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The Video Store

All the family getsSpanked.


The beginning of this starts slow but gets better, Names and places have been changed so as not to identify the persons involved but if they read it I am sure that they will recognise themselves. The events described her took place 20 years ago in Ilkeston and Peterborough. I had used the local Video Shop for some time and had flirted with the owner Jane as I rented Videos It was sad then to see one day a sign on the door that said business closed.  

I found out that Jane had gone to live with her Mum as the shop was also her house and it was being repossessed, I contacted Jane and agreed to go to see her, my original intention being to return some videos and to chat to Jane. I arrived and was invited in and told that Jane had been ripped off by her business partner and as a result the shop had gone bust and Asif had gone abroad leaving Jane to pick up the pieces. Being a successful businessman myself I thought about buying the premises from the receiver and installing Jane as the Manager, as I went through my ideas her mum Beth took me to one side and told me that she felt that if I did this Jane would have got off lightly for what had been a stupid business decision that she had tried to prevent. Beth said that had Jane’s dad been alive he would have put her across his knee despite her 32 years.

An idea began to form in my head, I was into spanking and here was an opportunity to have a session landed on my plate so to speak. I told Jane that I would help her but before doing so I was going to spank her both as a punishment as to her stupidity and as a warning not to do it again. Beth said that she would leave the room however; I made her stay to watch, I told her that she should also get a spanking as she could have prevented this happening by giving her daughter better advice.

I got Jane to bend over my knee and I lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers to her knees, I started spanking her hard on the bare ass TWACK !!!, She was crying out but I did not slow down, she was struggling and I told her I would start again and use a cane if she did not stop struggling. I spanked her again TWACK !!!, she was crying out asking me to stop telling me she would do anything but to let her up, I gave her 12 hard spanks before telling her to go and stand in the corner facing the wall I got her to take her skirt off and her knickers so that I could see her red backside.

I then took Beth across my knee but not before seeing that there was a wet patch on my leg below where Jane’s fanny had been, Beth bent over my knee and for a woman of 54 I remarked that she had an excellent arse, I laid into her just as I had done her daughter   TWACK !!!, she took her spanking better than her daughter and I completed all 12 with only a whimper from Beth, I got her to stand up and I noticed a second damp patch on my knee as she was taller. I sent Beth to a corner as well without her skirt or knickers.

I then got Jane to come to me again, this time I got her to bend over the table and grab the other side before I again spanked her, I remembered what she had said about doing anything so I told Beth to go to her room as I would spank them both privately next. Beth went to her room and as soon as she left the room Jane undid my trousers got my cock out and sucked me, she was very good and what with pushing a finger into my ass she had me filling her mouth with cum very quickly. I told Jane that because she had tried to bribe me with a blow job I was going to spank her harder she reluctantly went over the table and I again spanked her bare ass hard TWACK !!!, I then put my hand between her legs and found she was soaking wet. I got my cock out and slid into a very wet pussy, I fucked Jane for some time having only recently come in her mouth and I got her to lie on the table as I fucked her until I filled her pussy with hot wet come.

I got off Jane and told her that I was going to finish her mother’s punishment, I went to her mother’s room and she said I want 6 strokes of the cane and then as many strokes of your cock as you can give me. I got her to strip completely and bend her over the bed before laying on 6 strokes of the cane, I only did this because she asked for it I prefer to use only my hand but I still got hard punishing this 54 year old ass. Once I had finished I held her and slid my cock into a rather tight but very wet cunt I fucked Beth in a number of positions before I finally came in her mouth.

I stayed the night in Jane’s bed and I fucked her again in the morning. Jane then told me that she wanted her daughter to be punished (but not fucked) as she had been stealing from her and also from a friend (Diane who I knew) who wanted to call the police in. That night with Beth out for the evening Simone agreed to go across my knee rather than have the police brought in I agreed with Diane that I would punish Simone and she would not forget it, I got Simone to sign a letter saying that she had asked to be spanked and I secretly set up a video camera (to record events in case she decided to change her mind and report me for assault) Simone was 19 and very pretty she told her mum that she would agree to the spanking so long as I did it in private she did not want her mum to see her being spanked. Jane agreed and went out for a drink.

I then put Simone over my knee in the same way that I had put both her mother and Gran the night before, I brought my hand down hard on Simone’s bare arse TWACK !!!, Simone told me she could take it harder than that and she also asked if I would fuck her like I had done her Mum. I asked her how she knew that I had fucked her Mum and she told me that her Mum’ s last boyfriend Asif had spanked her Mum then fucked her and that she has listened at the bedroom door so she knew that her Mum got turned on from being spanked. I continued to spank Simone hard and when I felt her pussy she was dripping. I pulled her up and bent her over the chair and slid my cock into one very tight cunt, after only a few strokes I filled her full of hot spunk.

I did buy the Video Shop and I did see Jane on a regular basis, it was never vanilla sex it was always sex after a good spanking so that did it for me and her as well, I did go to see Beth a couple of times as well and although she did enjoy being spanked most times it was just sex plain lustful sex, as for Simone well I have had her a couple of times since she swears me to secrecy but I am sure that her mum knows that I have had all three members of the family.


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