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Two (Part 1)

My naughty girlfriend visits the my office

I often told Amy sweet, soft stories while kissing her neck and rubbing my finger in small circles--lightly and barely touching her--across her clit--teasing and teasing and teasing. Telling her how I had bent my secretary (Allison) over my desk and fucked her hard, banging against her sweet ass. How hot and wet and tight Ally was, and how she moaned and begged to be fucked harder and harder. How I filled her up with my come.

I would ask Amy if she wanted to suck my cock, and taste Allison. I enjoyed how wet it made her and how hard she would come when I finally let her.

One day at work, a wicked idea crossed my mind. I buzzed Allison.

"Yes?" she answered. 

"Could you call the Westin, and make a reservation for me for tonight?"

"Of course, sir, right after I'm finished with my nails." Sarcasm was one of her specialties.

A few minutes later she buzzed back, "Reservation made, under the name of Clark Kent."

"Thank you. Could you call Amy? Tell her that she is going to be spanked there tonight at six, and not to be late." Over the last couple of years, Ally and Amy had become friends, and talked quite a bit.

There was a long pause. "Anything else?"

"She should buy one of those three sided rulers."


A few minutes later, Allison buzzed me again. "She wants to know if you are serious."

"Tell her yes, and that will cost her ten extra."

Things had gotten pretty hot that night, and the ruler left nice, thin red lines across Amy's wonderful ass.

A couple of weeks later I had another idea. At 9:00 AM, I buzzed Allison. "Please call Amy. Tell her to be here at 3:00."

"Anything else?" Allison asked.

"Yes. Tell her that she has been quite naughty of late, and that she is going to get a spanking. She should bring a ping-pong paddle. A nice, new one."

I went to my 2:00 PM meeting, knowing that I wouldn't be back until 3:15 or 3:30.

I had a hard time concentrating in the meeting, thinking about what was waiting in my office. Thinking about Amy's wonderful ass—she’s very long and lean, has amazingly long legs and, despite how much she runs and goes to yoga, she’s got a great ass at the top of those long, strong legs. Her breasts are small, but perky and perfect. However, I am an ass and leg guy, and my thoughts were focused on the wonderful ass and how red I was going to make it. Thinking about bending her over my desk.

When I finally returned, my secretary handed me my messages. She was smiling wickedly.

"Was she on time?" I asked.

"She's not here yet," she said.

My face no doubt fell to the floor. I was not happy.

I went into my office, and managed to do a little work, and return a few phone calls.

About 3:45 I heard Amy, outside my office, talking to Allison. A moment later, someone tapped on my door. I said come in. Amy did, looking good in her jeans and one of my T-shirts, closing the door behind her. Her face held a big smile—she has an awesome smile, warm and bright with a dash of mischief hidden behind her big, brown eyes. She was not worried about being late. She should have been.

She kissed me, and said hello. She tasted awesome, as always.

"You're late," I said.

She shrugged her shoulders. "You're not really going to spank me here, are you?"

"You're about to find out. Take off your clothes."

She smiled at me, sweet and sexy at the same time, and then stepped out of her running shoes (no socks, toe nails painted light pink). She slowly turned around, unbuttoning her jeans, then slowly bent over as she slid her jeans down those wonderfully long legs, watching me through her long, light brown hair. She was wearing black thong panties, and they made her ass somehow look better.

Amy, still bent over, slowly worked the thong panties down, presenting an awesome view of her nice, round ass and pussy. I adjusted my pants, unable to get my rock-hard cock comfortable. She kicked the panties towards the windows (my office is on the 16 th floor) and turned around to face me. She had a nice smile on her face, and her eyes were on fire. Still wearing my T-shirt, she walked around the desk, then swung one leg over me and sat on my lap. We kissed deeply, her rubbing against me and getting my pants wet.

She licked my ear, and whispered, "Can't we forget about the spanking? I really need your cock." Chuckling, I slipped the shirt up over her head, taking her breats in my hands. They are small but perfect, and both nipples were nice and hard. I rolled her nipple with my tongue against my teeth and lightly bit down on it. She let out a soft moan.

I moved my hands down her arms. When I got to her wrists, I grabbed them, and pushed them behind her back until they were together. She tried to twist her arms free. There was no way I was letting go.

"Did you bring the 'cuffs?"

She laughed. "No." She thought that was going to get her out of it.

I pushed the chair forward, pinning her against the desk so I could hold onto her with one hand. I opened a drawer to pull out the extra pair of handcuffs I had purchased the day before.

She pushed hard, with her shoulder, moving the chair back. She twisted one hand free, and tried to get away.

It is always more fun when she fights.

I still had a death grip on one of her wrists. She was pulling away from me, twisting against my wrist. I let go. She fell backward, and hit the floor. I grabbed both ankles and pulled her back towards me, then twisted her feet to roll her halfway over. Then I pushed her over onto her stomach and put a knee on her butt. She was struggling still, but I was too big for her to do much. I caught one wrist and forced it to the small of her back. I attached the handcuffs to it, then muscled the other arm to the same spot, the click of the cuffs signaling she was mine.

I leaned over and licked her ear. Nibbled on it a bit. "You know that's going to cost you extra, " I whispered. "Are you going to be good now?"

She nodded. I climbed off her and I stood up.

"Bend over my desk, slavegirl."

She had a little trouble getting up with her hands cuffed behind her, but she managed. She walked to the front of my desk. I always love watching her nude body move. There’s something magical about the curves of her body, and the line that runs from one to the next--from her chin down her long throat, her chest and finally her breasts. Then her ribs and flat, flat stomach flowing into the thin strip of pubic hair. The line of her spine running down to her ass and hips, curving around and then down to those legs. All that amazing skin. At times I thought myself way too lucky to be banging (and in love with) someone both so hot and so much fun. And since she normally wore baggy jeans, baggy shirts, no jewelry nor make-up, not many people noticed her (at least not immediately).

She gave me one last look—a plea really—but I gave her a stern look and nodded my head towards the desk. She bent over it. I found the t-shirt and tied her ankles together, so her ass would stay high in the air. The less freedom she has, the more she it turns her on.

I took out another recent purchase from my desk drawer--a black bandanna. I tied it across her eyes.

"Did you at least bring the paddle?" I attempted to sound exasperated.

"No, sir."

"I guess it will just have to be my hand, then."

I walked behind her. I ran my hands over her ass and down her thighs. I slipped a finger back up and along the outside edge or her lips--she was very hot and wet.

"You have been very naughty of late. I'm afraid that is going to cost you 20 on each side."

"Yes, sir."

"And, of course, you were late. That's another 10."

"Yes, sir."

"Plus another 10 for not bringing what was requested."

"Yes, sir."

"What else, slave girl?"

"I tried to get away."

"So what does that bring us to?"

"50, sir." It was going to hurt.

"I'll take 6 off if you beg properly. Will you do that?"

"Yes, sir."

"Move your hands further away from your wonderful ass." She did, moving them further up her back. "Make sure your heels are off the ground, slavegirl. Up on your toes." She lifted up on her toes. For some reason, that always turned me on.

"Arch your back--really put your ass up in the air for me."

She did. She looked awesome, and my cock was hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.. It was a major turn-on to have her in so vulnerable a position.

"Beg, slavegirl."

"May I please have 44 on each cheek, sir."

"What do you say?"

"Pretty please."

"Ask for the first one."

"Number one, please."

I kept one hand on the small of her back as my other played with her ass. It was awesome to be able to feel her ass, running my hand over her skin, and enjoying knowing I could do whatever I wanted with her. I let one finger slide slowly down the center and teasing her crack. Then, lightly, back and forth just below her ass. I teased the tiny hairs on the outside of her lips, just barely touching them. I lifted my hand off of her. She tensed up, expecting the first one. I hesitated, making her wait.

WHACK--my hand solidly connecting with her left cheek. I slowly raised it up, then brought it down on her right cheek--WHACK.

"Number two, please."

I hit her right cheek, then the left, quickly. I have strong, sure hands, and the spanks were not light. Part of me was annoyed that she had been late.

At ten her ass was starting to turn a nice shade of pink. Almost red. And I could see the outline of my fingers on parts of her ass as I ran my hand over it, enjoying the heat.

The second ten were a little harder, and I moved around more, covering her ass and that sensitive spot in-between her ass and thighs. Between smacks I'd tease her, running a finger tip slowly down her crack and across her asshole, or even further down, teasing the edge of her pussy. At 20, her ass and the tops of her thighs were wonderfully red, and my cock felt so hard I wanted to take it out and put it in her.

It was great fun just to stop and enjoy the view.

At 30, I walked around and kissed her on the mouth. "Your ass is wonderfully red. Crimson, almost. It looks very good, and very fuckable." I kissed her again, our tongues dancing.

As I walked back around my desk, I started to slip off my belt. I quietly set it on the carpeted floor as I rubbed one hand over her cheeks. Very nice and hot. I kissed each one, and then stepped back.

"Number 30, please."

“Put that ass up a little higher, baby. Nice and high on those toes.” She complied. I loved it when she strained to please me, especially when I knew it was hurting her and turning her on at the same time.

The belt cracked into her ass, medium hard. She jumped; let out half a squeak. I chuckled. I rubbed the belt over her ass—it was very soft leather (for a reason)--then slid it down between her legs.

"Are you going to be on time next time, slavegirl?"

"Yes, sir." 31 landed across the middle of her already red ass, leaving two nice lines across it, just below number 30.

"Are you going to bring the cuffs, as ordered?"

"Yes, sir." Two more nice lines, just a little harder and just below the last set.

"Are you going to be a good slave?"

She hesitated before lying--honest but naughty is her nature--so I zinged her again. CRACK. This one landed on the crease between her ass and her thighs--very sensitive. She moaned/grunted, rising even higher on her toes.


"I will try." The next one hit on top of the last one, on accident. She gasped--I'm sure it hurt.

"Are you going to bend over when I order you to?"

"Yes, sir." This one I made sure was higher up then the last, and a little softer. I ran a finger through the edge of her cunt, getting my finger wet, then moved further down, spreading the wetness on her clit. She let out a soft, soft moan. I rubbed her clit in small circles, knowing she was very close.

In one motion I stepped away from her and zapped her with the belt.

"How many is that?"

"42, sir." I wasn't really sure of the count myself, and her ass was looking awfully red.

"Who owns you, slavegirl?"

"You do." 43 zipped across her flesh.

"Are you going to be a good slavegirl?"

"Yes, sir." 44 was a good, hard one across the middle of her ass.

I again caressed her cheeks, enjoying the fire. My finger slid across the entrance to her cunt--wet wet--and then further down to her clit. That got a soft moan from her. My fingertip circled her clit, ever so lightly. I love to tease her and tease her, and I knew she was oh-so-close.

"Can I please come?"

"It would be a better lesson for you if I just stopped, and made you stand in the corner."

"I'm sure I've learned my lesson," she said, almost without sarcasm.

I rubbed a little harder, but slower.

"Oh, damn," she gasped. "Can I please come?!?" Her voice hit a nice, high note.


"Pretty please, please let me come."

"I'm thinking a day as my slave might help you learn your lesson. How's Saturday?"

"Yes, anything, PLEASE."

"Maybe I'll invite Allison over. Have you lick her while I watch."

That was too much. She shuddered, and started moaning and thrusting back towards me. I kept rubbing her clit in circles. She came, lifting one foot off the ground, moaning loudly, her body bucking and shaking. I wondered if Allison heard her moan, which both worried me and made my cock harder.

She started to come down from it, but I wasn’t done with my little slavegirl. She tried to twist away, but I pinned her leg/ass against the desk with my thigh and kept rubbing her clit.

“No, please, it’s too much. I’ll be good.” I loved driving her crazy. Instead of stopping, I made it worse by adding my thumb—teasing the entrance to her pussy with it, then pushing it in and out, slowly.

She tensed up, stayed tight for a second, and then shuddered hard. Another loud moan. I thought of Allison again. Actually looked at the door. I took my finger off her clit and slid two fingers deep into her cunt, then back out, roughly fucking her with them. She started thrusting back to meet them.

The third orgasm took a little while, but I knew it was coming. I love teasing her, and making her come over and over again. Being a bit cruel. Ok, maybe more than a bit. Several times I had tied her spread-eagle to my bed, and licked and sucked and rubbed and finger-fucked her until she would was out of her mind. I could make her come five and six and seven times, until they blurred together and she thought she was going insane. Maybe I’d leave her tied up like that, watch a little TV, then back for a little more fun and a few more orgasms. After that, of course, I would fuck her.

It was a wonderful form of torture.

I leaned over and licked the bottom of her left cheek--where it meets her leg. Then I bit the flesh of her cheek, hot against my lips. Instead of just fucking her with my fingers, I started rubbing her ‘spot’. Big, wet circles inside her, using both fingertips. My ring finger brushing against her clit. That was enough. She breathed in hard, did that wonderful stop, then shuddered again, rewarding me with another loud moan.

The quiet ones are always the screamers.

I held my fingers in her until she had a chance to calm down, then I gently slid them out. After I walked around the desk, I sat down in my chair. I put my hand in her hair and lifted her head to kiss her. Then I rubbed my fingers across her lips, letting her suck them clean.

"You are very wet, for some reason."

"Are you hard?"

I chuckled, and moved forward so that my slacks pressed against her face. She mouthed my erection through my pants.

"Please let me suck on it."

"Suck on what?"

"Your cock. I want it in my mouth."


"Please, please, please let me taste your cock."

"I think my balls need some attention first. Beg for them."

"Please let me suck on your nuts. Pretty please."

I unzipped my pants, pulled down my boxers, and stood in front of her. I rubbed my cock across her face and the blind fold, then let her find her way to my balls. She ran her tongue over them, and then pulled them gently, one after the other, into her mouth.

After letting her suck on each one for a bit, I pulled the left one out of her mouth, and let her kiss and lick up and down my cock. I loved how her little kisses felt, and the passion and care she gave to them. Then she slid her lips over the head of my cock, and down. I loved the way it felt, and enjoyed watching her do it. My cock was a little numb after so much focus on her ass and pussy, so I let her tongue rub some life back into it, getting harder and harder in her mouth. It didn’t take long before I was close, and it was very tempting to finish in her mouth.

"I just can't decide. Should I come in your mouth? Maybe I should pull out, and come on your face. Hmmmm. Your cunt felt awful nice and tight and wet, too, though. Or maybe I should make you hold your cheeks open, and fuck your ass. Would you like that?" She just moaned in reply, around my cock.

Her mouth was feeling out of this world, and I was getting close, so I reluctantly (very reluctantly) pulled out of her mouth. I wanted to come in her mouth, but I wanted to feel her hot ass more.

I took my time walking around the desk, then slowly put one hand and then the other on her hips, lifted her back up on her toes (no idea why that turns me on so much) and shoved my cock into her hot, wet, tight cunt. Deep, deep into her, until I was up against her hot (and tender) ass. The heat radiated off of it.

Still each hand firmly holding onto a hip, I started fucking her. In hard and deep, causing a sweet gasp/squeak from her, smacking into her hot ass. Slowly back out. Then HARD back into her, ramming her against the desk.

I cannot imagine anything feeling better and me surviving.

I tried to keep the hard in/slow out rhythm, but I was close to coming, and my brain lost control to ancient instincts. I started banging her, harder and harder and harder. Her moans and 'yes-yes-yes-yes' urged me on. I told her I was going to come in her. That I owned her. Asked her if she wanted my come inside her.

She did.

She let out a low moan--almost turning into a howl--as I started to come. The heat of her cunt and her ass were incredible. I came and came and came--it felt like I emptied my balls. Blind, white bliss.

When my normal mind returned, I was bent over her, my t-shirt soaked with sweat, resting my head on her back. I kissed her back--her shoulder blades, her spine, her neck--as I eased out.

Being cruel, I walked back around the desk. I rubbed my still-hard cock across her lips, and she opened her mouth. I slipped it in, and let her lick it clean. It was super-sensitive, so her touch was almost painful.

When I thought it was clean enough, I slid it out. I rearranged my cock and balls back into my boxers, zipped up my pants, and rearranged my shirt. Back on the other side of the desk, I untied the shirt around her ankles, and led her to the corner. I gave her a wonderful, long kiss, holding her tight. Then put her nose in the corner.

"Don't go anywhere," I whispered.

I attempted to do a little work. I read my email. But mostly I just enjoyed looking at her. Those long, long legs leading up to her red, red ass. All that wonderful skin. I was waiting for my cock to re-coop and then I was going to fuck her again.

After 20 minutes, Allison opened the door and walked in. Looking down at a file, she said, "I need you to initial--". She stopped in the middle of my office, staring at Amy and her red butt. Only later, thinking back on it, did I decide that Allison knew exactly what she was doing.

Allison walked over to the corner, and bent over a little to stare at Amy’s ass. "That looks like it hurts."

Allison put the her pen sideways in her teeth, and then reached out and touched Amy's ass. Held one cheek in her hand. My cock got hard so fast I thought I was going to injure myself.

"So, Amy, tell Allison why you got such a thorough spanking."

Her voice just above a whisper, she said, "I have been naughty lately. And I was late. And I forgot the ping-pong paddle."

"And how many did you get?" I asked.

"44 on each side, some with the belt."

"Well, I bet you'll be good from now on." Allison's voice was thick with sarcasm.

Allison seemed to recover at the point, and asked my to initial some document, her face flushed. I have no idea what it was. She said thank you, and walked slowly to the door, taking in Amy with every step. She closed the door behind her.

I had been hoping for so much more.

Nevertheless, I unzipped my pants as I hurried to Amy's corner. I spun her around, and pushed her down to her knees. She sucked my cock into her talented mouth like she was starving. I grabbed her hair, so I could watch, and started slowly fucking her mouth.

Amy is very good at sucking cock. She runs her tongue over the underside of my cock, and knows the spots to hit. Her lips are so soft, and she keeps them tight against my cock as it goes in and out, which drives me crazy. And she loves to suck as much of my cock into her mouth as she can, which is nearly all of it.

“I bet you’d like it if Allison was behind you right now, rubbing her hands all over your sore, sore ass. I bet you’d like that.”

She moaned in response, sucking harder.

“Maybe she’d suck on your fingers, kissing and licking them, and then sucking each one into her mouth.” Amy moaned about that image, too. “Maybe she’d kiss that, sore, red ass of yours and make it better. Lick down your crack as her fingers slipped inside you.” Another moan. She started pumping up and down on my cock a little faster, her tongue shocking me it felt so soft and good.

“I’d tell her that you were very naughty, and that she should spank you. Would you like to feel her hands on your sore ass?” She nodded, as turned on as I was.

“Maybe if she spanked you hard enough, I let her climb under you. Let her lick you. Let you sit on her face, feel her tongue against your clit.”

I imagined them kissing. After Amy came on Allison’s face, and I came in Amy’s mouth. That thought did it, and suddenly I was coming into her mouth. Hard. My hand in her hair, pumping in and out of her mouth, her tongue daring me to go further and further. Then the sound of her swallowing, which made me shudder again, emptying my balls into her.

I kept it in her mouth, my arm holding me up against the wall, until I was soft.

I made her stay in the corner (on her knees) another fifteen minutes, then I took my sweet girl home.

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