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Tony - Part I - The PS3

Tony's immature ways force Kara to distribute some much a much needed spanking
Although I have posted comments and such to various authors on this site, this is my first story... ever. I've never written any type of story before let alone submit one to a site. 

I am new to this and therefore open to any and all constructive forms of criticism. Thank You.

I was going through a wave of emotions as I sat there on the edge my couch, eyes fixated on the TV screen before me as I felt my heart beating as if it were trying to keep pace with a non-stop upbeat techno song.

I had been playing the hockey game on my play station 3 for well over an hour and after finally tying the game in the final ten seconds, I was able to push the game to overtime. All I needed now was a goal and it would all be worth it. Just one more goal!

Being the only guy in the house, I was a mainstay on the ps3 console. My older sister, Kara, 19, was upstairs studying for her criminology mid-term and my younger sister, Simone, 16, was in her room chatting away online. As the game paused, I took another quick handful of chips from the nearby bowl and stuffed it into my face as fast as I could between the whistle stoppages and replays.

I've always been a big fan of hockey and being a fairly big guy myself (6'2, 235 lbs), I often enjoyed playing the game with friends and cousins. My sisters loved the game but hated it when I was watching it on TV or even worse, playing it on ps3. They couldn't understand why I'd get so fired up over a boring computer game when it wasn't even the real thing. I wasn't one to argue. I got along fine with Simone, but knew better than crossing paths with Kara.

Kara wasn't intimidating to look at. Her friends always talked about nice she was and how beautiful she looked with her wavy rich-brown hair and light-brown eyes. As nice as she was to her friends, this 5'7, 115lbs woman was the boss around the house. I knew better than to ever upset her as she wouldn't think twice before ordering me to get into my pyjamas and go over her lap for a spanking.

Though I'll save the history lesson for another time, I'll provide a quick summary. My mom worked double shifts and so left the discipline duties with the eldest in the house, Kara. Mom always believed a stinging bottom was the best medicine for an obnoxious child and she passed the same advice onto Kara. Simone never got spanked (mom spanked her years ago but ever since Kara became head disciplinarian, Simone would always be let off with a simply lecture), but I unfortunately found myself over her lap on a regular basis. This day would be no different.

Kara had warned me to keep it down as she had an important test tomorrow and had even come out of her room and to the middle of the stairs to yell at me when I tied the game late in the third period. I became so wrapped up in the tying goal I began hollering and jumping on the couch. I promised I'd be quiet and even turned down the volume, but as soon as she left I forgot all about it.

I body-checked the opposing forward into the end boards and took the puck, passing it to my other defenceman around the boards I began to feel I was onto something. I skated it up, deked left and passed it to my centre who was streaming down the middle of the rink untouched by the other team.

"Oh my God! He's on a breakaway!"

I enter the blueline, move forward, quickly deke right & left, pull the puck to the right hand side, aim for the top right of the net... shoot... SCORE!

"YES! YES! Oh my God! What a game! Wwwhoooooooooo!"

I was still fist-pumping the air when I heard Kara scream, "TONY! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

I dropped my controller on the ground and froze. My stomach was already turning and I didn't have the courage to turn around and face her.


Slowly I turned, eyes already glued to the ground in both a sense of guilt and fear.


I don't know why but when it came to disciplining me, Kara always morphed into this mean beast, one who would swear as much as demean me with hurtful comments. It added to her role. She would degrade my verbally to the point where I'd feel like a powerless coward before her dominant personality.

"I'm... sorry" was all I was able to mumble before taking a deep breath. I felt the sweat beginning to form on my brow.


With that, she stomped her way down as my eyes frantically moved from the ground to her nearing presence and back.

The stomping seemed to slightly lessen her anger because when she was close she no longer shouted her words.

"When the fuck are you going to learn it is not OK to shout and scream like a five-year old?!"

Her eyebrows were still scrunched in anger and I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was just as pissed off as she was when she atop of the stairs.

I said nothing. Even if I could muster some coherent sentence or apology it would be futile. I knew I had to face the wrath of Kara, my one year older sister who was half my size. Looking from far the physical difference between the two of us was staggering. I was taller and wider than her but from an early age I was made to both respect and fear this woman before me. I knew Simone wouldn't dare come out of her room at this stage. She never witnessed any of my spankings, at least Kara was considerate enough in that regard. Still, I took a quick peak towards her room door out of the corner of my eye and was momentarily relieved to see it sealed shut.

"I didn't want to spend my Sunday morning spanking your sorry fat ass again but it looks like you leave me no choice."

The word again made me wince in even more shame. Over the course of the last four-to-five months I found myself going over my sisters lap on regular basis, often several times in a week. As much as she made it look like she hated it, I always sensed she took some level of satisfaction away. Over this recent span, her verbal assaults were becoming more and more frequent. It was now to the point where she'd simply only talk to me in a demeaning way to constantly make me feel inferior.

"What kind of pathetic excuse of a man are you that constantly needs to get his ass whipped by his sister? Huh? I'm half your fucking size you immature dumbass!"

Silence. She knew the time was right and she began walking towards me, shoulders in stride and head held high. I turned my body to the left to allow her to pass in-front of me but almost as if she anticipated me to make this move, she smoothly cut to the other side walking by behind me.

"Now, get your lard ass over here so I can get this spanking out of the way"

As she said those words behind me, I heard a loud whack on my right cheek from the right palm of her hand. I tightened as the quick sting began to settle in.

She walked past the couch and over to an armless chair she placed against the wall beside the fireplace mantle. Picking up the chair, she moved it by the sundeck glass doors which had the curtains pulled to the side. The backyard was in full view and although we had a gated house, the idea of neighbours overlooking the fence or seeing me from the back alley kitchen windows across the street getting my ass beat over the lap of my sister sent my body in a trance.

My mouth went dry as I tried to mutter out something...

"Bbbutt Kara... the cuurrtt..."

She cut me off before I could even finish.

"That's right. The curtains are going to remain open. You obviously haven't learned your ways from me smacking your ass constantly so I figured I'd make you take notice this time."

This was unbelievable! Spankings were always done in private... this changed everything. To this day, all the spankings I was administered either took place in a bedroom or this very room on the main level. None of them, thus far, were ever pants down or had any notion of public viewing. At most, I was always made to change into pyjama's for a spanking but this... this was different!

A slight grin appeared on the sides of Kara's mouth as she added one more humiliating aspect to the punishment. Almost like she was trying to see what she could possibly get away with I saw her reach for the handle to the sundeck glass door.

Her eyes staring at me the whole time I watched in horror as she took the glass door and slid it completely open. Realizing that I was under her complete control she now grinned and moved back to the chair taking a seat.

"You obviously enjoy screaming and shouting inside the house, it only seems fair that we allow some of your wonderful vocal chords to reach outside as well"

I was in shock. I stood dumbfounded, hands at my side playing with the sides of my pyjamas to help alleviate some of this new found anxiety.

"Move your fat ass over here, Tony"

There she was, my older sister, seated on this armless chair before me right by the sundeck doors wearing only a loose printed t-shirt and light-blue and pink lined pyjamas. Her layered-brown hair fell at her sides around her, her light-brown eyes showcasing a fire that only I was ever victim to.

Silently, I waddled and stood before her. I suddenly noticed that she had positioned the chair to ensure my bottom stuck out to the backyard.

"Oh, great" I thought to myself, "I won't even know if anybody sees me"

As I stood, I knew what came next. Kara never administered a spanking without first giving me a stern lecture on my disruptive behaviour. This lecture would last a few minutes and always included some head shaking, finger pointing, leg slapping and questions that I was only supposed to answer with utmost silence.

I stood before her bracing myself for what was to come...

To be continued...

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