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Trouble at Dinner

Daniel meets his mother-in-law to be and more than one person gets spanked after dinner


23 year old Daniel froze when he heard his very annoyed Mum say in her no nonsense tone “I told you to stop, you didn’t, so I am going to put you across my lap and give you a jolly hard spanking Daniel.”  

He looked aghast.  

“But Mum you agreed you wouldn’t if Francis’s Mum is here.”

“I did not say anything of the sort Daniel. I did say so long as you behave you won’t get spanked. That is quite different.”

Daniel had to agree. Well he hadn’t behaved. Dinner was going well, Francis was cuddling up to him even though both their Mum’s were there, and he got carried away and fondled Francis. Mum had said not to do that at the table and he laughed and said “what this?” and squeezed her breasts again. That’s when his Mum exploded.

Francis and her Mum, Wendy, looked at each other. I had been going out with Francis for some months and last week proposed. Well actually she said to me if I proposed she would say yes. So I did. And she did say yes. Tonight was so his Mum could meet Wendy who at 39 years old is slightly younger than his Mum Sharon’s 42. Francis’s Mum was smartly dressed in a skirt that showed just enough leg to see they were slim, wore her hair above the shoulder, and a short sleeved top that showed her arms were slightly flabby but not too overweight. A woman who looked after herself one had to say.

Daniel still didn’t move and Wendy could see Sharon getting more and more annoyed with her son.

“One” she said. That unsettled Daniel. For the others benefit she reminded Daniel “you don’t want me to get to three do you young man” and followed that with “two.”

That shook Daniel in to action and he said “sorry Mum, really sorry, of course you are right.” He was blushing as he looked at the floor and actually anywhere but at his fiancé or his Mother. In fact Sharon had forgotten that Francis had never yet heard her start to count to three and did not know the consequence. Still, she would have to know sometime and tonight was as good a time as ever. But that would come later. Right now the spanking had to be dealt with.

“Well I have already said what you are getting and I may as well do it right here in front of Francis and Wendy. After all only Wendy hasn’t seen me spank you before.”

That was true. Francis watched Daniel being spanked at the shop, and since they have been going out has watched his Mum spank Daniel on several occasions in fact.

Wendy stepped in with “well maybe it should be in private Sharon.”

“Not at all Wendy. Daniel has been naughty and needs to be spanked, and you will soon be family so should watch.”

Wendy nodded. This was so unexpected but in reality she quite liked the idea of watching her daughter’s 23 year old fiancé being spanked.

Mum said “right Daniel, go and stand by the wall on your naughty spot and put your hands on your head, oh after taking off your trousers and pants of course.”

Daniel blushed as he stood up accepting the inevitable. He was fine with Francis watching. He quite enjoyed her watching actually, as she saw his erection as well as his reddened bottom. He was not so sure he liked the idea of Sharon watching. There was something foreboding about his future mother-in-law watching him being disciplined, possibly giving her ideas for the future.

Daniel faced the wall and once he put his hands on his head his pale bottom was on clear view as his top rode up rather nicely. Francis and Wendy exchanged glances again, this time with a smile both mother and daughter eagerly anticipating what was going to happen.

Sharon announced “Right, I will go and get the hairbrush. Back in a moment” and she left the room.

This time Wendy’s mouth dropped open but when she saw that Francis showed no surprise she realised this was the norm. A hairbrush indeed. This was going to be a very serious spanking. She realised that she was getting wet at the very thought of it. It didn’t surprise her as she had often thought about discipline. Not that she had ever spanked Francis. Far from it. Her feelings were always about being on the receiving end herself.

Sharon came back in to the room holding the hairbrush, a large paddle type head and handle, all a light brown wood. Wicked thought Wendy. Francis had seen it before and knew the effect it produced. She was already aroused at the thought of seeing Daniel’s bright red bottom with the blue bruises. The very bottom she would apply cream to afterwards when in the sanctuary of Daniel’s bedroom.

Mum sat on the chair and said “right Daniel, over here please.”

Daniel turned and saw his Mum’s hard eyes, the firm intention showing on her face leaving him in no doubt that she will properly discipline him for disobeying a clear instruction. He knew he was going to regret that failure. He was then conscious of Wendy staring at his penis. He was aware he already had a huge erection and whilst Mum and Francis fully expected him to have it he knew Wendy might well find it strange.

Wendy stared at his penis perplexed how he could have a sexual reaction when about to be spanked but then again she knew she was already aroused herself at its prospect. She wasn’t going to be on the receiving end but supposed it was quite feasible to have these same feelings if about to be in that position. Anyway Daniel it seems is the proof of that notion as here he was, moments away from being put across his Mum’s lap and yet he had the straightest stiffest erection she had seen for quite some time.

Daniel walked over to his Mum and bent across her lap, so aware Wendy was staring and looking unsure about what was happening. He glanced at Francis who shook her head he presumed in disappointment until he saw he ever so slight smile and knew the anticipation she would feel for afterwards, when in his bedroom together. The only problem for him was the unavoidable fact that he had to suffer the spanking first.

The spanking started. Alternate hard spanks on each bottom cheek until he was squirming around on his Mum’s lap and no longer thought too much about the women looking on. His Mum was exceptionally focussed on spanking him and he already knew this was going to hurt, indeed was already hurting and so early on.

Then Francis spoke up. “Mum H” the name she now used for her future mother-in-law, “as I am going to marry Daniel shouldn’t I take responsibility for his discipline?”

Mum looked across at Francis whilst still spanking her son, well able to keep up the constant stream of spanks whilst thinking about what Francis had just said. She was expecting it as well. Maybe not today but knew it had to come. She had seen the smile on Francis’s face as she had watched previous spankings, and knew how she had Daniel bend over her lap when she applied cream to his bottom afterwards, him in the spanking position which was a clear sign she wanted to have him in that same position for a spanking. So today was the day, and Daniel had fondled her of course, so it made sense somehow that she should dispense the discipline. His Mum just wondered if she was ready to release her control over her son but knew she must do what is right, which in this case was to allow Francis to spank her son.

“OK Francis, but will you spank him hard enough?” Sharon asked, still giving her son spank after spank.

“Definitely Mum H, you just see” Francis said enthusiastically.

Sharon smiled when she saw the look on her face, how intent she was. Yes, she would certainly try to spank Daniel hard.

It took only a sharp instruction for Daniel to stand up, eager for the opportunity to rub his bottom, and for Francis to take her place on the spanking chair. Another sharp word from Francis and Daniel was back across her lap, in position, hoping the spanking would be easier to handle. How wrong he was though.

A few minutes later and Sharon saw the results of the spanking Francis gave Daniel. The reaction from Daniel was equally satisfying. Francis used her hand and then the hairbrush with power and precision. Sharon had not seen Daniels bottom so red before. Daniel was crying out loudly, and squirming in a fruitless effort to miss the spanks as they rained down. The look on Francis’s face was also perfection. Pursed lips that burst in to a smile when she realised she was handing out such a thrashing, drawing strength from the reaction she got from her fiancé. Spank after spank drew gasp after gasp as his tears were streaming down his face. She relished the control, just as she had expected, as she was the one giving Daniel the thrashing he so deserved. Fondling her breasts indeed, and in front of her Mum. What was he thinking of?

Sharon saw no reason to tell Francis to stop. Indeed it was welcome to know that she was passing over her son’s discipline to someone who was intent on teaching lessons in such a purposeful way. Francis did stop, eventually, and all three women watched a sobbing Daniel, his chest heaving, his burning bottom a bright red and they all knew it must be stinging like mad, as he slowly recovered, his sobbing getting lighter, his body less tense.

Sharon looked at Wendy and was surprised to find her breathing also heavy, her eyes staring at Daniel, his bottom and his face, and then when Daniel got up the utter surprise at his erection, so much surprise that her hand covered her mouth. Wendy caught Sharon’s eye and immediately blushed as she stared at the floor. Sharon knew Wendy was quite taken by watching the spanking take place. Was she in awe of her daughter, or wished she was on the receiving end? Sharon knew it was one or the other, and maybe she will find out afterwards.

First though there was Daniel to deal with. He stood rubbing his bottom like never before with tears still streaming down his face. Then the strangest thing. He went over to Francis and said “I’m so sorry for fondling you.”

Francis held out her arms and Daniel fell in to them and started crying again, but it had to be said he was fully contrite. He really had learnt his lesson.

“Come on Daniel, lets go upstairs and I will put cream on your bottom. That will help ease the pain.”

Sharon again decided to stay silent. Easing the pain was not what she would have done. 15 minutes facing the wall more like whilst she went off and used her vibrator. Still, Daniel had another boss right now, and the two went upstairs.

Wendy was the first to speak. “He certainly got a good spanking there didn’t he Sharon.”

Sharon laughed and said “I have to say Francis certainly gave it to him. Did you approve?”

“Oh yes. It’s just, well, his erection, how strange.”

“Oh not really. I first started to spank him again when he asked me to, because he was aroused by being spanked. I insisted I would only spank him as discipline which he agreed to and so we both get something from it.” Sharon chose not to mention exactly what she got as well.

“Well, I can see Daniel was aroused.” Wendy blushed and then after a moment added quietly“ so was I.”

Sharon gave her a look and asked “aroused by Francis giving the spanking or by Daniel receiving it?”

Wendy blushed deeper and said “very perceptive Sharon. Yes well I was more thinking how it might be to receive such a spanking.” Then she added quickly “oh not from Francis, but, well, you were giving him quite a spanking as well before Francis took over.”

So Sharon had her answer. “And would you like to try it Wendy?” she asked.

Again very direct.   “Would you Sharon, really?” she said almost gleefully before adding in a more worried tone “but not with the kids around.”

“That’s no problem. Your house is only a few minutes drive away. We could tell them you want to show me a dress.”

“Why not?” Wendy said with a half grin. “I don’t have a wooden hairbrush though” she added.

“Again no problem” said Sharon, thinking this would be fun. “Let’s go upstairs and you can choose one.”

The two women smiled, Wendy more reserved than Sharon as she after all was going to be on the receiving end, and Wendy followed Sharon upstairs. They were in the upstairs hallway when they heard Francis say “I hope this is cool on your bottom Daniel.”

“Oh yes Francis, it’s so nice.”

“So Daniel, what would have happened if your Mum had got to three?”

“Nothing much” Daniel said and even the two Mum’s could tell he was lying.   The next thing they heard was a hard smack and a gasp from Daniel followed by “tell me or I keep going “ and when there was silence for a couple of seconds the sound of spank after spank was heard in the hallway and after a half dozen or so Daniel cried out “OK, OK.”

Wendy’s mouth dropped open again when she heard Daniel say “Mum would have caned me.”

“NOooo way” Francis screamed, clearly fascinated by the answer. “Where is it, tell me, or else” and after a moment she started to spank Daniel again.

A gasping Daniel said “In Mum’s bedroom” and then Francis said “get up off my lap, I have to see it.”  

Sharon and Wendy heard movement and then Francis came flying out of Daniels bedroom and stopped short as soon as she saw the two Mum’s.

“I’ll show you Francis” said Sharon leading her in to the bedroom, and a few moments later Francis came out holding a wicked looking cane.

“Francis” Sharon called and Francis turned to look at Daniels Mum.

“You need to go slowly, establish how hard he can take it, don’t just go as hard as you can. OK?” She knew that handing over control meant all control, including the cane.

“Sure Mrs H, I understand” and she went back in to Daniels room and closed the door.

“Bend over Daniel, let’s see how hard shall we.”

Daniel moaned but it was clear that he was following her instructions. Next moment Sharon and Wendy heard a swish followed by a cracking sound, and Daniel gasped.

Sharon turned to Wendy and said “he can take harder than that.”

Next moment another swish, a louder crack and Daniel gasped again, louder.

Sharon shook her head again.

Then a third swish, and this time Daniel let out a much louder gasp and Sharon said “she’s got it.”

They heard Francis say “right my lad, six of those then.”

They didn’t hear Daniel object, the next stroke was delivered and Daniel gave another loud gasp as he did for the next three strokes.

They heard Francis say “that’s some erection still Daniel.”

Sharon bit her lip to stop herself laughing out loud but Wendy gave a gasp and blushed, whilst without realising it was actually rubbing her own bottom, in anticipation perhaps thought Sharon as she caught Wendy’s eye. Sharon knew Wendy was getting wet at the thought of the cane and wasn’t surprised when Wendy lent across to her and asked “do you have a spare cane? I think I need to try that as well, if you don’t mind.”

Sharon said “I don’t mind at all, and yes I do have another cane, a few actually so come on lets go in to my bedroom and choose what we are going to take.”

Wendy gave a half smile and again followed Sharon. A couple of minutes later the hairbrush and cane were chosen and they made their way downstairs, deciding it was best not to disturb the two kids. Sharon wrote a note to say they were going to Wendy’s house to look at a dress and would be back later.

“Let’s get going Wendy then shall we?”

“Right” Wendy said.

The two women were quiet when driving to Wendy’s house.

Sharon was looking forward to it. She found Wendy attractive and could not wait to have her bare bottom staring up from her lap. Quite different to Daniel’s no doubt.

Wendy was thinking about what she had let herself in for. She had often thought about being spanked as a teenager but it hadn’t happened and she quite forgot the feelings. Today they came flooding back as she watched Daniel being spanked and was so aroused by it.

They got to Wendy’s house and still neither woman spoke until inside. Then Sharon asked “how do you want to play this?”

“I really don’t know. Can’t you just spank me until I ask you to stop?”

“That’s doesn’t work. You need to give me control, so I decide when to stop. You have to accept what I say, even how hard.”

Wendy bit her lip, not sure. She so wanted to do exactly that but what if she couldn’t take it. What then.

Sharon could see the quandary Wendy was in. She smiled and said “don’t worry Wendy, I won’t kill you. I enjoy dishing out the discipline you see, and it won’t be any fun if I can see you aren’t enjoying it. You might not think so when you are crying your eyes out, as you will, but afterwards it will feel good, really it will. Actually, this is about us both getting aroused.”

“Really, you get aroused as well?”

“Yes, not because I am spanking Daniel. I just enjoy the control, that’s what arouses me.”

Wendy made her mind up. “OK then, let’s do it.”

“Good. Your bedroom I think” Sharon said. “Now, I enjoy acting all angry, for effect. Can you role-play?”

“Oh yes. I sort of picture myself as the naughty teenager being spanked for swearing at my Mum.”

“That works. So if you swear I will react, and we can take it from there.”

Wendy took a deep breath and said “no damn way.”

Sharon’s face froze. “How dare you” she snapped. Get to your room and I will be up to deal with you young lady.” She spun Wendy around and gave her a smack on her bottom which didn’t hurt at all because Wendy had a skirt on but she acted as though it did and stamped her foot and ran upstairs with her hand over her mouth. Sharon followed slowly holding the hairbrush and cane, opened the bedroom door without knocking, and entered. Wendy was sitting on her bed and looked up with doleful eyes.

“I’m sorry” she said, pleading.

“It’s too late for that. Take your skirt off and do it quickly.”

Wendy quickly took off her skirt as Sharon sat on the dressing table chair.

“Over here” Sharon demanded and Wendy walked over, and allowed Sharon to take her arm and guide her across her lap.

“Lift up” Sharon demanded and Wendy felt her knickers being taken down to below her knees. Her dream was about to happen and she was wet at the thought of it. Sharon’s hand was on her bottom rubbing in circles, and Wendy was feeling scared but enjoyed the sensation. Until the first smack hit home. Not hard but hard enough, and Wendy gasped and jolted. Sharon looked down at the beautiful bottom on her lap, a woman’s bottom, not tough and tight like Daniel’s but fleshy, and it wobbled when smacked. Wendy’s hand shot up and tried to protect her bottom but Sharon grabbed it and pulled it up her back in a half nelson.

“No protecting yourself young lady. Just settle down as this will take a while.”

Wendy relaxed, realising that the spank was more of a shock than painful. She actually found the position enthralling, staring at the floor and Sharon’s ankles and calf’s, and when looking backwards could see her own legs with the knickers just below her knees. A proper naughty girl about to be spanked. Just as she had wanted before. Just as she wanted now. Her arm relaxed, the tension went, she said a quiet “sorry” and looked back at the floor and waited.

Sharon looked at the back of Wendy’s head and could feel her relax. The hard part was over. Wendy was going to accept her punishment, and Sharon spanked her again, watched her bottom wobble from side to side, and when it subsided gave her another spank. Soon the spanks were raining down, getting harder as Wendy was getting used to the rhythm of the spanking and the spread of pain across her bottom. Sharon started to spank the tops of her legs and when gently easing Wendy’s legs apart they shot open and Wendy raised her bottom. Sharon rubbed her inner thighs and as Wendy arched her bottom she brushed her hand against Wendy’s pussy and felt how wet it was. Yes, Wendy was really in to it now so Sharon spanked harder and harder until she heard the first sob come from the woman lying so obediently across her lap.

Moments later Sharon took up the hairbrush and a much louder spanking noise resounded around the bedroom and Wendy was crying rather more seriously, but she still wasn’t resisting, and instead took every spank allowing herself to moan and gasp and to squirm around on Sharon’s lap, but she didn’t try to stop the spanking or try to get up.

After what seemed to Wendy to be hours Sharon stopped spanking her and rubbed her bottom, and as her legs were still apart she rubbed her pussy to find it still wet.

“I think it is time for the cane my girl” Sharon said and Wendy gasped, she had forgotten about that. She wanted to say it was a mistake but before she could Sharon said “for swearing at me so rudely.”

Wendy groaned and decided there was no need to say anything. Sharon had been true to her word. She hadn’t been killed. She had been taken from a light spanking to the edge of what she could bear and come out the other side. It had been glorious, just as she had imagined. Painful but sexy, and what better than to be across the lap of such a sexy woman as Sharon. An embarrassing position but that was part of the excitement with her bare bottom in the air and such a great position for the spanker after all.

Slowly she got up and stood beside the woman who had just spanked her, and wondered if her pussy was as wet as her own. There was no time to ask though.

“Lie on the bed my girl” Sharon commanded as she placed a pillow on the bed for her to lie on.

“Six strokes young lady, and don’t try to cover your bottom or get up, or else.”

There was a sternness that Wendy found compelling. A voice that beckoned to be obeyed. Even when she felt the cane rest on her bottom and Sharon tapped it a couple of times, even when she knew it had been raised, even when she heard the whoosh of air as the cane travelled downwards, only when it struck did she cry out, and with good reason. She had never felt such pain before, a pain that spread across her whole bottom so quickly.

Sharon looked with delight as Wendy’s luscious bottom caved in as the cane struck, her flesh enveloped the cane before re-opening and allowing the cane its freedom, a red line ever so straight appearing across her left bottom cheek, the sound of Wendy’s loud gasp as she reacted to the pain, the pain Sharon had made her suffer.

Sharon waited a few moments to savour the sight before raising the cane again. Wendy heard the next whoosh and tensed her bottom but still her flesh enveloped the cane as it struck home. Sharon felt the wetness between her legs in a way she never felt when disciplining Daniel. That was exactly that. Discipline. This was almost having sex with another woman, and so again she raised the cane and brought it down for the third stroke, and fourth fifth and sixth strokes, each time the feeling between her legs getting stronger as Wendy collapsed into tears, suffering the pain but feeling alive with it at the same time.

Once the sixth stroke struck home Sharon waited, hoping she had not gone too far. Wendy lay on the bed, her body heaving as she tried to recover whilst at the same time crying with the pain. Sharon looked at her bottom now red black and blue with burning red stripes across it. Sharon went in to the bathroom, found the cold cream and as Wendy still sobbed lying on her stomach she rubbed cold cream in to her bottom cheeks and the tops of her legs, easing down her inner thighs and brushing her pussy.

Sharon asked “are you ok?” and Wendy half smiled and nodded, turning on to her side before turning on to her back. She cringed when her bottom hit the sheet but eased herself back slowly down, before sitting up and allowed Sharon to lift her top over her head and unclip her bra. Sharon then undressed enjoying having Wendy watch her, her breathing getting deeper, and moments later they lay side by side, naked, in each others arms, caressing each other, kissing each other, enjoying each others body. Soon Wendy ignored the pain and was kissing and caressing Sharon until they easily brought each other to ecstatic orgasm.

After a while both lay in bed looking in to each others eyes and Sharon said “how do feel now then?”

Wendy laughed and said “sore, I mean red raw, what a thrashing.”

“Too hard you mean?” Sharon asked, concerned.

“Bloody hard, but no, it was great, really great” adding “you will do it again won’t you?”

“Of course I will, after all you just swore again so we will need to schedule another session anyway” Sharon said laughing.

Wendy also laughed and asked “and the afters?” with a wicked smile.

“Of course. You see I have just discovered I find red wet eyes very sexy, particularly yours, so you can expect plenty more spankings from me, and plenty of afters.”

Wendy smiled, Sharon lent across and kissed her on the lips before saying in a stern voice “come on my girl, we better get back. Quickly or you’ll be back across my lap for another spanking and no afters” taking Wendy’s arm, turning her around and giving her a smack and enjoying her gasp as the pain spread across her bottom.

“Yes Ma’am” she said quickly, laughing, having recovered her spirits after the thrashing, well except for the desperately sore bottom she had to sit on during the car journey back. Part way back she turned to Sharon and said “I liked the way you called me my girl. Very strict.”

Sharon said “I’m glad because strict will be the norm, and just you wait until I get really cross with you and need to discipline you properly.”

“What do you mean?” Wendy asked,

“You will know my girl by the speed you have your knickers taken down and bend across my lap.”

“Oh, I see” Wendy said and they both laughed and Wendy added “whatever you say Ma’am.”

Back at the house Francis had Daniel across her lap again but was also rubbing cream in to his sore bottom. This was a new sensation for him and he forgot he was under punishment still and as his erection stiffened so he gyrated slightly until he exploded, his cum squelching out over Francis’s thighs. A very unhappy Francis smacked his bottom several times before demanding he get on his knees in front of her.

“I didn’t say you could cum did I?” she demanded.

“Sorry Francis, really I am” a worried Daniel spluttered.

“Right, then you better sort me out young man” and she parted her legs and pointed to her pussy with a broad grin. Daniel smiled back and immediately dived forward and gleefully kissed and licked her as she held the back of his head tight, enjoying the moans and groans right until she let out a huge gasp and exploded in orgasm, her nectar soaking his mouth but still his tongue edged inside her until she gasped a second and a third time. As Francis collapsed with a final long gasp Daniel kept his head between her legs, enjoying the softness of her thighs, also not wanting to disobey her again.

“Right my lad” Francis eventually said “make sure you only cum when I say you can in future, OK?”

“Yes Francis” he replied, realising gleefully that meant she would be spanking him again.

Sharon and Wendy walked through the front door still chatting away happily just as

Daniel and Francis came downstairs with Daniel laughing and Francis giggling.

“You two OK?” Sharon asked

“Great Mum” Daniel replied. “Really good thanks Mum H” replied Francis.

“Good. So lets’ discuss where to go to eat” and she sat at the kitchen table.

“Daniel, sit down please” she commanded knowing he would hate sitting on the hard wooden chair.

“Aw Mum please, I’m sore.”

“Just sit down Daniel, it’s not my fault you needed to be spanked is it?”

Daniel sat down and Francis laughed at him when she realised how much it hurt. Neither saw Sharon give Wendy a look that told her she had to sit down as well sore bottom or not nor the look on Wendy’s face as she wanted to shout out no way, but also knew she had to do as she was told and could not stop herself wincing as she gingerly sat down on the hard surface. Soon though they were all laughing albeit both Daniel and Wendy grimaced whenever they moved on the hard seating.

“Right” said Sharon, “I vote for the new place in the High Street.”

“But Mum they only have wooden seating as well. I’ll be too sore to eat.”

“Serves you right won’t it.” They all laughed, Daniel perhaps more ruefully then Francis and Sharon, with Wendy also concerned she will let her own spanking out of the bag.

Sharon looked at Francis who agreed that sounded good, and then at Wendy who tried to sound as enthusiastic about it as possible but also knew she would be suffering when sitting on the hard seats with such a sore bottom. She nodded in agreement though. She had to or risk another spanking from her stern friend she reckoned.

In a quiet moment in the restaurant 23 year old Daniel and 39 year old Wendy both acknowledged to themselves the hard seats were a really good reminder of the spankings they had just received and they enjoyed thinking about their next trips across the laps of the women they chose to be answerable to and who controlled the colour and soreness of their bottoms. Daniel had eyes only for Francis leaving Wendy to flash her eyes at the so strict Sharon both looking for a friendship based upon trust and discipline to flourish. Wendy knew she might want to be spanked again but right now she needed her bottom to recover, and knew she had to be careful with her strict friend because another spanking today would be really really awful. Exciting but awful.

This is the fourth chapter in the series. The first is His Wish so please read it if you like this story

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