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Thursday Evening Ritual

(A is for Amanda) Every Thursday night at 7:00, Amanda gets a maintenance spanking
"Alright, Amanda, it's 7:00, let's get you spanked so that we can enjoy the rest of the evening."

Amanda and Greg had just finished dinner, and they both stood up and carried their dishes to the kitchen counter. That done, Greg led the way out to the living room while Amanda followed.

It was Thursday evening. That was the evening that was set aside for Amanda's maintenance spanking. It started a few months ago after they had a heated argument. They had been married for several years, and to them both it seemed like little things would get under each other's skins and build until there was an argument, followed by the bad moods, then the apologies, the make-up sex... It was all a cycle. They liked the up part of the cycle, but it seemed to go hand-in-hand with the down part. That is, until Amanda ran across an article on the Internet talking about maintenance spankings. At first she was incredulous about the idea, but the idea wouldn't leave her alone. The concept in the article was that the spankings relieved tension and reduced irritability, but thinking about getting a spanking also made Amanda's pussy twitch a little. Maybe that was what they meant by tension relief?

She sat on the idea for a while, but finally after one of their spats, she screwed up her courage and approached Greg about it. He was doubtful, but he too disliked the argument cycle, so he agreed to give it a try. Since starting, they had developed the whole procedure into a ritual.

Greg sat down in the middle of their living room sofa, and Amanda sat next to him. Greg always spoke first.

"I love you, Amanda. What are we about to do?"

As the ritual began, Amanda's pussy started to get wet. She answered, "You're going to spank me."

"And when do we do this?"

"Every Thursday night at 7."

"And you know why we do this, don't you?"

"It helps me get rid of my stress so I'll be a good girl."

Amanda always felt childish having to repeat this mantra every week before being spanked, but at the same time, she couldn't deny the molten heat radiating from her pussy.

"Now, take down your pants and panties and get across my knee."

She stood up and unsnapped and unzipped her pants and lowered them down to her ankles, and then did the same with her panties. Then she lowered herself across Greg's lap, positioning her ass properly. He patted her right cheek with his hand and said, "Now, are you ready?"


He started spanking her rhythmically, alternating cheeks with each spank, and spreading them all over her ass. He spanked her quickly, about two spanks every second. After each one, Amanda squeaked out a "Ooh!" or "Ah!" or "Ouch!" But it only took a few seconds before each of these little exclamations merged together into a continuous moan. And then transitioned into quiet sobs, and then she was crying. At first, she could only feel the sting of the spanks on her bottom, but as she progressed to crying, she lost all rational thought and felt all of her emotions well up from inside her and flow out with her tears. Greg kept the spanking going for a little while longer after she was crying. Finally, he stopped and helped her to her feet.

He wrapped her in his arms and she held him, her face buried in his shoulder.

"There, there, Amanda. It's alright." He repeated this over and over as she calmed down. When she was done crying, she looked up into his eyes. He smiled back, and said, "Do you feel better, Darling?"

"Yes," she said, "Thank you."

"Of course. Now, come on back over my lap and I'll make it better."

He sat back down on the sofa and she crawled back over his lap. He reached down to the floor where he had stashed some aloe vera lotion and squirted some on his hand and started rubbing the cool liquid on her burning cheeks. Amanda could feel the fire being quenched, but even more, she felt his hands rubbing her ass cheeks... inches away from her throbbing pussy. As he rubbed, he started moving his hands down towards her thighs, dipping between them as he rubbed. She moaned and parted her legs, revealing her swollen pussy lips. He dipped his fingers into her sopping wet sex and rubbed between her cunt and clit, making her hips churn on his lap. He kept this up for a minute or two before moving his finger down to her clit. He started rubbing it and Amanda started gasping between moans. Suddenly she cried out and clamped her thighs together around his hand and came, every muscle in her body seemingly tightening up at once.

After she calmed down, she turned her head to look at Greg, still laying on his lap, and said, "Thank you."

Greg simply smiled and helped her to her feet and helped her pull her panties and pants back up.

She always did feel better after her Thursday night spankings, even if she did have to spend the rest of the evening sitting on a pillow and that night sleeping on her tummy. A small price to pay for marital bliss.

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