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The Student Hostel

Rob (24) spends a week at a student residence, and some female grad students have their way with him
As the jets of hot water were pummelling my body, I was thinking about Rita’s invitation. In town for one term only, and moving from one temporary address to another, I was always looking for a place to stay. So when she had told me there was a room available at her student hostel for a week, I had quickly accepted it.

Clare was on a rock-climbing trip and could not be reached, but Rita thought she wouldn’t mind. Her manner was friendly but cool. “There are no house rules,” she had explained. “There are four women living here now; we all do as we please. But I have some rules for you. No noise at night. Be polite to the ladies. Keep the room clean and tidy. And don't miss any of your classes. I will be checking on you, young man.”

Shit, she sounded just like my step-sister Jasmin. Bossy like hell, but sweet. Naturally, I agreed to her conditions. They were reasonable, and I needed the room. Besides, I liked her. She had shining black eyes and a nice smile. We had only met three times during courses. She was a bit younger than I, but more mature. Just like Jasmin. She also calls me 'young man' when she lays down the law.

"I have a question."

"Shoot," Rita had said.

"Do you have WiFi here?"

"Sure. But don't you dare visit any porn sites."

"Is Lush Stories okay?"

"Sure, but nothing else."


"Yes baby?"

"Oh, never mind."

"Go on. I want to hear it."

"I was just wondering why you were bossing me around?" She laughed.

"I am just laying down some ground rules for you. After all I am responsible for you. And you need a firm hand. When I start bossing you around, you'll notice the difference."

I had dropped my backpack in Clare’s room and taken off my clothes. Then I had wrapped a towel around my waist and gone to the bathroom to shower off the grime of a hot summer’s day. It was a big room used by the women as well as the men, and it offered little privacy. Everything was open except for the shower cubicles. I had hung up my towel on the bathroom door and entered the shower. The water felt good.


A tall woman wearing jeans and a black t-shirt had pushed the shower curtain open. She looked me up and down and grinned. “Qué bien.” It appeared that my nude body met with her approval.

“Oh hi, I’m Rob. My Spanish is not good. Habla Inglés?”

She half turned to her friend and said: “Venga, Rocio, miratelo .”

Rocio was a small plump blonde with a look of saintly innocence. She gave me a once-over and a friendly “hi there.” Then she stretched out her hand and shook mine carefully, to avoid wetting her dress. “Yes, he’s yummy,” she added to the tall girl. To me she said: “You really are cute.”

“Mighty beholden to you, Ma’am. Ah’m figgering you don’t look too bad yerself.” Both women laughed. My penis was raising its sleepy head, wondering what the fuck was going on. I turned to the tall girl and asked, “And may I have your name?“ She raised an eyebrow, so I added, "Ma’am?”

“Isabella. Friends call me Bella. You can call me Doña Bella.”

“Okay. I guess that’s better than belladonna.”

Bella and Rocio looked at each other, puzzled.

Atropa belladonna. The deadly nightshade.”

They laughed again. My penis was fully erect now, bobbing as the water hit it. It was time to make a move.

“Rocio, could you hand me my towel, please? It’s hanging on the door.”

She returned with the towel, but before she could give it to me, Bella took it. With a small frown, Bella said, “I think you meant to say Doña Rocio. Didn't you?” There was heavy emphasis on the word ‘think’.

“Err yes. Sorry, Doña Rocio. I meant no disrespect.”

Rocio reached out into the downpour and gave my penis an affectionate squeeze. “I know, Chico. Don’t worry.”

Bella was still not smiling. She ordered, “Turn off the water and come here.”

I followed her to the sink near the open window, dripping water all the way. A bottle of red Spanish wine and two glasses were standing on the window sill.

“Open the wine and serve it.”

It must have been a curious sight as I jammed the bottle between my knees and wrestled to pull out the cork, while my resplendent phallus hovered over it. I handed each woman a glass and they sipped appreciatively. Rocio looked at me. “Can you drink wine, Chico?”

I tried to duck the question, saying, “I’m sorry?”

“Does Rita, or whoever takes care of you, allow you to drink alcohol?”

I blushed. Jasmin was very clear on the subject. “N-no. Not on weekdays.”

Bella had put her glass back on the window sill and was dabbing the water off me with the bath towel. It was a maternal gesture, but there was nothing motherly about the look in her green eyes as they studied my nude body. She was smiling indulgently.

“The wine is so good, Rob” she said. “Muy rico. Taste it. Just don’t swallow, or you’ll be in trouble.”

She put the glass to her lips. Then she kissed me, and the wine gushed from her mouth into mine. She stepped back, and a drop of wine ran down her chin. Her eyes gleaming, she bent down and kissed the lips of my penis. I almost gulped down the wine. But now her mouth was on mine again, demanding the fluid back. The transfer was completed without incident. My heart was beating like a steam engine.

“Good boy,” Bella said. “Was it tasty?”

“Yes. And your lips, Doña Bella.”

“Did you swallow any of it?”

“Just a little.”

“Because I kissed your magnificent rod?”

I laughed. “Yes.”

“Then I think I won't report your little accident.”

Now Rita came in. “Well, well,” she said, “what a pretty scene.” This made Bella strangely nervous.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie, I know he belongs to you,” she said hastily. “But I found him in the shower, and he looked so lovely that I wanted to borrow him.”

“I can imagine,” Rita said, fondling my wet buttocks.

“Please, can I keep him until tomorrow morning?” Bella pleaded.

“Okay, but if he is not in class on time, I will not be pleased. Is that clear, both of you?”

“Oh yes, Honey, I promise I will make him go to school on time. Thanks so much,” Bella said. Interesting, I thought. Bella is outranked by Rita. My landlady looked at me demandingly.



Her eyes flashed. She snapped: “Yes what?” 

“I will do as you say, Ma’am." 

Rita nodded. I was not feeling like a Master of the Universe. She returned to her room.

Bella took my penis, lifted it and began drying my balls. “Spread your legs,” she said. Soon the two women decided to go to Bella’s room. I was not allowed to use the towel, so I was obliged to walk naked down the corridor, sporting an aching erection.

Inside, I decided that enough was enough. “Doña Bella, please tell me what you expect from me. I am not a pet or a slave. I need to know.”

This did not surprise or anger her. “Do you have any important duties until tomorrow morning? A job, school work or an ailing relative who needs your attention?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Good. Then you will be our servant and plaything. Rocio and I will use you for our pleasure. Any way we like. It may be slavery, but it’s only for about 16 hours. You might even enjoy it.”

“What happens then?”

“You will go to class. On time.”

“I mean, will I be free again?”

“As free as Rita allows you to be. She is your maestra , isn’t she?”

“I guess. But actually, I already had a governess. My step-sister Jasmin. She keeps me on the straight and narrow.”

“Well then, Jasmin and Rita will decide how much freedom you will enjoy. But today, you are mine to enjoy. All mine. Entiendes ?”

“Yes, maestra . Does that mean I have no human rights or civil liberties?”

Bella laughed: "Madre de Dios, Rocio, we've landed a lawyer. I thought he was a biologist. The way I see it, Sweetie, your rights and liberties are all safe and sound, right here in the palm of my hand. But give me your own legal opinion."

"Well, I think..."

"Not now. Write me a 10-page paper. By hand. I want it on my desk in 48 hours."

Rocio had been listening quietly as she sat on the sofa. Now she called me to her and made me kneel at her feet. As she uncrossed her legs, I saw a flash of dark pubic hair. She was not naturally blond; nor was she wearing panties.

“Kiss my feet, boy. Pretend they are delicious.”

I removed her pumps, took her left foot in my hand and lifted it to my mouth. I started kissing its sole, then worked around to the instep and ankle. I had feared her feet would be sweaty and dirty, but they were clean and smooth, and smelled of woman. She moaned softly.

“Your feet are lovely, Señora . There is no need to pretend.”

Rocio was moaning louder now, and I suspected we would not be pussyfooting around for much longer. Bella realised this too, and said: “Rocio, Querida , I am going to the shop to get some food for tonight. Don’t gobble him up. That'll spoil your appetite.” Rocio just nodded, with her eyes closed.

Soon I had removed both her shoes and covered her calves with kisses and licks. Lust made her speechless. I lifted her to her feet and started undressing her slowly. She tried to hurry me up, but I pushed her hands away gently. She lifted her face to me, but I did not kiss her lips yet. Instead, I muzzled her neck. We would do this my way.

When we were both naked, I scooped her up and carried her to Bella’s bedroom. She entreated me to fuck her, in a low and throaty voice unlike her usual tone. She spoke in English, Spanish and Portuguese. But I took my time, and when I finally rolled a condom onto my phallus and entered her, I did it slowly. She screamed in impatience, so I smacked her bottom until she seemed to wake up. Then at last we made love.

Later, as she lay quietly in my arms, she said: “That was very cheeky of you, to spank my nalgas.”

“It pained me, Señora, but it had to be done.” She guffawed.

“My my. You’re not only lovely and smart, with a marvellous chile and a sense of humour too. You also know when to obey and when to be masterful. I’m a lucky girl.”

“We try to please.”

“Now shut up and just hold me.”

I woke up half an hour later to find Bella ruffling my hair. Rocio was fast asleep.

“Get up, lover boy,” she said softly. “You have kitchen duty.”

“Can I fetch some clothes please?”

“Yes, you can get dressed now. I’ll get your backpack for you.”

“Come here, Bella.”

Her eyebrow shot up, but she came into my arms. I kissed her and said, “Thank you for claiming me.”

She held my face in her palms and smoothed the hair from my forehead. “Don’t speak too soon, Muchacho. I plan to do wicked things to you before I release you. Rocio is gentle. I am demanding.” But not unkind, I thought.

“Can you cook lobster?” she asked.

“Oh yes. It’s easy. Is that what you bought?”

“Yes, one for Rocio and one for me. You will hand-feed us, and if we’re in a good mood, we’ll give you some scraps.”

“Right. Now I think it would be interesting if I were dressed and you ladies were naked as you eat dinner.”

Bella giggled. “Then I will require you to lick off the fish and butter that I dribble on my breasts and my thighs.”

That sounded nice to me. As I unpacked the groceries, Bella went to fetch my bag.

“Hello Rob.” Rita had come in. Seeing the food, she said, “Wow, that’s some feast the girls are going to have.” I greeted her politely but guardedly. Having agreed to her demands and not protested when she took charge of me, I now had no choice but to obey her. I was quite happy to submit to her. But I was not at ease with her. To be honest, I was afraid of her. More than of Jasmin. I mean, Jasmin has me under her thumb all the time. I know better than to disobey her. But I know her, and she’s family. And as for Bella, she was just playing games. I could handle that.

“I see Bella hasn’t spanked you yet,” Rita said, patting my bare bottom as I sliced the vegetables. “She will, you know. When she puts you across her lap, don’t clench your butt cheeks. She doesn’t like that. But it’s okay for you to squirm and cry.” I just nodded.

Bella came in, lugging my backpack, and Rita asked, “Why are you carrying Rob’s stuff?”

“Because I told him to get started with the cooking. Now Rita, run along. You very kindly lent me Rob. Please let me enjoy him without your interference.”

I was amazed at Bella’s assertiveness, and I thought Rita would be indignant, but she just laughed and said, “Okay, I can take a hint.” Before she left, she hugged my back and whispered in my ear: “I just came to check you were okay. Don't worry. Bella and Rocio will not treat you badly. You are under my protection. Enjoy yourself. Good night, Sweetie.” She kissed my cheek and left the room.

It was strangely sexy to have Bella watching me closely as I stepped into my briefs, pulled on my black 501s and buttoned my white cotton shirt. They were the best items in my bag.

Rocio pattered into the room yawning, still naked. Her skin was creased by the sheets, and her hair was all tousled, but her nipples were aroused. Bella put an arm around her waist and asked, “Tell me, amor , did our slave boy fuck you nicely?”

Rocio waved her hand dismissively and tossed her head. “He’s a terrible lay. It’s not worth the trouble bonking him.”

This did not fool Bella. “That good eh? Hmmm...we will see.”

“You know what the naughty boy did? He smacked my bottom. Look!”

She turned to display her buttocks, but there were no signs of the slaps I had given her.

“What did he smack you for?”

“To make me concentrate on the fucking. I was so steamed up and horny I couldn't focus.”

“Did it work?”

“Yes. But it’s cheeky. I think you should punish him.”

“Rob was quite right to smack your bottom. In fact, you should be given a real spanking. That is my job, of course.”

“Shit. I shouldn’t have brought up the subject.”

Bella drew up a kitchen chair, sat on it, and patted her thighs. Rocio gave me a look that was half exasperation, half excitement. She obediently lay down on the tall girl’s lap to be spanked. Her pretty buttocks quivered. Bella raised her hand up high and started slapping her friend’s bottom. This was no playful smacking. The slaps cracked like gunshot and left angry blotches on Rocio’s skin. The culprit made no attempt to escape, but she wriggled and sobbed and begged for mercy. Bella went on spanking her for several minutes. Then she stopped, and rubbed Rocio’s cheeks. Rocia was wailing now.

“Doña Bella, may I ask you something?”


"Is this the first time you spank Doña Rocio?"

"It's hard to believe. I should have done this long ago. But yes."

“Why are you spanking her?”

“Because she needs it to get a grip on things.”

To my amazement, I saw the crying woman nod.

“So it’s not punishment?”

“No. Now give me the wooden spatula.”

Rocio moaned loudly at the thought of a second beating.

“Hasn’t she had enough, maestra ?” I asked hesitantly, as I handed her the wooden implement.

“Rob, you’re sweet, but out of line. When I tell someone I am going to spank them, there is no escape. I decide how long and how painful the spanking will be. I don’t allow any safe words. And I certainly don’t appreciate any interference from others.”

I hastened to apologise. “I’m sorry, Ma’am.”

“We will discuss your behaviour later. Now Rocio requires my attention again.”

Bella landed ten terrific swats with the spatula on Rocia’s mottled bottom, and the wailing sounded more and more desperate. But then it was over. The disciplinarian told me to hand her the yoghurt icecream from the fridge. Rocio squealed as Bella spread the cold gritty slush all over her burning derrière and upper thighs.

I found it hard to concentrate on my kitchen duties, but I forced myself to keep working on the food. Soon, I would be lying bare-bottomed across Bella’s lap, and I didn’t want to provide her with any reasons to spank me harder than was absolutely necessary.

Now the girls were standing, and Bella had her arms around Rocio. She was a head taller.

"Thanks. I needed that," Rocio said, still crying gently. Bella patted her back.

"I know, Honey. You needed it urgently. In fact, you needed more. But I didn't want to spoil your dinner."

"You mean there's more to come?"



"That's entirely up to me."


"Yes, Chiquitita. That's what it's like when someone is in charge of you. Look at Rob. He's a man, of course. They always need strict guidance, though they don't always get it. With Rob, you can tell he has a loving woman who keeps an eye on him all the time. When he misbehaves, she gives him a good spanking on his bare bottom. Or several good spankings. I imagine she also beats him to keep him focussed. That's her decision. But most of the time, Rob is respectful, well-behaved and obedient. I'm sure he's also a well-organised and diligent student. Because he is under control. Is that right, Rob?"

"Yes Maestra. That's how it works."

"And how do you feel about it?"

"I don't always enjoy it, but it's good for me. I wouldn't want it any other way."

Rocio said: "That's what I need too. A loving woman who keeps me on the straight and narrow." Bella hugged her again, and patted her yoghurt-smeared bottom.

"I know. That's why I am taking you in hand. I am going to take care of you, Muchacha. I will set rules for you, and spank you whenever I think you need it."

They kissed, like a bride and bridegroom. Rocio would honour and obey. She said, "I'm glad. Thanks."

Bella cuddled Rocio. She said: "Now take off my clothes, darling. Everything. The chef says the dress code for dinner is bare naked ladies."

With a laugh and a sniffle, Rocio began peeling off Bella’s clothes, kissing each body part as it was exposed. She carefully pulled down the tall woman's panties, licking every other inch she bared. Bella stepped out of them, splayed her long legs and bent over the kitchen table. Her skin was café con leche and slightly rough, like shantung silk.

Rocio started caressing and kissing her friend’s back, wiping away her tears when they wet Bella's buttocks. Now it was Bella’s turn to moan. Rocio parted the cheeks and teased the arsehole with her tongue. Bella’s only response was a rasping intake of breath.

"Isn't that a fabulous backside?" Rocio asked me.

"Marvellous," I answered. I opened the fridge and put the ice bucket on the table, near Bella's hip. Rocio took one of the cubes and slowly rubbed it over Bella's spine. Bella clenched her cheeks, but relaxed them obediently when Rocio slapped them sharply, forehand on the right buttock and backhand on the left.

"If you do that again," Rocio said, "I will instruct Rob to spank your culo with the big slotted spoon."

"I won't, I promise," Bella said seriously.

Rocio pushed the melting ice cube into the other woman's anus, intruding between the buttocks as far as her middle finger could reach. Bella gasped. Her eyes widened in shock. Then she grinned at me and winked. When Rocio’s tongue slithered into her back orifice, Bella arched downwards, pressing her bum against the smaller girl's face, and sighed. Rocio was pretty, but the big woman was beautiful.

Su lengua, I thought. More exciting than ‘her tongue’. Okay, okay, now the lobster is boiling, the rice is steaming. Time to stir-fry the vegetables and open the Riesling. Oh dear, the table. How am I going to get everything done at the same time? Organisation, organisation, organisation. The three main challenges of cooking.

“Doña Bella, I appreciate that you’re already laying the table, but I need to put on the table cloth and the dishes.”

The women decided they would take care of the table and told me to get on with the food. It was ready just as they had finished laying and decorating the table, with tapered candles shining in the crystal glasses and a single rose in a tall vase. There was no cutlery. They turned off the electric lights and scampered off to the bathroom, saying they would be back in a minute.

They came back with their hair brushed and their bare skin shining softly, smelling of Chanel No. 5. A classical choice, but a good one. Both were nude, but Rocio wore a black velvet band around her neck. She fastened another around mine and whispered: “Bella says we must wear these collars as a sign that we belong to her.” I patted her bottom, now free of dairy products.

“Ladies,” I said, “Welcome. Allow me to serve you dinner.”

Rocio gingerly sat down on a soft cushion I had placed on her chair, and blew me a grateful kiss.

Bella was stting straight and looking strict. She said, “Robby, listen. Doña Rocio will have only half a glass of wine, and no butter with her lobster. In fact, no butter at all. She is allowed one serving spoon full of rice and will eat a double helping of vegetables. Make sure she finishes them all. As you will be feeding us, I will hold you responsible.” Rocio squirmed and pouted, but said nothing.

Bella continued her instructions to me, “You will eat only from the food we drop on the floor and our bodies. Pick the pieces up with your mouth. If we dirty ourselves, you will lick us until we are squeaky clean. You will transfer the drinks to our mouths in yours. Is that understood?”

“Perfectly, Doña Bella.”

“Good. I will taste the wine now.”

I carefully took some Riesling in my mouth. She lifted her serious face toward me. Sip by sip, I poured the wine through her lips, but she suddenly started laughing and spluttered the drink all over me. She didn't say sorry, but dabbed me with her serviette and told me to try again. This time all went well. Then she ordered another mouthful, which she sampled and transferred back to me.

“Drink,” she ordered. “I will take the responsibility.” I did. Then I turned to serve Rocio.

Bella and Rocio payed me the compliment of concentrating on my food and praising it before allowing the meal to descend into delicious debauchery. They would purposely drop choice morsels and watch me retrieve and nibble them. Bella’s proud bush of silky brown pubic hair yielded a well-buttered sliver of lobster claw meat. She tickled the back of my neck as I lowered my head into her naked lap.

A gleaming snow pea landed on Rocio’s right breast, just above the nipple. I garnered it with my lips and remembered to return it to her mouth. She gulped it down and gave me a sloppy French kiss. Then I licked her breast clean. Slowly, her nipple hardened.When a mushroom landed next to Bella’s foot, I stooped to retrieve it. She lifted her foot to rest it on my head. Very gently. I kept my face to the floor until she released me.

I won’t describe the details of what followed. But if I tell you that we woke up in bed in the middle of the night with one exhausted penis, two aching cunts and three sore butts, our naked bodies splattered with wine, butter and various bodily fluids and our hair sporting the debris of lobster shells; you can imagine the antics that went on during dinner.

I went to the kitchen to clear up the disaster we had left behind, and the women took a bath, sitting chastely in the tub together. When I came out of the shower, they were back in bed, sleeping on their side, with Rocio spooned against Bella’s back. I snuggled up against Rocio’s still toasty warm buttocks. We slept like babies until the alarm clock rang.

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