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Trip to the Drug Store P9

Clyde visits Ann before his date with Jill
I was sitting at work on Friday morning and I called home to see if there were any messages. I heard, “This is Ann. You should remember me from Wednesday night. Anyway, I will be working at the Quick Health Center until noon. I know you are used to taking off work early to get shaved, and I thought I could take your shaving stuff to my house, and I could do a touch up shaving job on you. This is my cell phone number. Please call me. XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

When I met Ann on Wednesday night, although she spanked me, I really liked her. So I called her up, “Yes, I would enjoy a touch-up shaving from you. I could be at your house at three o’clock, if that would work for you.”

“I was hoping you would say yes to coming over. Yes, three o’clock will work out great. Here is where I live…”

Ann lived close to the Quick Health Center, which was also close to where I lived. I was coming straight from work, so I would have on a shirt and tie, and dress pants. I really liked her perfume, and I also liked the feel of her warm body as she spanked me. Also, she seemed to be very confident of herself, which I really liked in a woman.

When I drove to her house, I was surprised to see how large it was. There were flowers growing all around her house, and the lawn was freshly mowed. I rang the doorbell, and I was happy that Ann quickly met me at the door. She led me into her living room and I sat down on her nice white couch. Her house was very, very neat and clean. I also liked being in her house because it smelled like her perfume and her womanly scent. Ann was wearing a thin white blouse and a short pleated skirt. It looked like she was not wearing nylons and she had on pink tennis shoes.

“If you wonder how I can live her it’s because I have a roommate. She is gone right now and I don’t expect her to arrive home until later. But before I shave you, I thought we could talk and I could find out more about you,” Ann said.

“I would also find out more about you too,” I said. “So tell me more about yourself and how and why you became a nurse.”

She told me that she had sick parents, and she became a nurse to better take care of them. Her parents had recently died, so she bought this house with her best friend after getting a job at the Quick Health Center. She sat in a way where her legs were slightly parted, and I think she caught me glancing between her legs, but she didn’t say anything.

Then she asked me about why I decided to get my pubic hair shaved. So I told her about my girlfriend Jill and that led to questions about being spanked. While being in Ann’s house and talking about spanking, I was aware I had a growing erection, but I was happy that I was making a good connection with Ann. She had many of the good qualities I liked in Jill, my girlfriend.

“I have my bedroom set-up to shave you, so we should go in there?” Jill asked.

“Sure, if that is where you want to shave me.” So I followed Ann into her bedroom and it was very neat and clean, just like her living room. It also had a very soft feeling, and it smelled even more like Ann. The bedspread was taken off so there was just a bottom sheet and many pillows. The shaving stuff was already on the bed.

Ann sat on the bed and said, “To start off, I want you to first stand in front of me with your hands on your head. I will take care of the rest.” First she took off my tie, and then unbuttoned my shirt and had me take it completely off.

Then Ann spread her legs and said, “Now put one foot between my legs and then the other, so that I can take off your shoes and socks.” I could now see that she was wearing pink panties, and I know she caught be staring between her legs. Now I was aware of her muscular milky white thighs. After my shoes and socks were off, then she unbuckled my belt and she unzipped me, and soon I was stepping out of my pants for her. My shorts were already tented out, since I was sexually excited.

“Clyde, you are a naughty boy. First I catch you looking between my legs while we were talking in the living room, and later in here. Now you have an erection, and I don’t even have your shorts off yet. But I can take care of that after I make sure you are properly shaved.” Then with one quick tug, my shorts were at my ankles and my erection sprang out at her. Then she had me step out of my shorts so I was now completely naked, standing in front of her.

“Spread your legs so I can put this wastebasket between your legs. I don’t want to get little hairs on my carpet.” Now I really felt sort of embarrassed, since I had just met this nurse on Wednesday night, and now I was in her bedroom, legs spread, about to have my pubic hair shaved by her. What made things even worse for me, I really liked her smell, her body warmth, the way she looked, and her soothing voice.

Then I heard the sound of the shaver as she held on to my penis and balls, and shaved around them. “I wish I had a boyfriend like you that would keep his pubic hair shaved for me, and also would be willing to be spanked by me. In fact, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.”

“Jill, my girlfriend, always likes me well shaved, or I get spanked right away, so I really do appreciate you shaving me like this. If I break with Jill, my current girlfriend, I would consider dating you. The more I find out about you, the more I like you too.”

While being shaved, I looked down and was able to see Ann’s nice round breasts, hidden beneath her thin white blouse. Between Ann’s moving around my penis and balls to shave me and looking at her breasts, I had a very hard erection.

“I have your front nicely shaved, now I need to shave the rest of you. For this, I will need you to lie down on the pillows on the bed.”

Ann had a queen size bed with pink sheets on it. There was a large wedge type pillow in the center, with two smaller pillows on it. Covering the pillows was a large towel.

“Let me guide you how you need to lay on the pillows, so I can properly shave you.” Then she positioned me so that my bottom was way up in the air, and yet my penis and balls hung down, totally exposed. Then she spread my legs far apart.

When I felt ankle cuffs being put on me, I complained asking, “What are you doing?”

“Since I don’t have stirrups, I need to keep your legs apart and to make sure you don’t move about.” Then I felt my ankles being secured to the bedposts with rope. Next I heard the sound of the shaver as I felt her shaving me in all of my intimate and sensitive places. With my legs secured, I was unable to even move a little bit.

After about five minutes Ann said, “Now I need to take care of you being naughty. I caught you looking up my skirt many times, looking at my breasts, and having a big erection. Luckily I brought home the wooden paddle with holes in it from the clinic. Now you will receive a good spanking.”

Since my bare bottom was elevated and my legs were secured, I had no choice but to endure the spanking from Ann. I was only expecting Ann to shave me, not to spank me too. At one point during my spanking, she climbed up on the bed, straddled my head between her knees, and spanked me. With Ann so close to me like that, I was feeling both pain from the spanking and pleasure from being spanked by Ann.

After my whole lower region was feeling very warm Ann said, ”You have taken your spanking very well. I better quit since you are still going on a date tonight, but first I need to relieve the tension in your body.” Then I felt her stroking my penis and caressing my balls. “That’s okay. Release it all for me.”

Then I felt my cum squirting from my penis to the towel below. It actually felt wonderful, and I almost forgot where I was, secured on Ann’s bed.

“Now you are shaved real nicely for your date tonight. First I will release your legs, then I am going to sit on the side of the bed. This way I can rub some lotion on your bottom, since I spanked you.”

It felt good to get off the bed, stretch a bit, and then lay over Ann’s lap. It felt just as good as when I laid over her lap for the first time. Her perfume, her body heat, her voice, and feeling her hands on my sensitive bottom felt so good. Her hands guided me to spread apart my legs so Ann was able to caress my bottom, putting the lotion in every little crevice of my lower region.

“Now you should be all set for your date tonight. You can get up now and get dressed.” I almost wanted to just stay there for a while. It felt so good being over Ann’s lap.

As I got dressed, Ann said, “Do you want to do this next week, at the same time? Then you won’t need to go to the health center.”

“Sure, if it works out with you. Since I have your telephone number, I might call you up during the week. If that is okay with you? I usually don’t work on weeknights, and I want to get to know you better.”

“That would be nice. I want to get to know you better too.”

Then I left Ann’s house and prepared myself for a date with Jill.

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