is Ashley Davis.

My diary has gone, so now I have to figure out who took it and get it back. It has loads of precious things in it. It has photos of me and my Mom. I miss her loads, but I know she’s looking down on me from heaven. She died of cancer when I was 14. It’s been weird since then because I have to talk to my Dad about all feminine stuff like periods and masturbating. Trust me, it’s not that easy with my Dad.

So I take out my books for first and second period and place them on the side while I text my dad that I am safely at school. My Dad has been really over protective since my best friend got drugged and was found a day later in a ditch, unconscious. My best friend is Erik. He is awesome. He is always there for me and always has a huge crowd of girls around him. Well, anyone can get lost in his piercing green eyes.

When I turn around to pick up my books, I see Richard the school bully about to pour water on them. I go toward him and take the water bottle out of his hands and pour it on his head. That jerk! I snatch my books. And then Principal Hicks just happens to be walking down the same corridor, out of all the corridors on in the whole damn school.

“What is going on!” shouts principal Hicks.

“That girl poured water on me when I was going to drink it. I don’t know what she has against me,” Richard protests. He should be glad he is good at acting. Or else he would have gone down.

“What that’s not true!” I exclaim.

“Really because there seems to be water all over me. I wouldn't pour it on myself.”

“I only poured water on you because you was going to pour on my books.”

“Really then why are your books in your hand?”

“Because I snatched it off you so that water doesn't spill on it!”

“That little liar!” scoffed Richard.

“I just can’t win here can I?”

“That’s it! Davis and Montagomary in my office now!” Principal Hicks says calmly.

“But it’s not fair!” Richard and I exclaim at the same time.

So we are dragged into the principals office.

“So this is how the punishment is going to work, I will spank both of you, Richard first then Ashley.” Principal Hicks decides.

“Why me first?” whines Richard. Principal Hicks doesn't even bother answering. Richard is told to take down his trousers and boxers and told to bend over the table. He has a tiny cock only 3 inches. I wish I could take a picture. It would be such a laugh, seeing as he teases everyone else but has the tiniest cock on Earth.

As Richard pushed his legs against the desk and bent over I could see his cock starting to go erect. The principal got out his paddle and started furiously spanking Richard. His cock was only about four inches and it looked full and about to burst.

The spanks came down. Whack! Whack! Whack! Richard groaned and squirmed. After about 10 he burst into tears. He was such a baby, yet he still bullies us. Every time the whack came down Richard would push forward and then bounce back. His ass cheeks started reddening. I secretly got a phone out and started taking a video. This way I could blackmail him every time. Luckily principal Hicks didn't notice, or else I would have been expelled immediately.

Richards bottom looked like a flushed tomato. When Richards go was up I could only think of what was in store for me. I was scared, but didn't show Richard. I was going to be way more manly than that weirdo! Richard was told to leave, but he started protesting that I got to watch him so it’s only fair if he gets to watch me but the principal was having none of that.

Principal hicks turned to me and said, “Meet me after school for detention.” I was so glad I could wait till after school, because I was really aroused, and I wanted to masturbate in the toilets during lunch.

At the end of school I went into the principals office. He told me to carry on with my homework so that’s what I did. After an hour, I desperately needed to pee. I asked the Principal whether I could go to the toilet, but he just told me I had to hold on for a couple more hours. I knew I couldn't do that so I kept asking and begging 'till he told me to go into the corner of the room and face the wall. I slyly took my water bottle with me.

When the principal returned to do his work I opened my bottle and placed it under my pussy. I pushed my panties to one side and pissed into my bottle. I had no choice! I was bursting. As I closed the lid of my transparent bottle my skirt was still slightly lifted up at the front. Principal Hicks turned around and realized what I had done. I was in so much trouble now.

He didn't say anything. He grabbed my wrist and pushed my face down on his desk. He lifted my skirt and tugged harshly at my panties. His hands started thrashing down on my bottom hard, making me cry out in pain. I noticed as he spanked me, that his spanks started aiming towards the lower part of my bottom.

After about 50 spanks he stopped. I could feel his gaze on my pussy, and I was instantly aroused. I felt his thumb gently go up and down my pussy lips spreading them apart. I started feeling relaxed.

Then WHACK! He spanked me on my pussy. It sent a tingle through my body as quick as a lightening bolt. His thumb started going up and down my slit making me get wetter. His forefinger dipped into my love hole making me moan in pleasure.

“You like you principal exploring you. You dirty slut!”Principal Hicks said.

And he suddenly plunged two of his fingers into me, making me squeal in pleasure as I have only put up to one finger in me. He wiggled his fingers inside me sending fireworks through my body. He continued teasing till I was about to cum and then viciously warned me not to cum. So I hung on tight while his tongue teased me. I heard a belt being unbuckled and a zipper go down.

He started sucking on me, and I was very close to an orgasm when I was reminded I wasn't to cum. It took up most of my strength when he gently told me to cum. I felt as though a dam had been broken. Through my orgasm, he pushed his cock deep into me filling me up while rubbing my clit which was extremely sensitive therefore painful, however it soon turned to pleasure and bought another orgasm tumbling down.

“You filthy cum-slut! You whore! You loved every bit of that didn't you including the forced orgasms and the sudden plunge of my cock into your juicy wet cunt!” the principal exclaimed. I could see his cock was still erect the head, a purplish-red color, and he plunged into me again, this time cumming in my pussy. I felt our cum mi, and I felt it ooze around inside me. As he pulled out it all dripped down my leg.

Principal Hicks helped clean me up and I was free to go.

As I arrived home I accidentally went into Thomas’s room. Luckily he wasn't there, but as I headed out I saw my diary under his mattress…

I wonder how it got there…

 Has this story made you horny. Imagine you are in the position of either Richard or Ashley and see how you would feel. Put yourself through an orgasm but should I really let you cum?

This is my first story so any feedback is appreciated. I am totally fine with criticism and I would appreciate if you told me how I could improve my writing. If you like the story I will bring out parts 2, 3, 4 etc. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy this. :)

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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