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Trip to the Drug Store P5

Clyde meets the new nurse Mary
It was now Friday and I took off work early so I would arrive at the drug store by 3 o’clock. When I arrived at the desk of the Quick Health Center, I saw Cindy and also another young nurse.

“It’s good you arrived on time,” Cindy said. “Otherwise I would have started you out with a spanking.”

I was surprised and a little embarrassed that Cindy talked about spanking me in front of this young nurse that I had never met before.

“Mary, this is Clyde. He has an appointment here every Friday,” Cindy told Mary.

“Clyde, meet Mary. Mary is a new nurse here that just finished her nursing schooling,” Cindy told me.

“Glad to meet you, Mary,” I said.

“Clyde, I have the room all set for you, but I have a question for you,” Cindy said.

“Go ahead and ask,” I said.

“Since Mary is a new nurse here and since you aren’t the only male who gets shaved here, would it be okay if Mary is present during your appointment and assists me?” Cindy asked. “I can treat this as a training session and not charge you for your appointment this week.”

“I guess so, especially since there will be no charge,” I said. “But I want to make sure you do most of the work.”

“Yes, since this will be a teaching session, I will do most of the work,” Cindy said. “I have the room all set for you, so why don’t you go into the exam room and take off all of your clothes. We will join you in a few minutes.”

When I entered the room, I noticed the stirrups were up on the exam table, there was a cart with my shaving supplies on it, and there were several paddles on the desk. So I took off my clothes and folded them and put them on a chair. Then I sat at the edge of the exam table. Soon the door opened and Cindy and Mary walked in.

“For shaving of males, it works best if they take off all of their clothes like Clyde did,” Cindy told Mary. “Clyde, side down on the table so your butt is at the end of it, and we will put your feet in the stirrups.”

It felt embarrassing having two nurses spread apart my legs and set them in the stirrups. I couldn’t help myself, and I had a big erection because I felt so exposed.

“Notice his erection already,” Cindy said to Mary. “This happens to many males when they are totally exposed like this. Now the first thing we use is the electric razor he bought. Don’t be afraid to hold and move around his penis and balls, so you cut off all of his little hairs. Also, since Clyde was shaved last week, it is easier to shave him.”

Then I felt Cindy handle my penis and balls, and heard the electric razor.

“See how it is done? Now you try,” Cindy said.

Now I felt Mary handling my penis and balls. I wasn’t expecting this so soon. I had to try and relax while Mary shaved me.

“You just have to be extra careful when shaving a man’s pubic hair. You don’t want to nick them,” Cindy said. “Looks like you are doing a good job. Let me check.”

Soon I heard the razor again. “When you are shaving, you want to make sure you do the whole area too,” Cindy said. “Then you put on a light coat of shaving cream, and finish using a straight edge razor. This makes him very smooth and nice.”

I felt the cool shaving cream and felt the razor. “Now you try,” Cindy said. After I felt Mary shaving me again, Cindy continued, “Don’t be afraid to handle his penis and balls, you want to make sure you do a good job. And although Clyde is being naughty having an erection, it does make it easier to shave him better. Good job.”

After a few minutes, Cindy said, “Now we need to make sure he is shaved well all over. For this, help me raise the stirrups up higher. This way most of his butt is exposed too. Then you start again with the electric razor.”

Then I felt both of them shaving again.

“What happens next is noted on the patient notes. Be sure to read them before any shaving job,” Cindy told Mary. “When I first met Clyde, I helped him pick out some over the counter medications in the drugstore. Then he came to me and asked me to help him buy some shaving supplies for his pubic hair. He mentioned that his girlfriend wanted him well shaved, or he would be spanked. So I knew he was accepting of a spanking. So after a shaving for Clyde, he gets a spanking.”

I was shocked to hear what Cindy was telling her, even though it was all true.

“First, we need to help him get out of the stirrups. Then you sit down, pull up your skirt or dress, and have him come over your lap,” Cindy told Mary.

Once I was out of the stirrups, Cindy sat on a chair and I obediently went over her lap.

“Make sure his penis is between your thighs and that he spreads his legs. Then you start him off with a hand spanking,” Cindy said.

Now it actually felt good being over Cindy’s lap again. I really do like the smell of her perfume, the heat of her body, and my penis and balls feel very sensitive again, after being shaved. Then I felt her hand give me a few quick spanks.

“Clyde is a naughty boy because he has an erection when he is shaved. Now you try spanking him,” Cindy said. “Clyde, stand up now.”

Cindy stood up and then Mary sat down in front of me and pulled up her dress.

“Ask Mary to spank you,” Cindy said.

As I looked down at Mary’s lap, I could see that she was wearing white nylons that only went halfway up her upper thighs. I could also see her white panties. “Mary, will you please spank me,” I said.

“I would be happy to,” Mary said. “Lay over my lap for a spanking, you naughty boy.”

It felt strange having my penis dangling between her thighs, and feeling both her bare skin and her nylons. Then I felt even more embarrassed when she took her hands and parted my legs. Now I was aware that her body heat and perfume was much different from Cindy’s, but I still liked it. Next, I felt her hands spanking me.

“You can spank him a lot harder than that. You want to turn his bare bottom from pink to red, as you spank him,” Cindy said.

Now Mary was spanking me much faster and harder. I was now starting that nice warm glow in the lower regions of my body.

“Before you spank Clyde some more, I want to show you the second position I always put him in,” Cindy said. “Clyde, stand up while we rearrange the chairs.”

I stood up and then Cindy arranged the chairs so they were next to the desk with their seats facing each other and about a foot apart. I obediently knelt on the chairs, and bent over the desk. This is always an embarrassing position for me because it makes my penis and balls completely exposed. I know they had just shaved me, but it still is embarrassing.

Then Cindy told Mary, “Look in the bottom right hand drawer of the desk. There you will find a wooden long paddle with holes in it. You can use that paddle plus the two paddles on the desk to spank patients.”

Just then the door opened. “Sorry for the interruption,” Another nurse said, “but Cindy, I need your help in another room.”

I felt very embarrassed having another nurse see me so exposed and being spanked.

“Mary, I’ll let you finish up with Clyde,” Cindy said. “He just needs to be spanked a few more times with the paddle.”

Then Cindy left the exam room.


“I like shaving and spanking you.”


“I hope I will be able to shave and spank you now and then.”


“Does your girlfriend spank you too?”


“Yes she does,” I replied.


“Stay there. Let me put some lotion on you.”

Soon I saw her wearing some gloves and she had some lotion. It felt cool as she spread it on my freshly shaved and spanked smooth bottom.

Then Mary said, “Stay still and don’t move.”

To my surprise Mary used her hands that had a lot of lotion on them, to stroke my penis. Soon, I felt myself shooting my cum into her hands.

“You have been both a naughty and good boy at the same time, so I thought you needed that.” Mary said.

“Yes, thank you,” I said. “I do hope you can shave and spank me again.”

“You can get dressed now,” Mary said. “Cindy or I will put away and lock up your shaving supplies.”

Now I was well shaved and spanked, ready for my date with Jill.

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