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Tony - Part II - No More Leniency

Tony is spanked by his older sister, Kara, for his earlier disobedience.
A quick shout out to all the positive remarks many of you passed on both in the comments page and via direct message for my first story. I thank you all for the support as I use it to build my confidence in writing short stories - something that I am completely new and foreign to. 

Again, this is only my second story (ever!) and I gladly welcome any constructive forms of criticism. This is far from perfect but I hope you enjoy it. Thank You. 

 I was a popular guy in school, nobody dared to mess with me because of my sheer size. While playing hockey at school, I'd love to throw body-checks to the geeks in gym class. I had a ton of friends who I'd hang out with during and after school. However, as popular I thought myself to be outside the house, I was just the opposite indoors.

Kara had always bossed me around. From an early age I began to respect her authority over me. Still, sometimes I'd think about how things had come so far... how had I given up so much of myself to her? Her word was now law in the household. If one breaks the law, one must suffer the consequences.

"Kara... please... I promise to listen from now on... Can't we just please move this inside and away from the doors... What if saw me?"

I was getting desperate. I've always accepted Kara as my disciplinarian. Starting from an early age I was made to believe she was superior to me. But for others to know? The last thing I needed was for anybody to find out that I was being spanked and disciplined by my older sister.

"Shut up, Tony! I've been more lenient with you today than ever before. Did I not come outside my room and ask you to keep it down?"

"...yes," I was ashamed at the realization that I was clearly in the wrong... again.

"This is the problem with you, Tony. You just never fucking get it. No matter how many times I have to tell you do something, you're just so stupid that you're bound to fuck it up somehow."

She was getting more and more angry. Her tone of voice was enough to make me straighten up.

"So, I'm going to tell you now... from here on end, you're going to get your ass whipped on the spot. No more waiting till everyone is gone, no more private settings... no more leniency. As soon as you screw up, you're going to get spanked right then and there and I don't care who is around to witness it. Understood?"

She looked at me straight in the eye, her finger pointed straight at my face. I held the stare only briefly before shifting my eyes to the ground in retreat.

I looked down in silence, saying nothing. I should have known better as the next thing I knew I felt a loud SMACK on the left side of my leg as Kara showed she was getting impatient.

"I'm sorry... Yes, yes I understand."


Kara would up again, this time aiming for the same spot for the third time. I tightened my leg to brace for impact.

"You better fucking answer me SMACK when I ask you a fucking question SMACK, you got that, fatass?"

"Yes, yes sorry Kara." I bent my left knee both in pain and to show her I got the message, but to no avail.

SMACK. My leg was wobbling with the strong slaps as she continued to lecture me.

"You better be fucking sorry. I've had enough of your shit... next time you dare disrespect me by not answering my questions, you're going to really fucking regret it".

Her right hand outstretched in front of her, giving me a clear signal that if I ever fell out of line I'd receive more than just a slap on the leg... the next time it would land across my face.

The idea of Kara slapping me for disobedience made me tingle. "Would she really slap me across my face?" I thought. It was embarrassing enough to be spanked by my smaller sister, but to also be slapped around... I would completely be under her control.

The side of my left leg stung like it never had before. The sting lingered as I felt my leg get warm.

I was completely under her control. I craved these moments of discipline, of being dominated by a woman... a smaller woman only doubled the my feelings of shame and excitement.

"Fucking pathetic," she grunted as she readjusted herself in the chair. I patiently waited in front of her.

Without a word, she aggressively clutched the front of my shirt and pulled me towards her left side. Forcibly grabbing and putting a tight squeeze on my right wrist she jerked my right arm across to let me know to get over lap. I slumped over, making sure I stuck my bottom out just right, otherwise I knew I'd be punished twice as hard.

I was now laying over her lap, facing the entrance of the room, my bottom facing before the glass doors behind me. Even though I had my pants pulled up, I felt vulnerable to the possible eyes and hears near the backyard.

Her left hand took hold of the back of my pyjamas and pushed them up towards my shoulders making the pants tighten over my bottom and making the position even more uncomfortable. The pants were pulled so hard it was digging into my crack. Her right hand seized my right ear and pulled my head up, causing it to remain held awkwardly slanted.

Moving closer to my ear she shouted, "you're a fucking loser, Tony. After I'm done spanking your big fat ass I'm going to make you stand in the corner so you have time to think about how stupid and immature you really are."

She let go of my ear as if she was throwing away a piece of trash, making my head drop back down harder than usual.

As I was thinking about the discomfort in my top part of my ear, I felt her hand wind up in the air and my heart stopped for a split second as everything seemed to go in slow-motion for a brief second in time.


She wasn't going easy on me today. Usually, she'd start the spankings lightly by cupping her hands creating a softened blow to my bottom. Today, her hand was as straight as a ruler and she soon became relentless in her stride.


She was picking up pace, alternating between both cheeks making sure she covered the entire area. I felt my bottom becoming warm all over, the redness almost seeping through the thin-cloth fabric.

I was overcome with pain. The smacks were picking up pace and she soon began hitting the back of my legs, covering the top part of the back of my thigh.

"Aaahhhh... Ouchh.....aaarrgggggggg..."

My body began flailing around, my legs kicked out and my arms trying to reach my bottom to both offer some form of protection and beg for a notion of mercy.

"What's the fucking matter? Can't handle a little spanking from your smaller sister you fucking bitch?!"

Even with the pain my body was enduring I sensed a snicker in her voice, as if teasing me over my current situation.

She grabbed my right hand and pressed it firmly in my lower back while simultaneously picking up her leg and bringing it down over my legs, locking them into place. The act was bold, bold enough to remind me who was clearly the boss. Immediately, my mind and body entered a state of submission as my arms and legs gave up the fight, taking in each spank after the next.

Tears were rolling down my face as I cried louder for mercy. I was sure the neighbours had heard my deep voice shrieking in agony hoping for the spanking to end.

Finally, Kara stopped the spanking, still holding me in place as if to further impose her dominance.

Though I always craved for some form of affection while laying helplessly over her lap trying to regain my form, Kara never gave me the benefit of rubbing my sore bottom. Rather, she'd take one of her hands and pinch my bottom as she gave me further instructions.

"This is what the fuck you're going to do, Tony. First, you're going to get your ass up and close the glass doors. Next, after putting my chair away you're going to make your way to the corner of the room and stand there facing the wall with your fucking hands on your head, . No leaning, no teeter-tottering on either foot... standing absolutely still. You got that?"

She pinched me again, waking me from my state of mind.

"Yes. Kara?" My voice mumbled, almost as a whisper.

"When I say your time is up, you're going to finish the dishes in the sink and then vacuum the fucking mess you made here with your greasy chips."

She grabbed my ear, again. "Understood?!"

"Yes, Kara!" I obediently replied.


"Now, get your fat ass up and get going."

With that, she finally let go of my captive hand and unlocked me from her leg grip. She then shoved my lifeless body on the ground as she moved by me. I quickly scrambled and got up, loosening the tight pants over my bottom.

I didn't have the courage to look up so I quickly closed the glass doors, keeping my eyes glued to floor before me. I replaced the chair and made my way into the corner taking up the position I was instructed to hold.

I heard Kara chucking to herself as she made her way over to where I was.

"I liked the pants the way they were... make sure you leave them this way."

With that she placed both hands the side of my waistband and pushed them as high as she could, giving me a tight wedgie for her viewing pleasure.

"Much better," she laughed, "now stay there with your hands on your head... or else."

She snapped her fingers behind my right ear as she said the final two words. Taking a step back, she gave me one final smack on the right cheek and left the room making her way up the stairs, humming a tune as she went.

I stood there, facing the wall going over what just transpired, each spank playing out in slow motion as I tried to imagine how I looked from a spectators point of view.

My erection stiffening, I relished the act of Kara grabbing my hand and clamping my legs in place. I didn't dare move, let alone masturbate. I knew Kara would disapprove, and right now I didn't dare go against her command.

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