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Trip To The Drug Store P 2

He goes out on a date after being shaved, and he is spanked.
Now I was driving the car over to Jill’s house for our date. I had planned to stop by my house before my date, but having Cindy shave me followed by her spanking me, took more time than I expected. With my pubic hair being freshly shaved off, I felt more vulnerable and exposed. At the same time, I also had this strange warm feeling in the lower part of my body, and it actually felt good. I had never been spanked by a woman before, and to feel the warm of her body next to me, to smell her perfume, and feeling her hands spanking me was actually very exciting to me.

For this date, I had made a 6 PM reservation at a restaurant that Jill really liked. It was a little bit more expensive than I would of preferred, but the food was very good and I wanted to please Jill.

When I arrived at Jill’s house, she opened the door and showed me in. Jill was wearing this tight, black mini-skirt that really showed off her long legs and nice butt. I love the perfume she was wearing, and she gave me a quick kiss before both of us sat next to each other on her couch.

I was feeling sexually excited by her looks and smell, then I said, “I made reservations for 6 PM at your favorite restaurant, so we better leave soon.”

“I am so happy you did that,” Jill said. “But before we go, I want to check on one thing. Stand up in front of me and put your hands on your head and don’t move.”

So I stood up in front of her. Now I felt very glad that I had gone to the Quick Health Center and had Cindy shave my pubic area.

As Jill was unbuckling my belt, and unzipping my pants, she said, “If you want to keep dating me, I want to make sure you did what I told you to.”

With that, my underpants came down, and I was standing in front of Jill, naked from the waist down. Of course I had a big erection, since I had never been exposed before Jill like this. She cupped my balls and held up my erect penis as she examined my pubic area. “You did a good job of shaving. I expect you to always look like this while I am dating you. Now turn around so I can see if you did a complete job of shaving.”

When I turned around, Jill said, “It looks like you just got a light spanking. Is that true?”

“Yes. I can explain that,” I quickly exclaimed.

Then Jill stood up and said, “Take off your pants, underwear, shoes and socks. I will be right back. I don’t want to mess up my new dress. You have some explaining to do.”

As I was finishing taking off my clothes, I saw that Jill came back with a towel and a large wooden hairbrush. She sat down on the couch, put the towel loosely on her lap, and said; “Lay over my lap right now.”

As I lay over her lap I said, “Can’t this wait? What about our restaurant reservations?”

“That can wait. This is more important to be taken care of first,” Jill said. “Now spread those legs apart.”

Now I knew I was about to be spanked again. My penis was dangling between her thighs and I felt very vulnerable with my legs spread apart. Jill held me firmly in place and started to spank me with the hairbrush. This stung more than Cindy’s hand spanking, but wasn’t as bad as Cindy’s paddle.

“You better start explaining yourself right now,” Jill said.

My spanking continued as I said, “I wanted to make sure (Ouch) that I did a good job of shaving for you. (Ouch)(Ouch) So I went to the drugstore to (Ouch) pick up a razor. There was a nurse (Ouch) at the Quick Health Center (Ouch) that helped me pick out (Ouch) the razor. Since I told her (Ouch) that you wanted me to shave very well, (Ouch) she offered to shave me. (Ouch) So I had her shave me. (Ouch)”

“Well she did a good job. Please continue,” Jill said.

“While she shaved me, (Ouch) I had an erection. (Ouch) (Ouch) She said I was a naughty boy (Ouch) and she spanked me. (Ouch) I just wanted to (Ouch) please you with a good (Ouch) shaving job. (Ouch) (Ouch)”

“Well it is good to hear that you allowed another woman to spank you,” Jill said.

“(Ouch) I felt I had no choice. (Ouch) (Ouch).”

“You can stand up now and get dressed. Since I just spanked you, I will get a pillow for you to sit on and I will drive to the restaurant. We can continue our conversation there.”

I felt both embarrassed and a little humiliated that two women now had spanked me in a short amount of time. But I was also glad Jill brought a pillow for me to sit on.

I felt glad that we were seated in the restaurant away from the other people because our conversation dealt with our relationship and my spanking. I was surprised when she told me that when we first met, Jill felt that I would eventually accept a spanking from her, but she was amused that I also accepted a spanking from another woman.

I told her, “I was surprised, too. But it does sexually excite me to be over a woman’s lap and be spanked. It is also exciting for me to give up control of everything, and let you be in charge.”

“I am happy to hear that,” Jill said, “because I do like to be in control of the men who date me. So you can expect to be spanked by me on every date and I want to control our relationship.”

After we finished eating, we went to a movie that Jill wanted to see. I was glad I had the pillow to sit on, because it was a long movie.

On the way to Jill’s home after the movie, Jill said, “When we get to my house, I want you to completely take off your shoes, socks, pants and underwear for me. I want to give you one last quick hand spanking.”

After I undressed and was naked, Jill came out of her bedroom wearing a thin robe. Before she sat on the couch, she took off the robe to reveal a very skimpy bra and bikini style panties. Of course I had a big erection as I went over her lap again. I also wanted to show her that I had listened to her, so I spread my legs apart. It was nice to be so close to Jill like this, to feel the warmth of her body and to smell her perfume.

“Since your naughty bottom is so red already, I will only give you a short spanking,” she said.

It actually felt nice to be spanked again in this loving manner. Before I put my clothes back on, she had me stand before her with my legs spread apart and my hands on my head. Then she stroked my penis until my cum shot out into her hand.

On my way out the door, she gave me a kiss on my cheek and said, “Make sure you are cleanly shaved before you arrive for our next date.”

What a date that turned out to be.

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