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Trip to the Drug Store Part 3

Another trip to the drug store where he is shaved, spanked, and milked
Now it was Friday, and I had another date with Jill. Since I needed to make sure I was clean-shaven in my pubic area, I stopped by the Quick Health Center at the local drugstore. It was nice to see Cindy the nurse, sitting at the desk.

“I was wondering if you could shave me again? I have another date with my girlfriend,” I said to Cindy.

“If you are going to be shaved every week, I will need to charge you for it,” Cindy said.

“That’s okay. You did a good job last time, and I need it taken care of again. In fact, I want to make an appointment for this to be done every week.”

“Okay. But you will need to buy the shaving supplies again and a lock. Then we can store it so you won’t have to buy it again. The store will not allow you to bring used merchandise into the store.”

“I am okay with that,” I said. “Let me find it and pay for it. I will be right back.”

So I found the shaving supplies and brought it to the desk at the Quick Health Center. Now, sitting at the desk was another nurse that I hadn’t seen before.

“Where is Cindy?” I asked. “She was going to help me.”

“Cindy got a phone call and had to leave on an emergency call. My name is Jane. I can help you out.”

“But I wanted her to do something special for me,” I complained.

“I am a nurse and have shaved pubic hair before. You have nothing to worry about. Let me ring this up and then we can get started,” Jane said.

“But I am not sure about this.”

“Cindy told me about you before you came into the store. Just relax here a moment while I prepare the room.”

So I paid for the shaving stuff plus a small charge for Jane, and she took everything with her into the exam room. A few minutes later, Jane said, “Come on in, I am ready for you.”

Jane had the room set-up with the stirrups already in place on the exam table, the shaving stuff on a nearby stainless steel table, and the paddle was sitting on the desk.

“Hurry up and take off your clothes and get up on the table,” Jane said.

“All of my clothes?” I asked. “Cindy started with me standing up.”

“Well I am not Cindy,” Jane said. “Do you want to be shaved or not?”

“I do,” I quickly said. “I will be right there. “

When I was completely naked, I sat on the edge of the exam table.

“Now lay back and let me put your feet in the stirrups,” Jane said.

“This is so embarrassing for me,” I said. Now I was completely exposed to a woman, who I had just met, and I had another erection.

“Cindy said you might have an reaction like that. I will take care of that later, like Cindy did. Now hold still.”

Then I heard the razor and I felt the cool air on my exposed body. After a while, I felt the shaving cream and felt the razor next to my skin. Then she rearranged the stirrups so my feet were even higher in the air, and my legs were spread even further apart.

“Cindy said that your girlfriend likes you clean shaven down here.”

“Yes, and she also likes to be in control,” I said.

“I think more men would be clean shaven like this, if the wives and girlfriends told them they liked them better this way. It is actually more hygienic too.”

“I am getting used to it,” I told her. “It actually makes me more aware of my penis and balls.”

After she shaved me for a little longer, she sat down on a chair by the desk and said, “Now get down off the table and lay over my lap for your spanking.”

As I got off the table I said, “But I don’t need to be spanked.”

“First you complained about having me instead of Cindy shave you. Next you had an erection, and now you are complaining again. Be quiet and get over my lap now!”

I felt I had no choice, and I lay over her lap. “If you want to be shaved on a regular basis, you will need to follow our instructions a lot better,” Jane said as she started to spank me. “And always spread those legs apart.”

It actually felt good being over a woman’s lap and being spanked again. Jane must have shaved my bottom a little more than what Cindy did, because I felt the cool breeze and the warmth of her hand spanking better. Also, when Jane spanked me, her fingers wrapped around my more sensitive areas, and this kept me even more aroused.

After a while, Jane said, “Stand up so that I can finish your spanking with the paddle.”

As soon as I stood up, Jane rearranged the chairs so that the seats were facing each other and about a foot apart. “Now kneel on the chairs and lean over the desk.”

I felt embarrassed again, with my penis and balls dangling in the open, between my spread apart knees. Then Jane started to spank me with the paddle with the holes in it.

“If you really want to stay clean shaven, I can put you in the appointment book on a regular basis. I will also show you where you can store your shaving stuff after your spanking,” Jane said.

Then I heard the door open and someone walk in. It was Cindy.

“The emergency call didn’t last as long as I thought,” Cindy said. “I see you are almost finished with him.” Then I felt Cindy’s hands on my bottom. “Jane, you did a really good job in shaving him. His girlfriend should be proud of your shaving job.”

Then I said, “Since Cindy has returned, can she finish up with me?”

“I can do that for you,” Cindy said. “Jane, I guess you can leave now.”

After Jane left the room, Cindy said, “Let me feel the shaving job Jane did again. She is very good at shaving people.”

This time I not only felt her hands on my bottom, but also on and around my dangling penis and balls. “You are being a naughty boy again. You know that, don’t you?”

“I can’t help it. I guess I just react that way,” I complained.

“Well I am going to give you three more swats from the paddle. Stay still.”


“Now you can stand up for me. I want to examine Jane’s shaving job from the front.”

Cindy pulled up a chair and sat in it. “Come over here with your legs parted and hands on your head.” Once I stood in place, Cindy continued, “Yes, I like to see a man clean shaven like this. Before we finish up and make your appointment, I want you to go over my lap for a quick hand spanking.”

She opened her thighs so that my penis dangled down, and then squeezed them together to hold me in place.

As she spanked me, Cindy said, “I am happy that we will see you here every week.”

Once she was done with my spanking, she had me stand still while she milked me.

Then I was allowed to get dressed. We carried my shaving stuff to a locker in the back room. Since the lock had two keys, I kept one and Cindy kept one, so she could prepare the room before I arrived.

Before I left, she said, “Now lets make your weekly appointment. Do you like Fridays?”

“Yes, because I usually see my girlfriend on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday.”

“And what time works for you?”

“I guess, 3 o’clock. That way I don’t have to get off of work so early.”

“I also need your name and phone number. In case we need to change the appointment.”

“That’s right. I have never told you my name. I have let you shave me and spank me, but I forgot to tell you my name is Clyde. You can reach me at 451-123-4567.”

Then Cindy said, “Well it is nice to know you name now, Clyde. So, do you want me to work on you every time?”

“Yes, I do prefer you over Jane,” I said.

“Jane did do an excellent job shaving you,” Cindy said. “And remember, don’t be late for your appointment, or I will start you out with a spanking.”

Now I was headed home to freshen up before my date with Jill.

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