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The Tea Ceremony

(X is for Xiu Mei) Xiu Mei and her husband share a weekly ritual
Xiu Mei stepped out of the shower, into the steamy bathroom. She spent some time massaging some perfumed body lotion into her skin before arranging her long, black hair into a bun with an ebony chopstick. Her pussy was already tingling, knowing what she was preparing herself for.

She was the daughter of traditional Chinese parents, who had emigrated to America before she was born. Her mother was respectful and deferential towards her husband, who led the family with a quiet strength. As Xiu Mei grew into womanhood, her mother taught her about men, delicately imparting on her daughter a balanced view on life. She gave her daughter a strong sense of self value and strength of character, but she also taught her that when she found the right man, she could find fulfillment and happiness in being his helpmate. She eventually did find that right man. His name was Tony. Her parents were at first off-put by the fact that he was not asian, but their distaste was momentary. Tony was a history teacher at the local university with a special expertise in Asian studies and even spoke fluent Japanese. His knowledge of Asian culture allowed him to quickly gain their unequivocal approval and they were married. Xiu Mei quickly applied the wifely skills that her mother had taught her, and Tony became every much the same sort of leader her father had been. But beyond that, he had shared with her his love of BDSM, which she discovered also suited her. They had merged their culture with their kink and had developed a weekly ritual that they simply called the Tea Ceremony.

Xiu Mei finished her preparation and put on a white terrycloth bathrobe and a pair of sandals. She emerged from the bathroom and walked into their living room. She plugged her phone into the stereo and started playing a music playlist for the ritual. The sounds of a Shamisen being plucked began to fill the room. She moved the coffee table to the edge of the room and placed a mat in the middle of the room. At one edge of the mat, she placed a short ottoman, and in the middle she arranged a teapot and two small tea cups on plates - one in front of the ottoman and one opposite it. She plugged in an electric kettle and placed it at the edge of the mat - the one compromise to convenience they had to make in their modern apartment. With everything set, she kneeled down on her heels at the opposite side of the mat from the ottoman and reached to the side and struck a small gong. Having done so, she held her hands behind her back and lowered her head slightly.

Tony entered the room, wearing a black robe. He was tall and had short black hair and a goatee and mustache. He walked in quietly and slowly, and approached the mat. When he arrived, Xiu Mei raised her head slightly and bowed in his direction. He returned her bow and then walked the rest of the way to the ottoman and seated himself on it, his legs crossed in front of him. The posture was somewhat uncomfortable, but he regarded a slightly elevated position as important for the ritual.

She settled back on her heels again and put her hands together in front of her and repeated her bow towards him. He echoed her with his hands and bow, but his answering bow was not as deep as hers. She reached over and pressed the button to start the kettle and then returned her hands to rest on her thighs. They both listened to the calm music from the stereo waiting for the kettle to boil.

After a minute or two, the kettle made a faint click as the water boiled. Xiu Mei waited for a moment for the water to cool slightly from a full boil before she leaned forward and picked up the kettle, pouring it into the teapot. She replaced the kettle and then settled back again to wait for the tea to steep.

After a minute, she raised the teapot and poured a few tablespoons into the cup nearest Tony. She held the teapot while he reached down to sample the tea. He tasted it and then shook his head and returned the cup to the plate. He said, "Just a little longer."

She placed the teapot back down and settled again to wait longer. The music played for another minute or so. She looked back up at Tony and he nodded. She picked up the teapot again and poured another sample into his cup. He tasted it and this time nodded, then put his cup down again. This time she filled his cup all the way and then filled hers and put down the teapot.

They both reached for their cups and picked them up, raising them up in front of themselves. He blew on his tea and then took a sip of it. He waited for a moment while she echoed him, blowing on her own tea and sipping it. They paused a moment and he sipped the tea again, and then she did. They repeated this a few more times until the cups were empty. They placed the two cups on their plates at the same time. She then picked up the teapot and refilled her cup and placed it on her plate and picked up the plate and cup and set them to her left. She took his plate and its empty cup, and the teapot and put them to her right side out of the way. She moved the kettle as well, and then raised up on her knees and rocked back to her feet, gracefully shifting her weight and then standing up. As she stood before Tony, she kept her gaze cast downwards towards the floor. She reached her hands towards her waist and untied the belt holding her robe closed and slowly removed her robe, revealing her naked body to her husband, her pubic hair completely gone, and matching rings through both nipples in her small A cup breasts. She set her robe down out of the way and then stood in front of Tony again, turned to face his left and then returned to her knees. She then leaned forward and placed her face down on the mat, with her hands stretched out straight in front of her, while keeping her thighs perfectly vertical. In this posture, her ass was prominently presented.

Tony raised himself from the ottoman and kneeled next to Xiu Mei. He reached to the side of the ottoman and retrieved a foot long black plastic cane. He placed his left hand on the far side of her waist. She tensed her bottom in expectation while she waited for the first stroke. He waited for a moment until she relaxed and then without warning the lilting music in the air was punctuated by the swishing song of the cane and then the impact. Xiu Mei tried her best to stay perfectly still and quiet, but even so, her fingers curled up on the carpet and a quiet "ooh" escaped from her lips. What she could not prevent was her eyes immediately clouding with tears. She took a deep breath and awaited the next stroke. It came without warning, painting another line of fire across her ass cheeks. She again tensed up in response and bit her lip and let out a quiet "Mmmfm" sound and then let out her held breath and gasped. The third stroke caught her unprepared and she let out an uncontrolled cry and her fingers splayed out. She held her position, but her breath came in heaves now, mixed with quiet sobbing. He waited a bit longer before giving her the fourth stroke. She cried out again, but more muted than the previous stroke. But her sobbing was a bit louder. The fifth stroke came, but she reacted less to it and simply continued sobbing quietly with her face pressed to the mat. The sixth stroke was the hardest of the set, and always landed right at the top of her thighs. She shrieked, but quickly relaxed, knowing that her ordeal was finished. She kept her position while she cried for a few minutes. Tony sat back on the ottoman and waited for her to regain her composure.

After she calmed down, she raised herself up and turned to face Tony. She approached him on her knees and reached out to his waist to untie his robe. She opened it up his robe revealing his erect cock. She bent down and took him into her mouth, running her tongue around the head of his cock, while wrapping her small hand around the shaft, and cupping his balls with her other hand, tickling the back of his scrotum with her fingernails. She continued to suck and stroke his manhood while he ran his hands along her shoulders and behind her head. As she sucked him, his hands moved in an unfocused way on her as he became lost in the pleasure of her mouth. He started groaning and panting, and she intensified her stroking and sucking. As she did, he tensed up and his cock exploded in her mouth. She sucked down his seed, cleaning the head of his cock with her tongue until his cock finished pulsing. She straightened up and sat down, resting her sore ass cheeks on her heels, wincing briefly as she did. She spread her knees slightly and placed her hands on the top of her thighs and looked at him and waited. Tony closed and retied his robe and then returned to his former cross-legged seated pose. He then nodded at her and she smiled.

She moved her right hand inwards towards her throbbing pussy and her left hand upwards to play with her nipple. She held her right hand on her pubic mound and rubbed the entirety of it and started to moan. She feverishly played with her pussy in front of Tony while he watched. Knowing that she was putting on a display for him added to her pleasure and it didn't take her long to reach her own pleasurable plateau, panting and gasping until she cried out, making a noise not very different from when she was being caned.

After her breathing returned to normal, she again raised her body back to put her weight on her feet and stood. She retrieved her robe and put it back on. She returned to her former place at the opposite side of the mat and retrieved the cup of tea she had set aside before. She drank the tea, using it partially to clear his semen from her mouth. When she was done, she put the cup back down and they both stood together. They face each other and she bowed deeply to him and he returned her bow. He then took her in his arms and kissed her deeply while she closed her eyes and melted into his arms.

Finally he spoke, "Wo ai ni, Xiu Mei."

She smiled and answered, "I love you too, Tony."

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