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I came home from the office on Friday evening and to my suprise my wife was already home...........

"Hi Darling", I said.

"Hi Dan", she replied, "my Boss Ted let me go early because I said that we would go to his house tomorrow afternoon for a social game of tennis with him and his wife Barbara, now I don't want any complaints or you will be over my knee, besides this will good for my career", added my wife.

I should explain, my wife, Janet, had been spanking me for a few years. It started as mutual spanking as part of our lovemaking, but soon she decided she preferred just to spank me, so much so, that over the last two years, Janet has not only spanked me on a regular basis, she has also become the 'dominant' in ever aspect of our relationship, you could say when it comes to our marraige, my wife is definitely in control! She also never allows me to wear underwear so she can get at my backside whenever she wishes.

With regard to our forthcoming tennis match I thought it best to just accept the situation and hopefully enjoy the game even though I was not very skilled at tennis and prefered golf.

On Saturday morning I started to gather my Tennis kit, Janet was a frequent player, but it had been some years since I had worn my tennis whites. I found my shorts and decided to try them on for size, I was pretty shocked to find that they were very much on the tight side as I had put on a bit of weight since the last time I played, my Tennis shirt was also now too small and bearly reached the waist band of my shorts. I called for Janet to see what she thought and when she saw me in my kit she said, "oh my good! well its too late to get bigger sizes from the 'Mall', you will just have to manage, but let me tell you Dan, I'm not very happy", she said in a firm manner as she stormed out our bedroom and went down stairs.

The drive to Ted and Barbara's was not a happy one, Janet was driving and constantly glanced at my attire and either tutted or made a derogortory comment about my appearance. I did feel that I was letting Janet down and was sorry, but there was nothing else I could do.

When we got to Janet's Boss' s mansion we were greeted by Ted & Barbara who were already wearing their tennis clothes, we went through the usual pleasantries and Ted & Barbara were polite enough not to mension how tight my tennis shirt and shorts were, even if I did notice Barbara gave a little frown as she looked at my shorts.

We were guided around to the back of the house through the sprawling gardens to the tennis court, 4 chairs and a table had been put out for our use and as we reached the court, a young women in a maids outfit brought refreshments and put them on the table, she left the four of us to enjoy the sunshine and play our game.

It was mixed couples husband and wife against husband and wife. Ted was tall around fifty but in very good shape, he had dark hair with grey flashes. Barbara was barely forty with long dark hair in a ponytail, she was tanned, attractive with an athletic figure.

The game started and just like in a proffessional game the match went with serve for the first four games and,  at two all it was Janet's turn to serve. It seemed we were easily matched, for my own part I was keeping up quite well. Half way through the next game I found myself lunging to return a low drop ball when I heard a loud tearing sound behind me. Oh no! I thought, I've ripped my shorts, I hoped no-one else had noticed so I stood as tall as I could and pretended nothing had happened. We had lost the point and now my wife was preparing to serve again, I walked to my position at the 'net', and my wife then shouted at me to bend so she could serve, as I did I felt the air on my now exposed rear and realised the rip was much worse than I thought.

"Oh my god, just look at you!", shouted Janet, who marched over to where I was, she grabbed my arm and forced me over again so she could examine the damage to my shorts. Janet turned to Ted and Barbara and said she was so sorry and that she would punish me later for ruining the game.

"Punish him?", inquired Barbara.

"Yes, Dan gets a spanking when he displeases me and he will be getting one when we get home that's for sure!", replied Janet.

"Why not spank him here and now", said Barbara with a grin on her face. 

My wife then looked at Ted and said, "would that be alright?".

"Sure", said Ted.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, Janet had never spanked me in front of anyone else before. With a shocked expression on my face I started to panic.

"I think you should punish me at home, darling", I said pleading with Janet.

Janet ignored me and stode to the side of the court she repositioned one of the chairs and sat down, "Dan, what you think does not matter, take off those horrible shorts and get over my knee!", she barked.

I had never before seen my wife as angry, I shuffled over to her and red with embarressment unfastened my shorts and let them fall to my ankles quickly cupping my genitils with my hands.

Janet then told me to step out of my tattered shorts and drop my hands by my side.

I did what she told me and then she tapped on her lap to indicate what she wanted me to do next, I lay over her thighs as I had done many times before.

"Please don't do this Janet, not here", I begged one last time.

"Just, be quiet", replied Janet and gave my naked rump an almighty smack.

Ted and Barbara had gathered round not to miss any of the action.

"Geez, is this really happening?" said Ted.

Smack!, smack!, smack!, Janet continued to beat my behind, "your a naughty, naughty boy", said Janet, giggling and clearly enjoying showing off at my expense.

"That's is smack his bottom hard", said Barbara. What had I done to her?, I thought.

After a few more smacks Janet stopped and told me to get up off her lap. I stood up naked from the waist down and started to feel my tender behind. I could see Barbara and Janet both taking an interest in my cock and even though my bum was stinging and Ted was there, the inevitable happened and I started to get hard.

"Right Dan, I think you should apologise to Ted and Barbara", announced Janet.

I turned to face Ted hoping to get things over with and said "sorry Ted", then I turned to Barbara who was smiling broadly, revelling in my embarressment, and repeated my apology to her.

Then to my horror Barbara said, "I don't think sorry is enough, Janet would it be alright if I continued Dan's punishment".

Without a thought, Janet said, "of course Barbara, be my guest", and within seconds Barbara had replaced Janet in the chair. 

"Right Dan, assume the position you naughty boy!", commanded Barbara, who was smiling wickedly.

I looked down at Barbara's gorgeous tanned legs, her tiny tennis skirt had ridden up and her white cotton panties we're clearly visible, suddenly I felt quite excited at the thought of being spanked by the beautiful Barbara. I lay over her thighs as instructed and my erect penis was soon trapped between her bare flesh, I drifted off in a momment of ecstasy before I felt the first stinging blow from Barbara.

Smack, after smack, rained down on my already tender behind, as I was suffering with evey smack my wife and Ted we're cheering Barbara on, laughing at my predicament.

After about thirty or forty hard smack' s Barbara relented and told me to get off her lap, I struggled back up on to my feet and caressed my backside, I had a raging erection and a bubble of pre-cum was visible on the end of my cock.

"He must have really enjoyed your tender touch darling", said Ted, noticing my aroused state.

"Yes, what a compliment", added my wife with a smirk on her face. 

Then as if I hadn't been shocked enough already, Barbara declared, "so Dan, there is Just Ted to spank you now and then your punishment will be over".

"What!", I screamed. Even Ted looked confused.

"Yes, I think that's only fair and I think that you should thank Ted for every smack on your bottom", said Janet.

With less enthusiasm than the girl's had shown Ted sat down on the chair just vacated by Barbara and said to her, "is this what you want baby?".

"Ooh yes, this is going to be delicious", replied Barbara.

This was a whole new level of embarrassment I was about to be smacked by a man on my bare bottom, I considered running away, but where could I go in my current state. I decided the best thing to do was to get it over with.

Ted's hairy thigh's we're much less inviting than Barbara's had been and I hesited before once again I lay across a pair of legs exposed and defenseless to await a spanking. I heard Ted say "Ok 'man', let's just do what the girls say and get this thing done". I sensed that Ted was just as uncomfortable as me with the situation.

Suddenly, whollop!, Ted's smack was mush harder than the girl's had been and I yellped with pain, then another hard smack on my quivering rear.

"Stop, you are suppose to be thanking Ted for punishing you Dan so let's hear it every smack", said Barbara.

Ted began the punishment again this time after every strike to my tender rear I said "Thank you Ted".

This drove Ted on,  he was now enjoying his power over me, but soon the pain on my bright red bottom was too much, and I started to sob.

Finally Ted stopped smacking my bottom and pushed me off his lap.

I hadn't noticed that both Janet and Barbara had stopped laughing at my beating and as I looked up from my position sprawled out on the grass, I saw both girls had their hand' s in their panties and we're both furiously rubbing their clit's.

"God, that was so hot!", said Barbara in a husky voice.

"I'm horny as hell ", "You're so manly Ted", cooed Janet.

Ted grabbed Barbara and hurried towards their pool house, "come on Janet", shouted Ted who must have been just as aroused as the girl' s.

Janet pulled me to my feet by my semi hard prick, "come along, useless!", she said, as she pulled me to the pool house.

When we got there Ted had wasted no time and was ramming his prick in to Barbara's swollen crack 'doggy style', Ted was grunting with every thrust, while Barbara was shreiking "fuck me baby, yeh fuck me!", between heavy pants of breath.

In one movement Janet sat on a bench dragged her soaking knickers down and spread her legs wide, "Dan, get on your knee's and worship my pussy", she commanded.

I was now as turned on as everyone else, I sank to my knee's crawled over to my wife and devored her pussy with my tongue, lapping and nibbling evey fold of her dripping womenhood.

I had only been pleasuring Janet for about 5 minutes when I heard Ted climaxing very loudly, this sent Janet over the edge and she gripped my head with her thigh's and shuddered, filling my mouth with her juices. After Janet relaxed she pushed my head away from her tender pussy lips.

I looked across at Ted and Barbara who we're both seated panting and sweating, I got my first glimse of Barbara's delightful pussy. I noticed Ted was now smiling directly at Janet who in turn lifted her leg to reveal all her 'glory', to Ted's hungry gaze.

With nod's of approval exchanged between Barbara, Ted and Janet, and without a word spoken Ted moved over to Janet and plunged his throbbing in to her willing pussy.

I was not only the 'subservient' in the room I was now the 'cuckold'. Barbara stood up and strolled over to where I was still kneeling, circling me as if I were her prey before she finally grabbed my hair and pulled me between her legs, "lick me bitch!", ordered Barbara.

I started to caress Barbara's shaven pussy with my tongue until, a glob of cum slipped in to my mouth, oh my god I realised, Ted's cum!, I pulled away from Barbara's clit and started to cough and spit. Barbara thought the fact that I had forgotten Ted had just cum in her pussy was hillarious and burst out laughing. She kicked me over on to the floor to add to my discomfort saying, "next time I will make you blow my husband, naughty boy".

Then to add to my misery I glanced accross to see my wife pounding up and down on Ted's cock, I was now emphatically degraded and humiliated.

After both Janet and Ted had noisily orgasmed, Barbara joined them on the bench and all three fondled and caressed each other. Janet then turned her attention to me and said, "Dan haven't you cum yet darling?", then all three of them started to giggle at me. Without allowing me to answer she told me to stand in front of them and masturbate. Obediently with tears in my eyes I rubbed my cock, until with a wave of elation, I sprayed my cum all over the floor of the pool house to the sound of cheering from Ted, Barbara and Janet.












































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