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Turn The Tables

David turns the tables on Anastasia who likes to be the dominanatrix.
Turn the Tables

Charlese Le’Push

July 2010

Anastasia is 44 years old, and youthful as if she were in her 20’s. With long straight red hair, green eyes; plump pouting lips and pale white skin. She is tall and lean, sumptuous thighs that are strong and supple. Initial impression of Anastasia soft spoken, stunningly beautiful and coy but once you get to know her in the bedroom she becomes a tenacious, seductress who knows what she wants and what you need.

David is 21 years old, a tall handsome hunk with short dark hair and a goatee. He has muscular, arms, abs and thighs. He appears to be shy and conservative at first but when you get to know him you soon find out that he is a master in the matters of pleasing women. He is ready to break all the rules that most conservatives hold in the bedroom.

APOV Anastasia’s point of view

I met David at a gun show in New York. I was looking for a little purse sized number but had no idea what I was doing. The merchandise hall was massive booth after boot of guns, bullets and other various hunting accoutrement. I found a booth with a sign that said “Cowgirl Up” There were cute little necklaces with rhinestone studded cowboy boot charms. Pink holsters and pink cowgirl hats and a glass case that held little hand guns among other items. As I looked into the case a little girl about 10 years old looked at me and said “That one, you should have that one” I looked at her with surprise as she obviously knew more than I did about guns. So I asked the seller to let me see the one that the girl had pointed out. The girl smiled, purchased her pink charm necklace and hopped away into the crowd.

I looked at the gun and said “This is nice, I like the size, and it’s pretty” I thought it will fit nicely in my handbag. He must have been watching me because he emerged from the crowded walkway and said “Need some help?” I looked at the seller; she didn't’t say anything to help me so I said “Sure”. He asked me what I’d use the gun for and so on. He explained that every gun has its purpose and should be chosen carefully. Then he introduced himself as David and told me that I didn't’t want that one and that he would help me find the right one for me. As we wove through the crowds I couldn't’t help but notice the fit build of his body. His jeans nicely accentuated his thighs and ass. His package wasn’t bad either.

DPOV David’s point of view

I’d been looking at her sizing up the toy guns at the kid’s booth. Her innocence about guns was charming. I asked her what she needed the gun for. She said self defense. I couldn’t let her buy a toy gun and think that it would work to protect her if she really needed it. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was looking at toy guns. So I introduced myself and took her to get a real hand gun.

On the way I told her we needed to stop and pick up the Winchester I’d been coveting for months. She appeared surprised at the size of the riffle I had bought but I reminded her that ever gun has a purpose. I told her I was planning a trip to Alaska to go bear hunting. She seemed curious but reserved at the same time. As she looked at me I noticed her eyes were green and couldn’t help but take note of her hot body. We got to the booth with the handguns she browsed a few pointed at one I shook my head and said “That one is nice but will break your wrist if you shoot it.” She leaned over the counter again and I took pause at her perfectly spankable ass. She shook me out of the trance I had on her ass when she said sassily “Little help here Mr. Big Guns”. I snapped to attention and told her to check that one out and pointed to the Derringer.


So we left the gun show; me with my Derringer and his phone number and he with his Winchester and my phone number. We talked about going to the shooting range together so he could teach me how to shoot a gun. My mind was reeling about the potential of sexing up this young innocent man for a week before I called. I had to call because I’d worked myself up so much my pussy pounded ever time I thought of him. I did need to know how to use my gun but frankly going to the shooting range was an afterthought.


I was drinking a beer and fawning over my new Winchester when she called. She said “Hi David this is Anastasia’ My mind snapped from my obsession with my gun to the vision of her bent over the counter at the gun booth, a vision that I had pleasured myself to a few times this week. We set the date to meet at the shooting range.


I arrived at the shooting range with my Derringer. We got our head sets, glasses and went to our booth. My senses were heightened and my juices were flowing from both fear and excitement. I’d never handled a gun before and didn’t know what to expect. Images of engaging David in all my favorite positions flashed through my mind.

He showed me the ins and outs of shooting a gun and assisted me with my first shot. His body straddling my body from behind sent little shivers to my center. His strong arms wrapped around me his hands over mine holding the gun and the power of the gun when I pulled the trigger stirred my insides. I leaned my butt into his package and he responded in kind.

I was so stimulated I moaned.

I put the gun down and placed my hands on the counter and ground my ass in circular motions over his hard bulge. He pressed back shifting his hips up and down slowly. He reached around me and took my breasts fully into his hands and massaged them until my nipples were fully erect. He took his belt off and unbuttoned his pants and pressed against me harder. My pussy was wet and I moaned wantingly. I wanted to feel his cock inside me now. The moment I had the desire he, like an animal who could wait no longer, ripped my pants down and slid his cock inside me. The unexpected element and his assertion made me beg immediately I whimpered “Oh, please, please”. He thrust deep inside me with such vigor that my heels lifted off of the floor. My pussy overflowed with my sweet velvety juices inviting him in with every vigorous stroke.

I slid my fingers through my maidenhead and massaged my clit. He began to grunt increasingly deeper as he neared his climax. I pressed my ass into him. His balls smacked against my pussy as I circled my clit causing my orgasm to erupt. I added to his grunts with whimpers and moans as I came. He thrust three long full shafted pumps into my core as he growled like an animal and came.


She pressed her bum into my cock and I thought, Oh Anastasia, you asked for it and you are going to get it. I pulled her pants off her in one sweeping rip downward exposing her ass and underlying pussy. She took it all in with the first thrust. Her wet pussy was tight and silky.

Guns and pussy I was in heaven.

When she whimpered and begged “Please, please” it brought me closer to my satisfaction but when she pressed her pussy into my already forcefully pumping cock and came I couldn’t hold on.

I wanted more of her already.

She turned around and kissed me swirling her tongue in my wet mouth offering me a taste of what could be. I grabbed my belt and snapped it quickly around one of her wrists as she was turning away. Then grabbed her other hand and bound them together in front of her. Her look of fear then curiosity sent shivers to my scalp.

I lifted her up onto the counter ripped her pants all the way off. Quickly spread her silken white legs apart and slid my shaft inside her sweetness once again. I forced her to lie back as I pushed and pumped my way inside her. I slipped my hands under her bound hands inside her shirt grabbed her nipples and twisted and pinched them in a pulsing fashion until her green eyes rolled back in the sockets. Her beautiful red lush lips quivered in heavenly pleasure forcing me to cum. I slid my hand down her torso to her clit and pushed her to her torrent of orgasms.

She shook and quivered. I gently untied her hands. She looked down as if she were defeated. I put my finger under her chin lifted her head and kissed her while saying “Mmm you’re so good.” She smiled.

We parted for the evening.


We’d been having a longstanding affair. He had become comfortable at my high rise apartment. He had become a fixture at my place partly because I never wanted him to leave and partly because he liked to keep me captive. It was our own personal sex den.

We spend days and nights fucking each other hard. He didn’t fit the profile of the boy’s I’d been attracted to before and it was refreshing. He was mature and experienced in the matters of sex. I had always played the role of dominatrix to curious, eager and scared young men. Now I found myself in a curious place with my sexual desires. I was tired of taking charge. I liked it when he dominated me. Just as I did he always played by the rules that I had once set. My rules were now his. There are three rules and they are:

Rule #1 David is the one who tells you what to do and when to do it.

Rule #2 You do not speak, unless David gives you permission to do so.

Rule #3 Any time you want to stop you can say “stop” and David will.


There she was looking at me with desire in her eyes lying on her bed wrists tied to the top posts of the bed ankles tied to the bottom posts. Ready and silently begging for me to do what I will with her.

I stroke my fingers up the inside of her thigh from her knee to her clit and give it a tickle. She tries to recoil at the sensation to this sight my cock rises. I place her nipple clamps on her erect nipple buds. She rolls her eyes to the back of her head. I pull the chain on the clap causing it to pinch her nipples firmly at the same time then she roles her head to the side baring her neck. I kiss and bite it then move to her shoulder and down her torso with my tongue. I circle her belly button and she tries to free her wrists to touch me. I move to her inner thighs and with my tongue I lick from her knee to her clit and lick it in circles. She moans with desire. I begin to suck and lick her pussy she presses her center it into my face.

I stop and pull the nipple chain tight and say “Don’t get pushy horny little bitch ” I go back to my work placing my finger inside her now dripping cunt curling the tip just a little to the left and massage her G spot. She timidly moves her hips and I leane in with my tongue and begin to lap at her clit. Her legs began to shake and she bit her lip, her pussy quivered and her milky juices covered my hand. I pulled her nipple chain and she whimpered in ecstasy.

I untied her legs and commanded “Turn over and put your pussy in the air!” Her arms were crossed above her head her nipple clamp chain dragged on the comforter. I startled behind her and smacked her ass with my cock. I told her “Tell me what you want now!” There was a moment of silence. I growled “Tell me now!” She begged “Your cock I want your pulsing cock in my pussy” I put the tip of my cock to her opening and said “What do you say?’ She replied. “Please, please I want your cock inside me” Before she could finish her request I shoved my rod inside her and she gasped with satisfaction. She began “Oh yeah I...I…..” I slapped her ass hard! And said “You talk when I tell you to’. She whispered with a quiver in her voice and finished her sentence “Came.”. Her knees couldn’t hold out any longer so we slid down so she was lying flat on the bed me still insider her. The pressure on my cock intensified. My mouth watered, I pulled out and grabbed my cock and a jet of cum shot out into hair and onto her creamy white back.


I became a quivering mass as David had his way with me. I did enjoy so having him with me. I thought for a moment.

I’m not sure who is holding who captive here. At first I believed I was holding him captive but now I’m sure I have become his love slave.

For David I would wear a collar and leash in public as long as he was leading it.

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